Samantha’s Late Night Surprise

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He had waited for this opportunity for a long time and finally his patience has been rewarded. His younger sister, Samantha, was not feeling good and had been having trouble sleeping for the past few days, so their parents took her to the doctor and the doctor prescribed a lot of different medications, but the one that interested Troy the most was the sleeping pills. The doctor told Samantha to take one pill every night. At first, Troy observed her to see how well the pills worked. Then, when he found that they worked to his satisfaction, he started to plan.

Samantha had been taking them for a little over three weeks by the time Troy’s plan was set in motion. That day, after dinner, Troy made it a point to be with Samantha. Her cold had faded, but she still was having problems sleeping. He finished dishes and headed out to the living room where Samantha sat. She was huddled in a blanket watching a movie. Troy stood under the archway, watching her.
Samantha was a beautiful seventeen year old girl with her long wildly curly raven black hair that fell down her back and her big innocent green eyes. She had a cute button nose and a wide, sensual mouth. Her teeth were white, but her two front teeth stood out a little more than the rest, earning her the nickname “Little Bunny” from their parents. She had an oval face and the way her hair fell in careless curls around her face made her look beautiful. Troy had always thought his little sister was sexy, but the more she aged, the sexier she was to him.

He loved it when she wore tight fitting tank tops that showed off her well developed chest and short shorts that showed off her nicely rounded bottom. But his favorite part of the year was summer because she wore bikini swim suits that exposed her flat tan stomach and long dancer legs. Troy bit his lower lip and cupped his hands in front of the growing bulge in his jeans. He sighed and made his way to the couch. He sat down next to her and stared at the television.
“What the hell is this?” He growled.
“I don’t know. Just something while I wait for the medicine to work,” she replied in a soft voice. She was already getting drowsy and Troy felt himself pulse in response to that knowledge. She leaned toward him a little and stared at him with her big green eyes.
“Can I lay on you, Troy?” Troy felt as if he was going to have a heart attack. He needed to calm down. He needed to get his erection down.
“What? No, you can’t lay on me. Go to bed if you’re tired,” he growled, turning away from her. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as she got up and headed out of the room. He had to wait just a few more minutes. Then she would be out. Then he could do what he desperately needed. He felt his erection pulse. He could hardly wait. He forced himself to remain in the living room, flipping though the channels with no interest until his parents came in to tell him they were going to bed.

Troy got up from the couch, turning the television and then the light off as he headed to his sister’s room. He opened her door and glanced around. Her room was pink, for the most part and she had random posters of bands or movies she enjoyed. He shut the door behind him, knowing that Samantha wouldn’t wake up so he didn’t shut the door too gently. He moved to the bed, only pausing once to take his shirt off. He knelt down on the bed and opened the blanket she had wrapped around her self. She was wearing a dark tank top and shorts. Troy felt things in him churn. She looked like an angel with her black hair spread out all over her white pillow. He settled down and his heart was pounding so hard that he thought it would fall out of his chest.

Gently, he reached out and touched her cheek. She didn’t even move. His body heated with all the things he wanted to do to her. He leaned forward so that his torso was hovering over hers. He leaned down and let his mouth cover hers. He slid his tongue into her mouth even though she wasn’t going to respond. He brought his dominate hand, his left hand, up to grip her jaw as he kissed her. He wanted to take his time, but he knew that he needed sleep too. He pulled back and let his left hand slide from her face down her upper body to grip the bottom of her tank top. He pulled it off, exposing her white lace bra. He felt his mouth go dry. He searched for a clasp to take off her bra and he found it in the front. He used his index finger and his thumb to squeeze the clasp open. With careful hands, he pulled the bra off of her arms. Her breasts were now freed and Troy felt his erection jerk. He was so excited. He got off the bed to go to her door and lock it. Then, as he walked back to the bed, he unbuttoned his jeans.

“Oh, Sam, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” he whispered to her sleeping form. He sat back down on the bed without pulling himself out. He brought his left hand up and began to massage her right breast. The soft flesh under his rough hand felt heavenly. He bit back a moan. He brought his right hand up and grabbed her left breast. He pulled at her nipples roughly, secretly hoping to mark her in some way so that she’d know he had taken her in the night. He leaned down as his hands worked on her breasts, he leaned down and captivated her mouth again. He nibbled on her lower lip and he felt the need to come. He stood up and pulled himself out of his jeans, his massive erection pulsing.

