Sarah’s Lodger

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It happened again. I awoke up in the middle of the night, panting and my panties soaked. I had another erotic dream and orgasm in my sleep. My breasts were feeling tender. I had masturbated in my sleep.

It started a few weeks ago and happened at least twice a week. I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I was going through a rough patch in my sex life. My body’s desire for satisfaction was growing.

I was in a steady relationship until around 8 months ago. I was preoccupied with work and did not have the time and effort the relationship needed. My mind was focused on climbing the corporate ladder. But nights like this I missed a steady relationship.

I had been working towards a promotion at work to become the head in the sales department. Unfortunately my work place preferred the old male and stale variety in management. I was 35 and female so it would be a culture change for the company. I was mentored by the VP and I was given hints that I was in pole position for the role but he had to convince the board.

I was doing long hours. I was usually the first in and the last to leave.

I arrived early at the office when the VP, Matt approached me, “Sarah, I need to speak to you in my office.”

I followed him across the floor to his office feeling nervous. He closed the door behind me.

He said, “I am working on the board and I have recommended you as my preferred candidate. They are still wavering and considering options.”

I did not know what else to say, “I don’t know what to say. I promise I will not let you down. Thank you.”

He added, “There is one other thing. There was a meeting yesterday and they made a right royal cock up. We are bringing in an IT whiz kid from India. He is only 24 but he is a prodigy and will be spearheading our new development. Anyway we promised him accommodation but it fell through at the last minute. He arrives tonight but we have nowhere to place him. I know you have a spare room and if you put him up it should seal the deal for your promotion with the board. Can you do this?”

I did mention that I had spare room when I was talking about my split to Matt but I regretted mentioning it now. I had worked so hard for the promotion and deserved it on merit but if this put me over the line then so be it, “I will do it for you. What time will he be arriving?”

Matt seemed relieved and confirmed the details. He promised that it would only be a couple of weeks until alternative accommodation was arranged.

Ali arrived late in the evening just before I was going to sleep. I was dressed in just a slip on nightwear when he arrived. It rested just above the knee and revealed some cleavage. He was carrying a couple of suitcases. He seemed shocked when he saw me and his eyes scanned my body a couple of times.

He seemed young. He was short and had a slight belly and wore glasses. He was not handsome but the way he looked at me made me intrigued. I never normally received such a reaction from men. I had gained a bit of weight in recent years. I was a lot curvier with age. My breasts were 36d so they usually received attention but I never expected to get the attention of younger men. I glanced down at his crotch and there was certainly a bulge. I don’t know why I looked. It was just an instinctive reaction to his looks.

I became self conscious and threw on my silk robe as I showed him the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. I said, “I have set out bath towels in your room and changed the bedding. The kitchen and bath area is shared. I use public transport and will show you the best routes into work. If you need anything just ask.”

He was very shy now despite his initial brazen looks, “Thank you madam. You are very kind. I will see you in the morning.”

We said our goodbyes and I went to bed.

I was intrigued by Ali I was initially taken aback by his brazen checking out of my body but as I talked to him he seemed like a shy and polite person.

The next morning I woke up early but as I went to bath room I was surprised to see Ali leaving the bathroom in just a towel. My eyes went to his crotch again as I said, “Good morning Ali. We can go into work together if you want to wait for me.”

I don’t know what was coming over me and why I was so eager to glance at his crotch. He looked me over again as he adjusted and wiped his steamed glasses, “Good morning madam. Yes I would like that. Is it ok if I cook breakfast?”

As he did so his towel became dislodged and fell to the ground. His cock came into view and I felt an immediate flush in my body as my eyes were now focused on his erect member. He quickly picked up the towel and covered himself up to my disappointment. He apologized, “I am sorry madam. I hope it did not offend you.”

I liked the way he said madam in his accent, “You can call me Sarah. I am not offended. I will have a shower and join you for breakfast.”

