Sarah, My Younger Sister

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Warnings: There is a passing reference to lesbian sex in this story. Also, there is brief reference to anal sex. All characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


My first year of college over, I looked forward to coming home. I was exhausted. I had saved too much work to the end, and I had stayed up all night cramming for too many nights. I’m amazed I did not get sick from my sleep deprivation and bad eating habits, but I’m lucky that way.

Worse, a month earlier I had broken up with my girlfriend of freshman year. We had had a weird fight: she had accused me of cheating on her with one of her friends, but I was innocent, and nothing I could say or do would convince her otherwise, and she simply refused to see me anymore. So, I was depressed and alone. She was also the only girl I had ever slept with, and now I really missed the sex. I was horny, to boot.

I was a mess, but at least I was home, with my mother’s wonderful cooking, my parents wide screen TV, my comfortable old bed, and the hammock in the back yard. Except for the lack of girls, it was perfection itself. Then my sister appeared.

Since my college was all the way across the country, I had not been home for nine months, not even at Christmas, when I was with my girlfriend and we went down to Florida. At the time, I thought she was my true love. So, I had not seen my younger sister for nine months, and now I saw her with different eyes. I saw her with the eyes of a lecherous college man. She had just graduated high school, being a year younger than I.

Well let me tell you, she had matured into quite a looker. She has an hourglass figure and nice, perfectly sized boobs. She had always had a pretty face, and now it had matured a bit to be, quite simply, stunning. She must have to fight off the boys, I thought to myself. Sure enough, she had a steady boyfriend, the third one of her senior year.

My sister and I had always been close. We liked to talk, and to share our experiences with each other, and to play all sorts of board games, card games, and video games with each other. It was nice to have a built-in playmate as we grew up. Nothing was ever sexual, but now I could not help but notice that she had become a bombshell.

Her attire helped me to notice. She was wearing Daisy Dukes and a halter top, with no bra. Wow. She was practically bathing me in pheromones. Or maybe it was perfume. Anyway, I was mentally saying “down boy” to the forbidden reaction happening within my pants.

A few days after I got home, my sister told me she needed to ask me for a favor. I told her sure, I’d be happy to help out. What did she need?

“Well Kyle,” she began, “I have a girlfriend Susie. Maybe you remember her?”

“Of course, I do. She used to be your best friend. Maybe she still is? She is a little sweetheart, as I recall. How is she?” I asked.

“Oh, in general she is doing well, real well. In fact, she will be joining you at Yale next year, as a freshman,” Sarah said. “You’ve always known how smart she is, right?”

“That I have, Sarah, that I have,” I replied. “That’s impressive, getting into Yale. I know I did it, too, but it’s still impressive.”

“Yeah, it is. But I wonder if you could help out?”

“Sure, Sis. I’ll be happy to give her a talk about Yale, and show her around in the fall. No problem,” I said, assuming I knew what my sister Sarah was asking. I was wrong.

“That would be nice, I’m sure. But I want to ask something else,” Sarah said, rather hesitantly.

“Sure. Shoot,” I said.

“Susie has never dated. Not even once. Not a single boy has ever asked her out. It’s getting to her, and I think she’s depressed about it. She’s never even kissed a boy who was not a relative, or been felt up, nothing,” Sarah said.

I was surprised Sarah would talk about kissing and especially being felt up with me, but I understood. She had always cared for Susie, and she had always been protective of Susie, who is a shy girl, as I recalled. I said nothing, I just waited for Sarah to continue.

“Okay, Kyle, here it is: Will you ask Susie out on a date? If you like, you and Susie can double date, with my boyfriend Jonathan and me? In fact, a double date would be perfect. I’d be forever grateful. I know you would treat her well, and make her feel sexy, like a girl should. Let me show you a picture of her now,” my cute little match making sister said.

“I know what Susie looks like, Sis. I do have a memory, you know,” I said.

“She’s changed,” Sarah said. Sarah turned to her computer and called up a photo. Susie had also blossomed during her senior year, and she was now built like a brick shithouse. She had big boobs, a tiny waist, long and shapely legs. She had always had a pretty face, but her lips were now pouty, her eyelashes long, and she was wearing long dangle earrings that framed her face. Her chestnut colored hair came to her shoulders and was healthy and luscious.

