Seamus Ch. 05

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WARNING: the end of this chapter contains sexual harassment/abuse. Sometimes, the worst part of this abuse is the unwanted sexual response that the perpetrator arouses in his victim. This storyline is not intended to offend.

Author’s notes: when I originally wrote this plot, I never intended to pad the story out with so much emotion, but I think it’s needed to make the characters realistic. I worry that it’s too much, and I’m trying to be concise. Anyway, I thought I’d better split this from Chapter four, since it is a new phase, darker with more angst. (Also being bipolar and depressed at the moment, my writing has darkened and lost a lot, which is a shame, so I may leave off for a while after this segment). And thanks to everyone who has sent me feedback, it’s great to hear what you think.


We finally lost Nathan at about 9 a.m. When I say ‘lost’, I didn’t purposely try to get rid of him, although I was on the verge of punching him when he began to describe in graphic detail what sounded like an all-too-familiar amazing night with Jill. No, he had lectures to go to; thank god. Neill seemed to enjoy my discomfort and was rather quiet, at least until he dropped Nate on campus on the way back to the hall.

He ran his hand over my thigh, one hand on the wheel. “Want to rip his fucking head off, right?”

“You arsehole,” I swore, under my breath. When Neill chuckled, I slapped his fingers. “Watch the road and stop laughing!”

The car veered a little, narrowly missing a double-parked truck. “Stop harassing the driver,” Neill snapped. His hand groped higher, encompassing my groin, causing my cock to tingle a little with heat. I shoved him off, but he returned, with a vengeance. “You want me to drive safely? Let me play.”

I gave up trying to move his hand; every time I did, he swerved a little. “Shit!” Neill ran a red light, attracting multiple horn blasts of warning. “My car’s already broke, don’t total it! You’re behaving like a dickhead-” While my heart tried to return to some semblance of a pulse, he began to laugh. “I don’t understand why you’re finding this so fucking funny!” I fumed.

Neill took a deep breath and returned both hands to the wheel. “Are you still hung up on Jill?”

“Is this why you’re being such a prick all of a sudden?” I replied. “Jealous?”

“Course not- I just-“

My turn to laugh. “Yes, you are.”

As soon as he started to protest, I knew I had him. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are. Take the left turn-off here-“

“What?” Neill asked.

“Go down to Bissell Park. I want to talk to you, without you getting us bloody well killed,” I said. “And don’t you say we’re talking now, you know what I mean.”

He didn’t say anything else, just drove us the extra couple of minutes and pulled up in the almost vacant car-lot on the south side. He turned to me and glared. “Okay, what?”

I fixed Neill with a glare of my own. “Turn the car off, put the brakes on, take your hands off the wheel and look at me properly.” My heart pounded in anticipation of what I was about to say. I felt my skin ripple as my hair follicles erected in a mixture of arousal and fear. Insecurity or no, I had to say it. “I- Neill- This, us, has never been casual for me. I don’t know what that means, but there’s no way in hell I would have gone for this if I didn’t- care- about you.”

I was faced with an emotionless mask. His vivid blue eyes averted mine, staring down at his hands. Shit. I’d blown it. To him, it was just meaningless sex; a way to get off while neither of us had a girl. Then I realised that the rest of his features were relaxed. Beneath the mesh of blonde hairs, his forehead bore none of the ticking worry lines I usually saw when he was under stress. He looked a little slack-jawed, but I suppose anybody that’s just heard something like that would. As I kept watching, a stray tear trickled down his furred cheek, which was odd because his lips were beginning to curl at the edges. As his eyes rose to meet me, his smile increased.

Neill has always been an actions-rather-than-words person. Before I knew what was happening, he rammed into me, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me along the bench seat. His lips locked mine before my body had even thought about the pain his brutal contact caused. I felt his tongue dart into my complaining mouth, wrapping and trapping my own in heat. Over-salted McDonalds’ breakfast and stale coffee flavoured his thick, slightly cooler saliva. He drew back a little, clasping and releasing me between his lips. His stubble grazed my bruised chin. At the same time, his long fingers found their way to the sweltering skin under my shirt.

