Riya and Rudra Ch. 07

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Chapter- 7 Turn of events in Switzerland

He licked my slit from top to bottom then sucked my inner lips. Then his long tongue began darting in and out of my vaginal. For the past few months I had been goading him to fist me. I wanted to so feel that hand inside me. But he just wouldn’t relent in case the baby was hurt. For months I had tried convincing him but without positive results.

Nearing the end of my pregnancy my sexual drive had gone into an overdrive lat. I wanted to be fucked every hour of every day and so now in my ninth month he had finally relented. I was due in a few days, so in the worst case scenario I’d go into labour while he fisted me and that wouldn’t be harmful for the babies anymore for they were already on their way out anyway.

“Ummmmm, harder Rudra,” I moaned. “Hurt me.” I groaned and brought my legs together to feel his mouth deeper inside me. The babies moved feeling the stirring in my pussy.

Rudra chuckled between my thighs, his palms pressed hard against my swollen belly. “They like it,” he stopped to speak.

“Don’t stop, Please,” I croaked.

He dug in, continuing to eat me again. “Ummmmm.” I felt the orgasm building again. “Ahhhhh, I’m almost there,” I panted, my nails dug into the back of his neck. His palms went to rest on my buttocks pushing me against his mouth and biting and sucking me hard. He began to torment my clitoris. Tickling it with the tip of his tongue, then sucking, then biting until I had come in his mouth.

I lifted his glistening face and kissed his mouth tasting my juices on his lips. I smiled into his face. “Take me up, will you.”

He nodded and sat next to me. I placed my arm over his shoulder and leaned against him. I placed a hand on my back to support my bulk and then shifted my weight a little to the edge of the couch. In one go he had brought me to my feet. My head felt a little woozy, so I waited a minute before beginning to walk upstairs.

I lay in bed with difficulty. He knew what I had brought him here for and he got himself busy collecting the bottle of oil. Once he stood over me, I lifted my maternity smock to bear my legs and my beaver. I never wore panties at all these days. He placed the bottle on the bedside. His hand pushed my thigh to part my legs then placed a towel under my hips. I closed my eyes. A tiny trickle of oil began to fall on my clit and a puddle formed beneath my hips. He slapped it all over my pussy then rubbed it in circles. I was ready and my heart fluttered with excitement.

One hungry middle finger poked at my hole then with a tiny nudge, a little push, slipped snugly into my vagina. The count was on. He began to rotate it languidly inside me stretching my pussy for the next inmate. In a minute another finger made its entry and if hadn’t been for my bulk I’d be gyrating my hips to this symphony. He poked it back and forth back and forth stretching me for the ultimate encroachment. All at once, even before I could be ready, his entire hand shaped into a petal barged into my tight space.

“Ahhhhh,” I moaned my satisfaction. I loved it when his hand was completely inside me and he began to open it. The feeling was heavenly, painful and heavenly. Right now his petal shaped hand began to ram in and out of me, his other hand resting on my bulge feeling every move that the babies made. He forcibly pushed his hand harder into my depths and a cry escaped my lips.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Rudra,” I held his hand, stopping him from going further, then directed him back in. He began to fuck me. It was only during my orgasm while my insides were lubricated enough that it was possible for him to open his hand inside me.

“Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” I went with every inward push of his hand. Every now and then he would make me spread my legs further apart.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” I moaned and he began to spread his fingers, and fuck me with his entire hand. Back and forth he moved his hand to create space, for the ultimate thing. When he felt he had stretched me enough, he balled his hand into a fist inside me. I asked him to wait letting me adjust to the encroachment.

“Now.” I exhaled

Back and forth, back and forth his fist went slamming inside me like a cannon ball.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh.” Tears rolled from my eyes. My bladder lost control.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” İstanbul Escort I raised my hips. The orgasm hit me like a tornado, plundering everything in its wake. My body shuddered as ripple after ripple of pleasure raked through my being. His hand never left my bulge.

As I settled into a stupor from my ordeal, I felt him kiss my lips. “I love you babe,” he whispered into my ear then lay down next to me cuddling me in his embrace against his beating heart. He had promised to take care of me and he wasn’t leaving any stone unturned.

My head bobbed up and down his shaft. I sucked his cock on my way up and I pressed his balls. I wanted to swallow him, take him in my mouth, make him slide his cock down my throat. I had woken up from my sleep fifteen minutes ago and felt this urge to make him cum inside my mouth. Immediately I made him stand before me and sat on the edge of the bed. Right now my face was stuffed full of hard cock. I held his shaft in my hand aiming it towards my mouth. Wetting my lips I swallowed him whole. My membrane against his skin. Mine soft, yielding and wet; his hard, dry and probing. I sucked and licked until he was throbbing inside my face.

“Fuck me now,” I asked him and he began to shove his rod inside my face, his hand behind my head aiming his hard cock into my throat. I gagged every time he shoved it inside my face. I moaned too, I knew It turned him on. Every time I got a chance I would suck his penis on its way out of my mouth.