“Jesus, Sarah. In the last year, Susie Maltepe Escort has really blossomed!” I did not add that Susie had blossomed into womanhood analogous to Sarah herself. I figured she was already well aware of how hot she looked. “She looks ravishing in that picture. She’s really never been out with a boy?”

“Nope. She is very shy, remember?” Sarah said. “Also, I think the boys are intimidated by her smarts. Boys like to feel a little superior to their girls, don’t you think?”

“Why would she want to go out with me?” I asked. I ignored her question about the desire of men to feel superior to their women. It was certainly true in my case.

“You don’t know, do you, Kyle?”

“No, I don’t,” I said.

“She’s had a crush on you since she and I were 14 or so. Plus, you’re my brother, and you will be nice and respectful with her, knowing she’s my best friend. Right?”

“You betcha,” I said, in my best imitation of a Sarah Palin accent. This was not lost on my sister, who threw a pillow at me.

So later that day, Sarah arranged to meet Susie at the local Starbucks, and I just happened to drop by 20 minutes later, and quite naturally joined their table. I was star struck. I could not decide which girl looked more gorgeous: Susie or my sister? Well, my sister is taboo, so I concentrated on Susie.

I should explain. I have long had a breast fetish. I love boobs. I crave them. If I go out with a girl and get her bra off, I am in heaven. I do not even need to have sex, unless it’s clear the girl wants it, and then of course I am happy to oblige. I try to be polite, after all. But what I really want is to see their boobs, to feel them, to gently squeeze them, to tickle their nipples, and just to admire them.

I’m convinced girls do not understand this, and if I told them I could be revealed as a pervert, a creep, and a weirdo. So I keep it to myself. Somehow however, I think my sister knows. I suspect she managed to get into my computer and well, if she did, then she must know of my obsession. Anyway, both Sarah and Susie were wearing low cut blouses and push-up bras. I was practically drooling.

We got to talking about movies, and it turns out none of us had seen the new hot movie. I suggested that the three of us go to it together. “Sarah, you can see if Jonathan wants to join?” I asked.

“You mean kind of like a double date?” Sarah asked, knowing full well the answer. We had planned all of this, Sarah and I.

“Not kind of like one. It will be one. Susie, would you be my date tonight?” I asked, looking directly into Susie’s blue eyes, that contained within them a kaleidoscope of colors. “Would you like to go to dinner first? I hear there’s a new Thai restaurant in town?”

Susie looked down at the table, staring at her coffee. She mumbled something. I did not hear. I reached over to Susie, put a finger under her chin and gently raised her face. “Susie,” I gently said, “You are not just a sweet girl as you always have been, but now you are a beautiful woman. It would be my honor and my pleasure to have you on my arm tonight. Please come on this date with me, won’t you?”

My finger stayed under Susie’s chin, forcing her to look at me. Tiny tears formed at her eyes. She could not speak. She nodded her head. It was an imperceptible nod.

“Great!” I said, a bit too loudly. “It’s settled then. I’ll pick you up at 5pm, we’ll have an early dinner, and then go to the movie. Sarah, you can ask Jonathan if he would like to join us, okay?”

I left Starbucks shortly after the details were arranged, and the two girls were happily talking and giggling. I looked back at the two most gorgeous girls I had ever seen. Jonathan was one hell of a lucky guy to get a girl like my sister. She was a prize. But then, so was Susie.

Later that evening when I went to Susie’s home to pick her up, I got a shock. She was wearing a diaphanous blouse, with pockets over where her nipples must be, and no bra! My God, it was tantalizing. I was struck speechless. Susie shyly smiled at me.

I managed to say, “Susie, you look beautiful.”

“Thank you, Kyle. You clean up nice, too,” Susie said. I took her hand and led her to my car.

“I know this is inappropriate, Susie; too much, too soon. But you look just too, too pretty. May I kiss you now?” I said.

Susie paused for a minute. She was shaking a bit with nervousness. Then she said words I probably will never forget, “Yes, please do.” I knew from what my sister had told me, that this was to be her first kiss. I gently held her head in my two hands and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Her lips were open! I opened mine, and our tongues became friends, and I had the best kiss of my life. It was not just the best kiss, but it was also the sexiest kiss. There was no way this could have been her first kiss ever. What was my sister up to? I was hard as a rock when it was over.

