Secret Romantic Sexy Weekend

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I have arrived for our long weekend together. And we made it out of the airport without being sidetracked in the back parking lot! Ha Ha Ha!

We’ve decided a nice romantic dinner at a nice quiet restaurant would be a good way to start our time together. I have on my new shelf bra that you have purchased for me and a beautiful sheer blouse, skirt with my stockings and heels.

Opps, I forgot my panties, oh well, I will have to go out without them. You have on your nice purple shirt, black pants and a pair of my panties. Purple silk, I know you truly enjoy them, especially since I have worn them before!

We’re seated in a corner, as you have requested. I am sure you have “dinner” plans for both of us!

We’ve ordered a drink and our dinner and are sitting there having a nice conversation as your hand reaches for my leg, feeling the softness of my stockings and you are rubbing my leg and my thigh and up to my pussy. You ask me to touch my pussy, as you have realized I don’t have on my panties. So, I do, but I have asked you to gently rub your cock. We continue our conversation, but my mind is anywhere but on the conversation. Our drinks arrive and we toast to a wonderful weekend together. I still have one hand on my pussy, and you notice my nipples are getting hard and quite erect, and you give me that great “knowing” smile of yours of what you are doing to me. And I am so pleased that you know that. I know what I am doing to you.

Our meal arrives and I must use both of my hands to have my meal, unfortunately as I was getting very excited. But again, we’re in public and I must try to hold on. We’ve finished our meal, which was delicious, and you have decided NOT to order a desert, because you’ve told me I will be your desert that you will eat at home.

As we leave the restaurant, I see that you are walking directly behind me as your cock is still a bit hard as I can see that in the front of your pants. I’m pleased. And my pussy is still very wet with my pussy juices.

As we arrive home you get us settled in and pour us each a glass of wine and light the fireplace.

You slowly open my blouse and rub my very hard nipples and very engorged tits. You lower your head and take one of my tits fully in your mouth as your tongue circles my nipple. I am so aroused now, I can hardly stand it, but it feels so good, I lean back and fully enjoy your sucking and licking. And I know you are enjoying this as much as I am. We are amazing together. Your tongue circling my nipple, you are sucking on it and my full breast. I look down at you and I love watching you enjoying yourself so very much.

You move me to the couch where you take off my blouse and my skirt. We leave on my stockings and my bra. You ask me to continue to play with my pussy as I was in the restaurant and to massage and play with my tits. I start to remove my bra and “No”, you say, “leave on the bra, I want to fuck your tits with that beautiful bra on you and cum all over you”. I leave it on, knowing how wonderful that will be and how wonderful that will feel. Your strong hard cock and that warm explosive cum. So, I have three of my fingers in my pussy, my thumb is playing with my clit. My other hand is rubbing my tits. While I am doing this you have removed all your clothes and are sitting across from me, stroking your cock and smiling that “knowing” Elvankent Escort smile of your again. Thinking of where you are taking us.

As you are watching I see that you are getting ready to cum, but I want you in my mouth for just a bit.

OMG, I want that so badly, so you get up and come over to me and I take your cock in my mouth. I run my tongue around the tip and then licking, sucking, running my tongue up and down your shaft and gently sucking your balls.

While doing that my hand is rubbing your nipples, I want them hard. And I will lick and suck them when I can. It is so erotic, and I love it so much. I taste your precum and am ready to explode myself. But I hold on. I take the baby oil and stroke your cock with it and rub a bit between my tits. I sit up and place your cock between my tits.

I hold my tits tight so that your cock is very snug there and so strong and hard. I feel the warmth and your cock push up and down between my tits and my nipples are so erect and there we have it, cum all over my tits, my bra, my chest, up to my neck. It feels so amazing. Words can not even explain the ecstasy I am feeling, we are feeling right now. My orgasm was so strong, and I can still feel all of the pulsing in my pussy, and I am quivering, all over. Before you lean down to start licking my tits and rubbing my tits and my body where you have spread your cum with your hands, I gently take your cock in my mouth a lick it clean a bit, but then let you get to where you want to be. You are cleaning me, but there is a lot, you had so much cum, it was outstanding. I want to taste you again, so you put your fingers in my mouth and I lick them. You then use your mouth to continue to clean me and so sensually you kiss me. You start licking and sucking my tits again, you know how that excites me. It has started another orgasm and it feels so wonderful. You reach down and touch my pussy and you feel the pulsing and make me continue to quiver all over. I love it, and so do you!

You have forgotten to “eat” your desert, but we’ll get to that over the weekend!!

We are both so exhausted now, we lay next to each and hold each other knowing how we have made each other feel and revel in the satisfaction that we can do this to, for and with each other. We fall asleep for just a bit and then head to the shower to wash one another and then go to bed for the night. You hold me close, and we fall asleep in each other’s arms. We both need to get a good night’s sleep. We still have several days together, and we need to pace ourselves.

The morning arrives you gently lean over sensually kiss me, and we slowly get ourselves ready for the day. And thank you for the coffee and breakfast snack before we head out for the day. We’re heading for a walk in the woods, which is nice. It’s fall, it’s a cool day and the leaves are just starting to change. You know I enjoy this time of the year. It is so quiet and peaceful. A great way to start the day. We are still a bit exhausted from last night, which was absolutely amazing. We both smile just thinking about the joy of it all. We finish our trek the woods and head back. We’re going for a ride we, need to take it easy for a bit! Off to a craft show and a late lunch. It has been a great day. We head home and find some good stuff to watch Beşevler Escort on your new TV!