“Ummmmmmmmm,” he moaned and continued for fifteen minutes to slam his hard on into my throat. His fist tightened in my hair and he began to thrust even harder. Once twice thrice, his shaft jerked before he came inside my throat and fell to his knees before me. He nuzzled against my boobs, panting. I kissed his hair holding him in my arms then kissed the side of his face.

“I’m hungry Rudra,” I whispered into his ear. “I want to take a shower first.”

He didn’t reply, just lay there in my arms. So I let him.

I made lamb chops with gravy and rice, then decided to take a shower. I stood under hot water, my palms covering my face, I let out a contented sigh. Then turned around to let the water drain through my hair along my back. Another sigh escaped my lips. I let the water wash over my body, hot therapeutic water. It hadn’t been more than ten minutes yet when the babies moved in my stomach and my arm immediately extended to my swollen belly. I moved a comforting hand over them. The babies moved again, painfully this time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” with a little fright I realized my water had broken.

I felt a jolt of fear in my heart then amidst my anxious thoughts came a touch of reason. In a few hours from now I would be holding two beautiful babies in my arms. My very own, that would belong only to Rudra and me. My very own family. I cleaned myself then stepped into a maternity robe.

“Rudra,” I called out carefully stepping onto the landing over the staircase. I peered down at him in the kitchen. He read the anxiety in my face.

“What’s wrong,” a frown furrowed his brow and he began to climb two steps at a time.

“My water’s just broken,” I replied. My eyes reflecting both fear and jubilation at the same time.

“Hey, I’m here babe aren’t I,” he took me back into the bedroom and began to gather my things.

Four hours later the contractions began to come closer together. The babies moved closer to the birth canal. I had dilated enough to push one head out at a time but the pain was splitting me in two already. I moaned, my lips dry, my throat parched, my head pushed back into the pillows.

Rudra pushed my legs apart then made me raise them.

“Push darling,” he commanded and I inhaled deeply then began to push. After successive tries a small head began to emerge. A few more pushes and the shoulders emerged followed by a pigmy body. It was my son. He gave a loud wail and tears streamed down my cheeks, tears of pain, exhaustion and joy. Yes joy, it made my heart swell with pride. Today I had stepped into a new phase of my life. I became the mother of my brother’s babies.

But the battle was still only half won. My daughter still pushed through the birth canal. A little breather and then I was forcing her out like my son. Consecutive pushes and her head emerged at my opening. Getting her tiny frame out was far easier in comparison Anadolu Yakası Escort to my son. She wailed a similar more musical cry and my son joined in. In a few minutes I had two babies suckling at my jugs, milk freely streaming down the sides of their mouths. I had a feeling I would need a third party to empty them each night. I intended feeding my angels only fresh milk. I knew no way would my tiny angels be able to empty out these massive jugs all on their own. I smiled with joy. They were the only two things that I loved as much as I loved Rudra.

“Rudra,” I moaned, my eyes heavy with exhaustion and sleep. A face emerged next to mine. He was crying and my heart went out to him.

“I love you.” I lifted my lips for a kiss. His were moist and salty.

“I love you too, Riya,” his voice broke on a sob.

“Our babies, Rudra,” I whispered before drifting off into deep sleep.

Two weeks later ma was coming to visit us. She had been unable to resist the gurgling cries of our babies over the phone and had expressed a reluctant desire to see them in person before having them given up for adoption. Of course no one was giving my babies up for adoption but that’s what mother thought. So we played along until she was with us. My brother had at once honed in on the opportunity to bring the family together and had coaxed ma into coming to Switzerland.

“The air will do you good ma. You will not regret it.” He said with inflection.

Two weeks later I was giving last touches to her room while Rudra had left for the airport. He had just put the babies to sleep while I had been setting things right for ma’s stay with us which meant Rudra and I would be putting up in separate rooms. We had taken the two adjoining bed rooms upstairs and given ma our own bedroom. Hopefully the week that she was going to spend with us would be disaster free. I still remember the last note we had parted on and I let out a shiver. I prayed that god would help us reconcile, it broke my heart to see her unhappy.

She met me with a guarded expression on her face. I had shame written all over mine. “How are you ma?” my voice faltered and my eyes began to weep their discontent. She held me in an embrace but did not reply. Her lips drooped at the edges but she did not give way to her feelings.

Rudra led us to her bedroom and I quietly helped her unpack. Once she had taken a bath and rested, she had asked Rudra to bring her to my room. The house echoed baby cries. When she came in, I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. I was feeding Yukti while Vansh was in the crib googoo-gaga-ing to his imaginary friends. Rudra got Vansh out to introduce him to his grandma, then pushed him into ma’s open arms. Her face twisted in pain and she began to sob. I began to weep again. The babies began to echo our sorrow as well and the whole household began to lament the distances that had separated us.

