Revenge is a Dish

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I woke up at very late in the afternoon. For a while, I laid in bed, my head too painful to move. My mouth was dry and there was a sticky film on my lips. Eventually, what I took to be either pangs of hunger or waves of nausea prompted me to get up and get a shower. After drying myself off and selecting the most casual clothes I had, I ventured out of my room and made my way through my parents’ house.

Their house, typical of my family, was in fact a huge mansion that sat on some 200 acres of rural New York land. It was, mostly, to my benefit that I had grown up in such an economically superior family. My great-grandfather had, in his youth, made several investments which proved wised and insured that future generations of his clan would live very comfortably. The house that I had woken up in was the place where I grew up and when my grandfather died, became the legal property of my father. Although my sister and myself had since moved on, we had recently returned to the estate to attend our mother’s annual benefit for the Metropolitan Opera Company. While I never looked forward to these parties as long as I can remember, this year proved particularly… distressing.

And so that morning, sporting a wicked hangover, I made my way down the servants’ stairway into the kitchen where, to my relief, no one was. I piled as much food as I could on top of a large serving plate, grabbed a bottle of orange juice, an extra large bottle of Aspirin and heading to one of the numerous terraces overlooking our land.

As luck would have it, I picked the one spot that was actually inhabited but before I could slip away I was noticed.

“Ah, Jonathan, there you are. ” It was my mother, looking as happy as I had ever seen her. No doubt her benefit had gone well.

“Hey mom. ” I groaned. I tried to think of an excuse to get away.

“Sit down! ” She said forcefully. ” I lost track of you pretty early last night. I know you don’t like the Benefit but you could have stayed a little longer. “

With a mouthful of food I answered. ” Well, I became, err, engaged. “

“Hmmm, yes, well by the looks of you I think I know what happened. I mean, I would expect that kind of behavior from your father… “

Upon the mention of my father, I jumped.

“John, what’s the matter? “

“Umm, nothing, Mom. Food went down the wrong pipe. ” In fact, there was something seriously wrong. I sat quietly and ate, trying desperately not to look my mother square in the face.

However, my mother, among her many talents, could always tell when something was amiss. ” Seriously John, you don’t look good. What is wrong? “

“Nothing. “

“Are you sure? What happened? “

“Nothing. ”

She turned in her chair to face me. I knew I was going to have a hard time escaping her.

“John, honestly, what’s the matter? “

“Nothing! ” I realized I shouting and tense. This was only going to make matters worse. ” I just, had to much too drink last night. I’m not used to that Champagne… strong stuff “

Mom wasn’t buying it at all but she backed off anyway. I continued to eat and then quietly excused myself.

Later that night, after spending hours hold up in my room, I was told to come downstairs for dinner by one of our maids. Reluctantly, I went to the dining room where I found my mother sitting alone at the table, various covered dishes sitting in front of her.

What she told me made me cringe again and instantly put me into a fouler mood.

“Your father and sister went out tonight. He wanted to show her something at the club. ”

I did nothing but shrug my shoulders and dip my spoon into a bowl of potato soup. Mother and I got through two courses without saying a word. Yes, the situation was tense but I was in no mood to talk.

Finally, my mother broke the silence. ” Look John. I know you and I know when something is wrong so either you tell me or at least act like everything is alright. “

I pushed around some spring beans on my plate while a fierce debate raged in my head. Should I tell her? I finally decided to broach the subject gently.

“Dad and Julia certainly spend a lot of time together.. ” I waited to see how my mother would react. Nothing. ” I mean, I don’t remember them ever being… close. “

The last word certainly did something to my mother. While she never let anything openly shock her, she did have this habit where she would pick an object, in this case a wine glass, and play with it.

“Well, they’ve got a lot in common now. With your sister in investments and such. I just think you father has taken an interest in her, that’s all.. ” She replied without taking her eyes away from the glass.

“Yea, but, I’ve never known them to be so involved in, um, with one another. I just think it’s strange that’s all.. ”

She pushed her plate away from here and settle in the chair. On cue, our maid, Onwin giriş Sarah, entered the room.