I took Susie in my arms and hugged her, feeling her boobs Anadolu Yakası Escort crush against my chest, while she ground her abdomen up against my erection. Susie’s arms went up and around my neck in a gesture that seemed natural and automatic. This was definitely not Susie’s first time!

What had Sarah said? What were her exact words? Has she said something like Susie had never kissed a boy “who was not a relative?” I assumed she kissed her father, her brother, maybe her cousins, on the cheek, as I did with my mother, my sister, and my girl cousins. But could my sister have meant something else? If so, she sure hid it well.

Susie was not behaving like a girl on a first date. But Sarah swore up and down it was her first date ever. I was loving it. Don’t overthink this, I told myself. But I did not listen to myself.

Susie had a brother Craig my age. I had never been close to him, but suddenly it all fit. She clearly has sexual experience and knowledge. If Sarah was truthful, and she always is, it is just not from dating. My guess: It was from her brother. After all, what brother could resist such a sexpot as Susie had become? I know I would not have been able to.

Then I thought of my own sister Susie. Well, there was doubtless no need for me to educate her about sex! She had boyfriends coming out of her ears. She had a sequence of three just during the last year.

Her current boyfriend Jonathan had nixed the new Thai place: he does not like Thai food, nor foreign food in general. But he does not consider Mexican food to be foreign. Well, it takes all kinds. We went out for Mexican food. We sat in a booth.

I was next to Susie, and I do mean right next to Susie. She could not have closer to me. Sarah’s boobs — I mean Sarah — was directly across from me. It took me two, maybe three milliseconds to realize she too was not wearing a bra. The girls had coordinated. This had to be because of my boob fetish. As if to emphasize the freedom of her boobs, Sarah wore a very low V cut T shirt. It’s the type of T shirt that falls off one shoulder. As it fell of her shoulder I could see some luscious, pink, boob flesh right across from me.

I was ready to get lost in my fantasies of my sister’s wonderful boobs, but Susie had other ideas. It was hot, so I was wearing shorts, from Brooks Brothers. They were nice shorts: I did not look like a disrespectful jerk. But they were shorts, meaning Susie could — should she want to — put her hand on my bare thigh. Apparently, that is exactly what she wanted to do. As we sat there her sweet, small hand was caressing my thigh.

Sarah was wearing a short skirt, and Jonathan had one hand under the table, and I just knew wear it was going. I was not sure how I felt about that: This anti-Thai-food jerk was molesting my precious little sister. I had to admit it to myself: I was feeling protective. Okay, to be honest, I was feeling jealous. That’s sick, I told myself. You cannot be jealous of a boy with your sister! Sarah can take care of herself. It’s not my job.

Instead I concentrated on Susie. I turned to my right to look at her, and she looked right back at me with those amazing eyes. Her hand squeezed my thigh. I scooted even closer to her, and I put my arm around her. She audibly sighed. It was a sigh of contentment. I was in clover.

I decided to test Susie’s limits a bit, and I let my hand slip lower, off her shoulder, down to her right boob, the one farther from me. She did not flinch, or react in any way. I gave her boob a soft squeeze through her diaphanous blouse, and she looked at me with those magical eyes, and she smiled. She actually smiled!

Our first date, in a Mexican restaurant, and Susie was smiling at me while I squeezed her luscious boob. I could not believe it. I left my hand on her soft, wonderful boob, gently squeezing it when I felt the urge, which was often. The waitress came, and my reverie quickly ended as it was time to order.

The waitress was wearing an off the shoulder top, but she clearly had a strapless bar on under it. Still, it looked very sexy. At least there was one woman around wearing a bra. We gave our orders and without thinking I ordered Dos Equis all around. Somehow, we all were served, even though at 19 I was the oldest of the four of us. It just helped to make the evening even more special.

At the movie, Susie and I held hands, and I put my arm around her and again fondled her boob through her T shirt. She seemed to like it. Against my better judgement, and I was sure Sarah would be furious with me, I slipped my hand under her T shirt, right there in the movies. I looked at Susie and she smiled.

Susie beckoned me to lean forward, and she leaned towards me as well, allowing my hand to slip quite high up under her T shirt. Then she kissed me as my hand got to fondle her bare boobs right there in the movie theater, next to Jonathan and my sister Sarah. Susie and I missed quite a bit of the movie.

