Saturday Night

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It was a normal Saturday night in my house. My husband and I had rented a few videos and thought we would stay up late and watch them together. We got through the first video when my husband put in another. It was not what I had expected. It was a porno. In my shocked mind the woman on the screen giving head to her husband was graphic and a bit disturbing until I found that I kind of liked it. I was a little wary at first but to my delight and my husbands I was very wet.

Just as I thought things would get more interesting the phone rang. Geez! I answered and it was my older brother man did he have horrific timing. My husband just smiles and slides my pants off and then my panties. He spread my legs wide and started licking up the inside of my thigh. I felt myself start trembling and I escort taksim glared at him, did he not know I was on the phone with my brother of all people. He slowly worked his way up to my pussy using both hands to spread it open. He lightly tongued my clit and I felt my breathing becoming faster and practically hung up on my brother in my haste to have an orgasm.

My husband just smiled and said you know you need a little bit of trimming, as he gets up to retrieve his shaving kit. He then lays me back down and proceeds to trim my pussy hair, making sure it is nice and smooth. I would have never thought that it would have been erotic, but to see him between my legs that way made me very horny. With the movie still on he then leaned back over lightly blowing on my clit while taking escort bakırköy a vibrator out to tease my pussy hole. The other hand reaching up to grab the nipples of one of my 36c breasts. I cum almost instantly with my back bowed off the floor and a hand in my mouth to stifle the cry that seemed to have vibrated the air. He grabs me by the hand and takes my mouth in a kiss that made hot all over.

His tongue thrusting into my mouth as his hands squeeze and knead my breasts. He then takes off his boxers revealing his seven inch hard on and turns me aound to push me over the couch. He enters me from behind, filling me and stretching me with every thrust. He leans over with his fingers toying with my clit, shooting bolts of lightning through my body. He then grabs my hand forcing escort etiler it to take the place of his hand at my clit, while he lifts back up to slap my ass. I can feel his dick getting harder and harder in my wet pussy. Just as I thought I was going to come again he stopped.

Wanting to yell out my frustration he pulled me on top of him so I could take HIM for a ride. I positioned myself over him and started lowering myself onto him slowly inch by inch. He had other plans and surged upward to fill me completely. I gasped feeling the tip of him against my cervix and then I started to move up and down on his hard dick as his hands pinched my nipples into hard points.

I could feel my orgasm coming and started riding him faster and harder. Just as my body came apart he groaned loudly and I screamed, which for me is a wonder in itself. I fell over gasping for air, wondering if my heart was going to beat it’s way out of my chest. Sweat rolled off my body as I lifted up to look at him and say..

” Can we finish the video now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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