Red Penis Rising – Ch. 03 – The other end of the Arrow

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“Good Mango. Very good. Now, I want to show you your other option. Mango, position horizontal X, face-up, legs up.” The Gravshackles floated her again so that she was once again spread-eagled, but now facing the ceiling and her legs up in a V. Her crotch was once again at the same height as his.

“Master…are you going to…fuck me again?” She said, trying but failing to sound positive.

“Yes. But first, a change.” He clicked a few settings on his Datapad. She had a look of terror on her face, and he was worried he had turned it up.

Eros took a look at her. She was glistening with sweat. But her body was incredible and the garters and stocking made her pussy look so inviting. He walked around her, admiring her curves, long legs, and perfect breasts. Once he made it back to her legs, he started to gently stroke her stocking-covered thighs. His hands traveled down her body towards her breasts, which he rubbed lovingly. Her eyes started to widen. She was expecting pain but was finding something completely different.

“How does that feel Mango?” He asked.

“It…it…feels nice,” she said, starting to breathe a little heavier.

By this time, the small amount of foreplay had got him hard again. His cock stood up straight between her legs. He casually started to rub it up and down the lips of her vagina. This caused her to moan ever so slightly. Suddenly, he took his fingers and pinched her nipples, very hard, almost enough to bruise them.

“Oh….oh…” she panted, very confused. Just before, anything like this would have caused her incredible pain. Now it didn’t. She felt the pressure, but escort gaziantep manken bayan then it almost felt good. Eros was hurting her nipples while teasing her vagina.

“Mango, this is the other mode for Cupid’s Arrow. Your tits should be hurting. “ he gave her nipples another twist, “but it probably feels as good as me playing with your pussy.”

“Yes…I…yes…I don’t understand how…” Eros decided to cut this short. Instead, he let go of her nipples, and took a firm hold of her breasts. Leaning down a bit, he was able to aim his cock at her opening. Before she could realize what was going on, he shoved himself in, right up to his balls, in one swift motion.”

“BLOODY HELL!” She yelled, barely able to control herself. Eros pulled himself most of the way, took another squeeze of her tits, and shoved himself back in.

“Oh…My…God…Holy…” she started to babble. Eros held himself deep in her. He leaned over until he was face to face with her.

“Do you like how my cock feels in you?” Eros whispered to her.

“Yes…Oh…that feels…so…so…good.”

“Beg me to fuck you. I want to hear you say it.” He growled at her.

“Oh Eros…Master. Please fuck your humble servant…Please will you…” he cut her off again by pulling out and thrusting back in, causing her to moan loudly. Now he stood back up. Taking a firm hold of her hips, he looked down at her. Her breasts and chest were heaving and covered in sweat already. He had barely started. Pulling out, he began thrusting in and out of her. First slowly and then picking up the pace. escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan Every time he hit bottom, she would groan, moan, or give a little shout. Eros looked down, and he could see his dick glistening from her moisture. Her pussy lips were spread wide, around his large cock.

“Master…fuck me…fuck me….oh…master…” she continued to babble. Eros reached his hand around her thigh. Not slowing down, he reached down and massaged her clit gently.

“Master…KEEP GOING…please” He took his fingers and squeezed her clit fairly hard. “Oh…my…I” and then gently again “…am…going….to”. Her body began to buck and shake in an intense orgasm. She let her head drop as she moaned uncontrollably. Her orgasm lasted a while. During the entire time, Eros kept fucking her. Once she recovered, she looked up at Eros. Once again, she was drenched in sweat, her face red and flushed. But he had no plans to stop there.

He held tightly onto her hips and thrust longer and faster than before. After only a few minutes, she started to groan again.

“Master…oh…keep fucking me…I…oh…” her breathing was getting faster again. His dick was completely soaked in her juices, providing lots of lubrication. Eros moved his hands underneath her, grabbing onto her butt cheeks. The loud slapping filled the room as he continued to slam into her.

“Are you ready for my cum…you whore?” He said, getting ready for his own orgasm.

“Yes master…please…fill your whore…fill me with your cum.” She groaned, trying to contain herself. A few thrusts gaziantep masöz escort bayan later, he pushed his dick all the way in and began filling her with his juice.

“Yes…oh yes.” Eros grunted as he orgasmed. At that same moment, she started to shake again with a second orgasm.

“Oh, master…that…I’m coming…I’m…” she said.

Once they were both done, Eros let go of her but kept his dick in her for a while, admiring her. She was panting, trying to get her breath. He enjoyed watching her come down from her orgasm. He pulled himself out. When he did, his semen started to leak out of her gaping pussy until a little pool of it collected below her on the ground.

“Mango, position vertical, standing.” The Gravshackles placed her gently, with her high heels on the ground. “Mango, position, release shackles. Authorization Eros” The Gravshackles opened quietly and drifted away so that she was under her own control for the first time in a while. Her legs were wobbly from being restrained, the high heels, and the orgasms.

“Well, Mango. What have you decided? Tell me.” He asked inquisitively.

“Master. I am so sorry for trying to escape. I…I will never do anything like that again.” She said, still trying to adjust.

“Good. Now prove it.” He said.

“How?” Mango said, cocking her head.

“Think of something.”

Mango looked around the room for ideas. Instead, she got down on her knees and began to lick his now mostly soft dick clean. Her tongue traveled up and down, and she occasionally took the head in her mouth and played with it. Once he was clean, she shifted around and noticed the pool of cum on the ground. She leaned over and began licking it off the floor. There was quite a lot, so it took her a while to get all of the sticky mess down her throat.

“Good girl Mango. Good little pink whore. I believe you. Now, why don’t you get some rest.” Eros pulled the strings, which closed his pants. Mango bowed as he left her bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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