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I have an Indian acquaintance, named Ravi, with whom I am very interested in doing some…adult things with. Things that some might consider disgusting or depraved. While he has displayed some interest in pursuing homosexual actions with me, he and I are both married, I sense that keeps him from acting on his desires. He frequently travels for work, he has told me that on many occasions, while alone in his hotel room, he has, utilizing Craigslist, invited men over to massage him. He claims nothing more than a rub down or massage occurs, but that he is very hard, and leaking cum, when the men leave. This then, is my idea for him…

Just imagine, you are in your room after a day of work. A low tap comes on your door. At first, you don’t get up…must have been someone passing by in the hallway. A moment later, another tap, tap, tap.

You get up, answer your door. You swing the door cautiously, to find me standing there. Instantly, your boring evening in the hotel room turns for the better.

I ask if I can come in, I know this was unplanned. You back up a step, I enter, you look out, check the hallway, then close the door. Lock it, then slide the security lock over, also.

You turn toward me, I step forward, wrapping my arms around you. You return the hug, I slide my hand down to your ass, gently cupping and caressing it, as I press my body to yours. Is that a bit of an erection forming in your pants?

I step back, pull you over by the chair, I begin to unbutton your shirt. After I unbutton it, I slide my hand under your shirt, touching your nipples, you close your eyes, and I play with them until they are hard. I slide the shirt off your shoulders, rubbing your shoulders and chest, and place the shirt on the chair. I kneel down and undo your belt. I can see a definite erection forming. I graze the back of my hand accidently on purpose down the length of your hardening cock.

I pull your zipper down, and reaching in, I touch your cock, bringing a gasp from your lips. I separate the pants, tugging them down from the waist. Your shorts come down as well.

Just like a porn movie, freed, your beautiful brown INDIAN cock springs up towards my face.

I lean forward, and gently touch my tongue to the tip of your cock, then kiss the head.

I pull your pants down, and the rest of the way off you, placing them on the chair.

I stand up, you are completely naked, I am still clothed, but that changes as I rip off my clothes, tossing them by yours.

Naked, we press against each other. I kiss your neck, reach down to touch your cock. I lower my mouth to your nipple, kissing and sucking gently. I look up at you, your eyes are closed, a smile on your face.

I take your hand, leading you to the bathroom. In there, I turn the shower on, adjust the water, and pull you in.

I grab the bar of soap, and begin lathering you up. I touch and stroke your hard cock, but only once, just to keep your interest. I turn you to face the wall, I wash your shoulders, back, and upper arms. I spend more time rubbing and caressing rather than actual washing, but you don’t complain.

Working my way down to your bottom, I soap up your ass, squeezing, touching, and caressing your ass. My fingers glide gently along your ass crack. Was that a moan I heard?

I add more soap, my fingers slide deeper between your cheeks. The tips of my fingers glide maddeningly over your tight hole. I can feel you push just slightly back at my fingers as I wash you. My fingertips touch your hole, swirling around the muscle, you think I am pushing against the hole, but it is so light and gentle, you are not sure.

Just then, I turn you around to face me, YOU ARE SO HARD! You let out a moan of disappointment as my fingers left your ass, but I begin soaping up your front, running my hands around your neck, shoulders, spend some time making sure your nipples are clean, your arm pits, the sides of your body, down, down, down, my hands are at your ankles, I ask you to hold on and lift one foot, you do, I soap it up, washing your foot and between your toes, rinsing the foot off so you don’t slip, I wash your other foot, playing with your toes. I work my way up your calves, taking turns sliding my slippery, soapy hands up and down front and back, of your calves, knees, and thighs.

I am now on my knees, in the shower, your cock, now so hard it is pointing upward, is right in front of my face. I soap my hands. Holding your ass cheek in one hand, I slide my slippery, soapy hand between your legs, you feel one finger touch your asshole, lightly press into you.

I hear a moan.

I proceed to soap you well between your legs. My finger constantly touches and probes your hole, going in a little more each time. You feel no pain or tension, just the exquisite, wonderful touch of my fingers.

I move to soap your balls, playing with them, caressing them, giving you feelings you’ve never had ilginç porno before.

Is that precum dripping from your cock?

I lean forward, licking the string of precum off the end of your cock, as I begin sliding my hands rhythmically up the length of your cock.

