Queen Of The Bus

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I could feel the rhythmic vibrations of the bus wheels as they drove over the cracks and imperfections in the road. I had been in the bus for nearly five hours, and I had a good ten hours to go. It was my 18th birthday, and I was finally headed home after a semester at private school. The bus was about half filled with people, most of whom had gotten on before I did. I looked down at my watch. It was 10pm.

“Christ,” I moaned. It was a painfully long ride that I had to endure four times a year. My thoughts drifted off, and soon I was recollecting on the previous evening. My girlfriend Kerry, who was 18 as well, had come over to my dorm room, which was strictly forbidden. Kerry was almost like a pixie, as some people had said. She had short, wispy hair, a tall, thin body that looked slightly awkward, and big, innocent blue eyes. We talked a bit about our winter vacation, but soon words gave into teen passion, and we began making out on the bed.

“I’m going to miss you, Craig,” she whispered in between kisses. She had cute lips that made tiny smacking sounds when she kissed.

“I will, too” I said. “I’ll e-mail you everyday if you want” I had figured that’s what she wanted to hear. She smiled, and we kissed again. I was her first boyfriend, and we hadn’t done anything more than kiss. But that night I wanted to push the boundaries of exploration. My hand shyly crept up and under her long sleeve shirt. I had never done this before, but I was willing to press my luck to find out what her breasts felt like.

Kerry didn’t resist my advances, and my hand soon cupped her bra. She was lying down on her back, and her entire breast had disappeared into her chest. Only her erect nipple stood up, and held her bra up like a loose tent. My fingers encircled her nipple, and roughly squeezed it. Kerry winced a bit, but didn’t stop me. I eased up, realizing my mistake, and lightly played with it. I held my breath, as I repositioned my hand, and pushed it under her bra. My fingers were on bare flesh now. Her hard nipple was simply the greatest thing I had ever touched in my life.

The bus hit a speedbump, and I was thrust back into the present. I looked around and re-oriented myself. I realized that I had a hard-on, and felt a rush of blood come to my face. I could only imagine the shade of red I was. For a fleeting moment, I thought about jerking off, to relieve the pressure that had built up. I surveyed my Avcılar Escort surroundings. The bus had been dimmed, and most people seemed to be asleep. Two seats in front of me, I could see a man with gray hair, and sitting next to him was a sandy-blonde haired woman. I had seen her get on about two hours ago, and when she walked by me to go to the bathroom, I drank up her body. She was about 5’8″, with a curvy body, large tits that I guessed were fake, and a naturally seductive face. Her clothes seemed to be poured over her, and I had tried to find any sign of bra or pantylines. I could not. Every time I looked for her, she was sitting in a different seat, and always sitting by another guy.

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I noticed that the woman’s left shoulder seemed to be moving slightly up and down. My mind immediately thought, “She’s giving him a handjob.” But I pushed that thought aside as a figment of my overly active and horny imagination.

My eyes drifted out the window, and I began to doze off. A few minutes later, I felt a rush of movement next to me. I turned around, and was face to face with the sandy-blonde.

“Hiya,” she said. “I’m Renee.”

I was stunned for a moment that this beautiful woman was sitting next to me. “I’m Roger,” I finally got out. My eyes drifted down from her face across her plunging neckline of her tight solid blue T-shirt, and locked in on her oversized breasts. Her nipples were pushing out through the fabric, hard as erasers, and I certainly tell now that she was not wearing a bra. My eyes snapped back up to hers. I hoped she didn’t notice my lustful staring.

“Nice to meet you. Have you been on the bus for a while?”

“Yes, over five hours now. I saw you when you got on,” I said. I hoped my voice didn’t reflect my internal shyness.

“That’s a long ride, Renee said, and smiled with a flirt. “I bet your going stir-crazy.”

“I am. I don’t even know when the bus will stop.”

“Well, I might be able to help you relax a little,” She said. She leaned toward me to whisper in my ear. I almost pulled away, but instead I just froze like a deer in headlights. “Would you like me to give you a handjob? She cooed, and licked my ear. I could feel my cock become instantly hard, as if trying to rip through my pants to get into her hands.

“Y-yes” was the only thing I could get out. No woman had ever come on to me this strong, Avcılar Escort bayan and I wasn’t exactly sure what to do.

