Scent of a Handyman

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High school ended three months ago for Kerry and now it came time for her to start a whole new, exciting life in college. She always dreamed of getting away from her parents and her little town, and that sweaty job at the local ice cream shop that her parents made her work “to gain a sense of responsibility”, they said. She especially disliked the job because she was forced to work with a bunch of male pigs who would constantly stare at her chest and her ass whenever they thought she wouldn’t notice. God, she hated those white, nearly see-through shirts, where on really hot summer days when they were busy, everyone could see right through her soaking wet shirt and delicate bra that left nothing hidden unbeknownst to her mom, who always picked those type of bras out.

Oh well, that’s all behind her now that she’s graduated and has since packed up most of her belongings (including many of her stuffed animals) and brought them to her new apartment, just two miles from campus and a short walk to the shuttle bus. It was a single; her mom and dad agreed to pay the rent as long as she made the dean’s list, which shouldn’t be too difficult since she did that every semester in high school. Although she didn’t have a roommate living with her, there were several neighbors to meet, thankfully, most of them girls. What’s really great about it, and also what her parents enjoyed most, was knowing that the small complex’s caretaker lived in a quaint, cottage-like house at the entrance from the road and also right next to the bus stop. This gave her parents a warm sense of security that their precious, young daughter would be looked after in one way or another for the duration of her school-year by a responsible, mature adult.

Kerry also felt safer; not simply from petty crime, but also because of the fact that she was still a virgin. This fact made her feel especially vulnerable to the many shocking stories about college parties and boys forcing themselves upon girls and such. They didn’t get a chance to meet the handyman that first moving day, but they spotted him high up on a ladder working on an air conditioner belonging to Kerry’s soon-to-be neighbors, Beth and Rachael.

She kissed her parents goodbye after a nearly three hour visit. They simply did not want to leave their beautiful, impressionable daughter in a strange place without their guidance and protection. However, this was a gigantic step forward in her life and she felt proud of her newly-found independence so out the door they went. Once they were gone, Kerry finished unpacking the little bit that her parents didn’t already unpack for her including her toiletries, makeup, panties, bras and other girlie-stuff that her dad was too embarrassed to take out of her suitcases. It was getting dark out and rather cool so Kerry decided to slip into her pale-pink tank top and silk, purple boxers and run a bubble bath.

She shut off the hot stream of water pouring into the tub and swirled her hand through the bubbles, lifting a lush mountain of suds into the air with her arm. Her bath now ready, she used both hands and lifted the bottom of her tank top up over her breasts, catching her chin for a moment, and then up and beyond her wavy blonde hair which cascaded itself back onto her shoulders. Kerry then tucked her thumbs inside her boxers and gently tugged them, one side at a time, off of her hips, and down her legs toward the floor. Just as she was about to step out of them, she heard a loud bang at what sounded like the window in her bedroom, directly in view across the hallway.

The shade was still up. She quickly pulled her boxers back up and cradled one arm over her breasts as she ran to the window to close the shade. She shut the window after several yanks with her free hand and then snapped the shade shut. There…that was better except for that strange smell in the air, almost like a fragrant incense or something that must have wafted in from the window. Oh well, Kerry felt safe again and that’s all that mattered. She wrapped both arms across her breasts trying to warm her now-shivering, slender body and ran all the way to the bathtub where she wasted no time dropping her boxers and stepping into the deliciously soothing bath water and clean-smelling bubbles.

The next morning was her first day of college and she wanted to make sure and be early to the bus stop so as not to be late to for her first class. She set her alarm an hour earlier than she thought necessary and awoke to hear her favorite female artist crooning a tale of lost love. Kerry thought to herself how lucky she was to not have to worry about a relationship since there were no boys in her life, right now that is. She recalled Peter’s face to memory and thought of how enamoured he was of her during her freshman year, when he was a senior. She was flattered, at the time, by the fact that an older boy wanted to go out on a date with her, even though she didn’t know him very well. Her few girlfriends that she had all said that most escort şişli of the boys in her own class were too shy to ask her out because she was, “too hot and must already have a boyfriend from the football team or something”, so they stated. Actually she never dated anyone until Peter came along.

