Secrets and Solace Pt. 03

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Shannon unzipped her jacket. “This is the weather the day after Thanksgiving?”

“Yeah, Texas weather,” Brandon replied. Hemmed in by hundreds of people, it had taken nearly 15 minutes to traverse three blocks from the Alamo and they still had at least two more to go before they reached the River Walk. Nightfall had brought a cool breeze but he would’ve been more comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt.

“It’s a shame your girlfriend couldn’t make it,” Shannon teased.

“Keisha’s not my girlfriend,” Brendan replied. “But this is the first holiday leave either of us have gotten. She wanted to see her family in Nashville.”

The crush of people repeatedly jostled Shannon against Brendan. Her sumptuous body pressed next to his, stoking his hunger for her. They had not been together since Florida, eleven months ago. They shared a hotel bed there. Still, catholic guilt made them awkward in the mere hours since he met her at the airport.

“You want a beer?” Brendan asked, motioning for a cart where an old man sold sodas, beer, and bottles of water.

“You think we can?”

“No one is carding here. Hell, I’m not sure that the cart is even legal.”

Legal or not, the old man worked with practiced speed. Eight people traded cash for bottles and cans in less than 90 seconds. When Brendan got to the old man, he held up two fingers. “Beers.”


“Good” Brendan traded a $10 bill for two green bottles of beer. “Keep the change.”

He handed her a bottle, guiding her back to the crowd. They shuffled with the immense throng, inching toward the River Walk. Shannon’s ass swayed back and forth across his crotch, both hypnotic and maddening at the same time.

She sipped the beer. “They do this every year?”

“Yep. Families come from all over the state and even from Mexico for the lighting of the River Walk.”

“Christ, is that the line for Wendy’s?”

Brendan followed her gaze to a line snaking out of a storefront and down the block. He caught sight of a slight woman with a bobbed hairdo but couldn’t be sure if it was his lieutenant. “Yep, but we’ll get something at the place I told you about.”

Half a block from the steps down to the River Walk, they passed a patio bar where a band of white dudes sang a Justin Bieber song in a reggae arrangement.

“Seriously?” Shannon laughed.

“Apparently,” Brendan replied. The band transitioned to a ballad by Selena and the mostly Latino crowd cheered and then began to sing along.

“Hey,” Shannon said, stepping out of the shuffling crush. “I think I know this song.”

“Yeah, it came out before we were born but it’s crazy popular here.”

The crowd singing the ballad, coupled with the atmosphere of goodwill and joy touched Brendan. He smiled at Shannon, glad to share this moment with his sister. She smiled back and rose up on her toes to kiss him. But a group of women just behind her cheered, drawing his attention to a couple already kissing and then he saw ash-blonde hair.

“Wait,” Brendan said, shifting slightly from his sister.

The couple parted and he saw Senior Airman Keisha Robertson kissing Lieutenant Rachel Nguyen. Then they parted and the shock he felt flashed across Keisha’s face and then across Lieutenant Nguyen’s.

“Shit,” Brendan said, voice low.

“What? What’s wrong?” Shannon asked.

“Just chill,” Brendan said, under his breath. Shannon tugged on the sleeve of his jacket and realized she hadn’t heard him. “I’ll explain in a minute.”

The song ended and the crowd began to move again. Keisha looked ready to flee but Lieutenant Nguyen took her by the hand and led her to Brendan. “Sergeant McMannis. How are you?”

Brendan went to attention and began raising his hand.

“Don’t you dare,” Lieutenant Nguyen said, no trace of humor in her normally laughing voice.

Nodding, Brendan relaxed. “Understood. How are you LT?”

“I’m good but we’re off duty so call me Rachel. Is this your girlfriend?”

A glance at Shannon’s blazing face mirrored his embarrassment. “My sister, L—Rachel. Shannon, this is Keisha and Rachel. Ladies, my sister, Shay.”

Tucking her ash-blonde hair behind her ear, Keisha blurted, “Brandon, I didn’t mean to—”

She and Shannon were both jostled by the crowd. Shannon said. “Let’s step over here where you two can talk without getting walked all over.”

They stepped off the sidewalk and into an entryway for a closed storefront. “Now, do you need a minute?”

“No, hell no,” Brendan said to his sister then he turned his attention to the airman with the hurt-little-girl face. “Keisha, you don’t owe me any explanation. We’ve been friends since S.S.O. school.”

