Relative Perversions Ch. 04

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Ch. 04 — She’s So Mouthy


After the striptease, lapdance, and happy ending, Candi refuses to give Lester any more nightly relief, but little does he know that she has a special surprise for him. She has a work trip and needs his help with a few things.


[Incest/Taboo] (Bisexual Females, Blowjob, Cum, Cum Eating, Deepthroat, Dirty Talk, Eating Pussy, Facial, Female Submissive, Hotel, Incest, Lingerie, Male Dominant, MFF, Mother, Multiple Orgasms, Public, Son, Stockings, Threesome)


Wednesday, January 16th – Friday, January 18th, 2019

If the night of his first nude lapdance from Candi had been heaven, then the next few days were hell. Lester’s mother refused to repeat the performance and even stopped his nightly handjobs. When he managed to get her alone long enough to confront her about it, his confusing parent was apologetic.

“Baby, I’m sorry. I’m just working through some things that you’ve woke up in me. I’ve got some issues that I need to deal with, and when I do, you’ll be the first one to know. I promise. Please, don’t be mad at me. I meant it when I said that I’m your property. It’s just that you remind me of the last man to own me so totally, and I need to deal with the feelings you’re stirring up. Okay?”

Les assured her that he would wait as long as she needed. Words were easy, but actions were much harder to accomplish. The nightly sessions with his new slut had trained his dick to expect relief that his own hand just wasn’t able to match. It didn’t help at all that Candi began taking every opportunity to fuck Marcus’ brains out in a very loud manner.

The horny son spent each night perched outside his parents’ door listening to the stream of filth that Candi screamed at her husband in her demands. The strains of these romps were beginning to show on his father as the man looked extremely exhausted every morning despite the goofy grin on his face. During these voyeur sessions each night, Les would stroke his dick but couldn’t seem to cum no matter how much he tried.

If his parents were a problem for him to bear, Les’ sister, Lucy, had become an almost bane to his existence. In the days and weeks that had followed the movie night where he had received a discrete pull and tug from Candi, Lucy had seemed to turn more and more into a nympho on the prowl. The provocative clothing that she had adopted mimicked Candi’s had degenerated into almost outright slutwear. Now, it was not uncommon for half of her asscheeks to simply hang out of her excuse for shorts that were an essential part of her wardrobe now. She had also developed a habit of whale tails, making sure that the straps of her thongs rode as high as possible on her hips while her shorts and skirts would ride low. That was if she even bothered to wear underwear at all.

Lucy also seemed to take every opportunity she could to torment her brother with flashes of skin that stopped just short of outright nudity. She had even plopped onto his lap a couple of times on the pretense of being playful. However, when neither Candi nor Marcus were aware, she would subtly grind her toned and plump ass on Les’ growing dick. She would play things off and hop away once he was fully hard. The confused brother wanted to confront her but couldn’t figure out how to go about it.

It also didn’t help that she had grown almost as loud as Candi during her now nightly ritual of fingerbanging. Whereas she had once moaned and mewled quietly and only grow loud during orgasm, she was more apt to simply groan loudly and squelch her fingers in her obviously sloppy wet cunt that could be heard clearly through her door at night.

It had become part of the nightly ritual for Les to spend an hour or so outside his parents’ door listening to them fuck hardcore before trailing down to Lucy’s door and spy on her pussy playtime. It would always end with him returning to his room to find a pair of Candi’s thongs on his bed which he would finally manage to blow his load into.

Les only knew that if things kept up at their current pace, he would slowly lose his mind.

As far as school went, the weirdness factor was beginning to skyrocket. It was now becoming pretty commonplace for lots of girls to chat with him in between classes. He had long become the source of envy among his friends. Despite their repeated pleas for his secret, he was as mystified as them as to all the attention he was receiving. Regardless, he enjoyed it as much as possible while trying to avoid turning into a douchebag.

The only downside to the school attention was that he had now appeared prominently on the radar of the popular guys. Like some sort of jealous pack of alpha male wannabes, they gave him the evil eye whenever they saw him. At first, he did his best to ignore it, but it soon grew into a Onwin big problem.

