Rachael and Benjamin Ch. 03

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Later that evening, as they were finishing the dishes from supper, Benjamin was starting to feel ‘frisky’ again. He couldn’t peel his eyes away from Rachael’s huge boobs; they shook like jell-o as she dried the dishes. He playfully took the sink hose and sprayed Rachael’s white t-shirt. The cold water made her pink nipples poke up. “You asshole”, she shouted at him as he darted out the door.

He ran down to the pond…they used to swim there as kids, but they stopped as they got older. He stripped down naked and dove in just before she got to him. She shed her clothes also. “I’m gonna dunk your ass when I get in there.” she shouted at him.

Of course he wasn’t gonna let his little twerp of a sister push him around. He’d let her get so close then swim away. This went on for a while until she got tired of it, at which time she snuck over to where he stripped off his clothes. She got out, grabbed up all of his clothes, and said, “Looky what I got!!!” then ran up the hill back to the house.

“You little twat, wait until I get a hold of you!” he yelled at her as he started the walk back to the house.

When he finally got to the door and opened it, she sprung another surprise on him. She was laying on the kitchen table, her sweet, shaven pussy staring at him. “Twat, huh? Why don’t you get over here and bury your face in this little bald twat?”

He did as she told him to do. As he started to lick her, he grabbed each wrist and wouldn’t let her move her hands. He lick and sucked on her pussy and clit. “Mmm, that’s good…eat my cunt, Benjamin.” “Stick you tongue in me…mmm, yes!”

Occasionally, he’d stick his tongue in her ass. “God, that’s gross” she thought to herself, but the more he did it, the more she liked it. Soon, he just licked her bum and Rachael was loving it.

He stood upright; took her small wrists and held them with one hand as he started to move the head of his blood-engorged penis up and down her wet slit. “No…I want to stay a virgin!”

“Don’t worry, I have know intention of knockin’ up my sister” he told her. “But I will put it in somewhere.”

He rubbed the soft, but firm head around her clit. She fought him, for a few seconds, then she just relented to him; her clit was on fire. “Yes…rub my clit with gaziantep minyon escort your dick!” He rubbed up and down until she started to buck against his hardness. “I’m cumming…harder, please rub it harder!!!” She might’ve even let him do her, to fuck her twat, but she kept her wits about her.

When she finally came down from the plateau, he pressed it into her lovely ass. “What the hell are you doing?”, she asked, not sure of what he had in mind.

“You’ll see, just go with it…don’t tighten up your muscles, stay loose.”, he advised.

She felt the pressure as her virgin butt started to open. “Oh my God, stop…it hurts too much, your dick is too big!” she warned.

Benjamin didn’t want to hurt his sister, but he needed to get inside of her. “Just relax, it’ll be fine” he answered once again.

She wanted to make him happy, so she said to go slower. After a little while, she began to like the feeling of her tush being invaded, but it was still a little bit too much for her to handle. “Stop a second; let’s do it this way.” With that, she stood up and faced the kitchen table; bent over and grabbed each side of the table. “Now try it.” He spit on her ass; she giggled ‘That’s gross.” and giggled some more.

Again he pushed slowly into her, but this time she was able to take him. “Oh my God…yes!!! Push it all up my ass”, she commanded! He pushed his shaft about halfway in, then withdrew it. “Nooo…Please don’t stop, it feels so good.”

“Don’t worry,” he said ” I’m not done.” She let out a loud gasp of both delight and pain.

“Oh Benjamin, God yes…do it. Fuck my ass.” Just a few short weeks ago, she had never even touched a penis, or even swore. Now she was begging to have her ass ravaged by him.

“Oh my God…do it!!!” She was so completely out of control. He pulled his cock out of her butt and told her to suck it. She hesitated a moment, but then got on her knees in front of him. Without thinking about it, she just engulfed his manhood with her mouth. She took as much as she could, but couldn’t do all of it like she had earlier. “I’ll work on that; I’m gonna be able to swallow his dick easily.”