As I entered the shower it felt different knowing that he had just been here, washing his naked body, taking his cock nişantaşı escort bayan into his hand and stroking it. His cock was average at 6 inches but seemed so strong and virile. I could smell his shower gel. He had brought his own and it had a more masculine scent. As the water ran over my body I began to massage soap into my breasts. They felt so sensitive. I rubbed the soap over my body as I imagined washing his cock for him. I ran my fingers between my pussy lips. I was already so wet and moist. I began to finger myself. God it felt so good. My legs became weak and I had to lean against the shower wall. I came in a shuddering orgasm. As my orgasm subsided I came to my senses and quickly showered as I needed to get ready.

I joined Ali in the kitchen and he had made a spicy egg with a traditional Indian bread. It was something different for me and tasted good. Breakfast was usually a boring affair for me.

The morning with Ali was nice. He was working on a different floor and I did not get to see him. There was much talk about the work he was doing and there was a lot of talk about what it would mean for the rest of us.

I put the morning’s events to one side as I concentrated on the job. Matt came over to my desk and thanked me for helping him out. He was my usual type. He was in his 50’s and had salt and pepper hair. There was a moment a fee years ago where we got close but nothing came of it. I would have never been taken seriously if I slept with my boss. He said he was expecting to get my position confirmed by the end of the week.

There were only a few people left in the office and it was getting late. I had not heard from Ali all day and a part of me missed him. A few minutes later I saw him come up to my floor and appeared to be looking for someone.

He came over to my desk. He said, “I am sorry I was late. I have a lot of work to do on the project. Are you ready to leave?”

I was ready to leave a while earlier. We were the last to leave. The commute was pleasant with Ali’s company.

I learned a lot about him as I spent more time with him. He was the youngest from a large family. He was interning with a large multinational company in India when he developed his new management software and he has been able to export it to many companies. He said his contract is only for 3 months and then he will be leaving.

We got back to the apartment and Ali went to his room to get changed. I was putting my things away and then walked towards my room. As I was passing Ali’s room I noticed that the door was slightly ajar. I could see him removing his suit through the gap. Something stopped me from going. He stripped down to his boxers. I could see the tent in his boxers and I licked my lips. I was hoping he would slide them down to bring his beautiful brown cock out. My hand was on my breast as I was gently massaging it. He then put on some Indian style clothes. A long shirt and pajamas. I hurried to my room not wanting to be caught.

I sat down on the bed and laid back. I started to open my blouse and gently cupped my breasts. I was obsessed with his cock. It was the wrong time for me to have a male guest. My sex drive was high but I had no one to satisfy it. I lifted my breasts out of the bra cups and began to fondle them. I let out a sigh as my nipples became erect. I gently teased my nipples. I was getting so turned on. I bunched up my skirt and opened my legs. I was wearing tights and it felt incredibly inconvenient as I had a strong urge to finger myself to orgasm.

All if a sudden I heard a knock at the door which took me out of my reverie, “Miss Sarah, I have cooked something for us. When will you be ready?”

I said, “I am sorry. I was not feeling well. I will be out shortly.”

He said, “I am sorry for disturbing. I will have everything out.”

I was feeling so horny and my nipples were really erect. I picked up a low cut negligee with spaghetti hoop straps. I liked the attention he gave my body and my mood was causing me to dress provocatively.

As expected his eyes never left my body. He was focused on my breasts as my nipples would be visible. I saw him gulp as he saw me and caused a jitter to run through my body.

He said, “Are you feeling better Miss Sarah?”

I said, “Yes. A little better. I will take something before I sleep.” By that I meant finger myself silly.

He had cooked nice Indian curry dish. He was pretty good at cooking and I enjoyed having someone to share responsibilities and take care of me in this way. We relaxed on the sofa during the evening. We were just engaged in small talk and I asked him, “Do you miss your family? It must be hard living so far away from home.”

He said, “My father and he is often busy with his business. I never saw much of him when he was in India.”

It sounded like a distant relationship with his father. I asked about his mother, “What about your mother? Are you close?”

He had a sadness in his eyes, “My mother passed away şişli escort bayan in childbirth. I think my father blamed me for it”.

