Sean Comes Home Ch. 02

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That night, when Rachel came into my room, I told her about what I’d managed to do in the barn with Sean earlier in the day. Man was she pissed. I hadn’t expected it, but she’d been assuming that she’d be there each step of the way and that I wouldn’t go and do something without her.

I apologised a lot, but she continued to sulk and when I went to touch her as part of my apology, she flinched.

“Rach, I just want to share with you what I learned today,” I pleaded.

“Well then, you should have had me there with you and I could have learned then,” she replied miserably.

“Look, I have an idea. Sean told me about something that even he hasn’t tried. Let me touch you and see if I can make you cum like he did to me and then I’ll tell you about this thing and if you’re game, we’ll try it. We’ll have done something that even Sean hasn’t tried.”

“Really? You’re sure that he hasn’t? And you’d do it with me?” I nodded sincerely and noticed the shift in her stance that told me that she’d gotten over her little huff. That was one of the best things about my sister, she just couldn’t hold a grudge once you plied her with apologies and were nice enough to her.

She leaned over and gave me a hug. I so loved it when our breasts got mushed together like that. I pulled at her nightie and lifted it over her head so that I could see and touch them. I sucked on her nipples gently, rimming my tongue around them and sucking at them, squeezing the breast that I wasn’t sucking on with my hand. She sighed in pleasure at the sensations. I rubbed her pussy through her panties and then broke apart from my attention on her breasts to remove them.

Rachel started to pull at my nightie, wanting me to get naked too. I happily obliged, allowing her to undress me, her hands caressing my body as it was revealed to her. Once I was naked, I pushed her back on the bed and ran my finger over her tummy and down between her legs, my fingers caressing her pussy. I ran them up and down her rapidly wetting slit, getting them nice and moist before pushing one into her hole. Removing it as she squirmed on the bed, I moved up to touch her clit. She arched her back in a spasm of pleasure and I leaned over to drive my tongue into her mouth.

I kissed her passionately as my fingers teased and caressed her clitoris, driving her steadily towards her first orgasm. She was sucking hard at my tongue, her fingers buried in my hair as she endured the pleasure, legs spread, back arched. I moved from her mouth to her breasts, again sucking at her nipples and found her hand reaching for my breast to pull and pinch at the nipple.

An idea popped into my mind and I changed positions without breaking my finger contact with her clit. I moved so that my breast dangled over her mouth, my head positioned to take her nipple in mine. Reaching out before me I rubbed her clit hard as we 69’d each other’s breasts. I could hear Rachel whimpering around my nipple as she got closer and closer to the point of no return.

I felt her arch her back a final time and she gasped around my nipple as her orgasm flooded through her.

“Oh Kylie, that was wonderful,” she told me when she had relaxed a little more from her exertions.

“I told you it was worth it, didn’t I” I said, smiling and kissing her gently, now lying beside her, playing with her breasts gently.

“It sure was. So what was this other thing that Sean told you about?”

“He called it oral sex. He said, and I quote, ‘it’s when a girl sucks a boys dick or a boy licks a girl’s pussy.’ I thought that it sounded a bit gross, but he assured me that its supposed to feel really good. Are you willing to try?”

“Um, I guess so. I don’t think I would ever have thought of licking you there, but if its supposed to be really good, then I guess I am prepared to give it a go and see what its like.”

“Do you want me to lick you first, or you lick me?” I asked her.

“Well, since you just made me cum, I guess its only fair that I lick you first,” she answered as she moved from her position next to me on my bed, allowing me room to lay down. She knelt between my legs as I spread them for her to show her my pussy. She lowered her face to my pussy and stuck out her tongue to lick it. She licked me from the bottom to the top, right up the middle of my slit. It felt amazing.

Rachel explored my pussy with her tongue, licking along my lips and up and down my slit, parting me with it and giving me so much pleasure. As she licked up towards the top, she ran her tongue over my clit and I shuddered in response to what it did to me. She noticed this and did it again, bringing a further shudder of pleasure.

“Just lick me there,” I urged her. Following my request, Rachel licked at my clit, rubbing her tongue back and forth over it, building the pressure of pleasure within me. Before too much longer, I exploded, releasing that pent up pleasure as my orgasm swept through my body.

“God, I can’t believe it, that was even better Maltepe Escort than being fingered!”

