Rude Awakening

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“Good morning, Ray,” Sasha Brown said as she turned the light on, causing her boyfriend Rayon Blake to blink in surprise. After working security at a local warehouse, he’d gotten home late last night and needed his beauty sleep, as they say. Hard-working brothers need to catch some Z’s like everybody else. Too bad his girlfriend Sasha Brown served Rayon a rather rude awakening, as it were…

“What the fuck?” Rayon Blake said, as he suddenly bolted awake, and he blinked at Sasha, who stood there, hands on her hips. Six feet tall and curvy, with dark brown skin and a lovely face framed by stylish dreadlocks, the black Amazon looked mighty fine and she knew it. Clad in a red bra and matching panties, Sasha looked better when she first woke up than most women did after getting their shit together.

“I’m horny, Rayon, and your ass came home too tired to service me last night, so you got to make up for it,” Sasha Brown said, matter-of-factly. She stood there, hands on her hips, and Rayon shook his head. Forcefully he willed himself to be calm. Outside his window, it was quite bright. Another bright Friday morning in mid-August. The City of Toronto was already up and running, though Rayon would have preferred to keep snoozing.

“Dammit, woman, alright,” Rayon Blake replied, and a happy Sasha joined him on the bed. She climbed on top of him, pressing her voluptuous body against his, and all thought of sleep vanished from Rayon’s mind. From the first time he laid eyes on Sasha Brown, he knew that she was trouble. Rayon was hanging out with his buddies in Mississauga, chilling at a house party, when a tall, dark-skinned cutie with a big butt walked in. Said cutie happened to be Sasha Brown. Tall, bossy, and horny as hell on most days. The love of his life…

“Well, Trabzon Escort looks like I got to you just in time,” Sasha Brown said, smiling at Rayon as she took his dick into her hands. Nothing like morning wood, the young black woman thought as she leaned over and took her man’s dick into her mouth. Rayon sighed happily as Sasha began sucking his dick while caressing his balls. Instantly he grew even harder, and like the pest that she is, Sasha slid a finger up Rayon’s ass. Rayon grinned and said nothing. Sasha took that as a good sign and fingered his ass while sucking him off.

“Oh yeah,” Rayon said, smiling as Sasha’s lovely dreadlocked head bobbed up and down while she deep-throated his dick. Rayon had been with all kinds of women in his thirty two years. During his Humber College days, Rayon slept with Latin women, White women, Chinese women and even a couple of Arab chicks. Nobody could handle a big black dick like the sisters, especially the ones from the islands of the Caribbean.

“Hmm, cum for me,” Sasha paused to say, and she tugged on Rayon’s dick while looking into his eyes. Rayon smiled at her and then winced. Moments later he came, his hard dick spewing hot manly cum all over Sasha’s lovely face. The feisty black Amazon welcomed the torrent of hot cum on her beautiful face. Rayon watched, amazed, as Sasha gulped it all down without spilling a single drop. My kind of woman, he thought admiringly.

“Now I want to eat this ass,” Rayon said, and he tapped his lap impatiently. Sasha grinned and got on all fours, shaking her big black ass at him. Rayon grinned and came up behind her. Yanking down Sasha’s crimson panties, he admired her big beautiful black ass. Playfully Rayon slapped Sasha’s ass, watching as she did the booty clap. Trabzon Escort Bayan Rayon pinched Sasha’s firm ass cheeks and then spread them wide open. Inhaling her ass funk, Rayon smiled to himself. Time to eat the booty like it’s groceries, as they say…

“Go for it,” Sasha turned around to say, and Rayon slid his tongue into her asshole. Instantly Sasha moaned, and began fingering her wet, hairy pussy even as her man began eating her asshole. From the moment Sasha Brown first saw Rayon Blake at her friend Patricia’s birthday party last year, she knew that the tall, burly brother with the slick smile was nasty. And she wanted him for herself. For a good while, Rayon ate Sasha’s ass and then they switched things up a bit.

“Ride my face,” Rayon said, and he lay flat on the bed as Sasha got on his face, smothering him with her big beautiful black ass. A lot of brothers out there balked at the thought of eating female ass but Rayon was definitely not one of them. The funkiest brother of them all was born on the island of Saint Lucia and raised in the City of Toronto, Ontario. Surrounded by big butts of all hues, Rayon developed a preference for big beautiful Jamaican asses like that of one Sasha Brown…

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” Sasha squealed, loving the feel of Rayon’s tongue in her asshole. At the same time, he wormed his fingers into her pussy, stimulating her clitoris and working her over. Sasha kept grinding on Rayon’s face, and her voluptuous body trembled as the brother from Saint Lucia worked his magic on her. Soon Sasha found herself moaning in sheer delight as she came, oozing sweet girly cum all over Rayon’s dark, handsome face.

“Give me that big tempting ass,” Rayon said as he put Sasha on all fours, a few Escort Trabzon minutes later. Lovely face down and big dark ass up, a wicked smile on her those full lips, the tall black Amazon simply demanded to get dicked down and Rayon was not about to disappoint her. Rolling a condom on his fuck stick, Rayon pushed his way into Sasha’s pussy. The young Jamaican woman cooed softly as he began fucking her.

“Slap my ass and pull my hair,” Sasha demanded, and Rayon gripped her hips with one hand and slapped her big black ass with the other. Sasha kept undulating that big black ass against his groin, giving Rayon a great visual to work with. Is there anything hotter than a dark-skinned black female with a big beautiful black ass?

“Shut up and take this dick, you freaky woman,” Rayon shouted at Sasha. To really spur her on, Rayon slammed his dick into Sasha’s sugar walls and pulled her long dreads, yanking her head back. His way of showing her who’s boss. Sasha, who absolutely lives for the rough stuff, arched her back and squealed as Rayon’s kingly dick filled her creamy pussy. Soon Sasha came for the second time that morning…

“Hmmm, remind me to wake you up more often,” Sasha said to Rayon, a few minutes later. They stood in the shower, cleansing themselves with soap and water. Rayon grinned at Sasha and kissed her. It was astonishing how much he loved this feisty, freaky and big-bottomed foxy Jamaican mama. After showering, he returned to the bedroom, and they got dressed.

“Have a good day at work, babe,” Rayon said to Sasha, a few minutes later. Clad in a dark gray vest over a white blouse, black Capri pants and platform sandals, Sasha Brown looked stylish and sexy. The consummate black female professional. Grabbing her purse, she headed outside, to begin the long drive to the downtown branch of Toronto Dominion Bank, where she works as a branch manager. Rayon sat on the couch, and watched TV. Later on, he’d cook a sumptuous traditional Caribbean meal for his lady when she returned from work. Who says Black Love isn’t grand?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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