Ryan Family Ch. 06

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This is less an actual chapter than a means of bridging the gap between the earlier stories and the next batch.

Mark came across a lot of temptation during his first college semester, and resisted most of it.

The temptation had actually begun during the summer, when Dina was doing everything she could to have sex with him. She’d succeeded, of course, and they’d both had oral sex and fucked, the latter while Carol was watching them online, but that was supposed to be the end of it. As far as Carol knew it was, but Dina continued to walk around upstairs in short, see-through nighties and three days after she’d taken his virginity, she wanted to do it again.

But Mark, having promised Carol, said no. Mostly, anyway. Technically, Dina reminded him, he’d only promised not to fuck anybody else but Carol. And while he was thinking that over, she eased down his pajama bottoms and began sucking his penis. And Mark thought it would be rude not pull off her flimsy panties and return the favor.

This was more than fine as far as Dina was concerned: she’d never shared oral sex with anybody other than her brother; but İstanbul Escort at least the way he did it, getting eaten out felt far better than any fucking she’d ever experienced.

The next couple of times, Mark didn’t wait for Dina to convince him, but rather suggested it himself.

Now in college, Mark dated frequently – and though he didn’t realize it, word had gotten around that unlike most guys, he wasn’t obsessed with getting into a girl’s pants. In the back row of a movie theatre one weekday night, he had his hand under Lily’s shirt for ten minutes massaging her nipple until she came – then she unzipped his pants, freed his penis, and gave him a wonderfully slow hand job.

Kelly, determined to get fucked by him, got as far as getting him to her room alone, on her bed, where they were dry-humping, wearing only their underpants. His cock was poking her pussy through her panties so hard, they almost were fucking. She, peeled off her panties, not surprised how wet they were, in order to remove the next-to-last layer between them. Then Mark surprised her by turning his body around and planting his mouth against her Escort Bayan pussy.

Kelly had had boys lick her there before, reluctantly, out of a sense of obligation as quid pro quo for the blow job that really interested them, but… wow, was this what it felt to be eaten out by somebody who knew what he was doing and liked doing it? Oral sex, she thought, where have you been all my life?

She pulled Mark’s boxers off, and gave him the most enthusiastic blow job she’d ever given – and, she hoped, the best one he’d ever gotten.

Meanwhile, fifteen hundred miles away in Texas, Carol’s sex life was confined to more-or-less weekly cybersex sessions with Mark – one of which ended with an unexpected mutual masturbation session with her friend Cathy. Carol planned to tell Mark about it in detail some time when she really wanted to get him hot.

In October, Cathy’s girlfriend found somebody new and moved out of their dorm. Cathy, feeling heartbroken, asked Carol to move in with her.

After the first week or so, Carol accepted the fact that nobody was going to believe she wasn’t gay – especially since she was Eskort never seen dating any guys – so she just didn’t worry about it. She and Cathy did watch one another masturbate a few times, but that was just naughty fun, not lesbian behavior.

Cathy very discreetly left the room when Carol went online with Mark, to allow them their privacy – though on November 1, Mark’s birthday (and with Carol’s approval), she “accidentally” walked past the webcam completely naked. Mark’s eyes grew wide, and Carol said “Happy birthday, dear.”

A week later, Mark had a surprise of his own: Their families had made plans to get together for Thanksgiving weekend. He had to tell her twice before it sunk in. After all these months, she and Mark would finally be together again.

The following morning, she made an appointment with the college’s health service to get a prescription for birth control pills. The first time she felt Mark’s cock push deep into her pussy, it was going to be perfect.

More than two months into the semester, she’d still never run into Richard, a fellow freshman who lived three floors below her, and whom she knew only from Cathy’s story about how he watched her and her girlfriend having sex in the laundry room back in September (and came all over Cathy when she impulsively reached out and grabbed his penis) – and therefore had no idea that he was actually her old boyfriend Rick.

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