“Better? Holy cow, I didn’t think that would be possible,” Rachel hissed to me in the dark.

“Well lay back down and I’ll let you experience just how good it feels,” I told her. She happily did exactly that and I took up my position between her legs. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart and tentatively dipped my tongue in her hole before licking all around her pussy. She squirmed under my ministrations and when I ran my tongue over her erect little clitty she cried out before clamping a pillow over her mouth. I pushed my tongue hard over her clit and then ran it around the little nub before just licking back and forth. I kept at it, Rachel squirming and writhing, the pillow clamped over her mouth as she endured the pleasure building within her.

I tasted her juices as they flooded my mouth when she came, gushing, her pussy convulsing with the force of her orgasm.

I held her again quietly as she recovered, before sending her out to her own room.

The next day, I found myself at a loose end and decided to go looking for Sean to see if we could have some more fun. I hunted all over for him and finally decided to wander down to the back paddock in case he was working down by the creek. I couldn’t see him but wandered along the creek just because it was a nice day. I was about to turn back when I heard Sean’s voice say,

“Oh yes, suck me Rachel, its fantastic! Suck me and make me cum.”

I walked quietly closer and peering over the edge of the embankment to see what was going on. Sean was laying down in the grass with his pants around his ankles and Rachel was leaning over him, obviously sucking on his cock, her head bobbing up and down. I could only see the back of her head and really wished that I could see her lips wrapped around his cock, but you have to be satisfied with what you get sometimes.

I was laying down on my tummy and my pussy was getting wet, desperate for some action, but I couldn’t access it. I had to be happy watching as Sean kept telling Rachel how good it felt to have her pleasing him with her mouth and as I watched, told her that he was about to cum. Rachel stopped sucking on him and took his cock in her hand, pumping up and down his shaft. I looked on in envy as a spurt of cum arced through the air to splatter onto his tummy.

“Oh that was fantastic, Rachel, I can’t believe how good it was.”

“And Kylie really hasn’t done that with you yet?” she asked. I was surprised to learn that her motivation was apparently to get to do something before I did. I was even more surprised when I realised that it stirred my jealousy and made me want to do something else with Sean that she hadn’t done.

“No, I swear, all she did was use her hand on me.”

“Cool, now do you think you’d be up to licking my pussy?” she asked him.

“Um, sure, I’d love to give it a try,” Sean replied.

“Make sure you lick my clit real good, ‘cause that’s how Kylie made me cum,” Rachel said matter-of-factly.

“Kylie licked your pussy?” Sean asked, amazed.

“Yeah. Last night, I licked hers and then she licked mine so that we could both have an orgasm. It was awesome.”

“Oh man, I want to see you lick her pussy one day, just thinking about it makes me hot!”

“I can see that,” laughed Rachel, looking at Sean’s cock, which had risen again as Rachel had told him about our nocturnal activities.

I decided that I’d had enough of being a spectator and called out to them, “Is this a private party, or do you think you have room for me?” Both Sean and Rachel jumped like they’d just seen a ghost. I imagine that I would have as well had I been in there position.

“Holy shit, Kylie, I nearly wet myself,” Sean said to me when he’d calmed down enough to realise that it was me.

“Well that would be something I’ve never seen at least,” I laughed as I climbed down the embankment.

“God Kylie, I’m just glad that its you and not Mum or Dad,” Rachel said. “How long have you been up there?”

“Just long enough to see you suck on Sean’s dick and watch him cum,” I told her.” Seems like you’ve gone one up on me. I’ll have to have a go at sucking it myself now.”

“Fine by me,” Sean said, standing with his cock pointing out into the air. “But before you get to do that, I’m gonna taste Rachel’s pussy. But I might ask you to show me how, since Rach tells me that you’ve already tried it.”

“Huh, you could do it without help, you just want to seem me lick my sister,” I accused him.

“And is that so bad if watching the two of you makes me want you both more?”

