Sam Mullone , the Missing Drugs Ch. 04

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4. In Too Deep

Sam had two things that were essential when following a target: the ability to concentrate for lengthy periods and a very ordinary-looking car; a five-year-old medium grey Vauxhall Astra that she’d bought because it was so instantly forgettable.

She followed Becky’s small red hatchback along the gently winding country roads, past the endlessly flat fields of wheat and barley, being careful to keep her in sight without getting too close. Sam had spent the morning in her office then most of the afternoon watching her house, a surge of adrenaline kicking in when she saw the blonde leaving.

Tailing someone was a tricky job; you had to be close enough to keep them in view, but far enough back so that you weren’t too obvious. Becky had been relatively easy to follow though, she was a careful driver who stuck to the speed limits and indicated well before turning. Even so, she’d heaved a sigh of relief when they’d left the centre of Fentonbridge, with its many traffic lights and roundabouts making her job that much more difficult.

Out here on these long, straight roads, it was much easier to keep her distance whilst keeping an eye on Becky’s car, and she’d just begun to relax a little and wonder about the final destination when her mobile rang.

“Hello, Steve?” she said, pressing a button to activate the hands-free mode.

“Yeah, hi Sam. Just wondering how that drugs case was working out. Made any progress?”

“Actually, I’m following one of the suspects right now on the old Cambridge road,” Sam said, hoping he’d take the hint and hang up.

“Oh really? I hope you’re being careful.”

“Yes, dad!” she said, sighing theatrically. Sam appreciated his concern but just because they used to date, it didn’t mean he had the right to interfere in her work.

“It’s just I know what you’re like, too nosey for your own good sometimes.”

“Really, I’m fine, I can look after myself.”

There was a brief silence and Sam knew him well enough to know that he had something else to say.

“Okay… listen, um, do you fancy going for a drink later?”

“A drink? Do you think that’s wise. I mean, what about Lara?”

“Actually, there’s been a development so if you’re free…”

Sam’s mind whirred, trying to figure out what he meant by ‘development’ but at the moment, Becky’s car indicated, then drifted left onto a slip road towards a motel set back off the road.

“Sorry Steve, got to go, I’ll call you back in an hour or so,” Sam said, hanging up as she glanced in her rear-view mirror and slowed down.

At the end of a short slip road was an ordinary-looking Travelodge, a rectangular, two-storey redbrick motel set back from the A-road and shielded by a row of tall, slender birch trees. It was around fifteen miles from Fentonbridge and Sam realised she must have driven past this place hundreds of times without noticing it. In fact, she must have driven past a few days ago on her way to the Kleinwert lab, which was a couple of miles down the road.

Sam pulled into the large but mostly empty car park just in time to see Becky disappear inside the entrance, her bright yellow skirt and white top contrasting with its shady entrance. She switched off the engine and pondered what to do next. Ordinarily, she might sit and wait patiently in the safety of her car keeping an eye on the entrance but Sam figured Becky could be in there all evening. Or maybe she was sitting at the bar just inside, chatting to her contact at Kleinwert. Impatience and curiosity soon got the better of her, and after a few minutes she locked her handbag in the boot and walked over to the entrance.

Inside, the motel was plain and functional. Sam had a quick look around the small bar area to the right of reception, but it looked empty.

“Can I help you?” said the man behind a beige desk.

“Yeah, I’m looking for a friend of mine, Becky Cook. She said she’d meet me here,” Sam lied.

“Sure, Becky Cook,” he said, as he consulted his monitor.”She’s in room two-one-three, the lift’s right there to your left.”

“Oh, um, thanks,” Sam said.

“Well, that was a lot easier than I thought,” Sam thought to herself as she advanced slowly down a corridor, scanning the doors for room numbers. When she got to room 213, she was surprised to find the door ajar, as if she was expected. She paused for a second, listening, hearing muted voices from within. She knew it would be reckless to go any further and she should probably just turn around and head back outside, but she was so close now. A glimpse of whoever was inside with Becky might solve the mystery.

Holding her breath, she peaked around the edge of the door. It was a large room, with a bathroom to the right, and built-in floor-to-ceiling wardrobes to her left. She took a tentative step inside, ready to use the excuse that she’d got the wrong room and noting that the sound of voices was coming from a large wall-mounted television.

