Saturday Copulation

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Today is a lazy Saturday. Chores to do. Errands to run. I sleep nude. This morning I woke up with an enlarged cock–not quite an erection. My stomach muscles were taunt and my buttocks were hard, as if I had been fucking. And my ball sacs hung low. In the shower, I thought of your little line of pubic hair pointing to your pussy and got a full erection. I stroked my shaft a couple times. I felt semen rising in my cock all the way to my spurt hole. I desperately wished you were here to take me in hand, as it were, and to relieve my cum pressure.

Were you here as I stepped from the shower, you would have knelt before me when you saw the special wetness on the tip of my cock head. In my moment of need, you would have slipped your warm, wet mouth over my cock helmet to suck out cum while stroking my shaft.

Girls need fun too. I would have pulled you to your feet and carried you to our bed. I would have gently laid you with your ass on the edge of the bed and your feet on the floor–to have full access to your bodily treasures.

First the kisses–each kiss sheathed with hot breath and framed by my tongue that circles the kiss point. I lick you from your cheek up to your eyelid, where I plant a gentle kiss on your soul windows. I lick from under your chin up to your mouth, then place an open, wet kiss on your lips. Our tongues touch as I relish the faint flavor of my cum in your mouth.

I am heavily above you as only a sexed man can be. You feel the hair on my chest brushing against your hard nipples. Your uterus feels my hard belly muscles moving against your belly. My hard cock-hose hangs down between your spreading thighs to brush them lightly first, then slap gently against the your naked pussy lips and pull gently against your vulva as I push farther forward so that my tongue can trace a path from your open mouth, now beginning to channel your light panting breath, to your ear where I breathe gently into it and draw its lobe into my mouth for a wet kiss and a small, gentle-but a slightly tugging-bite.

My cock twitches against your pussy as I bury my face in your hair. Your hair. Your head hair. Hair is the temple of human sex odor. I love the fragrance of your head hair. While inhaling your hair aroma, I shift my suspension over you to slide my big hands underneath your back so I can pull your hot body full against mine, as I weigh my body onto you as men have dominated their women for millions of years.

Your pussy responds to this primeval communication by trying to slide itself up and down my hardened member. I feel the cum pressure building again in my log. Wanting to lubricate your love slot, I raise my muscular hips until my spurt hole is at your clit. Letting out a grunt, I tense my cock and ball muscles to force a short spurt of semen that runs down across your clit, pee hole, vagina, and ass hole. Now I can massage your pussy the way it has surely deserved since puberty, with my hard, distended shiny cock head sliding Uşak Escort up and down in your pussy slot, now slippery with my own cum.

My hormones are pumping. I am panting for sex in you. You respond with little fucking motions as my cock head slides by each of your orifices, trying to capture that errant stallion, that purpled-veined beast, as it slips by.

More flow from my rock-hard cock adds to your own vaginal wetness to make a lubricity that exudes a potent combination of estrogen and testosterone, a special atmosphere that speeds our hip motions and brings me to a sweat over your glistening body.

And yet I have not penetrated your tight vagina with my massive member, glistening in the morning light streaming in the window through the filtering trees. But now I shall.

I stop–with my giant ram quivering at the portal of your female being–and then thrust my huge rod all the way into your grasping vagina. You feel the ridges of my cock head massage your cervix before my cock slams home with my pubic hair tight against your clit hood, compressing your clit inside, just as my big ball bags, the ones for whose enlargement your are responsible, slap against your cum-coated ass hole.

You scream with ecstasy and begin furiously fucking my cock. “I want it. I want it. Oh, God, Jacque, fuck me hard!” You are on the verge of entering that nether world we call orgasm, when…I withdraw my huge cock. It just hangs there for a moment, dripping with my pre-ejaculate cum and your wetness, just a hair’s width from your pussy lips, which now try to reach up and grasp it–to suck it back into its rightful shelter, where its true work awaits it.

As you push your hips towards me, I rise like a colossus standing over your body whose every gentle contour or sharp sex feature is sun-lit for my hungry eyes, as my wet member sticks out straight in front of me. With a gasp of surprise and deprivation, you try to grab my cock. But in a flash my mouth is on your pussy, as I kneel at your temple of sex.

First my mouth glued to your clit as my two fingers part your distended pussy lips to glide into your honey pot. My free hand then descends to massage your anus, slick with my cum. Maybe, a finger slides into your ass hole a little. My mouth vacuums your clit hood to my tongue for a gentle massage, alternated with the tip of my tongue just touching your clit and massaging your pee hole.

I have told you how I love the flavor of your pussy, and I relish especially as I do what I always enjoy most, sheltering your entire pussy with my full open mouth. My fully open mouth completely covers your vulva so my tongue is free to make sex disturbances any place on your bottom. You are moaning with pleasure now and have grabbed my hair to pull my face against your crotch. I suck hard on your vagina so that the rim moves toward my mouth and tightens around my tongue as it moves in and out in a fucking cadence. My big, strong Uşak Escort Bayan hands are now kneading your breasts. (How I wish I could suckle your nipples at the same time I suck and lick your pussy.) Then I grab your nipples between my thumb and finger and jerk them to the thrusts of my tongue into your suction-tight vagina. You can no longer delay the ultimate pleasure. As you wrap your legs around my head, you cum in sharp waves of ecstasy that roll from your cunt back through your vagina, into your womb and radiate out through your body as orgasm takes you to that fleeting world where only your sex organs exist.