“Shouldn’t this be a time to celebrate. Look at us,” Rudra cracked a joke almost close to tears himself. “God has been grateful, today my whole family is under the same roof again.” He said and I smiled through tears lifting loving eyes to him. We had sacrificed so much for being together but it hadn’t broken us. Even ma had sacrificed for us. I consoled Yukti then lifted her to place her in mother’s arms. Ma looked like someone who had hit a jack pot. A year ago she had been aching for one grandchild and now she had two in her arms. Her smile was genuine, I had known her long to know that much. She may not have forgiven me, but I knew she had braced the idea of becoming a grandma to my children. I knew she had chucked the thought of adoption right out of the window and I breathed a sigh of relief. At night while ma retired to her room Rudra dragged me from mine.

“Rudra lets not take risks tonight.” I whispered too scared of being caught.

“Don’t worry, she won’t come up.” He said hoarsely.

“Just one day Rudra,” let’s not tempt the Gods.

“I can’t sleep without you,” he spoke into my ear. “I need you.” He pushed a hard on into my pussy. He liked living on the edge. His fingers began to pull my nipple over my night dress.

“Don’t tempt fate Rudra, please,” I raised helpless eyes at him.

Anger flashed in his. “I want you right now.” Annoyed that I was able to fight my need for him.

“I need you too, babe,” I coaxed, “but I’m too scared.”

In one great sweep I was Kartal Escort half bent over his shoulder and he was taking me into his room. I smiled at his Neanderthal maneuver even though I was on tenterhooks the whole time. He pressed one boob over my nighty feeling my nipple between his fingers. I bit into my lip stopping myself from moaning. He fondled my breasts while kissing my lips. Milk began to ooze from my nipples and he loved the feel of wetness in his hands. His fingers began to drag the zip sensually down to my navel. One massive jug was exposed before his hungry mouth descended on it.

“Umhhhhh,” I moaned holding his head against my breast just the way I did with my babies. My back arched and one finger plunged into my molten folds. Rudra began to empty my jug making hungry slurping sounds. I loved it when he suckled my breasts. I began to rub my clit in round circles and not before long I had cum to my own ministrations. He had emptied both my jugs and I helped him unzip his pants. I wanted his long dick inside me.

“Ummmmhhhhhhhhh, I moaned my heart’s content while he began to slam into my love hole. He fucked me harder now. I was more his now than I had been before. I was his wife now, the mother of his children and he felt he had more rights on me now than before. Right now he wanted to satisfy himself and he was doing a great job of it. Every time his engorged dick slammed into me, I bit into my lip keeping myself from crying in pain. He knew I loved pain and so each night now he tortured me with his hard dick. He made me insert objects into my vagina and my anus so he could fulfill my desire and I loved to please him even if it meant writhing in pain half the time. But eventually it ended up giving us both a lot of pleasure.

Right now he kissed me. “Sleep with me babe, I want to stay inside you.” I nodded and he slept in my embrace. Mid way through the night the babies began crying and I crept out of bed half asleep to feed my hungry angels on fresh milk. I heard ma creep up into the room a few minutes later and my heart jumped. Thank god I had come back on time. She held a crying Vansh and began to rock him in her arms.

The entire week ma and the babies were inseparable. She took care of them almost entirely by herself and that gave Rudra and me time to recover from our exhaustion. At the end of the week Rudra had convinced ma into extending her stay for a little while more and ma had agreed.

“What are you going to do now?” Ma had started off one day without warning, while Rudra was out.

“I haven’t thought about it ma.” I dipped my chin in shame reminiscing what I had done to her name.

“Well adoption is out of the question, you won’t be able to do it.” She said without blinking an eye. She was still angry with me.

“Yes, I know,” I replied close to tears.

“Then what are your other options. You will have thought of something, while you were having them.”

Rudra and I had discussed once the possibility of his adopting the babies himself if ma pushed me into giving them up. In a country like ours no one questioned your origin if you had a father. Not much importance was given to a mother. The women in our country were still fighting for their rightful place in society. I know their condition was pathetic but as far as I was concerned it worked just fine for me. It wasn’t a place in society that I was after, just as long I could be with my babies and didn’t have to be separated from them. It did not matter what I had to forgo to make that come true. That’s the only thought that came to the fore and I blurted it out even before discussing it again with Rudra.

“Well Rudra did mention once that he would adopt them so I didn’t have to separate from them.” Mother looked a little bewildered then contemplative.

“What about their own father? Doesn’t he want them at all?”

I shook my head, tears beginning to well in my almond eyes.

“Okay, so be it.” She patted my hand. “If Rudra had no qualms about adopting them then this would work best for everyone.” She suppressed a smile. I think she felt relieved as well. She didn’t like the idea of losing her grand children so soon after she had just found them. I couldn’t express my joy while I was with mother and awaited Rudra’s return to share the good news with.


Joyful lips met at last, tears ran freely from my eyes as we jubilated at the turn of events. God had been graceful. It felt like at last he had given us his blessings and accepted our relationship. That night Rudra made love to me. Before long we would be returning home with our babies, to be reunited with mother at long last.

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