She was so focussed on what was in front ankara escort of her that she didn’t notice the large shape appearing in the doorway behind her until it was too late. Before she could scream, she’d been grabbed from behind and felt a large hand covering her mouth and a sharp jab in her neck. She struggled briefly before the world faded to black.

Sam slowly became conscious, the muffled sounds becoming clearer, the blackness turning to shades of grey. The first thing she noticed was the soreness in her neck, and the second was that she was naked except for her panties. Instinctively, she tried to cover her body but discovered her hands were bound above her head with something that felt cool and metallic like handcuffs.

She opened one eye a little; above her was the plain white expanse of ceiling, off to her left was the window. She can’t have been unconscious long because the sun was only just setting, throwing a slanted rectangle of fading light onto the wheat-coloured carpet, and gleaming off what appeared to be a small video camera mounted on a tripod. Her jeans, t-shirt and lavender-coloured bra were in a neatly folded pile on a large leather chair, her trainers underneath. She slowly shifted her head. On her right were two blurry shapes that refused to come into focus: a woman who must be Becky and a large, suited man. She closed her eyes, pretending to be unconscious as she listened to their conversation.

“Dumb bitch, she walked straight in to our little trap, I didn’t even have to drag her inside,” the man chuckled. Sam recognised his deep, gruff voice, but couldn’t quite place him.

“Yeah, she followed me all the way here. I told the receptionist I was expecting a friend and to send her straight up just like we planned,” Becky replied.

“Anyway, let’s get on with this,” he said, slapping his hands together.

“You don’t have to be so bloody eager! Are you sure this is going to work?”

“Sure I’m sure, trust me babe,” he said. “Now make sure that camera’s working, we want to capture all the action.”

There was a pause then a man’s voice, suddenly a lot closer: “Hey, sleeping beauty, time to wake up.”

“Ow! Get off me!” Sam complained, unable to keep up the pretence as he roughly shook her arm.

She opened her eyes then gasped as his face gradually came into focus.

“Bob Hibbert!” she said. “What the hell! I don’t understand… but you’re the one that asked me to investigate this!”

“Yeah, and if you’d done what you were meant to, you wouldn’t be in this position.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“I gave you Alan Hemmings and Eliza Dixon. Everyone knows they’ve been stealing drugs from the lab for months, so why didn’t you just be a good little private eye and report back that they were responsible for supplying the drugs to the local dealers, hmm? I could have just fired them, suspended our little operation for a while and we all could have moved on with our lives,” he said, holding a syringe up in front of his face. Sam shuddered as he depressed the plunger squeezing a thin arc of clear fluid from the tip of the needle.

“But they aren’t stealing on a large scale, just a few pills for their own use,” Sam said, still struggling to understand.

“I know that, you stupid bitch!” he snapped angrily. “But once the CEO became aware that drugs were going missing, someone had to take the fall, we needed a sacrificial lamb.”

“Right, but I still don’t understand why you’re stealing from your own company. You’re not a poor man, why are you risking your job like this?”

“*My* company, ha!” he sneered. “The fuckers passed me over for promotion three times. Three! Not enough experience to be CEO, my ass! I tell you, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know in this business. Anyway after I met Becky at the gym, and we got to know each other, we realised there was a way out of my loveless marriage and my job. We realised how much money we could make sharing our miracle drug with the local dealers, and that it wouldn’t take too long to make enough to be able to quit and tell them to shove their job.”

“And you employed me because your boss…”

“Yeah, yeah, because the CEO found out about our little operation and demanded an investigation. I tried to talk him out of it, but he insisted, like the interfering tosser he is. Like I say, if only you’d done a quick, half-assed job and pointed the finger at Alan or Eliza, you wouldn’t be here, and we’d still be building up our escape fund,” he said, as if it were all Sam’s fault.

“Listen, if you let me go, I swear…” Sam started to say.

“You’re just too fucking thorough. You were getting too close to Becky, and too close to me, and that can’t happen,” he said, wrapping a black rubber band around her arm and tapping her flesh till a vein stood proud, blue against her pale skin.

“What’s in the syringe? Is it some kind of poison?” she asked, her eyes wide in alarm as he loomed over her with the needle.

“Ha!” he snorted as he jabbed the needle into her arm. “No, we aren’t going to harm you, quite the opposite; you’re going to have the time of your life.”

“Ow! What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“‘Bunny’ isn’t the only drug in development, we’ve also been working on a formula to help sexual dysfunction in women. It’s a kind of aphrodisiac designed for women who have grown to dislike or fear sex and we’ve had some very strong results. We’re doing trials at the moment, and you’re going to be our latest guinea pig.”