He tried to hold back the tears but the emotions stirred in him were too strong. I pulled him into a hug, “It is ok. Don’t be upset. I am sure your mother will be proud to see you today.”

He rested his head in my lap and I calmly brushed his hair with my fingers. It sent a warm nurturing feeling through me and I felt closeness to him. He began to calm down. We stayed in that position for some time and began to talk about his feelings and mother.

Most poignantly he said, “I always felt this absence of motherly love in my life. It was just me and my father and he believed in being strong and any weakness was punished. I never felt any love.”

I felt sorry for him, “You are a lovely boy and you deserve love.”

I felt this bond him and a real connection. It was late when we went to bed. It had been an emotional evening.

It was the middle of the night when I was woken from another orgasmic dream. My panties were soaked and I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was really tired and somehow made it back to bed.

In the morning I was not wearing my panties. I thought I must have left them in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom to look but I was unable to find them. I did not know how I managed to lose them.

I had to change them anyway and made a mental note to wash them when they turned up.

At work my mind was preoccupied with Ali. I did not come across him at work as we worked in completely different areas of the business. I was in the break room when I heard Becky talking to one of the other girls from the 2nd floor. Becky was the office bike and was known to sleep with any new men in the office. I heard her giggle as she said “The new IT guy is not my usually type but I have heard he earns a lot. So I might give him a ride.”

God. I hated girls like Becky. Silly little sluts. I had to warn Ali to stay away from her.

It was late in the evening when I spoke to Ali. I could not ask him direct about Becky so I just started to ask him about past and current relationships.

He looked at me as he queried why I would be asking him about this and said, “I always struggle talking to girls or women. I never know what to say.”

He sounded so naive and I liked that he had not been with another woman, “But you are able to talk to me without any problems.”

He said, “It is different with you. I feel really comfortable with you.”

I felt something between us also, “You need to be careful of some girls at work. You are a good boy and I do not want anyone taking advantage of you.”

I thought with his awkwardness around women Becky would struggle to do anything with him.

In the morning I was late getting up and Ali was waiting for me. As I went to the bathroom the laundry basket seemed disturbed. I had a look and my lost underwear was sat on top. I was sure that I had checked everywhere in the bathroom. So I was surprised to find it.

I inspected it more closely and found numerous white stains. They were certainly not my stains. I brought it up to my nose to sniff and it was certainly male cum. Even though I was certain I still brought out my tongue and licked the dried cum. I had missed that taste. I quickly put it back in the basket and got ready. Ali had obviously taken it but I was not angry or upset but it in fact turned me on incredibly and gave me an idea.

That night I wanted to leave another gift for Ali. I masturbated in my panties. I wanted to get them nice and wet for him. After I came, I went to the bathroom similar to the other night and left my panties in plain view on the bathroom floor.

I went back to my room and I was listening for his movements. I had left the door open ever so slightly so that I could see any movements. He waited around 45 minutes, possibly waiting for me to go to sleep. He then went to the bathroom. I saw him re-appear and he had his fist clenched as he was clutching my panties. I was getting so turned on at the thought of what he would be doing with my panties.

I listened to him in his room and he was not sleeping. His breathing was heavy. I imagined him stroking my panties over his cock. It turned me on so much the thought of my panties being his source of pleasure. I wore boring panties that were designed purely for comfort and found it difficult to understand why it would turn him on so much.

I was going crazy as I tried to listen to him. I was massaging my breasts through my clothes and started pinching my nipples. I was so turned on.

I had one hand on my breast and the other rubbing my clit. I was getting so close. All of a sudden I heard him groan and I knew he came. I was hoping it was on my panties again. I came hard and my body tightened as I squirted.

The next morning I felt a closeness to Ali as we had shared a climactic experience unbeknownst to him.

I found my panties covered kağıthane escort bayan in his cum in the washing basket again. I could not contain myself and licked his dried cum from my panties.

At work, Michael let me know about my promotion to the head of sales. I was overjoyed and I went to see Ali to let him know the good news. When I got to his office I could hear Becky giggling inside. This immediately soured my mood. I then heard him say, “…you could be a model.”

