Reconnecting Ch. 06

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The first few months of their new living arrangement proved to work out just fine, for the most part. Despite Mike’s initial reservations about the arrangement he quickly grew more comfortable. True to her promise Wendy didn’t meddle or get too involved in their business and neither Mike nor Cindy felt burdened or awkward with her around.

Probably the best part for him was that Wendy and Cindy hit it off right away. They rapidly became much more like good friends than the usual in-law relationship. While Mike settled in at his new job they seemed to bond right away. They began going out shopping together or on other outings without Mike and had even gone on a few “girl’s nights” leaving Mike at home.

In spite of this Mike couldn’t deny there had been a few times when things seemed a little awkward between him and his mom. The first such incident happened about three weeks after they moved in. On that day Cindy had gone to the gym to work out leaving Mike and Wendy home alone. Mike offered to help her prepare dinner and they began to move around the kitchen chatting happily until the moment when she bent over to retrieve something from the bottom cabinet while Mike stood behind her. Before either really realized it her ass pressed back into his crotch and they remained still like that for a moment as they each seemed momentarily surprised by their position.

“Um, sorry,” she offered somewhat awkwardly as she stood back up and turned to face him. Mike just smiled and tried to act like it was no big deal, but he couldn’t deny the surge of excitement he felt or how a part of him didn’t want her to move. Based on her expression and how unsure she seemed to be acting he guessed that she felt a similar range of emotions.

They finished cooking the meal in silence and Mike was relieved when Cindy returned home a little while later. After dinner Mike quickly lured Cindy up to their bedroom and they immediately fell into a wild, passionate fuck.

There were a few other awkward moments like that between Mike and his mom, but for the most part they were rare. For her part Wendy had many of the same concerns when the younger couple moved in. Happily she found that most of the time her own forbidden desires and temptations stayed tucked neatly away in the dark parts of her mind and didn’t interfere with day to day life. Still, she couldn’t stop herself from continuing to fantasize about Mike during those quiet times when she would lie in bed and softly play with her pussy or touch her own tits.

This all began to change for Wendy one Saturday night. The three of them had been relaxing and watching some videos when Wendy excused herself and went up to bed. All night she had been feeling like a bit of a third wheel and thought it would be nice to give Cindy and Mike some privacy.

Wendy put on her satin pajamas and spent a while lying in bed reading her book before she decided a glass of wine would do nicely to finish off the day. Putting her book down she walked back down the hall and toward the living room. She didn’t need to go into the living room to get to the kitchen, but she did pass by the entrance to the room and from there she could easily see most of the room.

She hadn’t heard any sounds from the living room for a while and was going to try and discreetly sneak by without even looking in. That changed, however, when she heard the soft moan just before she got to the entry to the living room. Almost as a reaction she looked up and saw that Cindy and Mike were in the middle of a slow fuck on the couch. Both had stripped naked and Cindy currently sat over Mike’s lap facing him as she rode up and down his hard cock.

Wendy peeked around the corner instantly excited at the sight before her. Cindy groaned softly again and Wendy could see that Mike had started sucking on her tits as they fucked.

Wendy knew she should leave immediately and not spy on this intimate act, but by now the horny part of her mind had already taken over and so she remained tucked out of sight excitedly watching them fuck. She observed Cindy’s slow technique and noticed how it differed from her own style. Cindy moved with a sexual grace and beauty that was very appealing to watch. From her angle she couldn’t see between Cindy’s legs and she wished for a moment she could see her son’s hard cock sliding in and out of Cindy’s pussy.

Just thinking of his cock, surely coated with her heavy pussy juices, made Wendy’s pussy tingle and made her own wetness increase. Another moan brought her attention back to watching them as Mike renewed his efforts at sucking and licking his wife’s tits. She noticed how beautifully formed Cindy’s tits were and how they so temptingly hung right in front of Mike as he slowly and lavishly licked and sucked at them drawing her nipples to hard points. Wendy thought back again to how it felt to have Mike sucking on her tits like that and had to suppress her own moan of desire.