The first incident was when his regular clothes were stolen from his gym locker and he was forced to wear his sweaty, smelly gym clothes for the rest of the day. Next, a balloon full of some foul-smelling stuff exploded on his head in the stairwell causing him to have to leave school and clean up at home while missing half the day scrubbing the smell off. Then, there was the day he opened his locker only to receive an explosive blast of paint drenching not only him but the contents of his locker as well. Luckily, it had happened on a day when Mandy Jo was not holding court, although Les suspected that she had been warned in advance.

There were more incidents, but all were discreet and stopped at just being perceived as being more than harmless pranks. The water balloon incident was the only one that he allowed Marcus and Candi to learn of since he was forced to leave school. The paint incident was harder to conceal, but he succeeded. Les would be damned if he let the assholes have the satisfaction of riling his family.

Considering everything they had been through after the death of his uncle, the stubborn teen refused to upset their lives anymore than he could manage. He felt like it was his problem to deal with on his own. He just needed to narrow down the actual suspects before he formed a plan of payback.

Everything began to pile on to the point that Les began to become moodier than he intended. The family tragedy, more of his siblings moving out, Candi’s withholding of sexual relief, the constant fuck noises from his parents and sister’s rooms, and the bullying was starting to become more than Les could handle. It was made worse by the fact that each new school shooting in the news caused some of his classmates to look at him funny the more sullen he became. Now, he was being judged as a possible nutcase that could attack them.

Salvation of a sort came one morning when Marcus and Candi insisted that he and Lucy sit down for a family breakfast. Though Marcus made a lot of money as a broker and commodities trader, Candi ran her own cosmetics retail job as a means of staying busy while also meeting new people and throwing makeup parties for bored housewives. Lately, she had seen an uptick in business as word of mouth got around about her deals and her personality. As such, her current stock had been drained faster than expected with no resupply order likely for a few weeks.

However, she could restock by driving to a supply depot for the company she freelanced for. The problem with the plan was that they would only sell to her in a larger bulk than she was used to. Money wasn’t the issue as she had set aside a tidy sum for emergencies. The problem was that she wouldn’t be able to lug the boxes around by herself, so she would need to rope one of her children in to help out. The trip would take a weekend so that whichever one was recruited would be back in time for school on Monday.

The setup was nice, but Les knew already that he would be the one to be volunteered. Lucy was no wimp, but it was well known that she would probably be at volleyball camp for the weekend. He was proven right when the ensuing conversation played out the same way he envisioned in his head.

The prospect of getting out of town for the weekend was appealing given all the trouble he had had lately, but it would surely create an awkward situation given Candi’s reluctance to resume her sexual relationship with Les. Determinedly, the son made up his mind to make the best of the situation as he could. So, after school, he went ahead and began laying out what he would bring for the trip even though Friday was still two days away.

Thus, Friday afternoon after the last bell rang saw him walking to his mother’s car to the snickers and insults of his classmates. The day had already been one of the worst of his school life which was why he was in such a foul mood when he tossed his backpack in the back seat and slouched into the passenger seat while never once taking his earbuds out. He could tell that Candi tried to engage him in conversation several times as they headed onto the interstate, but he only nodded and continued listening to his playlist on his phone.

After about three hours, they stopped for gas and a bathroom break. The drive and music had succeeded in soothing his nerves somewhat, but he still felt a little on edge. Stepping out of the car to stretch, he finally noticed Candi’s body language. As she pumped gas, the mother and wife seemed shrunken in slightly as if she were a whipped dog expecting a blow. It wasn’t until he was drying his hands in the bathroom that the lightbulb finally went off. His sullen silence had probably upset his mother given his refusal to participate in any conversation with her.

Candi had always been a very social person and would take any silence hard. Les mentally kicked himself for being such a dick. His frustration with his situation was absolutely no reason to take it out on his mother whom had been nothing but wonderful to him his entire life. Blowing out a determined breath, he steeled himself and strode determinedly out to the car.

“Hey, Mom, how about I drive for a while and give you a rest?” he suggested as he passed her on her way inside to use the facilities herself. She seemed momentarily surprised but soon brightened up and handed him the keys.