The first date was when Peter came over for dinner. Kerry’s parents were less than delighted by his age, but found him to be respectful with a healthy dose of shyness. After dinner, they sat on the back porch and played backgammon on the picnic table until her mom and dad told Peter that it was getting late and he should head home. She remembered how he thanked them for dinner and then turned quickly toward her and kissed her gently on her lips and then ran off to his car parked around front.

Kerry blushed at the memory of her first kiss, albeit a stolen one. She turned on the shower and stepped into the invigorating spray of water. She lifted her long, blonde hair back with both hands, elbows high in the air as the steady stream splashed all over her face and cascaded down over her breasts, with little fountains of water spilling off of her still-stiffened nipples. Memories of Peter came back again and now she recalled the second date with him, which also turned out to be the last. He drove over in his convertible on a Saturday morning to pick Kerry up and bring her over to have lunch with his parents, so he said.

She told her parents she was leaving and would be back by eight in the evening so that Peter and her could go see a movie and then grab a bite to eat someplace. Her mom had told her to look pretty for her date so she wore a pale khaki skirt with a white, knit tank top and black, sling back sandals on her feet. He held the door open for her as she sat down and then went around and got in the drivers seat. No sooner were they around the corner when he told Kerry to open the glove box. Inside was a bottle of some kind of liquor. Fear and anxiety were quickly replaced with a sense of adventure and deviousness, a feeling she has yet to re-experience.

Peter told her to open it and take a swallow, said it would feel good. She took a sip and spat it out, but he coaxed her to take a bigger gulp and swallow it all. Kerry lifted the bottle to her lips and drank a whole mouthful. Peter reached for the bottle and then took an even bigger chug himself. After a couple more drinks from the bottle, they were at his house. He parked his car in the empty driveway. There were no other cars so Kerry asked him where his parents were. He simply replied that they must have stepped out to do some shopping before they had lunch together.

Peter brought the bottle inside the house with them and closed the front door behind Kerry and locked it. She was feeling rather light-headed and needed to sit down because the room started spinning. Peter told her to head down into the finished basement where there was a large, comfy couch setup in front of a huge T.V. He said he’d meet her there in a minute because he had to, “take a leak”, as he put it.

The next thing Kerry remembers is opening her eyes, lying on the couch with her knit top pulled up to her neck and her front-release bra hanging loose to either side of her now mostly naked body. She was still groggy from the alcohol she drank and it took her a moment more to notice that her panties were lying on the floor next to the couch, at least she thought they were hers. Then she felt his touch and realized that they were definitely hers lying on the floor and not possibly anyone else’s. She lifted her head and watched in disillusionment as Peter touched her with one hand and touched himself with the other!

He was actually masturbating, right in front of her and worse than that, he was molesting her between her legs. She never before experienced the sensation of warmth and wetness down there that Peter’s perversion was causing. She quickly pulled her hips back effectively yanking what she imagined to be his thumb out of her vagina and told him to stop. He just laughed and told Kerry how beautiful her “tight pussy” was and couldn’t believe how wet she got (he proceeded to show Kerry the hand that was touching her which glistened with her juices). He then reached both hands forward and cupped her breasts, one in each, and started to say something, but Kerry slapped him across the face.

This did nothing more than cause him to start kneading them with his strong hands and pull on her nipples with his thumb and forefinger pleading with her to let him continue to enjoy her surprisingly large breasts for a girl her age. She was utterly disgusted, more with herself for being in this shameful situation, than with his pathetic begging to touch her more. She grabbed hard onto his hands and pulled them from her breasts and rolled off the couch onto the floor. He must have been pretty drunk because he fell off the couch onto the floor lamely trying to catch her. She quickly re-cupped her bra over her breasts taksim escort bayan and snapped the clasp into place, then pulled down her knit top. She turned around to see that Peter was still lying on the floor, too drunk to get up, but was looking in her direction muttering more pleads for more playing.