“Sarah, when you’re done clearing the things, can you get me that bottle of Port that Howellstone gave us? Thanks. ” My mom drinking anything the least bit stronger than wine was not a good sign.

I too accepted a glass of the Port and Sarah left us alone. I now wondered how much my mother knew.

“Well, I saw something strange. I was pretty tipsy at the time, but still…. ” Confidence was growing in me. ” I went to Dad’s garage and I saw Dad with Julia. “

Mom poured herself another glass.

“But, they were, well, they were together. “

An obviously fake smile appeared on my mother’s face and she feigned ignorance. ” Together, why what’s that suppose to mean? “

I was certain what she knew I had to say but I decided to say it anyway. I took a deep breath. ” They were having sex. “

I expected my mother too do something rash, like get up and run away screaming or throw her glass. Instead, she got up and retrieved a cigarette from a silver case that sat atop a side board. I sort of felt, well, bad. It was plain that this really disturbed her, as it should and as it disturbed me.

She lit the cigarette and returned to the table. I could see the wheels turning behind her eyes. ” Look, you know your father and I have not had the best relationship. Let me finish. When we got married we were in love but soon it all went away. However, our marriage was much more than a relationship: with all the money involved it was, um, as business deal. We couldn’t get out of it. “

“Yes, but… ” I tried to interrupt but mom continued. ” A long time ago, after you and your sister were born we had an arrangement. What I would do with whom I chose was my business and likewise with you father. That’s it. “

That I understand. While my parents lived in the same house, they had separate bedrooms and I always knew why. Still, it didn’t really explain, nor justify, what I had seen the previous night. ” But mom, Julia and Dad? “

She pursed her lips and stared intently at the wall. ” That happened only recently. “

“So you knew? ” I asked at the edge of my seat.

“Four years ago, I came home and, let me be blunt, your sister, well, was on top of your dad. It hurt me for so many reasons but like I said, it would just be too complicated to do anything about it. Plus, you know how people gossip, it’s better if it’s left alone. “

I rose out of my chair angry. ” But it’s wrong! “

She simply shrugged her shoulders. ” Dear, there are so many things wrong with our family, this is least of it, believe me. “

I shrank back into my seat, unable to comment. Unable to really think. Eventually, my mom left the room and I was left to wallow in the revelations that had just unfolded before me.

It was Sarah clearing the table that snapped me out of my stupor. I dragged my numb body to my room and lay in my bed, staring at the ceiling. After some time, my feelings had subsided or at least, I was able to think clearly. I desperately wanted to talk to my mother again. And so I crept through the house until at last I reached her suite. I knocked on the door.

“Who is it? ” She called.

“It’s me, John “

The door swung open and my mom stood there in a robe closed tightly between her fists.

“I need to talk. “

“Well, alright, hold on… “

I didn’t even think, I just pushed past her and sat on her bed. She closed the door and a worried, somewhat startled expression was painted on her face.

“Mom, look, I’m willing to at least compromise but I think it would be best if we put a stop to this. ” She came a little closer, robe still clutched shut. ” I know, I know. But it’s not that easy. It could blow up into something big, John. “

“They have to listen to reason! They must know it’s not right. If we just confront them! ”

She could tell I was upset. Taking me in her arms, she pressed my face against her stomach. Because she embraced me, her robe opened slightly. My face came into contact with the warm skin of her stomach. I pressed my face in to her flesh, trying to find greater refuge. I could feel the weight of her breast on my head; the soft skin of her chest rubbing smoothly on my forehead. I, well, I started to kiss her on the stomach. At first it was innocent, or it seemed that way. I kissed her like she was my mother. But then I allowed my tongue to slip out of my mouth and the kissing became more heated. She pushed away from me.

“I think you better leave. ” She pulled her robe tightly around her and adopted a tense posture. Her face was tight and focused.

I was, perhaps, as surprised as she was at my own actions. Quietly, I rose from the bed and left her room. Walking down the hallway, I heard her door close behind me. I was, to say the least, confused and upset. I felt the best course of action was to drown my sorrows in a bottle of alcohol.