A few simple words had seemed to transform the woman’s mood as she strutted sexily out a little while later and slid smoothly into the passenger seat. She grinned brightly at him as he pulled back onto the interstate. This time, the moody teen made an effort to actively participate when she engaged him in conversation. Truthfully, there was a reason why Candi was such a good saleswoman, she had an infectious personality that could bring anyone out of their shell. So, it was only about thirty minutes later when Les realized that he was more relaxed than he’d been in days.

Strangely, Candi seemed to be returning to her previous flirty self, but it was subtler than before. She seemed to take every opportunity to touch his arm or leg after some random comment.

“Y’know, baby, I’m sorry that I’ve been such a frigid bitch lately,” Candi said suddenly turning serious.

Uncomfortable, Les tried to play it off. “C’mon, Mama, you said you need time to figure things out. You take all the time you need.”

Candi scooted over as much as her seatbelt would allow and placed her hand halfway up his thigh coming dangerously close to his now hardening dick. “I know, and you’ve been such a good man about it. I want to thank you for that, but it doesn’t change that I got you so used to blowing a big load every night from mama’s hands and lapdances. It wasn’t fair to cut you off like that. I want you to know how sorry I am, and I promise to make it up to you this weekend.”

“Uhhhhh-” was all that Les could lamely reply.

The saucy mother slid her hand up to cup the throbbing erection along Les’ right thigh and purred, “You. And me. All weekend alone. Think we can find stuff to entertain ourselves with?”

“Are you serious?”

Candi’s response was to reach over and tie something to the steering wheel between her son’s hands. His bulged when he recognized it as one of her silky thongs. “Does that tell you how serious I am, baby?”

Les glanced at her but had to keep his attention focused ahead as they came to a slight congestion while passing through a metropolitan city. A moan drew his attention briefly once again to the side.

“Maybe this will let you know how serious your slut is,” Candi mewled. She had undone her seatbelt and slid down her seat after pulling the hem of her dress up to her navel and placing her bare feet on the dash. With her knees splayed lewdly open, her glistening cunt shone while she used her fingers to spread the puffy lips and expose the pink inside to her panting son. “Oh baby, mama wants you to play with her whore hole this weekend. I’m still not ready to fuck yet, but I’m dying for you to use your fingers and mouth on my slutty cunt. Please, tell me you’ll do it. I’m begging you to make me your slut again and use my fuckhole as much as you want this weekend.”

Les panicked when the loud report from a semi’s horn brought him back to the road. He corrected the car from where it had begun to swerve into the same lane as the big rig. Rather than inciting road rage, the trucker did a double take and grinned widely when he noticed Candi writhing like a bitch in heat in the passenger seat. This time his horn was accompanied by a big thumbs up and grin for Les. If only the guy knew just how twisted the situation was.

The frantic son did his best to focus on the road and sneak glances at Candi when she began shoving fingers into her juicy twat. The squelching of her digits pumping her horny depths filled the car along with the powerful smell of her excitement.

When they finally cleared the city and were once again among less dense traffic, a change seemed to come over Les. The days of anxiety from no sex and the frustration with his classmates blew away in an instant. It was like another part of him awoke and took over. It was the same dominant, alpha part of him that had been growing with each load Candi coaxed from him.

Confident the danger of a wreck was passed, Les reached over and lightly yet firmly slapped one of Candi’s tits. She yelped and spasmed as he growled, “So, after all this time, you wanna be my slut again, huh? I think you need to earn that right, you horny bimbo. We have fifty miles before we reach our hotel for the night. You better get that cunt of yours steaming hot, but if you cum, you won’t get to see one inch of my cock all weekend. Got it, slut?”

“Yes, sir!” the lewd mother squeaked meekly and went to town on her soaked crotch.

