Rock Hard Again

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Big Tits

The gig wasn’t good. We had performed to an empty theatre due to a mix up of dates and a total lack of publicity. So we treated the gig as a rehearsal. We tried out a few new songs which I had written, and the roadies got to grips with a different PA system. So it was not a total waste of time. It was a bit soul destroying, but in this business you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

The manager of the band Mark, tried to cheer us up by promising a fantastic after gig party back at his place.

We left the roadies to pack the gear away, and driving back wondered how the party could be such a success. We normally invited pretty girls from the gigs back to Mark’s house, but there was no one there to invite back tonight.

I drove up Mark’s long tree lined drive and parked by the swimming pool.

The pool area looked beautiful as usual. Designer lighting reflected off the water, and the tables and chairs were set out around the bar. Classical music emanated from the hidden speakers. Mark’s wife Elaine was swimming naked in the pool, and when she saw us she stepped out, wrapped a towelling robe around her self and came over to say hello.

“Hi Tim, lovely to see you again.” Said Elaine as she threw her arms around me and kissed me softly on the mouth. Her tongue flicked into my mouth briefly. Her gown wasn’t fully closed, and I could feel the dampness of her body moistening my clothes. She didn’t greet the rest of the band in the same way, she just gave them a smile.

She took me to the bar to make up some drinks. Usually the room would be full of people by now, laughing, drinking and partying to the early hours. But tonight there was only ten of us. The four roadies would be arriving later.

Elaine made me cocktail, and I commented how quiet it was compared to all the other after gig parties we had so enjoyed.

“Don’t worry Tim,” said Elaine. “We have some guests staying with us for the weekend who will be joining us soon. It will soon become a great party, you wait and see. Mark’s bought me this new book full of exotic cocktail recipes and I’m trying them out, the one you’ve got there is called Sex On The Beach, tell me what you think? ” She said with a wink.

I cautiously sipped at it.

“Mmmm, it’s OK, quite nice really, thanks.” I said. A little bit too sweet for me to be honest, but it was alcohol so I didn’t complain.

I’d had my most erotic time ever with Elaine and a girl called Sam at a previous party, and I always hoped that I might one day repeat the experience. But Sam had disappeared, I hadn’t seen her for months, which was a shame as I really was very attracted to her. In hindsight I wished that Sam and I had ended up together. Sam was a very sexy girl. But it was not just the sex, she was full of life, and had a fantastic sense of humour, and a big personality. But sadly she was gone.

As I watched Elaine serving up cocktails for the rest of the band, I wondered if I would ever have the chance to have sex with her again. She was a very beautiful and sexy woman. She had long dark brown hair, rather small but pert breasts, and a figure that most women would die for. Her pubic hair was shaved in to an arrow shape with the point directing you towards her clit. I knew that if the opportunity ever arose again, I would jump at it.

Mark arrived next, followed by the roadies. The roadies asked for cans of beer and went off to the TV room to watch some porn videos. The rest of the band took their drinks to a new games room that Mark had set up. It had everything you could think of in there. A full sized snooker table, pinball and fruit machines, a table tennis table and lots of those old style pub games like skittles and bar billiards. Mark had told me he had recovered the set up costs in three months, just from the income generated by the machines.

I chatted to Elaine as she served cocktails to some new arrivals. It was amusing to watch them trying to pretend they’d not noticed her gaping gown. Elaine just loved to be the exhibitionist. At the drop of a hat she would disrobe in front of everyone, and swim naked in the pool.

Mark noticed me at the bar, waved, and then came over to see me.

“Crap gig Tim. I’ll be on the ‘phone tomorrow and see If I can make some heads roll. Not my fault.” He said. “Have you got a drink?” He asked me as Elaine poured him a glass of Champagne.

“Yes I have thanks Mark.” I Replied. “Elaine was just saying you’ve got some guests staying who might be joining us later?”

Mark looked at his real Rolex watch, then at me.

“They won’t be with us for about an hour. They are working.”

“Working?” I said, rather puzzled.

“Hold the fort for me darling, and keep any newcomers entertained.” Mark said to Elaine.

“Come with me Tim, I’ll show you what I mean.” Said Mark to me, and he took my arm and steered me towards the garden door.