Now you are moaning quite loudly, holding onto my head to steady yourself, as I stroke you.

The warm water falls upon us as I touch your balls, stroke you thick cock, cum dripping heavily from the tip of your cock. My hand slides between your legs, brushing your balls, as I touch your hole.

A moan escaped your lips. My soapy finger traces circles around your tight hole, now much less resistant to my touch than just a short while ago.

I begin to rise, kissing and nibbling on your flat stomach, as I withdraw my hand from between your legs, gently grasping and squeezing your balls, as they retract tightly uo against the base of your cock.

I continue rising, now sucking your nipples, kissing and lightly biting them. My hand is now reaching behind you, rubbing your lower back, your nicely sculpted, rock hard ass, until I slide my fingers to your hole.

A gasp.

You always said you couldn’t do these kinds of things, but your moans, your gentle pressing back against my fingers by your ass, your rock hard, dripping cock seem to say otherwise.

As I suckle your nipples, I notice your cock rhythmically pulsing, large drops of cum forming at the head.

You grip my head tightly, pulling me against your nipples. You seem very sensitive, like a woman.

The water seems to be cooling, with some minor protest from you, I stand up, turn you around, rinsing you off, pat your bottom, and tell you to get out and dry off.

As you leave the shower, I soap up quickly in the cooling water, washing my arm pits, smoothly shaven cock, balls, and ass. I even more quickly rinse off, stepping from the now almost cold shower, reaching for a towel.

I notice you looking at me, or rather my crotch. We’ve not spoken hardly a word, but I ask “What’s the matter?”

You reply “You have no hair.”

I look down. “Yup”

Ravi replies “But you are so hairy all over…”

“Yes, I use hair removal cream on my cock, balls and ass crack.”

He tentatively reaches towards me, but stops, looking up at me.

“Go ahead, touch me if you’d like”

To my great pleasure, and that of my formerly cold water shrunken, now hardening cock, Ravi gently, timidly touches me.

Pleasure grips the base of my hardening cock as he closes his fingers around my cock, sliding the loose skin back and forth. My turn to groan, it feels so nice to be touched by another guy. Especially one that I am now positive, has never done anything sexual with another guy.

He touches, plays, pulls on me until I suggest we might move onto the bed.

He looks up at me in a daze, as if uncomprehending what I’d suggested, as I grab a towel to dry off.

I push him towards the bed, grabbing the covers and pulling them down, I set him upon the bed. I notice his thick brown cock is absolutely rampant, sticking up, and leaking pearl white, THICK cum down its length.

I think to myself that this is soooo hot.

I sit next to him, putting my arm around him, pushing him down onto his back as I put my leg over his, and put my hand on his nipple, tweaking it as I would to a girl.

Ravi snuggles in against me as I reach to stroke his hard cock.

The hard, dark, thick Indian cock is leaking profusely. Cum dribbles out his pee hole, running down over my fingers wrapped around his girth.

I lean over, sticking my tongue out to catch the cum exiting his cock. Ravi responds with a low moan, subconsciously thrusting his hips up at me while softly moaning “Nnnoooo”

I slide my mouth down over him, my lips forming a tight, yet slippery seal around him. Moving my head up and down on him, more warm cum filling my mouth, his thrusting into my mouth speeds up.

I reluctantly pull off him, causing him to moan again. I sit up, grabbing his hips, and roll him over onto his stomach. I straddle his firm ass, my cock lying along his seam, and leaning forward, I begin to rub his shoulders.

As I move to rub his neck, I wonder to myself, “Is he pushing his ass against my cock?” I continue rubbing, massaging him, working my way down his back.

As I do, I realize I am working my thickening cock along his crack. The comparatively pale whiteness of my rod against his dark brown Indian skin is very erotic to me.

I slide down his legs, my hands now on his buttocks. He is definitely pushing back at me. I part his cheeks, his pink muscled ring stares at me.

After staring briefly, I tentatively lean forward and touch my moistened tongue to his hole.

That brings a response I was totally not expecting. In what seemed like one action, Ravi thrust his japon porno ass into my face, Let out a loud moan, lifted himself, turned and looked at me questioning “Whaaa?”

He saw my face still buried against his ass. My tongue was burrowing its way deeper into his loosening hole. There was no taste, only a faint odor of the soap we had used. Gripping his hips, I began tongue fucking his ass.