I moaned against his mouth, momentarily clamping his tongue, as heat shot over my skin. He traced the prickling skin above my waist-band, then up the muscles of my torso. My cock began to grow some more, shocked and aroused by the way our warm bodies were crushed together. One of my hands grasped a handful of his çekmeköy escort silky hair and pushed him forwards, slamming him against my pulsing lips. Neill’s sharp tongue continued to tease me, whilst he somehow managed to embed a canine in my lip. My nerve fibres went into overdrive with sensations of pleasure and pain. I ran with heat, shuddering and jerking against his hands as one fingertip found the soft skin of my nipple. I bit down a little and drew my teeth over his tongue, teasing the coarse surface of his tastebuds as my sensitive nipples heated and stiffened to his gentle touch. My other hand fought with the stretched zipper of his jeans to release his burning half-hard meat.

He pinched the hardened tips of my nipples, sending electricity jolting through my sore, spasming muscles. I growled, releasing my grip on his tongue. Neill suckled my lower lip for a second as he continued to play my chest. His head shifted, eyes meeting mine with a perverse, gleeful gleam, closing as his lips found the alcove at the end of my unshaven jaw. He nuzzled his wet lips over my skin, nose puffing heat onto my ear. Sweat dripped between my tight pecs as his palms painfully flattened my tingling nipples. I felt blood accumulate as my tips fought to harden, then rush in as he started to tease them once more. I was moaning uncontrollably, my dripping tongue lapping salt from the side of his face as my quivering hands focused on releasing his wrapped groin.

Neill only ever wears underwear to sleep in. He says it saves him from stumbling out into the hallway naked when he needs to take a leak. So the reddened head of his cock immediately sprang out when I succeeded in getting his fly down. My fingers lightly fondled his foreskin, while my other hand grasped his white root and fisted him slowly into hardness. As Neill moaned into my neck, I blew some spittle on my fingertips. I dripped the spit onto his ruby head and used it to lubricate my assault on his foreskin. Very soon, I saw a tiny bead of precum in his slit, which I teased out into a bigger bubble with my thumb. His teeth clashed against my skin, biting me in approval. I groaned in pleasure, but my mind was completely possessed by his cock. I was kind of disappointed when Neill pulled back from me, until I heard what he had to say. “Yeah, I care about you too, you horny bastard.”

When I raised my eyebrows in question, he continued, “What, d’you think I’d let you shag my arsehole with that fat prod just ‘cos you haven’t had a fuck since Jill…? I’m not that good a mate to anyone.”

His lips closed for a second and when he spoke again, his voice sounded much more serious. “I didn’t really think this would happen, but I- Well, I don’t know what I wanted. Okay, I- I was hitting on you- I guess- But I never thought it would actually happen- And neither of us have done this- And- It gets scary when you don’t know what to do. But, after Liam did- I don’t know, maybe before- Definitely before- I- I- You’re my best mate, and well, I- care- My-” He broke into a grin. “My balls have never blown so much before in my life. That must say something.”

“Great for your balls,” I whispered. You know what? I didn’t want to push the issue any further. I knew what Neill meant, and I don’t think I could have said anything different. It was better this way; we did what we felt, rather than trying to warp it into words and emotional shit. “How about this rock in my hand?”

He laughed. “Keep rubbing me the right way and you’ll know.”

“How about a tongue instead?”

“Even better,” Neill groaned. “You sure you’re up to it though?”

“What do you think?” I lowered my head and poked my red tongue from between my smirking lips, watching him with horny eyes. He leant back in the corner created by the edge of the bench seat and the car door, giving him a better view and me easier access. Though I didn’t say anything, the position my torso was in cramped already torn and bruised muscles. Of course, I completely forgot about that as soon as my wet tonguetip glided up his ridged underside. I loved the way his cock immediately jerked a little as if it had been burnt.

“Those painkillers must really be working,” he gasped.

My long tongue twisted and grasped his length. Everywhere it touched glistened with my hot saliva, polished by my strong muscle. It never left his skin for a second. My mouth was constantly open and I forgot to swallow, so spit began to accumulate and dribble down my chin and onto his balls. My hand used it as a lubricant for a wet palm massage. I revelled in the way he completely lost control of his hips, which were bouncing his cock up to meet me. I felt his excited, wet tip burn over my right eye and forehead as I focussed upon nibbling his wide base.

Then I moved down to his balls, enshrouded in their loose pink sack. The crinkled golden hairs stood out like a halo, most too curly to be stuck down by my slick spit. I slurped and swirled each individual cevizli escort ball in my mouth, feeling the tender, hard nut within. Then I took them both as best I could, coarse hair prickling my tongue as they filled my small cavity. “Oh yeah, suck my balls,” I heard Neill murmur, in-between grunts of pleasure. His hands cradled my head against him as his pelvis continued to hump my face. When I was sure his sack was completely dripping with my hot saliva, I mouthed and lightly bit the skin for a while, my own cock getting hard just imagining it was happening to me.