Your cumming stimulates me even more. My cock is fully distended and past precum. Now sperm-laced cum flows, which drips off my spurt hole at the tip of its head. I gently lick your pussy and protect your breast as you come down. Then I mount you, sliding my gooey cock into your erect vagina and gently kiss your face and hair to help you recover with grace and pleasure. I don’t thrust with my cock. I only leave it fully inserted into your vagina to maintain its full distention. As your eyes re-focus on me and the world, you make little fuck movements with your hips to the echo of your orgasm.

Those little movements jiggle my balls hanging against your ass hole and make me want to join you at the pinnacle.

I pull you to your feet and turn you around. I gently guide you to bend over with your head and breasts in the bed. Feet on the floor, you straighten your legs, from between which your pussy peeks at my rampant cock, beckoning with its very own pheromones. Your vaginal muscles have relaxed from their pleasure peak, so my beast with balls goes in with only the usual stretching of your vagina orifice to get my big cock head in. The shaft of my cock is bigger than the head. But once I get the head in your tight twat, we are able to force the rest if you and I are lubricated, as we are now, with our cocktail (cock-tail) of sex juices and sweat.

My cock just keeps sliding and sliding until it is buried to the hilt. I can feel you flexing your belly muscles to move your cervix to massage the bottom of my cock just behind its head. I moan at that and shake with pleasure, which in turn jiggles my loaded ball sacs against your clit. I am not sure what I like best. Eating your pussy or having my cock buried in your vagina from the back.

I do long strokes first. I pull my cock almost all the way out until just the forward half of my cock head remains inside you. That means that the head ridge must make its way by your lips, and of course, back in again–massaging them on the way. I do the long stroke out, slowly, but ram it in quickly. Oooouuuut, and then, IN! Oooouuuut, and then, IN!! Repeatedly, slow out and then quick in. Your are beginning to feel the ecstasy build again as sex electricity makes your pussy tingle again.

More slow outs and quick ins. I am grunting with each plunge as the Escort Uşak cum tension grows and my semen begins to runs faster again. You begin sympathetic hip movements.

I have been holding your breasts in my big hands, but now my hands move to your hips. I build on your movements by pulling your ass towards me with each ram.

My sexual excitement builds. I can’t help but to fuck you faster. Now I thrust into you with short, fast strokes. My cock stays buried in you. I only pull it out enough to move my head ridge back and forth over your cervix, with quick strokes, maybe an inch long. In-out–in-out–in-out…

Against my grunting, you are whimpering with thrill. You can’t help but to stimulate yourself further. You reach down between my balls and begin furiously to masturbate your clit. “Faster, Jacque, Faster.”

I am no longer in control of my senses. I jerk your hips to me in a crescendo of fucking. Suddenly you cum again, screaming with pleasure as your contracting vagina holds the hide of my big cock tightly while inside its skin, he continues to pump into your belly.

Not longer than a second or two after you first start convulsing with your orgasm. I let out a massive roar as my cataclysmic orgasm lets loose.

My cock sprays a massive plume of cum against the back of your vagina. Feeling the impact, you pull free from my squirting cock to take my semen in your mouth. In your deliciously selfish way, you also want to bathe your body in my cum. You know it makes your skin smooth and beautiful.

As you turn, a massive stream of cum shoots over your back and across the bed. Quickly, you sit before me. Grabbing my cock, you pump it as you bring it to your mouth. Another huge emission of cum sprays your face and hair and drips down onto your tits, just before your sex-swollen lips close over my cock head. Finally secure in your mouth, you stroke my shaft to bring the semen out with maximum pleasure for me. Shot after shot goes into your mouth, as you drink my sex essence.

Then you reach down to my balls and gently squeeze them. I let out a loud grunt new waves of sperm ejaculate. These you deftly direct like a hose to cover your nipples, pussy, then your deep navel, and as the last great squirts from my sex hose come, you decorate your chest, belly and ears.

My great gasps, pants and grunts subside and I collapse onto the bed. I lay beside you slowing coming back into our world, as you massage my cum onto your skin and sex organs. You know my hormones stimulate you glands and will make you horny again soon.

Knowing that you like to exploit my primal spray for your own selfish purposes, I am prepared. I have brought roses along. I tear the petals off, one by one, and stick them with cum to your body. I design my own creation with roses, a sexy and not very discreet wrap that we view in the full-length mirror as I stand behind you, admiring your lithe sex body in the sunshine as my hands reach around and touch your special places.

Later, as we sip iced champagne in Bavarian crystal flutes and as ancient Celtic melodies play in the background, I will pick the petals from your body with my teeth. Somehow, there are always more petals near your nipples and pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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