Hearing the almost constant moaning from Ravi, he continued thrusting his ass against my face. My tongue wiggled and dug deeper.

This, a new experience for me, was getting me as excited as it was Ravi.

I began sucking at his hole, drawing his now relaxed ass into my mouth, I alternated the sucking with a thrusting of my tongue into his hole.

I reached underneath Ravi, his cock was hard, and the bedding soaked with his cum.

My own cock, in all its pale white glory, was painfully hard. I jumped up, dashed into the bathroom, grabbed the complimentary bottle of hotel hand lotion, popped the top, and slathered some on my cock, racing back to the bed, I pushed the nozzle against Ravi’s hole, emptying the remaining lotion into his hole. Before he could move, I had climbed on top, and positioning the head of my cock against his hole, pushed in.

Ravi tried to move out from under, beginning to voice opposition to my actions, but in doing so, his actions drove my cock into him all the way to my balls.

I laid on top of him without moving. My cock felt really nice to me, enveloped within the tight brown ass beneath me.

Ravi stopped moving. He said nothing.

I laid on top of him, my arms holding him by his shoulders, my head lying on the back of his. After a moment or two, I almost couldn’t believe it, but I was feeling a slow gentle pressure on my abdomen and genitals, as Ravi humped back into me.

“Ravi…” I began.

“SHhhhssssh. Don’t talk. Please. Just….”

The humping at me continued. For my part, it was magnificent. My cock was effortlessly sliding in and out of Ravi’s tight canal. As he humped against me, I felt his ass clenching my cock rhythmically, as if he was trying to milk me cum out of me.

“Ravi…” I started again.

“Shsshh. Please. Just do it slowly. It feels…kinda’ good in there.” He spoke in a low voice. Almost a whisper.

Grabbing his hands in mine, I pulled them up and away from his body, spread eagling me on top of him. He pushed is ass back at me, I pushed into him.

I began thrusting.

Slowly, all the way in, as far as I could force myself, then all the way out.

Ravi pulled his hands away from mine, reached between us, and pulled his ass cheeks apart. “Deeper” he moaned.

I supported myself up in a push-up like position, and looking between our bodies, saw my pale white cock, impaling his tightly stretched pink ass muscles, surrounded by his darker skin, and I swear, I almost shot my load right there.

This was so fucking HOT!

I laid back on top of him, pulling his hands out once again spread eagle, and began POUNDING him. No longer gentle, I was fucking him. HARD. For his part, Ravi only grunted, but he gave as good as he got. He kept humping back at me, meeting my thrusts into him with his own back at me.

I was once again feeling my cum rise. I wasn’t sure I would be able to hold back. “Ravi…I can’t…”

“Fuck me Dammit! Harder! Cum in me, PLEASE. I want to feel it…” Ravi gasped out.

That did it. Like a madman, I drove harder and harder, faster and faster, until I let go inside of him. My cum filled his hole. I could feel the warmth of my cum around my cock, making it much more slippery in there.

“Ohhhh. I can feel it….I feel the warmth” Ravi said.

I began slowing.

“Noooo…please keep…going….” Ravi moaned. I am guessing he enjoyed it as much as I did.

I collapsed on top of him. I think I might have dozed for a few minutes. When I woke, I was still fairly firm, and still deep inside Ravi.

I rose, and slowly started to pull out.

Ravi moaned.

I pulled out, and rolled off him, lying alongside of him. I reached over and rubbed his firm, brown bottom. Not able to resist, I slid my finger to his hole.I was shocked at how wet and slippery it was. AND, it was gaping open. I stuck my finger in, causing a low moan and a whisper from Ravi “Yesss”

I fingered his stretched ass hole, then, withdrawing my finger, brought it to my nose, and sniffed. It smelled like cum. MY cum. I stuck my tongue out, touching my finger to taste myself. I tasted good. I sucked my finger clean.

I rose slightly, looking at Ravi’s ass. There appeared to be quite a bit of my cum bubbling from his formerly tight hole. I leaned over, hesitated, then pushed my face into his ass, slurping up my cum, cleaning his ass.

As I lay back down, Ravi turned on his side to face me. I noticed his cock was hard. latin porno Very hard. Leaking cum, in spite of the large wet spot where he’d been laying when I fucked him. Yes, I FUCKED him.

“You Okay?” I asked.

