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Alina 29 year old divorced, mother of one child and manger of a small real estate office. She knew I was a danger with a capital D. Not physically dangerous. Alina had heard all the rumors about me being very, very dangerous. Sex with me was nasty, dirty, like a crazed weasel fucking. Being divorced with a child, men avoid dating her. She had not been with a man in a very long time. Her every thought has been about me, what it would be like to be my nasty, dirty fuck toy for one night. She had heard I was coming to Rockwall to look for real estate investments. I was given Alina’s name to contact. I called Alina and made arrangements for her to meet me at a hotel in the evening, I arranged to have a babysitter to take care of her child. Alina is very nervous after my phone call. When I opened the door to her, she looked stunning. Short silky dark blue dress. Two thin straps holding it up. Otherwise her shoulders are bare. Showed her cleavage. Emphasised her tits. Clung to her in all the right places. High-heeled strappy sandals. Stockings. Garter belt. Tiny little thong. I could have a finger up her ass in seconds if I wanted too.

I smiled and said hello. ‘Hello,’ Alina purred, as I advanced on her. The purr did it. I’m on to her in a flash. Pinning Alina up against the wall. A gag is forced into her mouth. ” Aggh-MMMMPHHHHHHHH!!” The small woman is dragged to the bed and thrown down on the mattress. She looks up to see me standing over her. I jump on top of her and took her arms, pulling them over her head and secured them to the headboard. ” NPPPPMMPHHHHHH!” Alina shook her head violently side to side, trying to scream through the gag. As she kicked her legs trying to free herself her shoes flew off and went across the room. I took two stockings and tied each of her ankles to the corners of the bed.
Alina is all mine now. The sexy brunette with the petite body is bound tightly to the bed. Her perky tits straining against her very tight top as she struggled. Her slender, sexy legs are spread apart, which caused her short dress to rise up her thighs and expose the tops of her tan stockings. To my shock, I see up her skirt that SHE WASN’T WEARING Sex hikayeleri ANY PANTIES!! Rubbing my throbbing cock, I prepared to fuck the hell out of this divorced woman! I remove my clothes then climb onto the bed with her. Straddling her, I pull her dress down off her shoulders, she has on a very
sexy lacy bra, very hot. Not wanting to mess with it, I ripped it from her chest with one pull.

Now she is topless and I went to work on her tits, squeezing the nicely shaped mounds. Her nipples grew stiff from my touch and I traced them with my tongue. As all of this is going on, Alina is frantically shaking her head all around and yelling into the gag. But, she cannot free herself, and nobody can hear her. Moving down her sexy body, I start to caress her legs, enjoying the silky touch of her stockings. I slide my hands further up her thighs and discovered
that her skin is very soft and smooth. Reaching under her, I squeeze her firm ass through her dress. I then unzip the dress and yank it from her bound body. She is completely naked now, save for the stockings. I examine her bush, it is trimmed neatly, but not very short. I massage her pussy with my fingers, and her head jerks back from my touch.
Overcome by lust I mount her and begin to fuck her. As I thrust into her, the muffled cries get louder. Bound by stockings, her legs are able to move a little bit, given the stretching ability of the hose. They are kicking about as I fuck her tight cunt, slamming into her violently introducing her to nasty dirty rough sex. Her tits shimmy and
shake from my thrusting. Alina is horrified as I continue to ravish her. She tries in vain to pull herself free, I place my hands on her shoulders, holding her firm as I slam into her repeatedly. Her stocking covered legs are the only part of her that can move much at all, yet they can only go a few inches either way.