“Just sit back a little bit and relax. I’ll take care of all the work,” she said, as she reached over and expertly unfastened my pants. I lifted my butt a little, and she pulled my pants and boxers halfway down my thighs. My butt rested in the bucket seat, as she wrapped her fingers around my almost completely hard cock. It was a good size I think. Certainly nothing to compare to the porn tapes I’d seen, but I think I was well enough endowed. I looked nervously around, as her hands began stroking up and down my shaft.

“Don’t worry about the others,” Renee boldly stated. “I’ve given just about every guy on the bus a handjob.” I was shocked to her words, but she made me feel so good, I didn’t tell her to stop. I looked down at her thighs, and could see a few stain spots on her left leg. I was positive they were cum stains, as I had a few boxers that looked exactly like that.

I was dripping precum like a drippy faucet, and Renee used it like that natural lubricant it was. While one hand rubbed the head, the other rhymically ran over the shaft, with just enough pressure. She moved the shaft hand down to my balls, and began massaging them lightly, while the other hand continued to play with my cockhead.

“How old are you?” Renee asked, nonchalantly.

“I just turned eighteen today,” I whispered.

“Well then,” she said, and winked seductively, “I’ll have to make it one you remember.” With that she leaned all the way over. I looked down at her mop of hair that cover my crotch, and felt her lips wrap around my head. She opened up and I felt my entire cock slowly be engulfed into her mouth all the way to the hilt. It was shear heaven. Little slurping sound came out of her as she drew my entire dick out her mouth, and then slid it all the way back down. It felt like my dick was in her throat. Then she slid off and sat up.

Without a word, she reached down into her small purse, and retrieved a condom. As she tore the packaging open, I knew I was about to be devirginized. My hand instinctually went to my crotch, and I began to pleasure myself. Then Renee took the condom, and placed it on my cockhead. She rolled it down over it, and made sure to pinch the tip.

“Keep that thing nice and hard,” Renee said. She went work on herself, Escort avcılar and unfastened her pants. She curled her legs up, and with a bit of work, pulled them down around her ankles, and pulled one foot out. She spit into her hand, and lubed up her vagina, which was waxed smooth as silk. “Hold your cock up, and I’m going to sit on your lap,” she commanded.

I did as I was told, and she maneuvered on top of me. Her back was facing me, and I felt her grab my cock from the front. She wiggled her ass, and adjusted her hips, and all of a sudden I felt the divine warmth of a pussy, as it wrapped around my rock-hardness. I didn’t think it could ever get better, until she started riding me. She was able to move up until I was sure I was going to fall out of her, and then she would come crashing back down. I had to bury my mouth in her back to keep from moaning my head off.

I reached around with both of my hands, and began rubbing her unnaturally large tits. Renee pulled up her shirt to allow even better access. My hands cupped her firm mounds of flesh, and my fingertips found her erect nipples. She was the complete opposite of Kerry, and I had a sinking feeling that I’d need to find a more developed woman when I returned to school. Renee’s hands covered mine, and helped to give her breasts a hard squeeze.

I could feel my orgasm building in the recesses of my balls. “Please Renee, fuck me harder,” I pleaded. She moaned in agreement, and began slamming herself onto me. Her ass landing on my thighs made a rhythmic slapping sound, and anyone on the bus would know exactly what was happening. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to have my first orgasm in a woman. Soon after she started, I passed the point of no return. I pushed my hips up as far as they would go, and I felt my sperm fire out into the condom. Renee pushed back with equal force, and I continued to pulsate into her vagina, which she had clamped around me like a vice. My body collapsed into the seat as my orgasm subsided.

Renee dismounted from my softening dick, and began to collect her things. She pulled her shirt back over her breasts, and fidgeted with her pants until she got them back on. “Can you clean yourself up? I need to use the bathroom.”

“Of course,” I said.

“Happy birthday,” she said, as she stood up. She gave me another wink, and headed to the back of the bus toward the bathroom. We didn’t speak the rest of the ride.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I arrived home, and didn’t mention the event to anyone. A few nights later, a friend took me to a strip joint for my birthday. I smiled to myself, as we paid our admittance, and I saw that one of the featured dancers was a sandy-blonde named Renee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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