Sandy’s New Self Ch. 07

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


All that week the family’s life was normal with the exception of Sandy and Ashley sneaking off to fuck as often as possible and Dave had started sleeping on the recliner in his study. All the guys had plans for that weekend with friends. Dave was going on a golf retreat, Mike was going camping at the lake about an hour away, and Peter was staying over with his best friend were they had plans to have a 48 hour game marathon.

Friday one by one the guys said their good byes. As soon as the last of the guys had left for their weekend plans Ashley and Sandy were all over each other. After a few minutes of making out Ashley pulls away, “Mom wait.”

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Nothing is wrong mom, but I do have a surprise for you.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes so please stay right here,” Ash takes her mother’s hands and puts them over her eyes, “just like that while I go get it, and no peeking.”

“Yes ma’am,” Sandy smiles behind her hands. She quietly sits there for nearly ten minutes before she hears Ashley coming down the stairs.

“Ok mom you can look now,” Sandy uncovers her eyes and gasps at what she sees, “what do you think mom?”

Standing in front of her is her teen daughter completely nude with a huge cock where her pussy should be. It takes her a second to realize that what she is seeing is a strap-on not a real cock, “What!? Where in the world did you get that?”

I bought it at that adult toy store out by the interstate when i heard we would have the whole weekend to ourselves,” Ashley grabs her new cock and waves it in her mother’s face, “Well, what do you think?”

“It’s… well…,” she stammers as she looks over the 8 inch cock jutting out of her little girl’s crotch, “wow I don’t know what to say, it’s… so big.”

“That’s why I bought this one, I figured after all those years of daddy’s tiny little dick you might enjoy something on the larger side.”

“Wow baby this is the strangest but one of the best gifts you ever gotten me.”

“I’m glad you like it, now mommy why don’t you loose those clothes and I’ll really give it to you.”

“You don’t need to tell me twice,” Sandy laughed as she jumped off the couch and started pulling off her clothes. Once nude she stands in front of her daughter, “So baby how do you want mommy?”

Ashley gives her mom a little shove making her fall back on the couch, she grabbed both Sandy’s legs and lifted them onto her shoulders. Ashley grabbed the base of her cock and rubbed the head over Sandy’s pussy lips until she was nice and wet, “You ready for your first big cock mommy?”

“Oh god yes baby fuck mommy… please give mommy your cock… I need to get fucked baby.”

Ashley slowly pushed the thick head into her mother’s dripping pussy, which brought a deep moan from Sandy. For several minutes Ashley slowly fucked Sandy with just the first few inches letting her get used to the thickness of her strap-on. Once Sandy was accustomed to the fake cock Ashley began working more and more of it into her pussy slowly building up speed. About ten minutes after they started Ashley was pounding her mother’s wet pussy.

In no time at all Sandy had her first orgasm of the day as Ashley’s big cock slammed in and out of her gushing pussy. Once Sandy’s orgasm peaked Ashley slows her thrusts and leans down to kiss her mother, Sandy just holds her little girl as their bodies press together. Not breaking their kiss Ashley starts thrusting harder and faster, their moans and the sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the house. After Sandy’s second orgasm Ashley collapsed onto her mother, her strap-on still deep in her pussy, as they both gasped trying to catch their breath, “So *pant* mom *pant* did *pant* you *pant* enjoy *pant* your *pant* first *pant* big *pant* cock?”

Sandy just smiled up at her and nodded, after they had caught their breath Sandy asked, “So do you think you’re up to do that again?”

“I will be but right now it’s your turn,” Ashley told her as she pulled the fake cock from her mother’s pussy.

“What do you mean my turn?”

Ashley climbed off her mother, stood up and started to take the harness off, “I mean it is your turn to have a cock for awhile and use it on me.”

Ashley had to help Sandy get the harness correctly on, once everything was in place Ashley dropped onto her hands and knees in the doggy position on the floor and looked over her shoulder, “Come on my take me from behind.”