He glanced around the room for something to clean up his come after he finished and saw only his shirt. He shook his head and straddled her stomach. That put his erection in between her perfect breasts. He grasped both of her breasts and pushed them against his throbbing cock and he thrust his hips forward. He pulled back and the friction in his cock building up. He let go of her breasts to grip his hard cock and he began stroking it, fast. After a few quick jerks, he came all over her chest and a little on her neck. Breathing heavy, he looked down and realized his erection was still hard as steel. He backed off of her and carefully tucked his erection into his jeans and zipped them up. He decided that he was going to leave the come on her chest until he was completely finished with her. He loved the sight of her covered with his come. He sat back down on the edge of the bed and grasped the edge of her shorts and panties and pulled them down and off. He felt as if the breath was knocked out of him at the sight of her pussy. She had sparse black Ankara Escort curly hair on her pussy and he loved it. He leaned forward and touched the soft curling hair.

Troy brought his hand away from her pussy long enough to put his index finger into his mouth to wet it. Then he brought his hand back down to her pussy and gently pushed his finger inside of her. Upon discovering that she was a virgin, Troy became even more excited. He was going to take her virginity. In a way, she would always be his and his alone, even if he never told her that he fucked her. With his free hand, he pushed her legs open and slid between them. He kept his left hand working a finger in and out of her now soaking wet pussy, careful to not take her virginity with his finger. Then he leaned down and gently placed his mouth directly onto her clit. He flicked his tongue over her a few times before removing his index finger. He replaced his index finger with his tongue, slowly circling the entrance to her soaking pussy before slipping his tongue in. He plunged his tongue into her over and over again. He knew she was dead asleep, so he pulled away from her and wiped his face clear of all her juices. He stood up and this time, he took his pants off. He was not wearing any underwear. He grasped his cock and stroked it a few times before kneeling on the edge of her bed by her head.

“Now, it’s time for you to return the favor, little sister,” Troy growled as he let go of his cock to grasp the back of her head. With his right hand, he pried her mouth open and was relieved to see that it remained open after his hand pulled back. He kept his left hand gripped onto the back of her neck and he lifted her up enough to guide the head of his cock into her wet mouth. He used his grip on her head to bob it up and down on his pulsating shaft. He kept forcing her head down onto him until her nose touched his pubic hair and he loved the way her throat tightened on the head of his cock. He’d pull back to the tip and circle his hips so that her tongue would press against different parts of his dick. He pushed his cock deep into her mouth, close to exploding. Then he pulled out of her mouth completely and tried to regain control.

He held his hands by his side as the feeling subsided. Then he crawled onto the bed between Samantha’s legs. He grabbed her hips with both hands and lifted her up enough for him to rub his cock against her wet pussy. He growled, loving the feeling of his cock against his sister’s pussy. Then he pulled back enough to grip his erection. He guided himself into her pussy. It was so tight. He groaned and pulled back a little. He glanced up at Samantha’s sleeping face. She was so beautiful. With that thought in his head, he slammed into her. He felt himself take her virginity and because she was unconscious, he knew she didn’t feel a thing. He kept moving, slamming into her as fast and as hard as he wanted to. He let go of her hips enough to roughly grab her breasts. He growled low in his throat as he felt the pressure building up. He pulled out of her and pushed off of the bed. He grabbed her legs and pulled her so that they were hanging off of her bed. Then, not caring if he hurt her, he rolled her over onto her stomach. He pulled her so that her bottom was hanging over the bed, facing him. He roughly grabbed her ass and massaged it, hoping to leave some bruises. As he massaged her ass, he found himself considering raping her ass too. He glanced down at this throbbing cock and he felt a smile forming. He felt dirty, but it felt so damn good.

