Sam Steals Her Dad Ch. 05

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I woke up to a low buzzing sound. Memories of last night came flooding back. My mother and my aunt had made love, and not quietly, right in the tent next to me and Daddy! Apparently they were at it again. I could hear my mom moaning and grunting while aunt Margret power fucked her with a dildo.

I looked over at daddy but he was sleeping still. I stared at his handsome face. I couldn’t believe he was mine. I felt so lucky, so filled with love to have him. Desire so strong filled me.

I didn’t want to wake Daddy so I lay there staring at his face. I slid my hand down my body to my pussy. I was so wet! I kicked my hot sleeping bag off and spread my legs.

Still naked from fucking Daddy to the sound of my mother’s orgasms next door, I grabbed my tit. My nipple was hard but I squeezed it anyway. It felt so good! My other hand was busy rubbing my clit and fingering my hole. I was gonna cum.

I wanted to see daddy’s face as I did. I looked up right into Daddy’s eyes. It turned me on that he was watching me touch myself. I orgasmed hard!

Daddy left his covers and knelt over me. We could still hear the vibrator sloshing in and out of mother. Her loud moan as she told Aunty to hold the vibrator on her clit and then her scream “pound my pussy again!”

Daddy entered me hard and silently. He fucked me harder than he ever had. This was not making love, it was pure pussy pounding lust!

His cock was slamming into my cervix so hard and it felt amazing! His balls slapped my ass as he fucked me. The Slap, slap, slap… indiscernible over moms loud lovemaking beside us.

I was building up for a huge orgasm. I put my hand over my mouth as I started to whimper. I came hard. My pussy frantically milking daddy’s hard cock as it continued to abuse my hungry cunt.

Daddy was ready. His “oh fuck… Oh fuck baby” was barely audible as mother screamed her release. Daddy spilled his seed into me. It splashed out in spurts. Each one felt şehitkamil escort so good I came again.

We were sweating and breathing heavy when we heard mother and Aunt Margret talking.

“I never knew it could be this good Marggy.”

Margret laughed. “Baby sis, we are just getting started.”

Dad pulled out and kissed me. “Race you to the showers” he laughed.

Dad and I pulled down the tents while mother and Aunt Marggy went to the showers. Everyone was in a good mood as we left camp and drove to get breakfast. It was a wonderful atmosphere.

It was reunion day! I was so excited to be going to see my mothers family. The reunion was to take place at my Grandmothers farm. Everyone was going this year. There was to be a Bbq and corn roast.

The farm was pretty lucrative so it was very modern. It was well maintained and nicely landscaped. Lots of flower gardens, a huge lawn and wide open spaces. Large trees just right for climbing scattered about. I couldn’t wait to get there.

Several of Moms brothers, sisters and cousins were musical so we often sat around the fire at night playing guitar and singing current hit songs and old classics. It was wonderful.

When we finally arrived at Grandmas it was just after 2 pm. The reunion was to start at 4. We were the first to arrive. Grandma and Grandpa came out with Great Grandma to greet us. Uncle William was there too setting up the spit and the fire pit.

After saying our hellos dad and I went to put up our tents. We put them side by side. Then we joined Uncle William. He handed us each an ice cold beer. We put out lawn chairs, set up lawn games and put out tables. Uncle Dean arrived with his fiancé Laura. They said hellos and joined us.

I headed into the house to get tablecloths for the tables. As I neared the kitchen I overheard Grandma and Great Grandma talking to mother and Aunt Margret.

“Your wrong şehitkamil escort bayan dear. Your husband is not at fault for your present physical and mental state. It’s your job to do your own self care and find a way to be happy. Tyler has done his part. He looks after his body, he found fulfilling work, he’s a good provider and father…”

“I can’t believe your taking his side” mom said.

“Hayley Anne! I am not taking sides! Right is right. You need to start looking after yourself, change careers, go to school… Find a way to be happy.”

“I think I’m going to go home with Margret and spend some time recovering…”

“That’s a good idea” said Grandma. “What about Sam?”

“I’ll bring her… There are jobs, a great college, and a beach near by…”

I made a loud noise. Then I entered the kitchen. Plastering a huge smile on my face I asked for the table cloths. I was real mad at mom for running Dad down to anyone that would listen but I was proud of Grandma for sticking up for him.

Heading back out to the yard I heard great grandma. “Sammy will never leave her Daddy. That’s one daddy’s girl that’s for sure. I don’t know what you’re thinking Hayley.”

Eventually my cousins and Aunts and Uncles arrived. We had a great time. Daddy was very attentive. He stayed right with me the whole time. Sometimes I sat on his lap. I felt so happy and proud of him.

We answered all the same questions as usual. “How was your drive? How’s work? School?” Dad and I played badminton and horseshoes. We ate and sang.

We slept in our tents out on the side lawn. Mom slept with Aunt Marggy… Minus the vibrator. It was too risky as everyone else’s tents were there too.

Morning came and we helped clean up. We said goodbye to each person as they were ready to leave. Dad and I packed the station wagon up and got ready to go.

Mom came out and in front of Dad said escort şehitkamil “lm leaving your dad Sam. Im going to live with Aunt Margret. I want you to come with me so that we can connect again. Be mother and daughter before you leave for college.”

I shook my head and took Daddy’s hand. “No. You can leave Mom. I will be sorry to see you go. I love you… but if I have to choose I want to stay with Daddy. I will never leave him.”

Mother stared at me for what seemed like forever. She looked at me, then at daddy. I watched fascinated as many expressions crossed her face. Then she said quietly “it’s you isn’t it?. It’s you your father is sleeping with. No. Don’t bother to deny it Sam. I can see it written all over you both. I must have been in quite a daze to miss it. You are glowing.”

“Are you mad?”

Mother laughed an almost hysterical sound.

“I think it’s disgusting. What kind of man fucks his own daughter? He’s all yours Sam. Now that I think about it he always has been. Besides I’m happy to leave…”



“I know your sleeping with Aunt Margret. I heard you doing it with her twice.”

My mothers face went beat red. She hugged me. “I guess you’re my daughter after all Sammy.”

Then she walked out of my life. She got into the station wagon and drove away.

Dad took our stuff back out of the car. Mom got in the passenger side of the wagon. Aunt Margret gave daddy the finger and got in the drivers seat. We watched as Aunt Margret and mom drove away. We said our good byes. We took a taxi to the airport and flew home. The first thing we did was make love.

Dad sold the house and we moved to another town. He gave mom half the money and we bought another house. We live as husband and wife. It’s been 7 years and we are still just as in love, just as happy. We have two boys. Liam and Luka. They look just like daddy. We are still trying for a girl.

Mother still calls me the from time to time. Asks how I am. Inquires after my children… She never did leave aunt Margret. I guess their in love.

Daddy came into the room. His eyes met mine. “The boys are asleep” he said. He walked over to me. He reached down and fondled my breasts, squeezed my nipples. Bending his head he kissed me deeply.

I am happy. My Daddy is Mine.

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