His hips were really starting to jerk around. I raised my head and stared at him. “No-one about?”

“Nah,” Neill said. I don’t think he even bothered to look out the car window. But then, nobody really uses that particular carpark at Bissell Park; it’s not near the walkway, the ‘lake’, any tables, children’s play area or toilets. I knew that when I told him to drive there.

“You still want me to suck you?”

“What, you want me to drive back after you’ve got me all hot and bothered like this?”

My hot lips parted and took the very tip of his glowing bulb. My tongue lapped a tiny streak of precum off, then stopped. I felt impetus on both sides as Neill’s hand tried to push my mouth further down his cock, whilst his hips tried to drive more inside. I resisted and raised my head again. “Maybe I do want you to drive back,” I ran a tight fist up his shaft, “Like this.”

“You’re an arsehole, you know that,” Neill said. “Just suck my cock-“

“Say it like you really want it,” I teased, still fisting him, slowly with added pressure.

Neill’s meat jumped in my hand. I felt the veins pack out more as he heated and expanded, dribbling precum like a tap. “Please suck my cock,” he whispered. “Please, please, suck my cock.” When I still did nothing, he became more insistent. “Suck my cock! Come on, suck it, Seamus, please.”

I felt myself begin to drip as I heard his pleas. My best mate, begging me to give him head. I was startled to realise that this was one of those recurring dreams that I had tried to forget for so long. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I dropped and engulfed as much of him as I could in my hot mouth.

“You bloody tease,” Neill hissed. He thrust upwards, embedding more cock than I intended between my stretched lips. I couldn’t protest, because his hands held my head in place. Slowly, his hips began to work his trembling cock in and out. His skin seared my mouth, hard, soft and smooth all at once. I panicked slightly as he upped the tempo, forcing in more and more meat until I began to gag. The rhythmic, uncomfortable contractions in the back of my throat forced saliva to flood out of my lips, which my tongue attempted to mop from the hilt of his shaft. “Oh yeah, that’s good,” I heard mutter. “Use your tongue some more.”

I did, running my tongue around and along his ridged skin. He was so warm and hot, jerking and shaking out salty precum for my pulsing mouth. I was so caught up in making it good for him that I soon forgot the pressure of his slippery head on my soft throat. My discomfort decreased as I focussed on the sounds he was making. “Oh, yeah- Shit- Fuck, yeah, Seamus- I’m fucking your dirty little mouth- Oh shit- You’re so good-” He was going wild. He loved it. Soon I realised he wasn’t even holding my head in place anymore. His fingertips were lightly drawing circles on my sweaty scalp.

I pulled up, until his only his head was in my mouth, and focussed on rolling its hot swollen redness over my tongue, before sucking him back in as far as I could go. I bobbed up and down slowly, licking and prodding him with my tongue, then got faster, letting him fuck my face with his hips. Each time he hit my throat, my gag reflex got weaker, until finally I just focussed on trying to swallow him to the root. He was too long, or the angle didn’t work or something, so I gave up and went back to sucking.

After a bit, Neill pulled my head off and moved until he was lying fully on his back across the front seat. He pulled me backward over him, so that my soaked crotch was above his face. I was disappointed when he didn’t try to take my pants down, but satisfied enough to feel his fingers rubbing my hot hard-on through the fabric. The slippery warmth and friction of the precum-slick fabric of my boxers felt great on my delicate cockflesh. “Argh- Yeah, that’s good,” I moaned. “Rub my cock hard. Rub it, Neill… Mmmm…” I gobbled his cock down, raising a yelp of pleasure, which had my own piece springing in his hands. I don’t know how either of us managed to get hard again, but I was sure I was even more sensitive to his touch than I was earlier. My body was absolutely wet and hot and shaking all over, a current like electricity linking every quivering muscle to my burning groin.

As I continued to suck Neill’s meat between my stretched lips, I couldn’t help but lower my cock to his face. I mashed it into his warm hands, erenköy escort bucking my hips harder and faster as I felt my boxers brim with fluid. “Oh, god, please,” I heard myself gasp as I bobbed my head completely off his hard shaft, “Please, suck me, please.” I jerked about some more, my pleas vibrating his saliva-coated length. I heard deep, steamy moans from his end as one of his hands lightly cuffed my arse.