We went out into the perfectly manicured garden, and followed a gravel path which was lined by pretty coloured garden lights. They switched themselves on as we approached, then dimmed to nothing as we walked past. Mark and I arrived at a barn I had seen before, but I’d ankara escort never taken much notice of. I had always assumed it was a derelict outbuilding. There was a digital security lock on the door. Using his body to hide the code from me, Mark entered the numbers and opened the door. We climbed some dimly lit steps and entered a darkened room. Four television monitors glimmered in the half light, and I could make out some sort of mixing desk and racks of technical looking equipment. Mark gestured for me to take one of the two executive leather swivel chairs and I sat down. At the control desk Mark pressed a few buttons and with a slight purr of an electric motor a pair of heavy black curtains drew back to reveal a large polarised window.

Below me was a bedroom, well… a stage set of one. I could see a lighting rig suspended above, and four industrial size cameras on wheels. I couldn’t make out much detail. There were several men wandering around with clipboards. Mark pressed another switch and I could hear what they were saying.

“We need to wrap this up, it’s getting late. Where are the fucking guys, are they ready yet?” Shouted a man with headphones on.

“He’s the director.” Said Mark

I was still rather puzzled at what was going on. I moved my chair forward to get a better view. It was only then I realised there was a naked girl tied to the bed with some red silk scarves. One of the film crew was holding a bottle of vodka to her lips, she gulped some down and then nodded a thank you to him.

“Is this some sort of porn film in the making?” I asked. It seemed a sort of obvious question to ask in hindsight.

“How do you think I got my wealth?” Mark laughed. “I’ve been doing this for years. It’s made me a lot of money. There’s another barn behind this one which is set up for the duplication process. This is a secondary control room, the main one is on the studio floor. Now just watch. This shouldn’t take too long. They have nearly finished for the day.” He said.

Two men wrapped in towels came in to view. The director barked orders at them.

“For fucks sake you guys, keep yourselves hard. We going to do the money shots here. You put your cock in her mouth and remember to tug her head back when you’re coming, I want to see it splashing all over her face.” He turned to the other bloke and said, “And you pull your cock out of her cunt in time so we can get your cum shooting all over her pussy. We will be using two cameras here, so you don’t have to come at the same time. As long as we get those shots, I will be happy.”

“Oh come on, lets get this over with, I’m bored, and I’m cold and need a stiff drink.” Said the girl on the bed. And the man with the vodka bottle gave her another swig.

I thought I recognised the voice, and looked at one of the monitors for a closer look at her face, but it was too dark to see anything clearly. Suddenly a high wattage overhead light was switched on, and I could see everything bright as day.

“Fuck me! That’s Sam!” I said. “What the fuck is she doing there?”

“Yep it is. She’s been quite a find. She’s been working here for the last few months. Getting paid and laid well, every weekend.” Said Mark.

“Well fucking hell.” I said. “I did wonder where she had got to. I would have never believed in a hundred years that she would do something like this.” I said.

“She’s one of my best, and very willing actresses.” Mark replied.

“Positions!” Shouted the director.

The two blokes shed their towels, one knelt on the bed with his cock towards Sam’s mouth, the other got between her legs. They were both wanking to keep themselves erect.

“Lights!” Shouted the director.

Three large lights blazed down on to the scene, and on the monitors I could see everything in fine detail.

“And…..Action!” Said the director.

And there was Sam lying spread spread-eagled on the bed being fucked in the mouth by one guy, and fucked in her wet and glistening pussy by another. I watched on the main television monitor as the first cock pumped in and out of her mouth. After a very short time the man suddenly pulled her head back by her hair, and with a groan he spurted his load over her lips and face until it was dripping off her chin, and on to her breasts. He released her head as she licked the tip of his cock clean.

“Superb shot!” Shouted the director.

Mark pressed another switch on the desk and now we had a close up of the other guys cock plunging in and out of Sam’s cunt.

I could see his cock was wet each time he brought it out, and Sam’s juices were leaking from her swollen pussy lips. She was pushing upwards to meet his thrusts, he pulled out, grabbed his cock in his hand and held it in position as he released a stream of cum all over her waiting pussy lips.

“Just come in closer with cameras two and three, I want close ups of the cum on her face, tits and her pussy.” Said the director.

And the monitors filled with images of the cum still dripping off Sam’s lips, and onto her breasts, and then close up shot of her cum covered cunt.

“And….cut!” Shouted the director. “Well done everyone, that’s ankara escort bayan a wrap.” And the bright lights were switched off.