Kerry now noticed that her skirt was missing and that she was completely bare below her navel. She couldn’t stand to give Peter a free show any further and so she quickly walked around the couch searching for her skirt. While walking around the couch, Kerry noticed her wetness trickling down the inside of her thighs, stopping just at the insides of her knees. This made her feel even more ashamed and perplexed at the same time. Behind the couch was her skirt; she undid the clasp and, while breathing in, wrapped it around her waist and reattached it. Now all she needed was her panties, then she could make her escape.

However, Peter had managed to crawl to where her panties were and was holding on to them with the same hand which had defiled her moments earlier. Kerry pointed a slender finger at him and demanded that he give them to her. Peter just giggled, lifted her panties high in the air and then lowered them onto his awaiting face. In the midst of taking a deep breath of her scented undies, Kerry mustered all her strength to try to pry her underwear from his grasp. He was too strong for her, and the strong scent of her femininity emanating from her panties and his hand caused her to give up and just run up the stairs, out the front door and out of Peter’s life for good.

Kerry opened her eyes and snapped back to reality; presently a hot, steamy shower which she now realized was taking longer than she would have liked. She didn’t want to be late for her first class in order to make the best possible impression on her drama professor, Dr. Raymond. After all, she dreamed of joining the cast of the college theater, it was one of her biggest aspirations for college. She stepped out of the shower, dripping wet, and reached across the doorway for her towel.

While doing so she felt a cool breeze, stiffening her nipples and giving her goosebumps. She turned her head toward the source and noticed her open window in the bedroom with the top of a ladder exposed just outside. She felt at once violated; her privacy had been intruded upon. Kerry quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her from her chest to her thighs. Unfortunately, this towel was a bit small, left over from her childhood no doubt, and her 36, B-cup breasts caused the towel to lift up to her girl area. She closed the door quietly but realized that all her clothes were in her bedroom. How was she to know that the handyman was going to fix something outside her window this morning?

Kerry bolstered her courage and deftly moved across the hallway into her bedroom and smack in front of the handyman, who was now framed by the window staring at her, smiling and showing a missing front tooth. She let out a quick scream at the shock of seeing an unclean, scruffy-looking older man with graying hair and beard wearing blue coveralls sticking his head into the privacy of her bedroom.

He looked perfectly at ease and even chuckled as he said, “I’m sorry young lady, I didn’t mean to give you a fright.”

Kerry, trembling in her little towel asked, “What are you doing there? Can’t you see I’m almost naked? Don’t you have any consideration?” At this the handyman bowed his head a bit, but kept his eyes on her…all over her, moving up and down her body.

He replied, “I was just installing a new scented filter for your air conditioner, I think you’ll like it.”

Kerry asked, “Well, can you come back and do it when I’m not here?”.

“Not necessary, I’ve finished, for now”, replied the handyman who promptly began descending his ladder and dropped from sight. Kerry, still trembling from the fearful encounter, approached the window and began closing it again smelling a now all-to-familiar fragrance in the air. That pervert must have been at her window last night too. She raised her arms and to her alarm the little towel, till now only held up by her breasts now slipped off her still-moist body exposing her breasts to anyone watching from outside. Sure enough the handyman looked up from the bottom of his ladder and got a free look at her young, but endowed chest with her nipples pointing straight out to the horizon.

She slammed the window shut and dropped the shade then touched something wet and gooey on the sill. She grimaced but wiped it off on her towel thinking it must be from the new filter or something.

The first day of classes went fairly well. She was initially excited to go to her drama class but was overwhelmed by the sheer number of other students; competitors she now faced to be favored by Dr. Raymond for future roles. She got off the bus at her complex and immediately felt uneasy. She realized that she had no friends here, no one to walk her şişli eskort to her apartment and make her feel safe. Kerry decided it was time to meet her new neighbors, maybe they knew something more about this handyman. She looked up at her apartment building and scanned quickly for any signs of the handyman.

