Room with a View

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The city loomed large from this vantage point. The river was visible and cut the view into foreground and background. The view must have been a major selling point; it was spectacular and fit the eclectic taste of the home’s new owner. He invited me to visit for the “25 cent” tour.

The house has two apartments, a larger upstairs with no access to the patio but still a stunning view, and a smaller apartment with the same view and direct patio access. Yes, he took the smaller one bedroom and leased the upper for an income stream.

I imagined making love in his bed looking out over city skyline. What kind of orgasm could he give me and would he even want to have me in his bed? I started to weave my web.

Richard and I are workmates and over time became good friends. Some think we have an office romance going on; however, that is far from the truth. We are about the same age, early 30’s and in good shape from working out in gyms, bicycling, and jogging. Richard has a rugged continence although I know he has soft spots. I said we were good friends. He is not in any kind of relationship right now and I have every intention to change that.

I am not what people call an “A-lister,” but I am a good B+ or maybe A-. I turn heads in a crowd and get every kind of proposition thrown at me. I cannot stand groping guys and their stupid one-liners they think are sexy. Richard, on the other hand, knows my soft spots and me. If he gave me a stupid line, I would melt into his arms then into his bed.

“Hey, Richard, lets skip our plans tonight and just sit here, watch the sun set, and sip some wine. You and this view together more than equal a night out. Besides, it saves money.” I knew Richard preferred inexpensive nights to hitting the nightspots. My web is under construction

Maybe my tone was too seductive and too overt as Richard replied with a warm smile, and twinkle in his eyes. “Bobbie, you always know what I think before I say it. I would love to just sit here with you and sip wine. I have steaks to grill if you want, or order out.”

Meat was definitely on the menu but I was not thinking about grilling it. “Lets grill, cook slowly so the meat soaks up flavor. I like a warm pink center.” Suddenly, talking about grilling sounded sexual.

“Good, we both like it the same way. Now, how do you want your steak cooked?”

Holy shit, Richard was turning the tables on me or we were both trying to seduce the other. “Richard, I am talking about s t e a k,” I spelled, “not s t a k e. What evil is working in your head?” I should have said mind.

“Just checking, Bobbie, I wanted to make sure we were not channeling mixed meanings. You get an ‘A’ for spelling. And, I am not thinking evil but you do get me thinking.”

I stepped closer to Richard, close enough to place my hand on his and looked into his eyes. I saw in his eyes what my body felt. “Richard, imagine where this dialogue might go if we were sipping that wine you promised.” I wanted to let my passion flow, wrap him in a hug, and kiss him with all the passion and lust I could muster, friends with benefits, I thought.

“Oh, I think I can imagine.” He smiled and winked knowingly then took my hand to lead me to a bottle of chilled wine. It sparkled in my glass, tasted sweet and fruity, this was a good wine. The bottle was green resembling a German Mosel River wine and the label confirmed it. It was Cochem Spatelasse.

“Richard, this is a seduction wine. I mean seductive. Well, it works for me.” We began playing on double meanings and I knew where it would lead.

“Bobbie, let me suggest something, think before you speak. You might lead me Sakarya Escort astray with your slips of the tongue.” If he wanted a slip of the tongue, I would not need any more wine, my juices were flowing.

I set my glass down, stepped directly in front of Richard, threw caution to the wind, and gave him a kiss with a little slip of the tongue. “I hope you liked the appetizer, Richard. There is a full course meal later.” I picked up my wine and sipped cautiously.

I clearly had not misread Richard’s signals because the next move was his. He drew me into his arms and kissed me as a man kisses a woman he loves. There was no slip of the tongue, we were tongue dueling and both were the winners.

I had no plans for later, I only thought of now. “Richard, take me to your bed, I want your piece of s t a k e,” I spelled again.

We wasted no time getting our clothes off and I was pleased to see Richard with a nice cock. Not as big as some I have had, but nice in length and girth. It looked like the perfect size. There was no foreplay, we needed a release as quickly as possible and when that cock touched my clit, I tensed feeling my orgasm already building. Then it was in me, all the way in me and I was right, it was perfect. It touched my soul, rattled my brain, and massaged my g-spot.

