Sandy Learns How To Beg

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The day has finally come. We are driving up to your friend’s house on the lake for the weekend. It being empty we will get to enjoy it on our own. The drive is nice and the stillness surrounds us as we leave the city and head to the country.

Looking over at Tom I smile, “I have been so looking forward to spending time alone with you. The weekend should be perfect.” Sliding closer I lean against your shoulder as you slip your arm around me. Silently we continue to drive. Unable to help myself I run my finger tips between the button holes on your shirt, feeling your skin and the bit of hair underneath, you lean down and kiss my forehead as I look up at you. It seems I want to be touching you all the time, I have trouble keeping my hands to myself but you don’t seem to mind, you indulge me. Unbuttoning a couple of the buttons I let my hand find it’s way inside, sliding over your chest and stomach feeling your muscles tighten and release as I do. Stretching up I kiss your neck and then nuzzle my head there content for the moment.

“There it is, Sandy,” you say as you point out the place as we turn down a lane. “It is the only one in the area, isolated and sits a good ways off the road.” Buttoning your shirt for you as you pull to a stop I give you a quick kiss and step out of the car.

Taking a deep breath, breathing in the peace of the place. Taking my hand we walk up to the house and then inside. Going into the living room the first thing I notice is the large windows looking out over the lake. The trees and rocky landscape making it picture perfect. Turning towards you I realize the view isn’t half as interesting as you are. I wrap my arms around your neck as yours slip around my waist pulling each other close.

I reach for your mouth but you slide past me, kissing my neck and top of my shoulders. You know the spot so well that I love and I laugh a soft, throaty chuckle at my immediate response. The one you knew you would get. As desire floods my eyes I feel my nipples getting hard, poking through my shirt wanting to feel you, your skin, your lips and tongue.

Laughing louder as you continue to drive me crazy I pull away from you and say “Not this time Tom,” smiling you raise your hands and say “What?” “I want to go swimming while the sun is still shining and there is plenty of time for that later, we have all weekend you know.” Picking up a suitcase I point to a room wondering if it is the bed room and you shake your head yes. You watch me walk away, my hips swaying, my legs exposed beneath my shorts.

When I get to the bedroom door rokettube porno I turn towards you and with a wicked grin I set the suitcase down and pull my top over my head baring my naked breasts, teasing you. Running my fingers up over my already hard nipples I half close my eyes and give you a little pout. The blood running out of your head you start to walk towards me but I pick the suitcase back up and go into the bedroom closing the door. I hear you on the other side grunting in frustration and I laugh to myself, “Oh yes this is going to be a wonderful weekend.”

Walking back out of the bedroom I see you are already outside by the lake. I make my way to the door and step out. You turn and see me framed there. My pink bikini highlighting my tan, the small pieces of fabric barely covering my nipples, the thin strip of cotton wrapping through my legs and over just a small portion of my ass. Moving towards you I stick my toes in the water realizing just how chilly it is.

“Wow,” I say, “this sure isn’t Florida, maybe I will just lay by the water instead of actually getting in.” Grinning at me you grab me around the legs and throw me over your shoulder and walk into the water throwing us both in. Figuring since I am already wet I might as well stay in for a bit, we swim for a while until you point out that my lips are turning blue. “Yes it is past time to get out Tom you’re a bit blue around the edges as well.” You watch me walk out of the lake, the water streaming down my body as I make my way to the towels you had brought out with you. Laying down I stretch out letting the sun warm my chilly flesh. You join me on the other towel and we lay there talking until the cool breeze and warm sun lull us both to sleep.

Waking up first you look at me, watching me sleep, you smile and run your fingers up my thigh, the palm of your hand over my stomach and then to my bikini top, untying it, moving it way from my breasts. Reaching down you flick your tongue over my nipple watching it respond even in my sleep when a wicked idea comes to your mind. Wanting to pay me back for my earlier teasing you take my bikini top and tie both of my hands together lifting them over my head. Moving lower you untie my bottoms on either side of my hips, slipping them off to use them to tie my hands to the post of the sand volleyball net that is behind my head. Waking up I ask you, “What do you think you are doing?” and you laugh saying “I just want to hear you beg me to take you.”