Like the previous day, I woke up in late in the afternoon. I dragged myself out of bed, took a shower and crept to the kitchen. I stole a bunch of food, then retreated back to my room. Silently, I picked at the mixed dish and tried hard to believe my life wasn’t a total wreck. From my window, I watched the day turn to night. Never once did I notice any sign of activity from the house. At some point, I turned on the television and without even noticing, watched whatever was on for what seemed like hours.

Close to midnight, there was a soft knock on the door. ” Who is it?. ” I yelled, breaking through my stupor.

“Mom. “

I froze, not knowing what to do. Finally, I took a deep breath, got out of bed and opened the door. She was wearing a big wool sweater and large khaki pants. It was the most casual, and least feminine, that I had ever seen her.

“May I come in? ” she asked. I stepped aside and she entered my room. She looked around as if it was an entirely new place and then she noticed the empty bottles. ” That’s a nasty habit. I should know, your grandfather almost drank his fortune away. “

“I know. I know. “

“Well, then stop. Okay? I just wanted to check on you. Are you hungry, I can have Sarah bring something up for you?. ” I shook my head. ” Okay, drink some liquids that aren’t alcoholic, okay? “

“Okay. ”

She walked over to the door and just before she left, Mom turned around. ” I care about you. We’re going to get through this. We’re all tougher than this. ” She moved closed to me and placed a palm on my cheek. For my part, I just kept my arms as close to my sides as possible and looked away from her. She got on her tip toes and planted a kiss on my forehead and then drew back to look at me.

“It’s going to be okay. ” she said again. I believed her. Then, looking like she was going to actually turn around and leave she instead walked closer to me. Closing her eyes, she got on her toes again and placed her lips on mine. I was frozen solid, unsure of what to do. But before I could decide, she pulled back and looked at me, placing a hand over her mouth.

The air was simply electric and our nerves were no less charged. I couldn’t believe what she had done but somehow, it seemed so natural. I raised my arms, which felt like lead, and took my mother by the shoulders and drew her close. I leaned in and started to kiss her. It was passionate, more so because of our relationship. We made out; I pushed her against the wall and our tongues met. It became playful when we started to bite out each others lips and ran our hands up and down the lengths of one another’s body. My mom pushed on me which I took as an indication for me to let up. Instead, she pushed me over to the bed until I fell backwards, our mouths coming apart. Mom withdrew her arms into the sweater and pushed it over her head. Underneath she was wearing a shear, black bra which muted the color of her nipples. Her breast weren’t big but had obviously grown with age and her fleshy cleavage was lifted up and over her lingerie. I too, pulled my shirt off and my own mother straddled me, her flesh rubbing against my chest. Taking her in a bear hug, I planted my lips on the soft skin of her neck and we rolled around on the bed. I was aroused, to say the least, and the fact that I was engaged with my own mother only heightened the experience.

My hands fumbled behind her back, trying to unclasp her bra. She straightened, twisted her arms around her and the straps of her bra came loose. She delicately slid her underwear from her body and revealed her bare chest. I was a little reluctant at first but I gently took each breast in the palm of hands and fondled. I ran my thumbs over her erect nipples which seemed to delight my mother. I pulled on them softly and she inched forward, leaned over and ran her cleavage over my face.

She clasped one nipple between her fingers and fed it into my mouth. As I bit down she sighed. ” I remember when I use to… feed you. You were such a biter…. ” I laughed at the comment and ran my hands up and down her smooth back. I managed to push my way underneath her pants and squeezed the meaty flesh of my mother’s ass.

After several more minutes of intense action, she slipped off of me and sat at my side. She undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and opened the fly. I arched my back allowing her to slide my pants down. I looked at my mother who was, in turn, looking at my stiff cock with an expression, I can only say, was amazement.

She began to stroke the length of my dick. ” My boy. My boy.. ” She cooed. She ran the back of fingers down my member and underneath my nuts. She fondled them gently which sent the most exquisite sensation through my body. Then she took my cock in her fist and slowly pumped it a few times. She seemed fascinated by it.

“Do you like it? ” I asked.

“Oh, of course I do. You’re so handsome. “

I felt, at that point, there was no turning back and feeling adventuresome. ” Mom, would you kiss it? “

A broad smile appeared on her face. She straightened my cock, leaned over and placed a few kisses on the tip of my dick. Then, she ran her tongue from my balls all the way up to the head and finally took my dick in her mouth.