“Just relax, honey,” Becky said, climbing onto the bed and stroking Sam’s arm. “I’ve tried it myself, it’s harmless but it relaxes you and makes all the sensations much more intense.”

“Come on, we can stop this right now and…” Sam started to say before she was interrupted as Becky’s pressed her plump lips against hers. She struggled as they shared a lingering kiss, but in truth the sensation of the girl’s soft lips pressing against hers whilst she struggled against her ‘cuffs and Bob looked on was surprisingly erotic.

“Such a lovely, tight little body,” Becky purred, finally breaking the kiss, as she ran a finger along the slope of her breast and slowly circled her aureole. “We’re going to have such a good time together.”

“Stop! I still don’t understand why you’re taping this…” Sam said, trembling as she felt the woman’s fingertips trail over her stomach.

“Fuck! I thought you were smart,” Bob said as he took off his jacket and unbuttoned his pale blue shirt. “A few minutes after that drug kicks in, you’re going to be going crazy, begging us to let you cum. And unless you hand in a report pointing the finger at Alan or Eliza, that video’s going straight on the internet.”

“And if the world ever sees you begging for some of Bob’s lovely big cock, it’ll look like you’re a member of our little gang. Or at the very least, it’ll ruin your reputation and career,” Becky said, kissing Sam’s shoulder as she gently fondled one of her cupcake boobs.

Sam bit her lip to suppress a groan as the woman’s hands explored the soft curves of her breasts. Although she wasn’t a lesbian, she couldn’t deny how good her hands

felt as they caressed her bare flesh.

“Stop! This is crazy. Look, if you let me go now, and hand yourself in, I’ll forget all about this,” Sam offered, sounding slightly breathless as Becky’s hands continued to stroke her.

“Now where would be the fun in that?” Bob chuckled as he stepped out of his suit trousers. “What do you think, Becky?”

“Naw, I’m happy with plan A,” the girl giggled. “She’s got such cute boobs for an older lady, I could play with ’em all evening.”

“Older lady! I’m thirty-five!” Sam began to say, but was stopped as Becky kissed her again. Her feelings of indignation were soon swept away as Becky’s plump lips left a trail of hot kisses along her neck, and ran her fingers over the contours of her increasingly hot body.

Sam wasn’t sure if it was the drug or Becky’s skilful fingers but she felt her body responding as the blonde’s fingers skated over her naked flesh. Her body felt like one large erogenous zone, as if she’d lost a layer of skin, and her nerve endings fired wildly as the girl patiently kissed her neck, her lips, her stomach, exploring which areas made her moan the loudest.

“By the way, don’t even think of screaming for help. We’ve brought some toys along, including some ball-gags, and I’m only too happy to use them,” Bob said, as he joined them on the bed, on the other side to Becky, so that she was sandwiched between her two kidnappers.

“No! Please!” Sam squealed as she felt the girl’s fingers stroking her inner thighs, leaving a trail of intense, fiery tingles in their wake. She tried to close her legs but felt Bob’s large, strong hands easily prising her knees apart as Becky’s fingers drifted higher.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” she heard Bob say, sweeping her chestnut hair aside, his hot breath tickling her ear. “Relax, give in to the sensations, Sam. Soon, you’ll be begging us not to stop.”

“No! Stop, this is crazy, I’m not going to be begging for anything!” Sam said defiantly, trying to squirm away, the handcuffs rattling as she tried to pull her hands free. She was becoming very aroused now, her heart thumping, the tainted blood surging around her body, making her even hotter. Her boobs swelled, her nipples standing proud now, aching to be touched and she could feel herself becoming wet as Becky’s fingers lightly stroked her pussy through her thin lavender panties.

“Don’t fight it, give yourself to us, you’re going to have such the best orgasm of your life,” Bob insisted seductively, in his deep, rich voice as he cupped one of her boobs in his large, rough hand.

“No! Oh God, please,” Sam gasped, squirming as Bob squeezed her boob into a tight cone. He and Becky exchanged wicked smiles as the blonde lightly flicked escort ankara her little cat-like tongue back-and-forth across her ultra-sensitive nipple, making her shiver at the intense sensations.

“I think she likes it,” Bob chuckled as he roughly grasped her knee, easing her legs even further apart as Becky’s skilful fingers slid between her thighs, tracing her moist cleft through the damp cotton of her knickers.

