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She had just gotten out of the hospital and wasn’t even talking to her husband. Her husband will had left her in the hospital while she was in labor and gone out with his buddies to a titty bar. He didn’t care about his first child. Maybe he would care about the next one, but it damned sure wouldn’t be his. Who would it be? It had to be someone who would make a nice baby and someone who would know about Will’s humiliation. Maybe it would be one of his coworkers. Oh she had plenty of time to decide. It would be six weeks before she could have sex.

As she looked at his coworkers Carmella realized that they were just as bad as Will. She could not bring herself to sleep with any of these men. Then the phone rang.

“Hello Stan nice to hear from you. No your brother that asshole is not home. He is probably at some titty bar. He hasn’t held his son for one second yet. He doesn’t care about me or the baby.”

She thought: “I married the wrong brother Stan is such a nice guy. Nice responsible and he would make a great father.” Thus began Carmella’s plan.

“Stan, how about you come over? And you can see your nephew? You can keep me company I will make us dinner.”

She went upstairs and began dressing and doing her makeup. The campaign to seduce her brother in law had begun. She picked a low cut dress that showed her swollen breasts to their best advantage and a sexy nursing bra just in case little Will got hungry she was going to make sure Stan got to watch her feed the baby, and if she could convince him drain her excess milk too. The sexy perfume, a drop placed behind her ears, and between her breasts. Just in case she got her way. Today she would begin to cuckold that asshole. And she would be doing it with his brother. She might even taunt him with it if he continued to be an asshole.

Carmella began to make dinner. She selected a red wine to go with the wonderful roast she was making. She new she could not drink because she was nursing the baby, but maybe it would loosen Stan up if so then maybe he would share her milk with little Will. If he got horny, well she couldn’t, beylikdüzü escort not yet, but no one who dated her ever complained about her talented mouth. She licked her lips just thinking about it. Then the salad

She made it and set the table with 2 place setting and candles. She opened the wine to let it breathe, and checked herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She hoped he would.

The door bell rang and she ran to answer it.

“Hi Stan”

Reaching up and kissing him on the lips, allowing her full breasts to press against his chest for an instant. Then, she backed off just enough, so that he could not help but glance down into her cleavage. She could see his reaction, and the way he looked at her breasts. She knew he liked what he saw. If things worked out and little Will cooperated, he would see much more of her breasts tonight. Dinner was perfect. Will called and said he was too drunk to drive home, and he would stay at Melvin’s place tonight. She didn’t care; it meant she wouldn’t be interrupted tonight, except by little Will. He should be waking any minute now. As she thought that the baby’s cries could be heard from the nursery.

“Come Stan, come see your nephew.”

She took his hand and led him into the nursery. Carmella lifted the baby and began to coo at him. She laid him on the dressing table and began to change the baby.

“Will I would like you to meet Uncle Stan. Stan, come here and hold your nephew. She handed the baby to him and the baby began to cry. She walked out toward the living room, as Stan carried the baby after her. When he handed her the baby she turned and her blouse was opened. She unsnapped the cup on the nursing bra and sat down; making sure that Stan got a good view. She held the child to her breast and the child quieted immediately. After about 10 minutes she changed breasts leaving the first cup opened. Carmella knew that when the baby fell asleep Stan would get to see them both. She hoped she could entice him to drain them for her. She would tell him the pump was painful and ask him adana escort to suck them. Carmella could see he was enthralled by her breasts.

The baby fell asleep. Well, it was now or never. Carmella placed the baby in the cradle she kept next to the couch and looked at Stan. She did not attempt to cover herself. Carmella turned to Stan.

“Stan the baby doesn’t drain me enough and the pump hurts me would you help me?”


“It’s easy, let me show you.”

Carmella pulled his head to her breast and guided her nipple to his lips.

“Suck, drink my milk like the baby does. It feels so good when you do that”

Her hands caressed hi head and she said nothing. She did not want to ruin the spell before she had him seduced. Her revenge would be sweet and might last a long time she really liked him. Shortly after she changed breasts and her hand dropped into his lap. She began to stroke his already hard cock.

“Stan I know it’s hard for you to do this without becoming aroused. It is my fault for asking you to do this and I am going to take care of it for you.”

Then her hand opened his zipper and she reached inside his pants extracting his erection. She removed her breast from his mouth and looked directly into his eyes. Her head dipped into his lap and her mouth engulfed his hard cock. She began to suck and lick him slowly as he moaned.

“Carmella you don’t have to.”

“You didn’t have to either your brother should be taking care of his wife and baby, but that asshole isn’t you are. So why shouldn’t you get the same reward he would be getting for helping out.”

Her head dived back into his lap and she did not come up until she had swallowed his load. She then cleaned him up using her tongue. She kissed him deeply and said I wish we could continue this but it will be another six weeks before I can have sex, otherwise we would have been in bed already. Come back anytime you want and if Will is not home you can help me take care of little Will.

The six weeks past and her husband had not spent one evening at home. The gynecologist afyon escort had given her the all clear. She told the gynecologist that she wanted another child right away. The doctor though she was nuts but told her that physically it shouldn’t be a problem.

That weekend Will was going to Las Vegas with his friends, and would be gone for 4 days. If Carmella had her way Stan would sleep there every night. If she calculated she would be at her fertile time in the cycle then. After she was pregnant she would sleep with Will not before. The next baby would be Stan’s. She would tell Stan but not Will. She would tell Will that she wanted to name the baby after his brother if it was a boy. Then she thought all her next babies would be Stan’s until she had a boy. Then if Will were to be an attentive father the next would be his if not. Then who knows maybe Stan’s again.

It was Friday night and Stan had just relieved the pressure on her breasts. His cock was hard and in her mouth when she stopped and looked up at him.

“Stan the doctor said I can have sex again, let’s go into the bedroom the baby is out for the night. Spend the weekend here. Your brother is in Vegas and I have been missing the sex.”

“You are his wife.”

“Does he act like it? I want the next baby to have a father who cares I want you to be my next baby’s father.”

She put the baby down in the nursery, turned on the nursery monitor, and led Stan to her bedroom. She dimmed the lights and whispered.

“I will get ready in the bathroom darling. Please get undressed while I am changing.”

Carmella turned and headed to the bathroom. She had a sexy nightgown hanging inside and after dabbing a few drops of cologne in strategic places she put on her gown and opened the door to the bedroom. She could see him stare at her, and his desire was obvious in his gaze. She new she had him.

“Fuck me; make me pregnant with your child”

As she rolled onto her back and pulled him on top of her. He entered her and they both spent the weekend in bed. They only got out to take care of little Will.

Approximately 3 weeks later three weeks later Stan got a phone call.

“Hello daddy I just wanted to tell you little will is going to have a brother or a sister. I guess I have to let his daddy fuck me once, unless you want to tell him it’s your kid.”

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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