I stood at the window and watched as the man who had been holding the vodka bottle untied the red silk scarves from Sam’s arms and ankles. He pulled a cigarette out of a packet, lit it and passed it to Sam. Sam thanked him as she sat up, rubbed her arms and legs. The man passed her a towel, and she wiped her face and breasts, and then cleaned up her pussy. She stood up and put on a red dressing gown.

“Well…. what do you think?” Asked Mark.

“Fucking hell!” I said. “I had no idea you had this set up here.”

“I have to keep it very quiet, for obvious reasons. So I would appreciate you don’t tell everyone else.” Said Mark

“Well of course not.” I replied.

I was in shock, and didn’t really know what to make of it. I hadn’t found it very erotic, and seeing Sam like that left an empty feeling inside of me.

“Come on let’s see how the party shaping up.” Said Mark. And we went back down the path to the pool.

“It seems a very professional set up.” I said, still reeling from the sight of Sam on that bed.

“Yes. It cost me a fortune to set up. But it’s made me very rich since.” Replied Mark.

“I’m sure it has.” I replied.

It now made sense why Mark’s parties were always full of good looking men and women who were quite happy to be naked around the pool.

We entered the pool room which was now full of people. I usually knew most of the people at these after gig parties, but as I looked around, there was a lot of new faces I didn’t recognise.

“Ah….the new actors for the weekend’s filming have arrived at last.” Said Mark, as he drifted off to introduce himself to the new arrivals.

I went to the bar and asked Elaine for a double vodka on the rocks. I took my drink and sat at a table by the pool. My hands were shaking, and I downed the vodka in one gulp. A couple of pretty girls were frolicking naked in the water. I watched them for a while, but couldn’t get those images of Sam out of my head.

I felt someone brush my arm and turned round to see Sam standing there, with a bottle of lager in her hand.

“Hi ya,” she said. “Can I sit with you?”

She was obviously already a bit tipsy.

“Uh….erm… Hi Sam, er.. Yes, sure.” I replied.

I suppose I should have realised she’d join the party. But to be honest it hadn’t crossed my mind. I felt very uncomfortable, and wondered what the hell I would say. She pulled a chair up close to me and proffered a cigarette, which I accepted.

“Thanks.” I said. She was sitting in front of me, looking straight into my eyes.

Her strawberry blonde hair had grown a lot since I’d last seen her, now down to her waist, and her pretty deep blue eyes still had that wonderful look of innocence in them. Surprisingly. She was wearing a short black skirt which displayed her superb legs excellently, and a white silky tieback top which struggled to keep her large fulsome breasts inside.

“So how have you been? What have you been doing since I last saw you?” I asked her. Mmmm, I thought. Not a very good opening line considering the circumstances.

She giggled, as she flashed those gorgeous blue eyes at me.

“Well, I’m quite busy with my new job. I gave up the job at the bank, it was so boring.” Said Sam.

She was inviting me to ask her more about her new job, but I couldn’t.

“Oh good,” I said, “Glad to hear it. The band is doing well, really busy at the moment. I kept hoping you might have turned up at a gig one night, but you never did.” I said.

“I would have, but my work has rather taken over my life. After that great night with you and Elaine, my life’s changed for ever in so many ways.” Said Sam. “Hey, I’m staying here for the weekend, I’ve got a lovely room. Would you like to stay with me tonight?”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be with Sam. Not after what I had just seen.

“I don’t think I’m staying overnight Sam.” I said. “Perhaps another time, if OK with you?”

“Oh go on, please. I just keep thinking all the time about having sex with you again, you were the best, ever. Pretty please?” She said, flashing her eyes at me, and putting her head to one side, in a seductive way.

“Well I thought you would have had enough sex for one day already.” I said, and instantly regretted it.

I couldn’t help myself, it just came straight out. I saw her flinch as if I’d raised my hand to her.

“Oh…You know then.” Said Sam with her head bowed.

“Yes I do. In fact I’ve just been watching you from the control room.” I replied.

“Oh God no! Look Tim they don’t mean anything to me. To be honest, to try and get in the right mood I just fantasise I’m making out with you. They are just work colleagues, nothing else. It’s you I want.” Sam said in a shaking voice.

She grasped my hands and forced me to look into her deep blue eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek.

I felt awful, I had been so nasty to her and I apologised.

“I’m Sorry Sam, I didn’t mean it to come out like that.” I said.

“It’s OK Tim. I just thought escort ankara I would come and say hi. I think I’ve made a misjudgement, and a bit of a fool of myself. I’ll leave you alone.” Said Sam, and she got up to leave.