We both felt our mutual orgasm build together. Richard and his perfect dick pounding me. It was a lust filled fuck that had us fighting for every bit of pleasure we could attain. Richard pulled my legs high and locked his arms behind my knees. He spread me wider than I had ever spread. I screamed out his name as my orgasm exploded in my pussy and rocked me into semi consciousness. Then he came filling my womb with his manly essences. He pushed against my hips sinking his cock into me giving me pleasure I could not measure or comprehend.

We remained joined as we basked in the afterglow. Richard was not softening in me, he was just as hard after his huge cum as he was when he entered me. “Are you okay, Bobbie? I don’t want to hurt you.” He kissed me tenderly as he started to get a new rhythm going.

“You are absolutely wonderful. Did it sound as if I was hurting? I feel your cum seeping into my secret passage and I feel your cock working me up to another cum. Don’t stop until I tell you, and don’t expect me to tell you to stop.”

Richard was giving me the best sex of my life; I did not want to get out of his bed or let him get out of me. His pace slowly built until we were both moaning full of desire and lust. I mashed my face to his, kissed him through our moans and cries. I begged him, pleaded with him, “Please, Richard, please, don’t stop, oh god, please don’t stop.”

I did not care about his view any longer; I only wanted to feel his cock. The evening sun was golden on the horizon and I was on the horizon of another major orgasm. I felt Richard’s cock expanding as it filled me with his cum, then I detonated in the most perfect orgasm of my life. I gripped his cock with my vaginal muscles as I felt his first blast of cum hit my cervix.

I was wonderfully full of cock and cum, but all good things must end. Richard softened in me and soon my pussy only held his cum. We stared into the others eyes seeing a mix of satisfaction and sated lust. Then came kisses that are more loving and snuggles.

With the sun now a mere speck of light on the horizon, Richard stirred from our snuggle. “Bobbie, you are an amazing woman and I want this night to continue into the morning. Are you up for it, I mean okay with it?”

“Richard, I am okay with it but you are the one who has to be up for it. I am getting Sakarya Escort Bayan hungry for that steak now, but I bet it won’t be as good as the meat I already had.” I wondered how much more sex Richard could give and how much more I could handle. I realized how much I needed the toilet, “Richard, start the grill, I really need to use the bathroom. You know, freshen up a bit.” We had to break our embrace and it was a slow and reluctant disentanglement. As soon as I stood, Richard’s cum began oozing from my cunt mixed with my cum. I quickly darted for the toilet. I swear I heard Richard laughing at the sight.

I was in the bathroom for about ten minutes. I had to give my pussy a good wash and quickly sponge off the abundant scent of sex. I came out with no concern about being naked. Richard was on the patio, in a darkened corner equally naked. I went to him and we wrapped in another embrace. I felt his hardness and marveled at his quick recovery.

“We have time for a quickie, Bobbie,” Richard breathed seductively in my ear. I noticed the patio table near the grill, grasped Richard by his cock, and pulled him to the table.

I bent over the table and exposed my pussy and butt to him and with little effort, Richard fed me more dick. I tried being quiet; however, Richard was such an accomplished lover, I could not restrain myself very well. I felt my moisture running down my legs as I gushed a huge amount of cum from the perfect massage his cock gave my g-spot. Then it happened again, Richard discharged into my waiting pussy. “That was the best quickie I have ever had, Richard.”

When I could finally stand, I turned to him, locked him in an embrace, and kissed him fiercely. My legs were soaked with the cum that squirted from me and I felt a trickle of his cum seeping from my pussy. I sank into a patio chair waiting dinner. I left a wet puddle on the chair cushion.

Richard cooked a perfect steak that was filling and energizing. We ate in the dark, naked on the patio, our conversation laced with heavy sexual innuendos. We finished eating leaving plates and utensils for tomorrow. We both needed a shower and shared one together.

Still naked, we sat in Richard’s darkened living room watching the glow of city lights in the night. We sat side-by-side arms wrapped around each other gently kissing and exploring our bodies with sensual touches. The silence between us, our kissing and touching, and the city scene stretched out before us was hypnotic. The events of this played in my head, how could Richard and I continue our work lives together after this night of the hottest and best sex a woman can expect?