Sandy knelt behind her daughter and slowly worked the fake cock into her pussy. It took a few minutes for Sandy to get used to Bayan Eskort being the one with the cock but once she did she really gave it to Ashley. Sandy held Ashley by her hips as she thrust hard into her dripping pussy.

As she watched her daughters ass bounce back onto her artificial cock she remember something from their first time together and gave that sexy ass a nice hard swat.


“I thought you said you wanted your mommy to give her naughty little girl a spanking,” she teased as she gave her two more hard slaps to the ass, with each smack to her bouncing ass Ashley let out with a loud moan. For nearly half an hour Sandy fucked he daughter from behind, every so often delivering a nice smack to the ass. Ashley lost track of the amount of orgasm she had because after number six or seven they were no longer separate highs and lows but one long ebbing orgasm.

All that pleasure finally was just too much for Ashley and she had to tell her mother to stop and they both collapsed onto the floor. Snuggled up with each other they were soon fast asleep in each other’s arms. Several hours later they woke up and made themselves some food, after eating they retired to Sandy’s bedroom were they spent the rest of the day and the night.

The next morning Sandy woke up with Ashley between her legs lapping away at her pussy like a starving man getting his first meal in days. They spent the next several hours pleasuring each other until Ashley passed out from all the pleasure. Sandy got out of bed to use the bathroom and looked at her sweet little girl asleep in her bed almost like she had when she got scared as a little girl and climbed in next to her mother. Sandy kissed her on the cheek and tucked her in, then went downstairs.

Since no one was home she didn’t even bother with putting on her robe and just went naked to the kitchen. She and Ashley had not eaten, not counting each other, since lunch the day before and they had worked up quiet an appetite. She started getting things ready to make them a large breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and orange juice.

She saw the bananas on the counter next to her and remembered Ashley’s little show of sucking it like a cock and she laughed. As she continued cooking she kept looking back at the bananas. And before she knew it she was holding one in her hand and peeling it. She put it to her mouth then pulled it away thinking she was being childish.

But then she thought about how her husband who had never let her give him head even though she really wanted to try it. She started sucking on the tip lightly then took it as deep as she could until she gagged. She did this over and over never getting more than just a few inches. Finally gave up and ate it like normal, but made a mental note to have her daughter give her some pointers.

She put the food on the stove and let it cook. But quickly she found out making bacon in the nude wasn’t the best idea as it bubbled and popped sending burning drops of hot grease up on her belly and tits. She grabbed her apron and tied it around her covering her front.

And that’s how she was standing at the stove with her ass on full display when Mike came in through the back door, “Holy fuck mom! What are you doing?”

“Mike!” She shouted as she jumped and turned around hiding her ass, “What are you doing here?”

“It was raining so we came home,” he said as he looked at his mom in only an apron that barely hid her tits, “but that is not the point, why are you in the kitchen naked?”

Before she could answer though they heard Ashley coming down the stairs, “Mom I smell bacon. I’m starving.” Ashley bounced into the kitchen completely naked. “Wow mom you look really sexy in just an apron,” she said then gave Sandy a deep kiss. Sandy didn’t kiss back, “Mom what’s wrong?” Then she turned around to see Mike standing there eyes nearly popping out of his head, jaw dropping to the floor, and a huge bulge in the front of his jeans. “AAA!! Oh god Mike,” she screamed as she tried to cover herself.

Mike just stammered, looking from his mom then to his sister back and forth. He finally got past his shock, “Mom, Ash what the fuck is going on? I come home to find mom at the stove cooking wearing only her apron then my little sitter comes down and is butt ass naked. And then to top it all off you kiss mom and not a mother/daughter kind of kiss. No that was a lover’s kiss. So please tell me what the fuck?”

“Well son for a week now we have been lovers. Last Sunday when you walked in my room to say you got pizza before I walked out of the closet we were on the floor licking each others pussies.”

“What? How? When?” Anadolu Yakası Escort Mike asked the words leaving his mouth so fast it was just one word.

“That was the first day. Our first time was… well in the changing room at the mall.”