“No wait Sam, sit down.” I replied. Sam sat down again. I held her hands.

“I don’t know, I felt jealous and hurt. Silly I know, considering we haven’t seen each other for ages.” I said.

“It’s just a job to me Tim, and a well paid one at that. I’m earning ten times the amount I was at the bank. I can understand if you don’t want to know me anymore.” Said Sam.

I was feeling rather guilty now, and not sure what to say next, so I suggested we both got another drink.

Elaine was still serving drinks.

“Hello you two. Good to see you together again.” Said Elaine.

Elaine smiled and said, “I think between us we changed Sam’s life completely.”

“Yeah, I think we did.” I replied. But I’m not sure for the best I thought.

Elaine was trying out some more new cocktails and made up a Slippery Nipple for Sam, and a Orgasm for me. She also slipped a half bottle of Vodka into my jean’s pocket.

“Keep topping up your cocktails with that.” She said.

Sam and I went back to our table, sat down and started hesitantly to talk. I slowly fell under her spell again as she chatted away in her giggly fun loving manner. We kept refilling our glasses with the vodka, and quite soon we were both slightly more than tipsy.

Sam got off her chair, and pulled a bean bag over. She sat crossed legged in front of me, and every now and again placed her hand on my thigh. We were like two old friends reunited after years apart. The conversation jumped from one subject to another as I desperately tried to keep up with her butterfly mind. After about an hour she stood up and rearranged herself on my lap, legs apart and facing me. I put one arm around her waist to hold her there, and with my right hand lightly stroked the top of her legs. She nuzzled her head into my neck and started sucking and licking my ear lobe. I could feel my cock going hard and had to adjust myself to get comfortable. I let my hand stray up her inner thighs, and lightly stroked her hardening clit. I could feel my jeans getting wet from her dripping juices.

“Come on, let’s go to my room.” Said Sam.

Funny, just an hour ago I would have refused, but the alcohol and her personality had swayed me the other way.

Sam got up unsteadily, and grasped my hands to help me up. We walked out of the pool room and she guided me up some stairs and in to her room. She switched on a bright overhead light. The room was expensively decorated with dark oak panelling. On the ceiling was a large mirror, and there was another on the wall facing the bed. The bed was an antique four poster, with cream lace drapes. There was more antique furniture in the room, a chest of drawers, two armchairs, and a bedside cabinet. A large television and DVD player sat on the top of the chest of drawers. A mini-bar with a glass front was beside the bed, and inside I could make out bottles of Champagne, and cans of Lager. This one room alone must have cost Mark a fortune I thought.

“Look in here.” Said Sam as she opened a side door.

I walked into a beautiful bathroom. On the floor was a thick pile red carpet, and a sunken Jacuzzi bath which could easily fit four adults in. The bathroom walls were covered in fake marble, but still made the whole room feel luxurious. All the fittings were gold in colour. There was also a shower in the corner.

“Wow!” I said, “It’s wonderful.”

Sam switched out the bathroom light and took me to the bed. I sat on the bed and watched Sam. She went to the main light switch, and plunged the room into darkness. She giggled as she came back to the bed and fiddled with some buttons on the wall. Soft classical music flowed into the room.

“Oh sod it!” Said Sam.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her.

“There’s a maintenance guy who looks after Mark’s house and I told him yesterday that the soft room lights weren’t working. He promised he would fix them today, and he obviously hasn’t.” Said Sam.

She went back to the main light switch and turned it on. We both looked at the brightness.

“Hardly conducive to a romantic atmosphere.” I said.

“I know what we can do!” Exclaimed Sam.

She switched off the main light and came back to the bed. She pushed another button and the television flickered into life. It was a bit distracting at first, but Sam tuned it to a channel with no picture, and turned it towards the wall. It gave out a soft ambient light, a bit like a candle.

“There that’s sorted.” She said.

“What a brilliant idea!” I replied.

She came over to me and pulled me upright. She put my arms in the air and lifted my T-shirt over my head. She knelt at my feet and removed my shoes and socks and then undid my belt buckle. Her hand kneaded my hardening cock through my jeans for a few seconds, and then she slowly undid the buttons, and eased my jeans to the floor. My cock was bulging forward in my pants pointing eagerly at her pink lips. She placed her hands on my hips and slipped my pants to the floor. As soon as my cock was released she placed her hands on my buttocks and pulled me towards her waiting mouth. My cock jumped as her warm lips enveloped the tip. She moved one hand under my balls and started to gently massage them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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