The pace of the couple’s fuck began to gaziantep ofise gelen escort increase as they seemed to near their orgasms. When Cindy started to cum she threw her head back in delight and let out a long sigh. Wendy watched her hips gliding back and forth as she guided Mike’s cock for her own maximum pleasure. When she started cumming Mike opened his eyes and Wendy could easily see the lust gleaming in them as he watched Cindy cum.

As soon as she finished her own orgasm she began to pump herself up and down over Mike rapidly as he started to buck his hips in tempo with her. Wendy smiled wickedly to herself thinking of how Cindy must feel right now and knowing that she too would know exactly how to move to bring Mike off. He grunted fairly loudly as he started to cum and Cindy dropped down fully on him so his full length was all the way inside her.

For a few moments they sat quietly like this each breathing heavily from their efforts. They then started to exchange a wild, deep kiss and Wendy could easily see their tongues working back and forth between their mouths. As much as she wanted to stay and watch them she knew that she should leave or risk getting caught.

After she quickly went back to her bedroom without ever getting the glass of wine she crawled in bed and stared at the ceiling for a moment alive with her own excitement. She quickly slipped her hand down between her spread legs and found her dripping wet pussy. It only took a few minutes to bring herself to a strong orgasm as she thought about what she had just seen. Even after cumming she was still so excited that it took her a long while to finally let herself fall asleep. That night she dreamt about being with Mike.

The most difficult moment for Mike had certainly been the day that Cindy had left very early to go to a job interview. It had been just over a week since Wendy had secretly watched him fuck Cindy. With Cindy up and out he slowly moved around the bedroom getting ready for his day at work. After his shower he put on a robe and went down to the kitchen to eat a quick breakfast.

He had been in the kitchen for only a couple of minutes when he heard Wendy walk into the room. “Oh, hi,” she said in a tone that indicated she was surprised to find Mike there. He replied with a good morning and didn’t really bother to turn around and look at her as he scanned the morning’s paper. “I, um, didn’t think you were still here,” she added, “I heard someone leaving earlier and figured it was you.”

“No,” Mike answered, “Cindy had an early job interview, so that was her leaving.” He then realized that she hadn’t yet fully walked into the room and so he set the paper down and turned to look at her. He started slightly in surprise when he saw her. She stood in the doorway of the kitchen dressed in only a satin robe that stopped a few inches above her knees. He could plainly see from the way her tits hung under the slick material that she didn’t have a bra or other top on and quickly supposed that she was naked under the robe. As he looked at her she subconsciously pulled at the edges of the robe to try and cover herself as much as possible, but it only seemed to amplified how little of her was actually covered.

Mike was well aware of a certain tension that had suddenly filled the room, but he tried to act as if nothing was wrong. “Come on,” he said motioning to the chair next to him, “sit down and have some breakfast.”

She did come and sit down after grabbing a muffin from the counter and a banana from the bowl of fruit on the other end of the table. She sat in the chair next to him and, even though he tried to resist, he couldn’t stop himself from letting his eyes stare at the gap in the robe that formed on her thighs as she sat and then at the V the fabric formed on her chest. He was also keenly aware of how her tits swayed under the satin as she scooted her chair closer to the table and got herself settled.

They exchanged some small talk as Mike tried to conceal his secret glances at her while she ate. Things continued in a sort of quiet tension like this until they both adjusted their positions and their bare legs rubbed against each other under the table. The simple brush of their legs sent an excited chill through Mike and he struggled to again control the hard on that was threatening to poke through his robe.

All efforts to control his excitement went out the window when he looked down at her chest again and saw that her nipples had begun to poke clearly through her robe. He stared excitedly at the hard points as they seemed to grow stiffer and larger under his gaze.

Whether her choice of a banana had been purposeful or not Mike couldn’t deny that watching her eat the long fruit further flamed his burning lust. He thought that she may be taking a little more time than usual in eating the fruit and that she might be making her movements a little more dramatic gaziantep öğrenci escort and exaggerated than usual, but he couldn’t be sure if that was simply his wishing or if it was true.

