Return to Yesterday

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Covid had shut down a lot of services in the city including driver licence renewals. I parked my car and stood in a long line with a number of other people waiting and waiting. I waited behind a person who looked female but moved like a male. Their thick, shiny black hair was tied in a ponytail that hung down between their shoulder blades.

Impatience brewed and I was jostled from behind and I bumped into the person in front. He turned to see who was behind him. I apologized and pointed behind me. “Sorry.”

“That’s okay.” By then I could tell it was a he. “I guess…”

That’s as far as his sentence got as we both looked at each other. It took a few moments before… “I know you. Aren’t you, Mike?”

“Yeah.” He said. You’re Gerry.”

We were school friends. I had lost track of him and after I moved cities, I had no thought of us ever meeting up again. Both of us were Asian in a mostly Caucasian school so we tended to buddy up together. Since my mother was a housewife and both his parents worked, we spent a lot of time at his place. Back then there was no concerns of a kid being left alone during the day.

Mike was different from me. He listened to FM and rock while I listed to more jazz. He had great stereo equipment while I had a small Sony transistor radio. He was a little more street smart while I was much more naïve.

We finally made it inside. I got my licence renewed and was folding my temp licence as I exited the place. Waiting for me was Mike. “Oh. Hi!”

“Hey, Ger. Did you want to get a drink?” He asked.

I had nothing more to do that day. “Sure.”

“I’ve got beer at my place. I don’t live to far from here if you want to go there.” Mike pointed in the general direction.

“Great. I guess I’ll follow you? My car is there.” I told him.

“I really close and walked over.” Mike told me.

We drove to his place together. It was a four minute drive. With lights and traffic, it certainly would have been quicker to walk. Mike had a one Demetevler Escort bedroom apartment on the tenth floor. It was clean and neat but was nothing special except for the view. From his balcony, he over looked the park. It was warm so that’s where we had our beers.

We reminisced about the old days. I commented back then his hair was much longer, almost down to the small of his back. A few more beers later and we started running out of things to reminisce about. He asked. “Do you smoke?”

“Nah. Never got the desire I guess.” I admitted. I did cigars for a bit but ultimately didn’t like tobacco that much.”

“No. Not cigarettes. Weed.” Mike sniggered.

Marijuana in the country was deemed legal for a number of years now although the provinces regulated much of the industry. It was another habit I couldn’t get into. “I tried it. That’s it. But go ahead if you like. It doesn’t bother me.”

Mike lit up a joint. The strong smelling smoke wafted around me. And while I wasn’t directly imbibing, the second hand smoke was definitely having some affect.

Mike suddenly asked. “Remember that game we used to play at my place?”

I immediately knew what he was referring to. “Yeah. You were always willing.”

“Yeah but you always made an excuse to leave when it was your turn.” Mike smiled. “You always chickened out.”

A few more beers and another joint.

“Sorry. I got to use your can.” I announced. “Hate to break the seal but I’ve got to pee.”

My feet were slightly unsteady as I walked to the bathroom. I had to sit to pee otherwise I would have pissed all over the floor. I staggered back and made it back into the living room where I flopped onto his chesterfield. Mike saw me. He came in and asked. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Didn’t realize how much I drank and how much your joint affected me.” I managed. My eye lids were too heavy to keep open. “Just need to…”

That was it. I was out.

I’m Otele gelen escort not sure how long I was out but when I cracked my eyes open and saw it was darker outside. Something warm and wet was tugging on my cock. I looked down and watched an Asian woman sucking on my dick. Then I realized I was naked. That woke me up with a jolt.

The woman noticing my concern, looked up at me and told me to “Relax. Just enjoy it.” And went back to work on my joint.

I took a few second for me to recognize it was Mike. She… He was dress in some lingerie and wore some make-up; his long hair in that familiar pony tail. I pulled back. “Stop! What the fuck, Mike?”

Mike stopped sucking me but stroked my shaft with his fist. “Remember I asked you about the game we played as kids and you said yes. Well now it’s your turn. I loved it when you stripped me when I pretended I was asleep. I wanted you to suck me then. I would have sucked you if you’d gave me the chance.”

“But… And what about…” I inquired about his outfit.

Mike wore a full line bra filled with fake tits and some French cut panties over some stockings and garters. It looked like he did his eyes; certainly was wearing some pink lipstick. He did make a cute looking girl. “Even back then, I liked wearing women’s underwear. It was easy since both my mother and sister weren’t home during the day. Since I moved away, I dress up like this around the apartment. Sometimes, I wear stuff under my regular clothes. Then I go by Mikki.”

“I never would have guessed.” I told him.

“Yeah. You were pretty stupid back then.” Mike joked. “Even now…”

That said, Mike… Mikki went back to working my still hard dick with her mouth. I had to admit, it was one of the better blow jobs I’ve received in a long while. Not that I was big but she could take me all the way and the fact she was doing it without a condom made it even better. Her hand cupped and Balgat Escort tugged my balls. Her spit had drooled and coated my sack. A slippery finger snaked downwards and massaged my hole. It felt nice and I moaned loudly. I spread my legs slightly and allowed the digit to penetrate me. Only to the tip for a few seconds and then deeper. First knuckle; “Uh!” Second knuckle; “Uuh…!” All the way in; “Uuuhhh…!”

The rear invader found my prostate as she continued to expertly suck my dick. The cum in my balls started to boil over. I came hard in her mouth. “Aaiiieee….!”

I fired four or five good wads into Mikki’s mouth. Her cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. She didn’t spill a drop. Without releasing her mouth hold, Mikki swallowed everything down before relaxing and letting me go.

I felt warm and comfortable. My body was like soft Jell-O. Mikki stood up. She pulled her panties aside and showed me her hard dick. At about four inches, it was smaller and thinner than mine and was cut. Unable to resist or protest (not that I would have), Mikki lifted my legs up into a wide vee; a huge gob dripped from her lips and landed in my crack. She positioned herself beneath and pressed her knob against my anus. With steady pressure, Mikki pushed herself into me. Loosened from before, I offered no resistance. It seemed to be longer but a bit bigger than her finger. Once completely inside, Mikki started gently thrusting her hips back and forth.

I wasn’t unfamiliar with thing up my ass. My old girlfriend loved to lick me there or fuck me with her strap-on. But this was the first real cock inside of me. The sensation was totally different; so much better. Like Coke, it’s the real thing.

I looked at Mikki. Her expression had changed. Mouth open; eyes closed; breathing heavier. Her cadence remained the same but her intensity increased. Her ragged panting told me she was about to…

“I’m cumming…..!” Mikki screamed. “Uh…! Uh…! Uh…!”

From such a tiny cock, a shit load of cum filled my hole. I felt it in my belly and in my throat as I came too.

With one hard final thrust, Mikki was done. She sat back with her cock still throbbing side of me. She smiled down at me, I smiled back. We stayed there until her cock wilted and fell out from me. Her cum spilled out from my gaped hole. We fell asleep spooning on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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