She cannot believe this is really happening to her. She had fantasies of having nasty dirty sex with me, but not being gagged, tied up and fucked like this! I’m thrusting into her, my pace changing. I slam in very hard and fast, pulling back slowly, then ramming Sikiş hikayeleri back in very hard again. The bed is shaking violently from the force of my thrusts. The feel of her pubic hair on my balls is exciting me more as I slam into her faster and faster. I feel my balls tighten and I lean in close and whisper very quietly into her ear. ” Oh yes, bitch! I got a present for you, a little deposit!” I slam into her and my cock erupts inside of her. ” MMMPPHHHHH!” She shouts a muffled scream as I cum in her pussy. Still slowly thrusting into her, I begin to stroke her stocking clad legs once again, to get myself hard to fuck her again. It works as my cock grows again as it sits just inside her cunt. Alina’s’ eyes get big as she realizes that I plan to fuck her again.

I mount her again and begin thrusting into her at a more violent pace now, I slam her so hard that her head is
banging up against the headboard. As I’m completing my second fucking of her, I grab her tits and squeezes them as I shoots my load into her again. ” UNHHHHHHHHHH!” I groan in pleasure. I climb off of the bed, and I look as my toy. Alina is bound, gagged, virtually naked, and now covered in sweat from the consecutive fuckings. Alina looks up at me as I begin to undo her bindings. I lean into her and whisper very softly again ” Now, you have had nasty dirty sex, I’m not done with you yet!” Alina laid there panting for breath and exhausted. She finally got up and staggered to the bathroom. Alina dressed and we went to dinner, she called checking on her little boy. I feel Alina trembling in my arms and I am horny and I had to have her again. I broke the kiss and dropped to my knees. I ran my hands along her shapely legs up under her skirt and I cupped her firm shapely ass. I stared at her panties covering her pussy and ran my hand over her vulva. ” John…please stop you shouldn’t do that,” she gasps but I continue rubbing her bare thighs and panties. Alina is breathing hard and she seems confused when she spoke again, ” Please stop before this goes any further.” I push her skirt up to her hips and lean into kiss her creamy thighs. She gasps aloud at the touch Erotik hikaye of my lips to her naked skin. I knew that she is struggling with the decision on having nasty dirty sex again. I smell the sweet aroma of sex that is given off by her pussy as my face moves closer to her crotch. I kiss her inner thighs just below her panties.

Her pleading went unnoticed. I’m determined to spread her legs as wide as possible again, and I did now. I see just a hint of pink between her lips. ” John!” she screamed. Please! Oh, please! Not again!” I smiled, then thrust down and into her. Alina came off the bed in pain as I entered her for the third time tonight. The pain is intense as I slowly sink my cock in her. ” No! No! Noooo1″ screamed Alina. ” Please! Please stop!” Her screams remain loud as I thrust in and out, each stroke deeper in her, I feel the small amount of blood that coated my cock again as I went in
and out of her. ” Good, Alina,” I moaned. ” Fuck me!” Alina is squirming beneath me, but I continued my frenzied thrusting. I can’t believe how tight she is, I went faster and faster, until I came now, my seed shooting deep in her bloody mound. My weight on her after I had peaked. All she wanted to do was cry, but as I pulled out of her, something told her I wasn’t through with her yet. She is right. ” Pretty good for your first time,” I said. I smiled as I stared at a defiant young divorced woman. She didn’t know it, but she had just walked into my trap. I softened.
Then turned her over, I tried to shove a finger into her tight ass, but she is too tight. She screams ” No! You bastard! Nooooo!”

Her screams became cries of terror as I shove my cock head in an inch. I reared back, then thrust forward, my cock
going all the way in her. Her screams filled the room now, as I thrust in and out. I didn’t know how, but her ass is even tighter, and it is giving me the ride of my life as I went in and out. Alina lay beneath me, having her ass fucked for the first time in her life Her tears and shaking returned. I went even faster when I heard the cries, seen the tears. One more thing, and my plan would be in place. I came now, my seed deep in her ass. I lay on top of her as she collapsed to the bed. I thrust again in Alina’s ass. ” I guess I better stay all night,” she sniffled, as she
stopped crying. I smiled, ” I guess you better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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