He desperately searched for something to say to break the awkward silence. “Mom,” he started, “I want to thank you again for letting us move in with you. It really has been great.” He knew it was very forced and unnecessary to say but it was the best he could come up with.

She smiled warmly and reached out taking his hand in hers. If he had tried to use this subject to calm himself down all of his efforts went out the window when she took his hand. Feeling her soft hands gently holding his own sent his mind racing and his hard cock pounding. “It has been my pleasure,” she added. With that she took the last bite of her banana while still holding his hand tenderly.

She stood as if to get up but first she leaned forward over the table and met Mike in a soft kiss that lingered on his lips longer than a mother son kiss should. At first her kiss surprised him and he didn’t respond but then he began to respond and the intensity of their kiss increased rapidly. He opened his mouth and let his tongue slide into hers where it was met firmly by her tongue. For the next few precious seconds they remained locked like this until Wendy pulled away and stood up. Her robe had become slightly disheveled and now gapped open on her chest to reveal a large amount of her cleavage. Her nipples were as hard and prominent as Mike had ever seen them and he yearned to reach up and fondle them.

“We can’t…we shouldn’t,” she stammered almost to herself as she began to slowly move away from her son. “I’ve got to go, sorry,” she added before turning and walking briskly out of the kitchen. Mike wanted to stop her and tell her it was OK, but he knew he shouldn’t so he sat and watched her ass sway under her robe as she left the room.

The rest of that day was nearly impossible for Mike. Even thought he had jerked off furiously before getting dressed and going to work he had a near constant hard on all day and had a hell of a time focusing on work. He stayed late at the office to try and compose himself before returning home. As soon as he got home he grabbed Cindy and they had a wild quickie fuck in the bathroom just down the hall from where his mom was reading her magazine. Cindy had obviously been surprised by his advance but, as always, she was a completely willing partner and immediately got into the wild fuck. The fuck wasn’t anything tender but rather was completely wanton and primal as Mike tried to exorcise his pent up lust from his encounter over breakfast that day. He was still so excited that they had another similarly wanton fuck just after dinner before retiring to bed early that night.

Wendy was similarly horny and filled with lustful thoughts after their brief kiss. The truth was that it really wasn’t an accident that she “happened” upon him as he ate his breakfast. She knew that Cindy had left and, despite her better judgment telling her no, she had dressed in only the robe to “surprise” Mike. It had surprised her how well her plan worked and it seemed like before she really knew what had happened she and Mike were kissing.

She knew it could easily have led to much more and she desperately wanted to be with him in that way. But as she stood in the kitchen with his tongue in her mouth she had a flash of doubt about what they were doing. Against her more primal urges she resisted herself and pulled away from his kiss.

It was hard for her to resist going to him again in his bedroom as he hurriedly got ready for work. Instead, she waited until he left and then immediately dropped onto her bed and brought herself to a wild orgasm as she thought about sucking his hard cock until he sprayed his cum all over her face and tits. She lost track of the number of times she played with herself that day and wished over and over she had a hard cock to satisfy her.

For her part Cindy had happily noticed a change in Mike since they had moved. He had become more assertive and adventurous during sex and had been driving her wild. In turn she had found some of her own passions reignited and knew that their sex of the past few months had been the hottest of their relationship. She didn’t know the reason and really didn’t care as long as he remained as ready and willing for sex as he was now.

Cindy had been trying to keep busy and had finally landed a part time job that would hopefully restart her career. Since their wedding she had maintained contact with her sister after not having really kept in touch with her regularly for a couple of years before that. They traded e-mails nearly every day and talked on the phone often. Aside from the usual sisterly catching up Cindy knew that she wanted to keep in touch with her sister for another reason. The night before her wedding with her sister had been oğuzeli escort as sensual and passionate as any that she could remember. The sex with Mike had been amazing lately but it couldn’t match the forbidden lust she shared with her own sister.