He left her laying half on and half off of the bed to find some lotion that he knew she had. He found, on her dresser, some pink floral smelling lotion and decided that that would be better than nothing. He walked back over to the bed and squirted some of the pink liquid into his hand and then some onto Samantha’s ass. He rubbed the stuff in his hand over his cock and then the small amount on Samantha’s backside on her asshole. He massaged his hard cock a few more times before leveling himself so that his cock would enter her asshole. He placed the tip of his cock at her asshole and without caring, shoved into it. He moaned out loud and collapsed onto her a little. Her ass was so tight. He almost came in it. He straightened enough to allow himself to start fucking her. He hammered into her asshole, feeling the pressure build up, feeling the climax. He decided to come in her asshole. He tilted his head back as he slammed into her and closed his eyes, so close now. He reached forward and grabbed one of her breasts and pulled the nipple hard as he thrust his cock into her ass. As he started to come, he moaned and began to buck his hips faster. He came and his thrusts slowed until the last spurt of come leaked out of his cock. He pulled out and rolled her back over onto her back. He saw the come on her chest had dried and as he went around to the side of her bed to grab her arms, he hoped she would be very sore the next morning. He felt almost giddy at the fact that she wouldn’t know anything about this night.

He felt his erection stirring back to life. He pulled her so that her head hung off of the bed, upside down and he forced her mouth open with his left hand. He slid his now hard cock into her open mouth, using her mouth to get the remaining come off of his cock. He played with her tits as he fucked her mouth. He began to pant and moan as his climax built up. He pushed himself deep into her mouth and ground his hips against her face as he roughly pulled on both of her nipples. He pulled out of her mouth and held himself away from her. He calmly regained control and allowed his climax to die down. He went back to her and fixed her so that she was lying fully on her back in the center of her bed. He climbed between her legs again and laid down on top of her. He slid his hand between them and found her pussy was still wet. He slid two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her until his cock was impossibly hard. He pulled his fingers out and grasped his cock. He guided his cock into her and began to fuck her with as much abandon as he did when he fucked her ass. This time, his hips moved as fast and hard as they could. He slammed into her over and over again. He felt his climax building up and he leaned his head down to suck on one of her hardening nipples. He bit lightly as he slammed his cock into her wet pussy. He used one hand to play with her free breast as his mouth worked the other. He Çankaya Escort fucked her pussy hard and roughly, caring only of his own climax.

His orgasm hit hard and he came deep inside of her wi0th his hips bucking wildly. He pulled his mouth away from her tit long enough to moan, “Fuck, fuck, oh, fuck.” He collapsed onto her as his strength was nearly depleted from his last orgasm. He pulled out and laid beside her. He glanced at the time, it was only two in the morning and that wasn’t bad for coming into her room at 11:30 He knew he had a few more hours, so he allowed himself to fall asleep beside her.

When Troy woke up, it was four in the morning and he was hard as steel. He glanced at his naked sister, curled into a ball at his side and his cock pulsed. He pulled her so that she was lying on her back and he covered her with his long body. He slid his hips between her legs and not caring if she was wet or not, slid her cock into her. He gasped as he realized that she was wet. He moved his hips fast and he came quickly, deep inside of her. He pulled out and stood up beside the bed. He stared at his sister’s naked, used, sexed body and felt his dick hardening.

He wanted to do this every night. He firmly grabbed his cock and began to stroke it. He moved so that he was hovering over her breasts. He thought of everything he’d done to her so far as he masturbated. His hand moved faster on his hard cock and he quickly came all over her breasts and stomach. Just the sight of her covered in his come kept him harder than a rock.

Troy stared down at Samantha. He hadn’t come so much in one night in his life. He was so hot for her. He’d had practice on plenty of other women, but he wanted to fuck Samantha the most. He loved the girl, but more than a brotherly way. And now, his cock had gotten very familiar with every hole she had and he wasn’t going to not use them now that he finally got to. He wondered what he should do next. He knew he should go to his bedroom, but he wasn’t ready to leave his sex slave just yet. He moved forward and opened her mouth. He slid his hard cock into her mouth and began moving his hips. He thrust his cock into her mouth as deep as he wanted and fondled her breasts with his left hand. He kept thoughts of fucking her in his head as he fucked her mouth. He was close. He roughly played with both of her tits and then slid his hand lower. He had an idea. He pulled himself out of her mouth before he brought himself onto the bed. He put one knee on either side of her head and he leaned down so that his head was between her legs. He pushed her legs open and slid one hand between their bodies so that he could push his cock into her mouth. As he slid his cock deep into her mouth, he placed his mouth on her pussy. He slid his tongue into her pussy as he fucked her face. He pulled his tongue out to lick her clit as he pushed two fingers inside of her. He finger fucked her and licked her wet pussy as he fucked her mouth. He felt his climax building up. He pushed away from her, now focusing on himself. He pulled himself out and turned around.