“Not at all, not at all,” I laughed. “Come on then Rachel, get that perfect little pussy out and I’ll send you to heaven again” Rachel pulled down her shorts and panties to stand before us with her neatly trimmed pussy airing. Then she lay herself down on her back, spreading her legs to expose her wet lips. Ümraniye Escort

I moved in between her legs and started licking at her like I had the other night. Sean stepped out of his pants that he’d tried to hurriedly pull up when I surprised him and knelt down alongside Rachel to get a good view of what I was doing to her pussy. Rachel reached out to tug on his cock as I sucked at her pussy and clit before telling him to move so that she could suck him again. I looked up over Rachel’s mound to see Sean’s cock disappear between my sister’s lips and felt my pussy stirring, desiring some attention. I lapped at Rachel’s clit, her body starting to writhe beneath my ministrations.

Rachel arched her back and moaned and I lapped at her when she came, her pussy convulsing and gushing as she wiggled around in the grass.

“See, there’s nothing to it,” I told Sean, sitting back on my knees. “Now I think its time that you let me suck on that nice big cock of yours, then you can lick Rachel’s pussy. I think she needs a break right now, yes Sis?.”

Releasing Sean’s cock from her mouth, Rachel indicated her agreement. I pushed Sean until he was lying back in the grass, his erection flat against his tummy. I knelt between his legs, took it in my hand and just put my mouth over it, seeing how far down the shaft I could get. Then I sucked on it like an icy-pole, letting it plop out of my mouth when I ran out of cock. I licked up and down and around and all over him before taking him back into my mouth and sucking at the ‘helmet’ for awhile. Sean helped to tell me what felt good, getting me to suck him deeper into my mouth again, then up and down until I was pistoning on it like Rachel had been when I’d first seen them going at it.

As I sucked on his cock, Rachel pulled off her t-shirt before removing her bra so that she was wearing nothing but her sneakers and socks. She went over to where Sean was and kissed him, one breast pressed against his chest, the other dangling almost to the ground as she moved in from the side, leaving me room to continue working my mouth up and down on his cock. Then she dangled her breast into his mouth, asking him to suck on her nipple, then to bite it a little, now suck it again. I cold tell that Sean was having an awesome time and before long he was telling me that he was going to cum, well at least that’s what he meant. It was a bit garbled because of my sister’s tit in his mouth.

Rachel sat back to watch as I kept sucking on his cock, letting Sean have a view as well. He insisted that this was it, he was cumming, but I’d decided that if Rachel had had the first taste of dick, then I was going to have the first taste of cum. Rachel was obviously waiting to see the cum spurt from Sean’s cock, but I just kept sucking.

I felt Sean tense up and the his cock pulsed and his sperm splashed against the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly as it spurted again and again. I sucked it all out of him, swallowing every last drop. I can’t say that I was overly thrilled with the taste, but there are worse things you can put in your mouth.

“Oh my god, did you just swallow it?!” Rachel said to me.

“Yep,” I said smugly, noting the adoration in Sean’s eyes as he looked at me.

“What does it taste like?”

“Kinda salty. Its not wonderful, but its not the worst thing I’ve tasted. Kiss me and see if you can tell,” I suggested.

Rachel moved to me and we kissed, her tongue exploring my mouth for a taste of Sean’s cum that may have been lingering there. Sean just sat there smiling like he was king of the land, two sisters kissing each other so that they could taste his cum.

“I kinda get it,” Rachel told me, “But I guess I’ll just have to swallow it myself next time so that I really no. I simply nodded my agreement.

“I Think that Sean should taste your pussy now,” I said to Rachel. Rachel agreed that this was true and laid herself back down on the grass, her pussy spread again, ready for Sean to get his first taste of her juices. As she lay there, I kissed her again and let my hands caress her breasts, pulling and pinching at her nipples. She moaned as I pulled on her nipples and Sean’s tongue made contact with her pussy.

After a brief time in this position, I realised that at this point I was the only one who hadn’t had an orgasm. I was determined to rectify this and stood up to remove my shorts and panties (which were now totally sodden). Then I squatted over Rachel’s head and told her to lick my clit for me so that I could have an orgasm with her. I sighed as I felt the contact of her wet tongue sliding its way along my wet pussy lips.

It was heavenly and I ground my pussy against my sister’s tongue as our cousin Sean pleasured her. Rachel had already cum once and soon she was squirming away on the ground as her clit was again licked into a frenzy of pleasure. Seeing her writhing like that increased my excitement and when she came I too was sent over the edge, my juices washing over İstanbul Escort her tongue and into her mouth. I slumped off of her face to her side and we lay there, naked and partially so, spent from our exertions. Sean sat there, his cock hard yet again from the licking that he’d given to Rachel.