It’s a nice quiet evening, we watch TV by the fireplace, with a few snacks and a glass of wine and just hold each other. And you know I love kissing you, so yes, we’re doing that too!! We head to bed and you gently hold my breasts and snuggle and we fall asleep with each other all night.

It’s morning and you start with sucking my tits to wake me up. Great way to wake up. You know you are starting to get me very excited, and we both enjoy that. And I do notice your cock has woken up as well. I start to lick and suck your nipples. They are so hard. I so enjoy having my tongue circle them and suck them. It gets me excited as I know it does you! You play with my pussy inserting your fingers to feel the wetness and the warm and the pulsing you are starting. It just feels fantastic. I stroke your cock and feel the warm and hardness. You roll on top of me and very slowly, to tease me, the tip of your cock plays with my clit. You are now driving me crazy, but I love it. You then insert yourself in my pussy. My hips are rising and falling with yours as we both reach an amazing orgasm and we both cum. I can’t stop my moaning in complete joy of what has just happened. Your cock is so hard, warm and strong. And your cum, lots of it and very warm. You continue to fondle my tits and we both lay there is complete ecstasy. That was a great way to be awaken.

You now want a bit of your desert from last night, so you slide down and start licking my pussy and then back to my tits for a nipplegasm. Our cum is dripping out of me and you are enjoying both your cum and mine mingled together and I know you will be sharing soon, but first you have driven me to another orgasm just licking and sucking my pussy and tits. Sharing the mingled cum is very erotic and we are both so enjoying all of it.

Now we lay back and just hold one another. No real plans for today, its not really a nice day, rainy and dreary. So, we plan to cook and stay in for the day. But we do have to go shopping to get dinner supplies. And of course, I will make my brownies for you. (I do have my apron with me!) You’ve decided that we are going to try to make Chicken Francese. Well after looking at the recipe, we’ve decided to order dinner out, eat at home, but I will still make the brownies, we may still need to go shopping as whipped cream would be good with the brownies!

We spend the day relaxing. You are doing some songs and I’ve asked you to sing a few for me. Really nice, I do enjoy listening to you. I won’t sing, my singing is horrible, so we just laugh!! We’ve spent the afternoon watching some movies as the rain continues outside and we sit by the fireplace. It is such a wonderful peaceful afternoon. Magical really.

Before dinner arrives, we’ve decided a nice warm bath would be good. The water is warm, and we slide in. You behind me, you hold onto my tits and massage them and tweaking my nipples to get them hard and erect. I can feel your cock getting hard against my back. My one hand heads down to my pussy as I play with it. It feels so good. And I hear your heavy breathing as you are getting excited rubbing my tits and watching me play with my pussy.

We have dinner and wine by the fireplace.

And Cebeci Escort are very relaxed and comfortable. My brownies for desert and you’d like a bit of whipped cream on them or was it me that you wanted the whipped cream on. So, you finally get to try my famous brownies and really very pleased. And enjoy. But then I have whipped cream all over my tits. You are licking that off and it is very exciting to me and my nipples are very hard and vey erect and my tits very engorged.

The whipped cream is now off, and you continue to kiss, to lick and to suck my tits. I am so excited and cannot hold on any longer and have the most amazing orgasms. And you continue to suck as you know as I play with my pussy, I will have another orgasm. You know how you make me feel and you know how to keep my orgasms “cumming and cumming”. OMG it’s amazing. I have now straddled you so that I can feel your cock in my pussy and you can continue to lick and suck my tits. You are now reaching a tremendous climax and you squirt some cum in me and I climb off and hold your cock and have the rest of your cum squirt all over my tits, neck, face and into my mouth. You now gently massage all of your cum on my tits and I lean down and you clean me and it feels so wonderful. Then you kiss me and we share your cum and it tastes so good. I want more and more and more.

This has been another unbelievable day and night. Words cannot really express the feelings we have for each other or the peace that we feel. There are no words strong enough to explain, we just feel. We snuggle and fall asleep in total exhaustion.

Good Morning! Yes, it is morning and you bring me coffee and join me back in bed. We have no plans for the day, so we relax for a bit and then shower and head out for a ride. It’s another beautiful day. We laugh and talk and just truly enjoy being together. We have a late lunch at a really quaint restaurant and then head home for a relaxing evening. Or so we thought. We’ve decided to read one of our stories from the “library”. It is a very erotic story and you are watching me pleasure myself as I watch you doing the same. The story has two people who are so excited to be together but want to watch each other jerk off and finger fuck. It’s gets so hard to stay apart but, I have had an orgasm. It was wonderful. I am watching your cock get hard and the precum is dripping. I cannot wait any longer, I slip off my chair and come over to you and take you in my mouth. You taste so good; your warm hard cock is throbbing in my mouth as I lick your shaft up and down. And suck you. You start to cum and I suck you and taste you, it is so good having your cock and your cum in my mouth. But I want you fucking my tits. And you very enthusiastic agree. Your cock feels so good between my tits. I want you to cum all over me and you again enthusiastically agree. Your cum, covers my tits, in my mouth and I am so excited. It is beyond words. I am cumming again and it is amazing.

We clean each other and while doing that, I have another orgasm. It is like it just keeps on like a wave over my body. I lick you clean and kiss you as your cock gently relaxes. I am so in awe of how you have cum all over me and how you have made me feel.

We lie there with each other, just in such ecstasy and exhaustion. It has once again been an amazing, wonderful day. It’s time to shower and get to bed and snuggle for the evening.

It’s morning and I need to leave this afternoon. Neither one of us is happy about this, but we have had an amazing few days and know we will again. What we have is way to special and something neither one of us have ever felt before.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend. We both so enjoyed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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