He sat on her chest with his cock in her face. He grabbed his cock and he knew that he was just a few strokes away from coming. He gave himself a few firm jerks before he came all over her face. He even got some into her open mouth. He groaned as he emptied himself on her sleeping face. Once he finished, he pulled back to examine his work.

He was now finished. He pulled on his jeans and carefully tucked himself away. He thought about leaving the come on her face, but decided that that was too dangerous, so he cleaned most of it with his shirt. He put her clothes back on slowly. He made sure he touched every part of her body as he did so. He even ended up fingering her again. He pulled on her panties and her shorts. He knew she still had some come on her and she would be sore in the morning. He covered her up exactly the way he found her. He dropped a kiss to her nose and turned and left her bedroom, feeling extremely satisfied.

When Samantha opened her eyes, she had never felt so sore in her life. As she sat up, things she never even knew she had ached. Her bottom hurt the most. She groaned and stretched, that causing pain in itself. She winced and then got up. She left her blanket on the bed and headed out to the living room. Her older brother Troy was sitting on the couch. She didn’t see either of her parents, so she sat down carefully next to him.

She glanced at Troy. He was a handsome man. He was four years older than her and his black hair was wild, just like his personality. He had dark hazel eyes and a straight nose above his full sensual mouth. He was easily six foot three and he was muscular. She loved to look at Troy because he was so handsome.
He was so serious this morning.
“Troy? Can I ask you something?”
“What?” She thought he snapped at her. His hazel eyes were on her and she faltered. “I said what?”
“Do you think I sleep walk?” She thought she saw a flicker of triumph cross his handsome face, but it was gone as fast as it came.
“Why do you ask that?”
“I…uh…woke up really sore, Troy and I don’t know why.” Samantha felt her face turning read even though there was nothing embarrassing implied. Another faint flicker of triumph.
“I don’t think you are sleep walking, Sam.”
“Then why am I so sore?” She stared at him for a long time before he finally spoke.
“I don’t know, little bunny.” Troy got up and left her in the living room alone.

Samantha tried to move as little as possible and eventually, the soreness was too much. She took a pain pill just before dinner and all the pain faded away, but unfortunately, she was extremely out of it. She couldn’t eat dinner because she was afraid of the pills effects. Samantha sat on the couch while everyone ate and then after dinner, she got up to do dishes with Troy. Troy was already finished washing and was just waiting for her. She stumbled in and Troy caught her before she fell. She looked up into his eyes and they were inches away.
He’s so handsome. She thought. Oh good lord, where did that come from? She watched Troy’s slow smile.
“Thank you,” he said, his deep voice rumbling her.
“You said I’m handsome,” he whispered, pulling back. She blushed.
“I didn’t know I said it out loud,” she grumbled.
“It’s alright, Sam. It’s just me.” He turned around as she began to dry the small amount of dishes there were. When she was done, Escort Bayan she turned around to face Troy. She realized for the first time that he wasn’t wearing a shirt. She blushed and then went to where her prescriptions sat on the window. She grabbed the bottle that held her sleeping pills. She paused for a second, wondering if it was a good idea to take them. She poured the small blue pills into her hand and counted them. She only had five left. She sighed and put all but one pill back into its brown-orange container. She replaced the bottle at the window with the other medicine. She turned around to find a cup only to have Troy hand her a cup full of milk. He was smiling softly at her and she returned the smile as she tilted the cup to her mouth. She plopped the pill in and swallowed the milk and the pill. She placed the cup down onto counter top and with one last smile towards Troy, headed off to her bedroom.

When she got to her bedroom, she shut her door. She needed to put pajamas on, she thought groggily. She walked to her dresser and pulled out a nightgown she bought a while ago. She took off her tank top and shorts. She glanced at the nightgown again and took off her white lace bra. She pulled the light pink nightgown and it fell to her mid-thighs. Her spaghetti straps were a little loose and one always fell to bare her shoulder. She was getting drowsy. She turned off her light and sat down on her bed, reaching over to turn on the small lamp on her bed side table. She reached over and snatched her favorite book off of the same bed side table and leaned back on her bed. She opened her book to her favorite part and began to read. The next thing she knew, she was asleep.