“I don’t know what to say. You’re family,” Mike shouted.

“Oh really that didn’t seem to matter that day when you and Peter were talking about how hot I was,” Sandy said with a wicked grin. “Yes we heard that and that we were the two girls you two wanted to see naked together.”

“Yeah Mike you wanted to see us now you have and the fact we’re your family doesn’t seem to matter to your cock,” Ashley said pointing at his crotch.

“Well I… its just…” he stammered.

“Mike, Ashley and I spent all last night and this morning fucking and need something to eat besides pussy. So we are going to sit at that table and eat our food. You can join us or not, its up to you,” Sandy said as she took off her apron and started getting herself some food.

Mike just stood there stunned as he watched his mom and sister get food and sit at the table. They ate and talked like it was any normal day.

“Sweetie don’t just stand there staring its not nice, sit down and eat.”

He moved on reflex getting food and sitting at his regular spot at the table. “Mom do you really expect me to just act like this is all normal?”

“Mike sweetie you can do what you want. Your dad was the only person I had been with before Ashley and even at the peak of our sex life it was horrible and I’m done with it. All your dad wants to do is jerk off to porn of men abusing girls while pretending to be their dads, well I’m actually fucking our daughter and I love it. And I’m not stopping with her either, I plan on making up for the years of great sex I’ve missed out on.”

“Ok leave dad’s sorry ass fine but why your daughter?” Mike nearly shouts.

“I didn’t plan on this. It just happened. Without really knowing it your sister brought my slutty side to the light for the first time in my life,” she turns to Ashley, “And baby the next thing I would like is if you’d help me to properly learn how to suck cock so I can deep throat my future lovers.”

“Of course mom I’d be happy to but it be easier to teach you on a real cock instead of one of our toys.”

“I figured you’d say that and I think I know the perfect guy if he’s game. What do you say son want to be the first cock your mother ever sucks?”

Mike nearly choked on the food in his mouth, after he stops coughing, “Mom are you fucking serious? Did you really just ask to suck my cock?”

Instead of answering she just smiled at him, then disappeared under the table. He felt her hands on his knees and slowly slide up his thighs. When she reached his cock he jumped pushing his chair back. Ashley started laughing, “Wait is this some weird joke you two thought up?”

“How could it be stupid? Mom and me didn’t even know you’d be home.”

“Son this is all real I want you to be another one of my lovers and from what I just felt I think I’m going to enjoy it. Now sit back down and let mommy suck that big cock of yours. Ashley get down here too so you can help me.”

“What do you say big brother do you want your baby sister and mommy naked and on their knees for you?” Ashley giggled as she knelt down by her mom. She just watched as Sandy undid Mike’s pants, but what is revealed shocked her.

“Holy shit Mike,” both women gasp as his 10 inch cock popped out of his boxers.

“Damn Mike I should call you huge brother. That’s the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in person.”

“Wow,” Sandy panted, “Mike sweetie compared to you your dad has a baby dick. I hope I don’t choke to death on that monster. And I can’t wait to feel a real cock in my pussy,” and licked his head, “Now let mommy know if she’s doing alright.”

At first she just softly kissed up and down his cock then took the head into her mouth. She enjoyed feeling how it feels, she swirls her tongue around the head as she slowly started bobbing her head.

With each move she goes a little deeper and deeper, but she gags when she tries to take more than the first four inches. As she sucks what she can she jerks off the rest. She speeds up as she hears Mike moaning, but as he gets close to cumming she stops.

“Oh god mom, don’t stop now,” he whines sounding like a little boy.

“Don’t worry baby mommy will make you cum but first I want to try to take more of you. Ashley I can’t get any more without gagging. And I want it all down my throat.”

“Mom no girl has ever taken all of me, and few do better than you just did.”

“Well big brother Pendik Escort have you had me suck you yet,” Ashley said as she started stroking him, “Mom scoot over and watch me for a minute.” Ashley took her mom’s place and started sucking her brother.