“I think so.” He paused “I …I wasn’t ready for that…but…I think I am glad you did that to me, I kinda liked it after I got used to you…”

“Well…I loved it, not going to lie to you. I really liked it. I’ve done several girls anally, but never a guy. You’re my first”

Ravi looked at me. “You suppose I could…”

I looked at his cock. “Hell yes, I want to see how it feels, too” I had come here with the intention of blowing him, maybe talking him into fucking me, or at least playing with my ass-pussy, but I’d gotten a bit carried away. Just a bit.

“How do you want me?”

He looked at me somewhat questioningly.

“You want me on my back, spread wide like I’m your bitch? On my side, from behind? On top like I had you? On all fours, doggy style?” I felt a tightening at the bases of my cock as I said the last, my girlfriend had tried fucking me doggy style with a strap on, but I was hoping to try the real thing.

“I hadn’t given it much thought” began Ravi “How about I try you on all fours, maybe push you down on your front, if that doesn’t work, and if not, I’ll roll you over and fuck you like the bitch you’re going to be”

That last sent a shiver through my body. Bitch for him. Hmmmm. I might like that. I wasn’t going to give up women at all, but if my buddy would allow me to service him regularly, I could get into THAT.

I rolled over, and got up on all fours, wiggling my ass at him.

Ravi snickered at me “Bitch” he said.

His words actually thrilled me. I shook my ass at him. I swear my hole was throbbing in anticipation.

I felt the bed move as Ravi came up behind me. He shocked me by putting his lips and tongue against my hole. I have long kept my cock, balls, and ass smooth shaven, but it was too much to hope for, to have Ravi tongue me there.

“You don’t have to…”

“It’s ok, I know you’re clean” as he dug his tongue into me. I could hear and feel him slurping at my ass pussy.

I braced myself, and gave into the pleasure of his tonguing. After a short period of time, longer than I’da hoped for, but short anyway, I felt the bed move as Ravi moved up against me.

I looked under my belly at the brown legs, and the dark, hairy balls hanging behind me. I felt the head of his cock touch my ass. Then it moving against me, searching for entrance.

It stopped. Right against my hole. My own cock, which had already shot it’s load deep inside Ravi’s ass, was firming up at the interest in my ass pussy.

I felt Ravi begin pushing. Slowly.

“You can go in faster, if you’d like, it’s okay” I told him, as I began pushing back against his cock head.

Almost instantly, I felt the comforting pop of his cock past my anal ring.

He stopped.

“No, keep going” I moaned, pushing back at him once again.

I felt him sliding in, deeper, deeper, until I felt the hairs at the base of his cock tickling my ass.

He paused briefly, before pulling back out.

With little lube, it burned a little, his cock stretching, ripping at the tender tissues inside my ass. I had previously used vibrators and dildos of different sizes, using bigger and bigger ones to stretch me, but Ravi’s cock was thicker than most guys, while maybe not terribly long, but the girth, combined with the lack of lubrication, produced an extremely pleasant, burning feeling, that, while I was enjoying it immensely now, knew I was going to be paying the price for later. I assumed to experience of my first homosexual fucking was going to last a few days, at least, in the form of a sore ass.

Ravi was fucking me good now, with a rhythmic in and out, I was ecstatic with pleasure. This had exceeded my wildest fantasies.

Suddenly, I felt something. Ravi, in his steady fucking of my pussy, slowly, filling me with his girth, possibly due to the lack of lube, was stimulating my prostate. Rubbing it perfectly.

I looked between my legs, my formerly thickening cock was rock hard, and pointing right at me, as I looked at it. I noticed a drop of cum forming at my pee hole.

I began clenching my ass pussy as Ravi used my ass.

The sensations radiating from my groin were almost over powering.

Suddenly, my cock began pumping cum at me. Not much, owing to the fact that I’d cum once already, but coming none the less. My ass pussy continued squeezing Ravi’s thick cock.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth spreading through my pussy. Ravi gripped my hips tightly, as I continued to clench his cock with my ass muscles.

He pounded me. I could hear the slapping of his hips and belly against my ass.

He held me tight, pushing against me HARD.

He let out a soft moan, and continuing to push against me, pushed me flat on my face, causing him to land on me, and drive himself deep into me one last time.

After a few minutes, Ravi rolled off of me, I could feel cool air against my, I’m sure, gaping hole.

I felt good. Really good, and well satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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