I knew İstanbul Escort I would have to see the movie again. I was missing way too much of the action. I have never enjoyed missing a movie more than I did that evening.

I also did not pay attention to Sarah, until at one point, once our kissing was done and we were watching the movie again, Susie whispered to me, “Look at Sarah and Jonathan.”

I turned and glanced at my sister and her date. Jonathan had unzipped Sarah’s shorts, and he had his hand down them, inside her panties. Obviously, he was fingering my sister right there, in the theater! She was looking straight ahead, watching the movie, as she was being fingered. The only hint of a reaction was her glassy eyed expression. Her breathing was also getting a bit uneven. I was in a state of shock.

Imagine my surprise then when Susie took my hand and placed it inside her unzipped shorts. She had unzipped them herself! This girl was something else. I quickly discovered that she was not even wearing panties! I gave Susie a nice fingering in the movies, and it was not long before she came, too. Wow.

Susie gave a soft moan when she came, and her body quivered briefly all over. It is really thrilling to watch a girl orgasm like that. I felt so macho when it happened; it made me feel alike a stud.

Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. Soon after Susie came, I saw my sister orgasm. Her orgasm seemed less intense that Susie’s. Her body did not quiver, and she did not moan. But it was obvious Jonathan had done a nice job with her, and she had come. I had never before seen my sister come. Moreover, I had never expected to see her come. This was becoming one of the strangest dates of my life.

After the movie, I drove Susie home. I walked her to the door of her family’s home and I kissed her goodnight. She unzipped my shorts and fondled my hard cock as we kissed. In return I unzipped her shorts and pushed them down, rendering her naked below the waist. I pushed her T shirt above her boobs, and I lifted up all of her petite 110 pounds. She helpfully spread her legs and wrapped them around me.

I placed her down right onto my cock. I expected her to jump off of it and slap me, and possibly even to scream. I felt stupid even trying it. I had promised to Sarah to make Susie feel sexy and desired, but also to be respectful of her. Fucking her standing up at the parents’ front door on our first date would strike nobody on Earth as respectful!

But instead of freaking, Susie simply groaned and let the entire length of my cock enter her. It slipped in with no resistance whatsoever. Her pussy was as wet as Lake Tahoe. She began to bounce on it, and we did the deed standing up at the front door of her parents’ home. Susie was quite a girl, and this was one hell of a first date!

I took her out solo the next night. I asked her what was going on. She acted innocent, but finally I got the story out of her. It was true that last night had been her first date, but she had felt she had known me all her life. She felt comfortable enough with me to give me sexual free reign with her fabulous body.

“But you were not a sexual innocent, Susie,” I said. Susie blushed and looked at her feet.

Eventually I got her to admit that her sexual knowledge was learned by sharing intimacies with her brother, Craig. They had been fucking each other for over a year. She had wanted to try other boys, and my sister Sarah had suggested me.

“Sarah knows about you and Craig?” I asked, incredulous.

“Well, it’s not so surprising given what you and Sarah are up to, now is it?” Susie said. “Don’t play the high and mighty moral outrage with me, Kyle, when you have been enjoying Sarah’s charms to the max, you know!”

“What the hell,” I began to say, but just then Susie kissed me and melted me once again. “Let’s find somewhere private,” she whispered. With me at least, sex is a great way to change the subject.

I took her to my parents’ house and up to my room and closed and locked the door. That would not keep Sarah out — she knew how to pick the locks in our house, because I myself had taught her. But it would keep out my parents, for example. There we did the deed proper, on my bed. When I pulled out and exploded onto her wonderful boobs, she proceeded to suck me hard again for another round. She could not get enough.

After I took her home, exhausted and drained dry, it was time to talk with my sister. When I came back home, Jonathan was in the process of kissing her goodnight at our front door. He had her naked above the waist, and for the first time, I got to see my own sister’s boobs. I stood in the shadows behind a tree and watched. I was mesmerized.

I wanted to touch those boobs. I wanted to fondle them, to squeeze them to play with her nipples. I did not just want to touch those boobs; I needed to touch them. Susie’s boobs were great, and real handfuls, but Sarah’s boobs, well Sarah’s boobs were — and I mean this in all sincerity — perfection themselves.

I had studies all the boobs artists had ever painted. Since artists through the ages love to paint naked women, this gave me a lot of boobs to study. And of all these thousands of boobs, none of them compared with Sarah’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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