She started slow, only taking the first few inches. With each bob of her head she sped up and took more. She pulled off and looked at her mom, “Ok mom to take it in your throat first you have to relax your throat, and it helps to have your tongue out a little like this, and tilt your head the angle differs depending on how you both are, the man’s thickness, and so on, you’ll figure it out as you go along. Oh and guys love it when you make eye contact as you suck them.” She took him back in her mouth and in one move took nearly all of him down her throat.

“Holy shit sis that’s deeper than anyone’s ever gotten.” She just winked at him as she pulled off him slowly until just the head is in her mouth. Then back down then up and soon she’s bobbing on most his cock. She pushed herself to take a little more every few bobs.

Mike moaned as he gets the best blow job of his life. She looked him in the eyes and forced his cock down her throat until her chin is resting on his balls then pulled completely off him with a load pop. “Holy fucking shit sis! I can’t believe you just took my whole fucking cock down your throat. That was so fucking hot. And you give one fan-fucking-tastic blow job, but why’d you stop?”

“Don’t worry big brother I plan to suck on this big boy as often as possible, but this time is about mom. And mom it’s your turn now show your kids how you can suck cock.”

“My pleasure and a little Mike’s,” she giggled. She started sucking as much as before and slowly tried more but still gaged.

“Here mom,” Ashley tilted her mom’s head a little, “and relax.” She moved down his cock slowly and when he reached her throat she pushed more. She gagged a little but fought through it and soon felt his head enter her throat.

She pulled off and gasped a little, “Oh god I did it, wow,” she panted. She goes back to sucking, with each bob she takes the head of his cock into her throat only gagging a little the first few times then does it with ease.

She takes him that far and stops holding him there for a few seconds then presses down. Very slowly his cock goes deeper and deeper down her throat. But as she nearly reached the base she had to pull off, gasping for breath she kneels there smiling up at her son.

“God mom that was so great.”

“Not bad for an oral virgin eh?”

“There was nothing bad about that.”

“So who’s better me or Ash?” He stutters not really forming words until both women start laughing, “Oh calm down son I know Ash is better right now but trust me I plan on practicing often. But I’m not done with you yet.”

She was soon sucking her son again. She took more than half his cock every time and jerked what she couldn’t get down her throat, with her other hand rubbing her clit. Ashley didn’t want to be left out so she took Mike’s hands and put one on her tit and the other on their mom’s. They continued like this for the next five minutes.

“Oh shit mom I’m going to cum,” Mike groaned. She pulled off and just jerked his cock. Ashley moved closer to their mom and helped jerk his beast until with a load grunt he came. The first shot blasted out onto Sandy’s face were it landed in a long thick rope from her chin to her forehead. Ashley aimed the second shot at her face where an equally large rope splashed across her face. The next few shots came out with less force and covered their tits. And as he slowed and it just ran down his cock and their hands they each gave him a hard suck.

As he caught his breath he watched as his mom and sister licked his cum off each other. “Holy fuck that was the best thing I’ve ever felt. Thank you both so much.”

“No son thank you,” Sandy said as she licked another drop of cum off Ash’s right breast. “I’m so glad you didn’t freak out too much when you found out about us. And I hope we’ll do this again.”

“I’m yours when either of you want me,” Mike said with a huge grin.

“Oh I think you’re going to be busy.”

“Mom I hope so,” he looked at Ashley who seemed lost in thought, “Sis are you ok? Please don’t tell me I just ruined our relationship.”

She smiled up at him, “No of course you didn’t I loved it and have wanted to do that for a while now.”

Sandy hugged her daughter to her, “You sure everything is ok? You seemed distracted just now.”

“No both of you I’m fine its just…,” she bit her lip and blushed a little.

“Just what sis?” Mike asked some what worried.

“I was thinking if maybe something I’ve wanted for years might happen.”

“What’s that,” Sandy asked, “you know both of us are here for you.”

“That’s right sis.”

“Ok,” she stood up and looked him in the eyes, “Mike will you be the first man to fuck me?”

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