I turned to face him directly, his cock was full and ready, and I was empty and ready. I straddled Richard’s lap and eased myself down taking his cock into me. With a deep sigh, my pussy expanded to accept his perfect tool. I wanted to feel him in me and made no move except to rock my hips and rub my clit against his root. After the massive orgasms he already gave me, I was ready to control the moment to just enjoy my feeling of fullness without the ritual in and out.

As I rocked against his root, I kissed Richard deeply then looked directly into his eyes. With a sigh, I broke the silence, “Richard, I feel your cock touching my inner most secret places and I can’t get enough. I am the most satisfied woman in town tonight and it is you who did it.” I finished with another kiss as Richard gave my overly sensitive nipples a pinch making me grind hard on his cock.

“We have all night, Bobbie. Take it as slow as you want.” Richard pulled me into an embrace. I felt my swollen Escort Sakarya nipples crushed against his chest. His lips kissed my neck. His hands cupped my butt and guided my movements against him. Time was irrelevant, time ticked by and I had no clue how long we were joined with me slowing rocking my hips and giving my clit a good rub.

I knew I was about to go off, his fuse burned deep in pussy. Richard must have sensed it as well because he began rocking me harder. Knowing it was coming but not expecting it to happen now, I came hard with fury. I saw sparks in my mind’s eye and my pussy clamped relentlessly on his cock. I went limp on his lap. Richard had not cum.

I panted deeply trying to recover. “I need you, Richard,” my mind screamed but no words left my mouth. My panting was less fast and deep, and Richard was still hard and deep. Words finally came to me and I almost screamed his name as he began pushing into me. “More cum, more, I’m cumming again. Fuck me, Richard, fuck me.” He must have been closer than I thought because his cum splashed into me at the peak of my orgasm.

Richard held me close, our sweaty hot bodies merged into one skin, our sexual essences blended into one soup. Richard kissed my neck with hot little pecks that kept me on edge even as my body calmed itself from sexual bliss. Richard’s cock began to soften and when it did escape my pussy, I flooded his lap.

“Bobbie,” Richard whispered, “what happens next?” His question held much meaning going way beyond waking together in the morning. “You excite me in ways my mind cannot comprehend.” Richard’s warm breath on my neck and his hands massaging my back made me shudder.

I lifted my head, looked into his eyes trying to gage his emotional state. Could we be on the same wavelength? What did I want? What did he want? I knew that I just had an afternoon and evening of the best sex in my life. Is Richard the perfect man for me or just the best lover? Many questions raced through my mind.

“I don’t know what comes next, Richard. I do know that I am perfectly content and completely orgasmiclly exhausted. Maybe it is time for bed…and sleep.”

We slept the night away; I slept soundly and deeply waking to scents of breakfast reaching my nose. Richard called out, “Breakfast soon, Bobbie. Why not have a shower and dress so we can eat.” In some ways I was upset that he was not in bed ready for a round of morning sex and in others, I was glad he was not; my body ached and my pussy was sore.

The shower refreshed me and the breakfast Richard served filled and energized me. The hour reached late morning when I left for my own home. We hugged and kissed long lingering kisses before I turned toward the door and left.

Monday morning came; Richard and I arrived about the same time and walked together to our office. “Bobbie,” he began, “Thank you for the most wonderful weekend of my life.” He said nothing about having another. Maybe he was playing cool at work.

“Richard, we did click didn’t we. I owe you a weekend at my place.” He smiled and agreed.

I began reviewing my tasks for the day when my desk phone rang. Our department chief called me to his office and when I arrived, he jumped up smiling. “Bobbie, congratulations are in order. Corporate have noticed you. You have a transfer waiting, you are moving to headquarters, promotion and nice pay raise. You have to go home, pack a bag and be there by Thursday. Our security will take care of your place here and the company will pack and ship your property as soon as you give me a new address.”

Richard and I never had another chance to move our relationship further. Our weekend was a one-off and as I look back on it, I have to believe he knew something was about to happen. I settled into my new job and learned that Richard left the company after I transferred.

We never reconnected and I never found a man to satisfy me in the way he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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