Secret Lesbian Passion in Desert

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I recently spent two weeks with my girlfriend, Marion, in north Africa on holidays. Marion is 36 and so nine years older than me. She is quite tall and is a very sportive woman, feminine with some very good curves at her arse and her breasts, which are a lot bigger than mine. With both have brown, long hair. We are a pair now for about have a year and I really love her. She is a strong woman and the more dominating part of us. She knows that I love to read and write erotica and encouraged me to write down some of our private erotic action during our holiday.

For a lesbian pair in north Africa it’s better not to show the girl-to-girl love openly. So we limited our love to the privacy of our hotel rooms. In some way that limitation made it even hotter for us. Not being allowed to kiss and touch each other the whole day, we couldn’t keep our hands and mouths from each other during night. We also started to enjoy some quick and secret touches during day. A short stroke across the arse, an “accident”-touch to the breast and so on…

But the somehow most exciting thing erotically was, when we slept in the dessert in a traditional tent among tuareg-arabians. We had our own tent for the both of us and were lying on carpets on the earth. The nights are getting cold Avrupalı porno in the dessert. We were fully clothed under the sheets and cuddling together. I was turning my back to my girlfriend, her arms wrapped around me. Outside the tend we still heard the noises of the Arabians moving around between the few tents. The opening of the tent was only closed with some kind of safety-needle.

After a short while of just lying there and enjoying the exotic sounds of the dessert outside, Marion’s hands started moving under my t-shirt and i felt her kissing my neck slowly and tenderly. I moaned softly to show her that I liked it. Her hands moved across my stomach, moving up till the undersides of my breasts and moving down to my panties. I enjoyed her hands lying still and listening to the outside, where some kind of exotic soft African music by the Arabians had started. From time to time one of the camels made a strange noise. It was unbelievable exotic, exciting and most of all it was very erotic. Marion did not hurry, she kept stroking my stomach very tenderly for a very long time, still planting soft, loving kisses to my neck. But her hands were going higher up and deeper down at each round, starting to caress the undersides of my breasts Video porno and my pubic hair. I love it if my pubic hair is taken care of tenderly. I was really hot now and felt that I was getting wet, very wet between my legs and that my nipples were getting hard.

It was not only the soft touches of my lesbian girlfriend but the special atmosphere of being deep in the African dessert, lying on carpets and being separated from the Arabians only by the thin fabric of the tent, hearing all the noises, the music, of the people, the camels and the dessert. As a matter of fact it would have been possible that every moment one of the Arabians might have stepped into the tent. All that made the situation very exciting and very arousing and I was so happy that I could fully enjoy this situation lying still and being taken care of by my wonderful elder lesbian lover.

Marion started stroking my breasts now. My nipples were rock hard. I had to breath deeply from pleasure. Her soft lips and her wet tongue were still kissing and licking my neck. I always loved it if Marion caressed my breasts. She always found that special mixture of massaging my tits hard, stroking them very tenderly and playing with my very sensitive hard nipples. And this time she was even better than usual. I pressed my arse into her crotch.

After a long time of caressing my breasts and belly her hands started opening my trousers and her hand very slowly glided into my already wet panties.

Outside we still heard moving the people, talking them in their Arabic language and making music. The atmosphere and situation seemed to me to be one of the most romantic and erotic I have ever had.

Marion’s fingers played with my curled, black pubic hair for quite some time, making me even hotter and wetter, before her fingers slid easily into my aroused wet pussy and she started fingerfucking me very slowly. I really had to concentrate not to cry out my pleasure load. Still I moaned, and don’t know if somebody outside heard me. Her fingers moved in and out of my cunt. I pressed my hand against my mouth, and I pressed my arse hard into Marion’s crotch while her experienced fingers brought me to a huge but silent orgasm.

After I had calmed down again I turned round and we kissed and kissed and kissed passionately. In my fantasy my girlfriend Marion was my oriental princess and I was her willingly, serving lesbian sex slave.

Exhausted from the impressions of the day and the exotic sexiness of the night I fell to sleep, my face pressed to her breasts, her arms wrapped around me and her hands stroking my back. I had very arousing dreams this special night…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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