I shook, squeezing his cock tightly between my tongue and the hard roof of my mouth. He slapped me a second time, this time harder. My cheek burnt and stung beneath my sweaty trackpants. His fingers scraped me down to the buff, then slapped me one more time, before roughly tugging my dripping shaft. “Uh-” I groaned. “Neill, man, that-“

One finger pressed against my tight, pink hole, quickly breaking through into my rectum. It surged inside me, then retreated as quickly as it came. I wiggled my arse in his face, desperate for more. When nothing happened, I decided to up the pace. I flicked my tongue over his now bulging, plum coloured head and prodded his piss-slit with its tip. Neill’s cock jerked in approval, leaking such cloudy precum that it looked like he was close to the real deal. I devoured him between my lips, gently exploring his slit some more.

Neill howled in pleasure and buried his index finger against my prostate, sawing so rapidly up and down that my cock drained a river of precum on his face. “Uh,” I heard myself moan. “Uh, yeah-“

When my lips tried to return to his cock, he pushed them away. “I wanna wait for you.”

“I’m close,” I whispered. I felt his velvety mouth close around my plump shaft. He suckled me while another slippery finger joined its mate in my sizzling channel. “Oh, shit,” I swore, as my arse stretched. The pleasure rippled down to my balls and I felt my cock start to jerk. Hurriedly, I wrapped my lips around his length and sucked as hard as I could, rewarded almost immediately by a blast of hot cream.

Neither of us had much cum to share, having cleaned our balls out that morning. Still, it was amazingly satisfying to release what little I had, after the great build up. We didn’t stay down long. Instead, we sat up and kissed quietly for a while as the tingling heat passed and sweat ran cold. When I finally broke away from Neill, I said the words that had been on my mind since the first time I fucked him. “I love you, man.”

“I love you, too,” Neill responded, immediately. We stared at each other in wonder, then just laughed and laughed. We were still laughing by the time we got back to the hall.


I still can’t believe how quickly I fell for Neill. Three months earlier, I would never have imagined that this would have happened. As I’ve probably said before, I never thought that fantasy would be so hot in reality. We were never awkward, how the fuck does that work? And I couldn’t get him out of my head. It was love and obsession, something that could easily be broken.

By the time we got back to the Hall, my energy had dropped through the floor. I seriously needed to crash. I think the pills made me tired, but the fucking and sucking can’t have helped my energy levels. Neill helped me get into bed, arranged my pillows and patted a blanket over me. He still didn’t say much. I was quite aroused by how gentle he was being, but too tired to do anything about it. He stroked the hair off my forehead and ran his fingers over my face. His finger-tip lingered on my soft lower-lip while I massaged it with my tongue. For a moment, I imagined it was his red cock and the thick spit dribbling down my chin was his precum.

I tried my best to coerce him into staying, but he said that his Lab was important and counted toward his final mark. After he left, I dozed off. I don’t really know whether I dreamed it, or whether something happened, but at some stage during the day, I think the door opened and Neill came back in. I was in limbo between sleep and waking. Though I was aware that he was in the room, I didn’t stir or open my eyes. I don’t think I could.

Something heavy dropped on the floor, maybe his bag or some books. Maybe I heard footsteps… Hot lips on my cock?… I slept on, through lunch-time and tea; I must have been tired, because McDonalds hardly fills half my stomach. At around 8 pm, I began to shift about, starting to be aware of the room around me. A hand prodded my shoulder, and a misty-looking Neill loomed into my view. I blinked. That looked better.

“Shit- I thought I’d let you sleep, but I- Shit- You alive? Lucid? Know where you are?”

“Yeah,” I croaked. Neill was sitting on my bed, leaning against the wall, knees up, beside my shoulder/arms. He must have climbed over me to get there. His feet smelt bad.

“That ‘stuff’ must have really been something to knock you out like that…You’d better get this down you, case you’re dehydrated.” He handed me a bottle of sports-water, one of those ones with electrolytes and salts to replace missing essential things. It was one that didn’t taste like shit; though I could have drunk sewage I was so dry.

I sat up, less pain this time. The bottle gurgled as I gulped fluid down, and hissed when I broke the vacuum. “Thanks, you buy this for me?”

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