Troy had a hard time containing himself all day. He had a raging hard-on when Samantha had come in asking if he knew why she was sore. He almost busted out with, “Yeah, I know why you’re sore. I fucked you in every way I ever dreamed of doing last night. And when you take more pills tonight, I’m going to fuck you even more.” He barely resisted. After the dishes, he paced his bedroom like a tiger, knowing that any minute she’d be out and he could go and use her in any way he liked. He sat down on his bed and pushed his sweats down enough to reveal his cock. It was hard as steel. He was so excited. He bit his lower lip and forced himself to put his erection back in his sweats. He stood up and opened the door. He could see that her door was shut, but there was a light on in there. He wondered if she was asleep yet and he was about to go in whether she was or not. He could pass off fucking her while she was drowsy as part of a dream. That thought excited him even more and he shut his door and headed to Samantha’s room.

He was slightly disappointed when he pushed the door open and she was asleep on her side with a book dangling from her hand loosely. He shut the door behind him. In the light, he could see that she was wearing a light pink thin nightgown. It was hiked up around her waist revealing dark pink panties and her long, tan gorgeous legs. One thin strap had fallen down her shoulder and he knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Troy stood by her bed and tried to decide what he was going to do to her first. He knelt down enough to grab her book. He closed it and placed it on the table beside her bed and pushed her over so that she was on her back. He grabbed the straps to her nightgown and pulled them down to bare her breasts. He reached forward with his left hand to roughly massage one of her tits. He bit back a growl and then pulled her nightgown completely off. He left her panties on, for the time being. After thinking, he pulled his sweats down a little and out came his cock. He gripped it and began to stroke it. He jerked on it fast and he reached down with his free hand to roughly massage her tit. After a few rough jerks on both her nipple and his cock, he came. He aimed so that he would come all over her face and chest. After letting out a loud groan, he pulled off her panties, revealing her pussy. His cock started to harden immediately. She had such a strange effect on him.

Troy tossed her panties over by the door, decided that this time, he was going to leave her panties off. He went to the dresser and grabbed her floral lotion. He brought it back with him and sat down on the edge of the bed. He opened the lotion bottle and poured some of the cold liquid into his hand. He lathered his cock up with the stuff. He groaned a little as he massaged it onto his cock, lubricating it. And then he glanced at his sister. He leaned over and picked her up into his arms. He pulled her into her lap so that she was straddling him. He pulled Samantha so that her pussy was pressed against his lower stomach and he reached around her to position his hard cock to the entrance to her small asshole. Her head was on his shoulder and her breasts and pussy was pressed against him. He thrust upward and moaned loudly at the feeling.
“Jesus Christ, Sam, you’re so fucking tight,” Troy growled as he pumped into her ass. He thrust into her hard and fast without care. He was focused on his own release and comfort. He lifted her up with his grip on her hips and slammed her back down onto his cock. He moved Samantha faster and harder on his dick until he felt the pressure building up. He leaned his head back and moaned. Her head was against his shoulder and as he fucked her ass, her head fell back a little and he used one hand to put her head back on his shoulder. He pulled her up to the tip and then slammed her back down on his cock just as he started to shoot his hot come into her asshole. He moaned and ground her against him as he came inside of her. He twisted enough to push her off of him. She landed sideways on her bed on her back so that her feet hung off the edge.

He was breathless and his erection had gone down. He wondered if he was losing interest in her. He stood up and turned around. The side of her on her back with her legs open made him hard again and he answered his own question. He walked around the bed and pulled her hair enough to get her head where it hung off the bed. Then he forced her mouth open and bent his knees. He slid his semi-hard cock into her mouth. He pulled out to the tip, loving the feeling of her mouth on his cock. He reached up and massaged her tits with both hands as he fucked her face. His hips moved as fast as he could and he moaned loudly enough to surprise himself.

The sound of her bedroom door opening surprised him enough that he fell back on his ass. He scrambled to pull his sweatpants up enough to cover his massive cock. Their father, Jason, stood in the doorway with a stern look on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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