When satisfied, she set off toward her building. Her neighbors, Beth and Rachael, seemed like lively girls. They often had their stereo blaring and could be seen through their porch window dancing around, sometimes barely dressed, to Kerry’s embarrassment. Today, as she approached their door, across from hers, the radio was blaring again. She knocked, but doubted that anyone inside could hear and so knocked progressively louder and louder until the music finally dropped in volume and the door opened. Standing inside the door was a tanned, sweating, good-looking girl, a little taller than Kerry with her reddish-brown hair tied up. Her white sports bra was soaking wet; her nipples completely visible to Kerry’s uncomfortable surprise. She wore a matching thong on bottom, making Kerry feel a bit more embarrassed at the scant clothing this girl was wearing while answering the door. If it was she, Kerry would have grabbed her purple boxers or something, but maybe this is another example of the liberal college lifestyle she has entered into.

The girl smiled with her brows raised and said excitedly, “Hi! I’m Rachael. You must live across the hall.”

“Yes, I’m Kerry and I’ve only been here for one day.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Kerry. Please come in.”, invited Rachael. Kerry stepped into the rather messy apartment while Rachael jogged to the bedroom and opened the door announcing her visit to her roommate. Hmm, must be tough sharing a bedroom, Kerry thought to herself. Rachael swung the bedroom door only half way shut and proceeded to the kitchen.

“Want something to drink? I’m thirsty…and please sit down on the couch and make yourself at home.”

Kerry replied, “Sure, just some water, please.” Kerry sat down on the couch and put her books down on the floor. Her attention now returned to the bedroom which she could now see into almost fully. She feigned to cover her eyes when she saw Beth standing naked in front of the closet, searching for something to put on. Her body was milk white in stark contrast to her long dark, black hair which reached all the way down to the top of her butt.

Also, to Kerry’s amazement, her breasts, though very pert, were enormously large relative to Beth’s slender body. Kerry looked away when Beth peeked out the open door and shouted out to her, “Hi there, be out in a moment!” She kept the door open and bent down to the ground and picked up a pair of boxer shorts. She then took her time stepping into them and pulling them up her long, slender legs. Her breasts jiggled noticeably. Beth again peeked over to Kerry and noticed that she was staring at her breasts. Beth smiled to herself and shut the door, ending the episode. Rachael returned from the kitchen with a glass of water, herself with a wine cooler.

She sat down on the couch, very close to Kerry and rested her free hand on Kerry’s leg. “It’s so nice to meet you, Kerry. You just moved in, right?” Kerry responded and made some pleasant conversation until Beth came out of the bedroom wearing little more than before. A cropped tank top and almost see-through boxers was all that covered her as she strode over to the couch, sitting on the other side of Kerry. After some more pleasant conversation and questions about where everyone was from, Kerry decided to ask about the handyman. At the mentioning of him, the girls simultaneously blushed and looked at each other, smiling. Rachael responded saying that he was the caretaker and fixed things quite often for them, also saying that he was a very nice man.

“Sometimes we invite him over for…”, Rachael blushed again and glanced at Beth who finished her sentence, “…for drinks.” Kerry, comforted a bit by their seemingly friendly relationship with him then told them about her experiences so far with the open window and all.

They looked at each other again and said, “you know, that’s how we first met him…almost exactly what happened to you happened to us.”

“He was a quirky, shy man who claimed that he needed to fix our air conditioner, clean our windows, or whatever else, just so he could get a look at us in the nude, can you believe that?” Kerry got goose bumps again and opened her mouth to speak but before she could reply, Rachael half-joked, “All he had to do was buy us some drinks to do that.”, and giggled a bit. Beth glared at her and Rachael quieted down.

“He’s just a lonely, old man who has no one to talk to. Actually I feel kinda sorry for him, that’s why we invite him over from time to time. I know he really enjoys the company of a couple of attractive, young women.”

Rachael interrupted Beth with, “Yeah, he really gets off!” Beth glared again and looked at Rachael’s drink.

“What are you drinking, that wine again?” Rachael rolled back into the couch and let out a loud burst of laughter. Beth just shook her head and then addressed Kerry. “You should come back later when the lush is a better neighbor to be around.”

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