Rave Girl

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***All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older***

It’s always an adventure when my business trip meetings get canceled after I’ve already traveled. I find ways to fill the time until my return flight, and my distractions have become increasingly enjoyable lately. My most recent trip involved a rave, which I had never been to before, and a dance with an incredibly sexy girl named Rose.

A coworker who had visited this city knew about a spot where they occasionally threw massive raves. He told me that one was happening the night I was in town. Having learned to love trying new things, I decided to check it out.

I had no idea what I was supposed to wear to something like this, so I asked my coworker. He said whatever’s most comfortable. He also advised me not to wear underwear. I thought that was strange, but I took his advice. I wore a pair of thin black sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Some comfy shoes and I was ready for adventure.

I made my way to the part of the city he had indicated. As I approached a large, brick industrial building the ground started to shake in time with a deep bass sound. I saw a colorfully dressed couple walk around the corner to the side of the building, so I followed. They walked down an outdoor flight of stairs to a basement door and entered, with me following close behind.

The door led to a small, darkly-colored, and dimly-lit reception room. The bouncer ID’d me, then I paid the admission fee to the girl next to him. They waved me in.

I pushed past the thick curtains partitioning the reception area from the main room. As I entered the sights, sounds, and smells overwhelmed my senses. It was hot, humid, and dark except for the few colorful strobe lights that swept the large, tightly packed crowd.

The thumping of the bass shook me to my bones as I waded into the sea of writhing bodies. I had never seen a more colorful assortment of outfits in one place. Leather, spandex, fishnets, booty shorts, and thongs left little to the imagination, and some weren’t even wearing that. I felt overdressed.

I spent some time lost, being jostled around, trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Then, deep in the depths of the crowd, I found her.

I felt her before I saw her. In trying to navigate the crowd I stepped where I wasn’t looking and accidentally ran my pelvis into someone’s ass. Someone’s juicy, plump ass.

I looked down to see pink fishnets clinging tightly to a jiggly white ass and thick, lightly tanned thighs. Underneath was nothing but a pink thong, most of which I couldn’t see because it was being gobbled by those thick, round buttcheeks. She wore black platform boots that laced partway up her calves. For a shirt, she wore only a white sleeveless crop top, the fabric of which was so thin I could see straight through to her skin. Light brown hair with streaks of purple cascaded down her back.

The girl, whose name I later learned was Rose, glanced over escort gaziantep kızıl bayan her shoulder at me. Her brown eyes shone from under her long eyelashes and her smile conveyed both excitement and contentment. I guessed, correctly, that she was in the throes of MDMA-induced bliss, like so many others in this place. Hell, I would have been too if my company didn’t piss test regularly.

I mouthed “I’m sorry” as her gaze lingered. She smiled sweetly and waved it off. Then she faced forward again. I thought she was going to walk away, but instead, she resumed her dancing and backed up against me instead.

The second her ass met my crotch my libido went into overdrive. I surprised myself at how hard I got so quickly. As I did, she wiggled her hips to position my cock right down the center of her buttcrack. Then I understood why one doesn’t wear underwear to a rave.

I let her lead, following the sway of her hips with my own. She ground against me in time with the music. I enjoyed her attention, while she was apparently flattered by the speed at which I achieved full mast and the strength of my erection. I could tell because the harder I got, the more vigorous she became in bouncing her ass against my groin.

I placed my hands on her hips, which she promptly grabbed with her own. Her hands guided mine to her bare sides and I let my fingertips graze her soft skin. This journey continued to her stomach and then, unexpectedly, up the front of her torso until my hands were cupping her braless, perky tits.

Her nipples were hard, pointing out proudly from the pillowy flesh surrounding them. Taking her hint, I gently massaged her breasts and teased her nipples with my fingers. Gently at first, my affectionate groping grew in intensity as our bodies pressed harder together.

Leaving one of my hands to fondle her tits, she guided the other down her torso and pressed my fingertips into the front of her thin pink thong. She rubbed my fingers in circles against the damp fabric, her head falling back with mouth open and eyes shut as she did. Just as with her breasts, the pressure increased gradually until I thought my fingers might snap back.

Then she was ready for more. She let go of my hands and pulled the waistband of her fishnets and underwear down to rest in the crease between her buttcheeks and thighs. Following her lead, I pulled the front of my pants down just far enough for my erection to pop out into the open air.

Placing her hands on her asscheeks, she leaned forward and spread them apart, inviting me to nestle my cock between them. This I did, and when she let go of her juicy butt it wrapped my dick in a warm, sweaty embrace.

I loved it, and so did she. The twerking of her ass across my crotch became more enthusiastic. She pushed back against me, running her asshole up and down against the underside of my erection. Her crack was slick with her sweat, escort köle bayan gaziantep so my cock sliding against her cheeks and sphincter was frictionless.