That infuriated me and I left without entering. The news got around the office about my promotion.

When I got home Ali seemed happy for me but I was annoyed at him after hearing him and Becky. He had got me a present and he handed it to me. I opened it and it was lingerie. I immediately saw red after his exchange with Becky I could not believe he thought it was ok to buy me this. It was a reflex motion and I slapped him, “You cannot buy me this type of thing.”

I could see that he was clearly hurt and upset. Tears were forming in his eyes. He was unable to look at me and went to his room.

I felt guilty about hurting him and I had let my jealousy over Becky get the better of me. I knew the difficult relationship he had with his father and not having a mother around. I felt terrible about how I had hurt him. I went to his room door and I could hear him sobbing.

I was about to knock but then something stopped me. I went back to the lingerie and picked it up. He had bought a black thong. I never wore thongs; I found them to be uncomfortable. I always opted for comfortable panties. I liked that it was made of lace. The rest of it was a strange design but after inspecting it I realized it went around my neck and a strap covered each breast. It was backless. It also came with hold up stockings.

I wanted to make it up to Ali so I changed into lingerie. The straps barely contained my breasts and it looked so slutty. If I had thought I was teasing Ali before, I now knew how he wanted to see me.

I went to his room and knocked. He did not answer and I could hear him sobbing. I opened the door and entered.

He was facing away from the door and curled up in the bed. I went to the bed and joined him. I tried putting a hand on his shoulder but he recoiled. I then said, “I am sorry. I did not mean to slap or shout at you. I am sorry. I want to make it up to you. Look at me.”

I put my arm on his shoulder and he began to calm down. I turned him to face me. He could see I was wearing the outfit and he immediately buried his face into my breasts. I held his head in my breasts and he stopped sobbing.

I ran my fingers through his hair as I nuzzled him against my breasts. My breasts were practically exposed in this outfit and the straps only offered slight protection to my nipples but they could be easily pushed to the side and my breasts completely exposed.

I said, “I am sorry about what I did. I over-reacted and I did not want to upset you. Do you forgive me?”

He nodded his head.

I asked, “thank you. What made you buy me this gift?”

He mumbled in to my breasts, “you always dress so beautiful and I wanted to buy you something that would bring out your beauty.”

I just could not forget about Becky and what he said, “But why did you say Becky could be a model.”

He pulled away slightly and looked at me, “you heard that.”

I nodded and he said, “I don’t know what she said to you. But she was in my office and would not leave. She was talking about how she wanted to be a model and I just said she could be so she would leave me alone. I did not mean anything by it. Is this why you were angry with me?”

I buried his head back into my breasts almost suffocating him, “I am sorry I was angry. It was a nice thought to buy these for me. Do they look nice as nice as you imagined?”

He nodded affirmatively. His body was pressed up against mine and I could feel his erection against my mound through my thong. He was still wearing his traditional pajamas.

I said, “Do you like this thong? (He nodded) I normally don’t wear thongs but I did for you. Do you want to feel it from the back?”

He nodded strongly. I held his hand and guided him behind me. He could feel my exposed ass as the string thong covered very little. I let go and let him explore. He initially began feeling the outline of the thong and ran his fingers down the crevices of my cheeks. But as I did not stop him he became bolder.

I moved my hand to his pajamas and loosened the knot. I pushed his pajamas and boxers down and exposed his cock. I then pressed it against my thong covered mound.

I whispered into his ear, “Do you like the feel of this thong?”

He nodded again and mumbled into my breasts. He was gyrating his hips, rubbing against my thong.

I grabbed hold of his cock and began spreading the precum along the shaft and around the head. I was pressing it against my mound. It felt so good and my body was on fire.

I let go of his head and moved the straps on my breasts to the side so they were fully exposed to him and I pushed his head back in, “baby, please feed on mama.”

He took his cue and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. It was painful but it also gave a lot of pleasure. It felt amazing having someone so eager with me.

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