Her blowjob was so wonderful I had to ask. ” Where did you learn to do that? “

She wiped saliva from her lips and laughed. ” You don’t want to know. “

“Come on, tell me.. ” I encouraged.

“You know Bill Sayers from my work, right? “

“You mean Mr. Sayers, the accountant… you mean you…? “

She let go of my cock and stood up beside the bed. Unbuttoning her pants she answered. ” I guess it doesn’t hurt to tell you now. ” At the same time, she slid her khakis and panties off and stepped out of the pile on the floor. She had slender hips, typical of New England upper-class breeding, and a closely cropped bush of pubic hair. The purple lips of her pussy made a delicious looking mound between her legs. I kicked my shoes to the floor and pulled my pants off.

I pulled on her arm and positioned my mother so that she was face down on the bed. I crawled down to her ass and parted her cheeks so that her sex was revealed.

“Tell me about Mr. Sayers. ” I implored.

“What do you want to know? “

“Everything?. ” I buried my faced in her butt and extended my tongue to her pussy. She was already wet and her fluid was slightly salty.

“Well, ” She paused to moan. ” Well, it just happened. At the, uh, office. And well, whenever we could we would fuck. ”

As I repositioned myself to get a better angle of attack I asked. ” Well, what did you two do exactly? “

“I shouldn’t be having the conversation with my own son.. ” She answered and I replied by taking her pussy between my lips. ” Well, we were very skillful at using various office furniture. We were almost caught on top of my desk by the cleaners. Bill was behind me and… uh. ” I must have done something right because she stopped talking and started to breath heavily. I took a finger and slid it gently into my mother. She arched her back a bit so I withdrew and then added another finger. I was tempted to add a third finger but my mother slid forward.

“John, let’s do it.. ” She rolled over on to her back and spread her legs.

I kneeled in front of her, cock in hand. ” I don’t have any condoms… “

“Don’t worry. ” she assured me. ” I can’t get pregnant anymore… And if you can’t trust your own mother to be free of disease then who can you trust? “

I placed a hand on either side of her head, raised my hips and started to kiss her. Slowly, I brought my hips down and rested my cock on her warm snatch. It took a second of sliding around, but soon I found the entrance to her sex.

“Yes, that’s it. ” She purred.

I performed a couple of shallow thrusts, trying to lube my cock. Then, slowly, I slid all the way into her so that our hips locked together. It was an intense moment.

“Oh mom, you feel so good. I’ve never… “

“.. . had a man that felt as good as you. ” she continued.

I fucked my mother. Slow at first because I thought I could explode at any second. Then, as I assured myself of my stamina, I fucked her faster and harder so that are skins slapped together. I opened my eyes and craned my head down: my mom’s delicious tits were rolling back and forth. Carefully I balanced myself on one arm, took a mound in my hand and squeezed on the nipple. In response, Mom, gripped me firmly on the shoulder and spurred my pelvis on.

My balls began tighten and when they loosened, sent the first bit up sperm through my shaft. ” I’m coming. Oh, God, I’m coming! ” I yelled. Mother held my hips as I was getting sloppy due to my ecstasy.

She cautioned me just a little. ” Just keep going baby… I’m almost there. “

I soon found a good motion. Her nails dug into my skin and she rolled her head back. ” That’s it. Yea…. ” Her words became pants, which became moans and finally little cackles of delight.

Energized, I whispered into her ear, emphasizing ever word with a thrust. ” I… feel… so… dirty… fucking… my… own… mother! “

“Me too baby, me too! ” She cried.

Eventually, I had to stop: my penis was shrinking and my shoulders were aching. I quickly pulled out of my mother’s pussy would had already began to tighten.

“You know, ” She said through gasps of air. ” I think this only happened because we wanted to get back at your father and sister. “

The suggestion was valid. ” Mom, that was the best I’ve ever had… “

She rolled on her side and kissed me. I loved her as a mother and it was the most natural expression of my feelings for her.

Sure, the situation was complicated. Mom and I only made matters worse. But times would soon be getting better…

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