She massaged her asshole against my shaft as she resumed her gyrating. My hands returned to her tits, but she took one and brought it back down to her pussy. How much of her wetness was from sweat and how much from arousal I couldn’t tell, but either way my fingers were soaked the instant she ran them between her labia.

Rose dragged my fingers up and down through her slit, then brought them to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my pointer and middle fingers and sucked, bobbing her head back and forth like she was sucking a cock. I couldn’t get any harder than I already was, but if I could have that would have done it.

She brought my hand back to her pussy lips and let go. She wanted me to play, so I did. I ran my middle finger through her wet pussy lips and teased her clit with my fingertip. One of her hands went to the breast I wasn’t groping and pinched and pulled on her nipple.

Her wetness continued to build as I played with her clit. I decided it was time to feel her from the inside. When two of my fingers slowly plunged into her wet hole and started massaging her pleasure center I swore I could feel her asshole winking against my cock.

So, there we were. Swaying and grinding in time with the music, my cock buried between her asscheeks, one hand tweaking her nipple, the other slowly and steadily caressing her g-spot. I leaned in to nibble on her earlobe. She didn’t pull away. I fingered her a little faster as my thumb rubbed back and forth along her slick clit.

Then I felt her pussy contract around my fingers and her body shook against mine. I couldn’t hear her over the music, but I could tell how she moaned long and hard by her expression. I increased the tempo of my fingerfucking and pinched hard on her nipple, trying to extend her orgasmic ride as long as possible.

When her quivering slowed I withdrew my fingers. She slowly turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck, resting her weight on me and smiling contentedly. I grabbed her exposed bubble butt and leaned down to kiss her neck and jaw. Her eyes closed and her smile widened as I sucked on her neck.

I worked my way up to her mouth. Our lips met in a soft, wet kiss. We sucked on each other’s lips as one of her hands went to my slick cock and slowly stroked me. I ran my middle finger through her asscrack and gently traced circles along the rim of her butthole.

She broke our kiss and brought her mouth to my ear. I could barely hear her over the music, but what she said was unmistakable. “I wanna suck your cock…”

I smiled and nodded. Obviously. She smiled back and took me by the hand, leading me through the dense crowd of dancing figures. My gaze strayed to her plump ass, which jiggled with every step she took, creasing just gaziantep kumral escort bayan right at the bottom.

Finally, we reached the edge of the room. Along the wall couples and groups of all combinations were fondling and fucking each other in every way you could think of. We eventually squeezed into a spot next to two women kissing and finger fucking each other.

Rose pushed me back against the wall and wrapped her arms around my neck again. We kissed sloppily as she ground her exposed, wet pussy lips against my cock. Her orgasmic juices soaked my pants. My hands resumed their exploration of her tits and ass.

Breaking away, she slowly lowered herself to her knees in front of me. She pulled my sweatpants to the ground and, grasping my shaft with one hand, wrapped her lips around the head of my cock. I moaned as she simultaneously sucked and flicked her tongue across the tip of my dick.

All the while she looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and that smile that somehow managed to combine innocence and naughtiness all into one expression. Maintaining her sucking and licking, Rose ran her fingers back and forth along my cock in slow, smooth strokes. She started to bob her head in time with the bass drum, taking me deeper into her mouth each time. Her other hand toyed with her pussy.

I ran my fingers through her purple-streaked hair and stared deep into her brown eyes as my cock disappeared between her lips. Her tongue bathed the underside and she gently held my balls in her hand. She quickened her pace, and I found myself wishing the music was quieter so I could hear the wet slurping sounds she was undoubtedly making. I could feel her humming through the vibrations she sent coursing through my dick.

She withdrew my cock from her mouth and mouthed something. I couldn’t hear it, but I could tell what she was saying. “Cum for me.”

I realized that wouldn’t be difficult as she took me back into her mouth, this time sucking and bobbing much more vigorously. My hands shot back to steady myself against the brick wall. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back, trying to make this last as long as I could.

But I couldn’t resist the power of her warm tongue and soft lips. My knees shook as I dumped my load deep into her throat. I felt her swallow repeatedly as she massaged spurt after spurt of cum from me until I had nothing left.

I remained frozen there, eyes closed and just trying to stay on my feet. I felt her let go after one more soft kiss on the side of my cock. Still, I didn’t move, soaking in the experience. The heavy bass sent tingles through my hypersensitive and spent cock. Finally, I slowly opened my eyes.

She was gone. She had disappeared into the crowd. If I wasn’t sober I might have thought she was just a dream. I was simultaneously disappointed and elated at this experience. Maybe this was better as a unique, one-time thing.

I pulled up my pants and checked to make sure nothing had fallen out of my pockets. Everything was there, plus something that hadn’t been before. I pulled out a small, folded piece of paper. Amidst the deep music and flashing lights, I opened it and a single rose petal dropped to the floor. On the paper was written, in beautiful flowing handwriting, a phone number and a single name.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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