Neither Cindy nor Kate ever openly referred to their being intimate together but both hinted at the topic several times in their communications. Both talked of wanting to visit the other so they could have more time to “catch up” and “reconnect”. Each time she used these phrases Cindy knew she had a double meaning behind them and she suspected her sister’s use of them had a similar double meaning. This combined with Mike’s new sexual assertiveness left her in a near constant state of arousal.

Finally one day she got a message from her sister that said Kate would be coming to visit soon. She reread the message over and over and could feel herself growing wet at the idea of being with Kate again. Part of her felt guilty at her desire to cheat on Mike, but she reasoned that it really wasn’t cheating somehow. There was no danger of her leaving Mike and she knew that all that would happen is she would return to Mike more excited and sexually charged than before.

Cindy and Kate began making plans for the visit and talked about hotels where Kate could stay and what they could do together. Things changed one night over dinner when Cindy excitedly told Mike and Wendy that her sister was coming to visit. She told them about the plans that had been made so far and Wendy immediately insisted that they change their plans and have Kate stay with them.

At first Cindy protested as both she and her sister had talked about looking forward to some time alone together in the hotel room. Cindy had already fantasized about her and her sister fucking wildly in some hotel room. Cindy said she wouldn’t want to be a bother but Wendy wouldn’t hear otherwise and insisted that Kate stay with them. Finally Cindy agreed. When she told Kate about the change in plans later both agreed that it was very nice of Wendy and it would be great to save the extra money, but that they would both miss the chance for some time to “bond” together.

The time before her visit passed very quickly and the next thing Cindy knew she and Mike were waiting at the airport to pick up Kate. When the sisters saw each other they exchanged a long hug and then Kate gave Mike another long hug. They loaded her bags in the car and made the drive to Wendy’s house.

Once there all four of them sat and talked for a long while until Mike went up to get ready for bed and work the next day. Wendy had prepared a guest bedroom down the hall for Kate and showed her to the room and around the rest of the house. As much as Cindy wanted to do more that first night Kate was tired from her travels and so they said goodnight with a small kiss on the lips.

The next day while Mike was at work Wendy left to go to the gym not too long after breakfast. Cindy knew she would be gone for over an hour, as she had become quite familiar with Wendy’s routine. On most days she joined her at the gym but today she had another sort of activity on her mind.

It seemed that Kate had the same idea for as soon as they heard Wendy’s car drive away Kate took her sister’s hand and said, “It’s really good to see you sis.”

“Same here,” Cindy replied. “You look really good. I love the new haircut.”

“Thanks,” Kate answered before adding, “I’m really glad we have this time to be alone.” As she spoke those last words she leaned toward her sister and their lips met in a soft kiss that soon grew more intense as they began to softly probe each other’s mouths with their tongue.

Before long they moved up to Cindy and Mike’s room and fell on the bed before resuming their embrace from the kitchen. Both still had their pajamas on and so it was easy for them to quickly strip each other until they were lying naked in each other’s arms. Cindy moved away from their kiss and lowered her mouth to her sister’s soft tits as she licked at them for a while before sucking one of her nipples into her mouth.

Kate let out a long, lusty moan and lay back enjoying her sister’s attention. Cindy lingered over her tits for a short while longer but soon pulled herself away and moved lower towards Kate’s waiting pussy. As much as Cindy wanted to prolong this encounter and be with Kate all day she knew that it was a limited time before Wendy would return.

Once between her sister’s legs Kate spread her thighs wide apart and groaned as Cindy began to eagerly lick at her already soaking wet pussy. Kate clearly was as anxious for the encounter as Cindy as it didn’t take long for her to erupt into a wild orgasm as her little sister fucked her with her tongue.

Once Kate had recovered she rolled over and began to return the favor to Cindy. Just as Cindy had just done Kate lingered over her tits for several long moments before moving down to her pussy. Kate quickly brought Cindy to the edge of her orgasm and then held her teetering there for a long while as Cindy begged her sister to let her cum. Mike was quite accomplished at sucking her pussy but her sister’s touch was so soft and tender and it was like she could anticipate where Cindy wanted to be touched next. Cindy briefly wondered if it would be this way with any other woman or if it was because it was her sister.

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