If she had been wild before, the slut was positively in a frenzy now as she jammed her fingers fast and hard into her pussy. Then, she surprised him by shoving two fingers of her other hand up her ass while using the palm of her pussy-banging hand to rub her clit as well. Les found a rhythm of being able to divide his concentration between the road and the writhing slut beside him. Every time he sensed her getting close to cumming, he would roughly pinch a nipple to distract her. The result had Candi a blubbering mess by the time he pulled off the interstate to enter the parking lot of the hotel. He settled into a secluded spot at the back and parked.

His wild slut stared at him with frantic eyes while still pumping her holes in total abandon. Growling, he slapped her hands away causing her to moan piteously. “Stay horny, bitch. Go check us in, now! If you’re an obedient little fucktoy, I might let you cum when we get to the room.”

Candi nodded hysterically and snatched up her purse. It took her three tries in her haste to figure out how to open the door before she bolted as fast as her once again worn heels allowed her toward the lobby.

Les laughed loudly as he exited the car and popped the trunk. A devilish idea came to mind as he unloaded everything onto the ground beside the car. When Candi frantically ran back toward him clutching the key card for their room, he laid out the instruction. As she listened, the slutty mother moaned wantonly and almost collapsed to her knees.

Smirking smugly, the dominant teen strolled slowly to the lobby and located a cart for their luggage before returning at the same sedate pace. He returned quite pleased to see the slut had taken his instructions to heart.

Completely naked, Candi squatted next to the car out of view of the road and lobby but fully exposed to any guest who might look out their windows. She once again had three fingers pumping her steaming cunt as two jammed roughly in her ass. The bitch twitched and spasmed as she fought her orgasm determined not to disobey her owner. A sharp whistle had her jumping to her feet causing her large tits and big booty to jiggly deliciously.

As Les leaned casually against the trunk of the car in a way that partial blocked her from the road and lobby, Candi scurried to load all of their luggage onto the cart wearing nothing but her heels as cunt juice sluiced down her thighs. Meanwhile, her nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds and not from the slight breeze. Once she had finished loading the last of the bags onto the cart, Les snapped his fingers.

Candi immediately bent over the cart and presented her ass to her son. He took several long moments to admire the plumpness of the round orbs and knead the soft flesh. Then, the sharp crack of his palm on her skin filled the parking lot. He lovingly gave each cheek five swats, enough to bring a slight pink to the skin but not enough to redden. He then gave her pulsing cunt two soft slaps before he allowed her to rise and put her dress back on.

The lust maddened mother shivered uncontrollably as she staggered along beside her owner while he pushed the cart into the lobby. The desk clerk gave her a funny look as they passed her toward the elevators. Once inside the elevators, Les drew Candi into his arms and lifted her chin so she had to look him in the eyes.

“Are you ok with this? Am I going too far?”

Candi melted against him and clutched him hard. “No, baby! You’re fucking perfect! I’ll let you know if you go too far. Please, keep using me as you see fit. Just remember that my pussy and ass are off limits for now.”

“For now?” Les repeated in shock.

The elevator dinged, and the doors opened as Candi stepped away and stepped out into the hallway. After a brief glance in each direction, she bent over and flipped her dress over her big ass and presented her soaked cunt and winking ass to him. “When I’m ready, I’m giving you every, single one of my holes. Then I will be your property totally and forever. Yours.”

She grinned at her son as she sauntered down the hall toward their room leaving Les to trail along behind her. Every time he thought he had gained the upper hand on the slut, she pulled some new trick out of her panties to throw him off balance. Growling in determination, he waited while she unlocked the door and held it open for him to push the cart inside.

When Candi turned from closing the door, her son surprised her by pressing her up against it and pinning her in place as he yanked her dress up to expose her heated cunt. Quickly, he pounced to bite her neck and make her gasp as he shoved three fingers into her dripping twat. The slut mother could only moan and writhe as her son expertly worked her back up into a frenzy, riding the edge of orgasm but not allowing her to fall over.

Chewing on her earlobe, Les growled, “One day soon, you’ll be completely mine, but for now, you’re mine to play with as I like. Got it, slut?” Candi nodded frantically while thrusting her hips up to meet his pumping fingers. “You cum when and how I say. You show your body when and how and to who I say. You take my cum how and where I say. Do you fucking understand, you slutty piece of trash?”

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