“Mmm,” Becky agreed, drawing Sam’s erect nipple into the warm wetness of her mouth and squeezing it between her raspberry lips as her feline tongue gently stimulated it.

“No, please stop,” Sam mewed as she felt Bob’s masculine lips grazing her shoulders and Becky used the flats of her fingers to massage her pussy in tight circles.

She shivered hotly, her body all-too-easily surrendering to the relentless assault of their tongues and fingers. Her tormentors were both playing with her taut nipples now, Becky on the right and Bob on the left. There was a distinct difference in their techniques: Becky’s lips subtle and gentle, patiently stimulating her tight little bud with light, teasing touches. Bob’s lips were harsher, rolling and squeezing her sensitive teat between his tongue and teeth until she squealed with the delicious mixture of pleasure and pain.

Sam instinctively lifted her hips as she felt Becky tugging at her panties, eagerly slipping them over her ankles and tossing the damp tangle of cotton aside, leaving her naked as she writhed on the bed, tugging helplessly against her ‘cuffs.

“What a lovely pussy,” Becky murmured, her deft fingers spreading her outer lips and Sam felt her cheeks flush, knowing the girl would be able to see exactly how aroused she was as she exposed the glistening pink inner folds. Soon, she was spreading her knees wide as Becky’s hands did wonderful things between her legs.

“Mmm, so nice and juicy, she tastes delicious,” Becky purred as she used her tongue to lap at the sweet juices coating Sam’s moist cleft.

As Becky explored her pussy, Sam felt Bob’s thick fingers pressing insistently against her lips until she opened her mouth.

“Mmm,” she gasped, sucking hungrily at his fingers as she felt Becky’s tongue lapping her copious juices.

“Please, please,” she gasped, giving in to the wonderful feelings, her body craving more stimulation, desperate to feel something, anything, inside her as she felt Becky’s tongue tracing intricate patterns over her greedy, throbbing clit, and Bob’s fingers tracing a wet line down over her stomach.

She felt him lightly tracing the entrance to her slick pussy, playing with her swollen labia and she tilted her hips towards him and spread her legs wide, digging her heels into the mattress as she tried to rub against him, desperate for a firmer touch.

“Such a horny little slut,” he chuckled as he pressed a little more firmly, his fingers dripping with her saliva.

“Oh God, yes!” she cried as she felt Bob smoothly ease of his thick, stubby fingers inside her shamefully wet pussy, and gently begin to work it in and out. Sam hadn’t had sex since she’d spilt up with Steve, and although she didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of watching her cum, she couldn’t help throwing her head back and moaning loudly as she felt Bob’s finger slide deeper.

“Christ, she’s lovely and tight,” he grunted, using his fingertip to explore the walls of her hot, wet vagina.

Sam surfed waves of hot pleasure, her body rocking and rolling, and before long she could feel the pressure build, her muscles beginning to tighten. Bob had slipped another finger inside her greedy pussy now and as he frigged her deeper and deeper, Becky’s fingers spread her wet folds, her tongue lapping at her achingly-sensitive clit till she thought she might pass out with the sheer pleasure.

“That’s right, surrender to us,” he said, his stubby fingers driving in and out of her wetness before sucking at one of her hard little nipples, squeezing it between his lips.

“Oh God, don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she begged as she felt Bob frigging her faster now, her feelings spiralling out of control of her orgasm approached.

“Yes! Oh God, yes!” she squealed as she came, straining against her handcuffs as her body thrashed about on the bed, riding the surges of pure pleasure.

As the final tingles of bliss finally ebbed away, Sam opened her eyes. The bed was in disarray, the sheets a tangled mess, and the whole room had the salty, sweaty aroma of sex. Bob had disappeared but Becky was beside the bed, stripping off her clothes.

Sam didn’t understand what Becky saw in Hibbert (although he must have been quite wealthy), but anyone could see what attracted him to Becky. She was pretty with a wide, almost child-like face, large, hazel brown eyes, plump raspberry lips and the kind of lean, toned body that comes with doing a lot of yoga. Sam watched her pull her white top up over her head then run her a hand through the platinum blonde hair that fell in soft waves over her shoulders.

“Listen, you don’t have to do this, if you let me go I’ll put in a good word,” Sam whispered, as Becky unhooked her bra, revealing well-shaped boobs that were nicely rounded but in proportion with her trim figure.

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