“Oh that will be the day,” smiling at you, “now untie me.” You just laugh rus porno and run your hand slowly down my naked body. Your mouth finding my breasts again, sucking my nipples into your mouth as your hand traces circles over the inside of my thighs. Moaning softly I say, “someone could see us, what if one of your neighbors comes over Tom?” “Don’t worry Sandy there isn’t anyone for miles.” “Well that’s good but I am still not going to beg you.” You just smile and say, “we will see about that.”

Your hand comes back up to my breasts, cupping them with one hand pinching my nipple between your finger and thumb as you continue to lick the other your tongue moving it from side to side then moving up to nibble on my neck before you take it in your mouth again. My back arching towards you, my hips start to move despite the fact I told myself I wasn’t going to let you win this little game. You reach up and kiss me, your tongue tracing the outline of mine before you slide it past my lips as your hand glides over my hips, cupping my ass. You feel my soft moans in your mouth, as your tongue swirls around mine, sucking on the tip. My legs open a bit as your fingers make their way down my body. You brush the outside of my lips causing my hips to rise off the ground. Your finger slips through and you feel my wetness and you smile to yourself. Finding my clit you rub your finger over it just barely touching it as your mouth begins to make it’s way down my body.

Your hands on my hips you ask, “Open your legs for me Sandy,” I do and your run your tongue over me from the bottom to the top of my lips. Gasping I almost come off the ground. I ask, “Please untie me, I want to touch you so badly.” “No,” you say, “you know what you have to do first and then I will.” I tell you, “I am not going to beg you Tom.” And you laugh. Your fingers pull open my pussy lips and your tongue flicks over my clit causing me to squirm under you. Licking faster you hear my responding quickening breath. Sliding a finger into me almost takes me over the edge as you move it in and out. Recognizing that fact you stop, moving away.

My eyes fly open and I look at you, you cock an eyebrow and I close my mouth. Moving up between my legs you run your tongue over my nipples again. I can feel your cock hard in your trucks, pressed against me and I can’t stop myself from grinding my hips into you, wanting you inside of me. Leaning down you run your wet finger over my lips, tracing the outline of them. My tongue darts out tasting myself. The weight of your body and your cock grinding into my pussy is driving russian porno me crazy. You move your hips increasing the sensation. My legs come up around you, encircling you, trying to pull you to me.

Laughing you stick your finger in my mouth, telling me, “Suck it,” as you watch the smoldering look of desire on my face. Every feature crying out, begging you to take me, but my mouth stays closed and I say nothing. Sliding your finger out of my mouth you bring it to my nipple, flicking it and then blowing on it hearing me groan in pleasure. Standing up you slide your trunks off. Your hand goes immediately to your cock. Stroking yourself as you straddle me one hand sliding over the shaft as the other cups your balls. Watching you I lick my lips. My body squirming wanting to feel you again wishing I could be the one touching you with my hands and mouth.

Leaning down you take the head of your cock and run it up through my pussy lips and over my clit. I moan loudly. Moving up my body you slide the tip of your cock up to my lips, running it over my mouth as my tongue flicks out to taste you. Sucking the head into my mouth your hips moving back and forth slightly slipping you deeper into my mouth. “God Sandy your mouth feels so good on my cock,” you moan. Enjoying the feel and taste of you I lift my head to take all of you feeling your cock hit the back of my throat as my soft lips surround you. Seeing how I am enjoying this you move back, sliding down my body your cock in your hand trailing it over my nipples, between my breasts and lower until you find my clit again rubbing it with the underside of your shaft.

Quivering almost out of my mind you slip the head inside of my wet, throbbing pussy. I almost pass out from the sensation. Pulling out again your run your cock up the slit of my lips and then move away from me. The blood pounding in my ears as my breath catches without thinking, mindless, I say, “If you don’t fuck me now Tom I will die.” Smiling you say, “I’m sorry Sandy I don’t think I quite heard that.”

Realizing what I just said I chuckle and say “Okay you win, please take me now, I need you inside of me I am begging you.” Reaching down you grab my hips and slide into me in one long stroke. I almost scream as you do. Lifting my legs over your shoulders as you pound inside of me your thrusts becoming faster, deeper as I cum around you covering your cock in my juice. With one last stroke you shoot your cum deep inside of me as I contract around you, holding you tight.

Both exhausted you fall on top of me. Still inside of me you untie my hands and I wrap my arms around you. Kissing you deeply as you continue to fill me tracing the outline of my face with your fingertips you smile and say, “I told you I would make you beg.” Laughing I say, “Yes you certainly did, want to do it again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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