She sucked for a few minutes until he told her nizip escort to turn around and bend over the table again. Again he spit on her hole and drove it all the way up to the balls. Benjamin surprised her by reaching around and rubbing her clit as he pushed his pecker up her ass. “Yes…please, don’t stop!!! Harder…screw my tooshie harder!!!” He could feel splashing against his thighs…she was gushing from her pussy again. Again, she screamed out “Fuck me, fuck my ass.”

Now she was cumming constantly, juice just ran out of her pussy and splashed everywhere with each of his thrusts. She loudly ordered him to keep fucking her. “Oh, please cum in my ass…I can’t take it anymore. Fill my up ass, yesss…ram it in me. Harder, Goddamn it…fuck me harder!!!” She was utterly out of her mind with pleasure.

Finally he started to cum. “Here it comes, Rach. I’m gonna cum!”

She felt it throb inside her. “Oh yes, shoot your cum up my ass”, she pushed back into him, burying his cock deep within her ass. “God, it’s so hot. I feel your cock cumming inside me!” She then collapsed onto the tabletop; his cock still buried deep in her ass.

Benjamin, seeing her laying half bent over the table just said “Wow…that was the best…!!!” She couldn’t even say anything; she just couldn’t move, panting heavily.

His dick still twitched inside her ass, “Are you still cumming?” she asked. Slowly, he tried to back away from her, his dick very tender. She squeezed her derriere muscles together, she didn’t want him to pull it out! “Noo, stay in me a little longer, please?” So, he just leaned over and rested on her back, kissing and nibbling on her neck, ears, and back.

After a few minutes of his kisses, she reached back under and started to massage his balls. “Fuck me more, please!”

“I don’t think I can.” Benjamin told her.

She started to squeeze and twist…playfully. “Fuck me some more or I’ll rip them off!!!”, she laughed.

He started to protest again, but she stopped him. “I want you to fuck my in my ass and them cum in my mouth and all over my tits.” She wiggled her ass against him, enticing his slumbering penis.

“Lets try this…” as she pushed him back and out of her well-fucked nurdağı escort butthole. She turned, got on her knees and swallowed his flaccid penis.

He lost footing for a brief moment, then got his bearings again. “God, you’re good at that, Rach.” She smiled, said to herself “I’ll get better, too!!!”, and sucked his dick back to life.

“Now…looks like he’s hard again, FUCK ME!!!”

He picked her up and sat her right down on the kitchen table. She laid down on her back and pulled her legs against her breast. “Are you ready for this?” he asked, cock poised at her rosebud.

Just as she was getting ready to answer, he pushed all the way in and stopped. “Ohhhhh shit yes…”

“Put your legs on my shoulders.” She did, and he began to push in and out relentlessly.

“Noo, slower this time. I wanna feel every vein on it”

So, he went balls deep on her and all the way out; then all the way in. It was excruciatingly blissful. “Mmm, God it’s so good…I love your cock.” He started to massage her boobs…”Ohh, that’s nice!!!” And then she started to have the orgasms.

They continued at their ‘turtlesque’ pace for quite some time, he massaging her breasts, with her laying there moaning and cumming constantly.

“You gotta cum soon, Benjamin…I can’t possibly have another orgasm. I can’t count how many I’ve had.”

“Ok, turn on to your stomach and face me”, she did. His hard rod was in her face. She looked him in the eye and said “I want you to fuck my mouth like you did my ass earlier…fast and deep.” She knew what to say to turn him on.

He put his hand behind her head and drove his dick into her open, waiting mouth. She gagged, almost puking on him. He stopped. “No…keep going, I saw it on a movie at my friend Darla’s. I want to see what it’s like”

He did as she requested. She gagged constantly, and did in fact puke once. Again, he didn’t want to continue, but she begged him, at least a few more minutes.

Finally, she flipped over onto her back again. “Now do it…I can take it this way much better.” He felt better about it, too. Within minutes, his large cock began to throb in her mouth.

When he started to ejaculate, she reached around and pulled him tight to her, his balls buried against her nose, chin pressed into his pubic hair. “Uhhhhhnn…” was all he could muster. She gobbled it all down, sucking his cock dry, every drop.

He fell back into a chair; completely drained. “You’re incredible”, he gasped.

She smiled and stared at his slowly shrinking penis as she rubbed her clit; the beginnings of yet another orgasm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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