“Wow, I said, I think I could do this everyday.” The other two agreed. “So Sean, you tell us that we’ve moved beyond anything you’d done before, is there anything else that you’d like to try?”

“Not short of actually having sex,” he told us.

“That’s something that I’ll have to think about I guess,” I said to him. Rachel looked at me a little shocked. Having sex was obviously going a little further than her thought processes had thus far.

“Oh well, I guess we’d all better get back before someone decides to look for us and finds are sprawled out in the sun starkers like I found you two.” I said. The others agreed and we donned our clothes again before heading back up to the house, being careful to arrive from different directions.

That night, before bed, I raided the fridge. When Rachel came in to see me for what had become our evening tryst, I showed her the carrot that I had stowed in my room.

“And just what do you expect to do with that?” she asked me.

“I want you to put it in my pussy, to fuck me with it like it’s a cock,” I told her. “I’ve done a bit of research at the library and when you lose your virginity, you have to break your hymen. Its supposed to hurt a bit and I want to get rid of mine before the first time that I have a cock up me. I don’t want that hurting.”

“Oh, “ she simply replied. I was naked in my bed and I spread my legs and passed the carrot to Rachel.

“Lick me a bit first, get my nice and horny,” I told her. Rachel positioned herself to lick me and did so, turning me on and making my pussy nice and wet. Before she could make me climax, I told her to use the carrot. She was about to push it into me when I remembered the towel and asked her to stop. Placing the towel under my butt (and explaining to Rachel that you bled when you broke your hymen) I spread my legs again so that she could continue.

Rachel slid the end of the carrot into me, parting my lips. It was a definite change in size from her finger and I loved the way it stretched me. Rachel had it in a bit but then told me that it wouldn’t go any further. I could feel a pressure inside myself. I told her that she must be pushing against my hymen and that she needed to push through it. She worked the carrot in and out a couple of times but didn’t seem prepared to push it hard enough because she didn’t want to hurt me.

I took the carrot from her and sat up on the side of the bed. Grasping the thick end of the vegetable, I started sliding it in and out of my pussy. When I thought I was ready, I jammed it hard inside me, tearing my hymen and thrusting the carrot further in than it had been in the whole time so far. I cried out a little at the pain and pulled the carrot out before laying back down on the towel on my bed.

“Are you ok?” Rachel asked me.

“Mhmm, it just hurts a bit is all. I think I’ll just go to sleep. Sorry I didn’t help you out.”

“That’s ok, I’ll see you in the morning and you can tell me more about it. Then maybe you can do the same to me.” Rachel left the room. I hid the bloodied carrot so that I could dispose of it later, hoping that sex wouldn’t always hurt like this and wondering how it would feel to be stretched even more, as Sean’s cock was bigger again than the carrot.

I spoke to Rachel about it briefly through the day, but it wasn’t really until that night that we managed to talk it through again. I pulled another carrot from beneath my pillow where I’d hidden it. I was feeling much better by this stage and wanted to see if I’d enjoy it a lot more the second time around.

I was wet with anticipation of what I was about to do and found that the carrot slid quite easily into my pussy. It felt kind of strange but really good too. I pushed it in and then let it slide out again before sliding it in and out. I loved it. I could feel the little ripples in the carrot’s surface as it spread my pussy lips and penetrated my hole. I panicked when I heard my door open, jamming my legs together and pulling my doona up. Fortunately it was just Rachel.

“What’s up Kylie, you look as guilty as hell,” she whispered as she came over to my bed.

I threw back the doona and spread my legs to reveal the carrot that was buried in my pussy. Rachel laughed, “You’re too much!” she said to me. “Does it feel good?”

“It feels awesome,” I told her. “I want you to move it in and out of my pussy for me. Rachel reached out and took the end of the carrot in her hand. She slide it out of my pussy and then pushed it back in. After a couple of thrusts, I found myself pushing my hips out, thrusting to meet the timing of the carrot entering me.

As she watched the lips of my pussy glide along the carrot, Rachel reached down and touched her finger to my clit. That was almost too much in the instant it happened. By the time that she rubbed her fingers back and forth a bit, there was not way that I could contain myself and my orgasm exploded through my body..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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