“I wanted to tell you so many times,” Keisha said, hazel eyes flashing. “It’s just still so…”

“You’re my friend, I’m happy that you’re happy,” Brendan said, speaking with candor born of relief that the focus was off of him and Shannon. Still, the night was working out much differently than he had planned.

“It’s more than unit hostility,” Rachel said, gaziantep escortları raking fingers through her thick bob. “If we’re caught dating, we both stand to be demoted and reassigned.”

“I won’t let that happen, LT—” he held up his hands in apology and Rachel dismissed it with a smile. “You’ve been good to me since Tech Sergeant Cullen retired.”

Keisha asked “You’re really not mad?”

“About what? That you didn’t tell me your deepest secret?” Brendan countered. “What do you know about me? Hell, what do we know about anyone? I thought T.S. Burt was a good guy. Then he got hands-y with Martinez.”

“Our Sergeant McMannis regulated that shit.” Rachel said, with an exaggerated wink to Shannon before looping her an arm around hers. “Come walk with us.”

Shannon grinned at Brendan and nodded. He smiled despite himself. “We don’t want to step all over your evening.”

“Nonsense,” Rachel said and for the first time Brendan could tell she was tipsy, on the edge of being drunk. “We just established that we’re friends.”

The multitude thinned a bit as they descended the steps to the River Walk. Some boarded tour boats. Others turned south. Rachel looked at Keisha, her eyes flashing. “You want to take a boat ride?”

“No, I think I’d puke,” the younger woman said. “But which way do we go? I’m turned around.”

Shannon elbowed Brendan and said, “Invite them so they make it home safe.”

“Why don’t you come with us? We’re just making the north round and then getting dinner.”

“Sounds fun,” Rachel said.

He led them north, still hemmed in with people but not on each-other’s feet. Holiday lights strung over the River Walk cast the dimly-lit stones and storefronts in a festive glow. Clots of people clogged entryways to restaurants and bars. After nearly three hundred yards, they came to a line for a bathroom and another cart selling drinks.

Brendan waited for his sister and squadron-mates. After twenty minutes they returned with beer. Shannon handed him a fresh bottle of Dos Equis. “Keisha told me that you put a stop to multiple harassment situations.”

Brendan shot a mock-stare at Keisha. “Talking out of class?”

“Keisha’s not the first,” Rachel said. “Every man in our squadron hates your guts.”

Brendan said nothing to the truth.

“If you didn’t want to be talked about, you shouldn’t be so mysterious,” Keisha said. “Shay said you told her we do flight routes.”

Brendan rolled his eyes at Shannon. “The good LT, here, did the real house cleaning. Me and my tech sergeant just did some light dusting.

“I had been trying to change the culture in our little corner of Lackland Air Force Base for a year but I needed you and T.S. Cullen to get it done,” Rachel said before turning her pirate smile on Shannon. “So, what’s your story, Wonder Woman? Why are you here with him?”

Keisha laughed. “Did Brendan regulate your boyfriend?”

Brendan snorted, spraying beer.

“I changed majors, actually changed schools, in the middle of my sophomore year,” Shannon replied. “I’ve been taking 15 and 18 hours every semester to catch up. Most of the guys are looking to party or for a girl who’s down to fuck. I don’t have time for that shit. My little brother gave me a shot at my dream and I need to make the most of it.”

Keisha nodded with a look of admiration. “My brothers just ask me for money.”

“Actually, you’re two of a kind,” Rachel said. “Between work and community college how much sleep do you average, Brendan?”

“About five hours a day,” he replied.

Shannon shot him her withering glare.

“Hey, you’re not the only one with goals. I’ll sleep after I achieve mine.”

They came to a mariachi band with a big-voiced woman singing lead. In the low lit alcove, Shannon snaked her arm around his waist and smiled at him. He grumbled and rolled his eyes in frustration. But when Rachel and Keisha kissed, he felt Shannon press against him. Her full breasts pushed agonizingly against his chest. She ground her pelvis against his thigh.

He palmed her ass and she jutted her butt into his hand. Just as quickly, Rachel and Keisha parted and they walked on together. Brendan gave money to a kid collecting tips for the band.

As they crossed under a bridge, wings flapped and a woman screamed, “Bats!”

Several people stumbled while attempting to drunk-run. Brendan pushed Rachel and Keisha to the support column with one arm while holding onto Shannon with the other. “It’s not bats, it’s pigeons.”

“How do you know?” Rachel asked.

“We do flight plans, remember?” Brendan joked. “The bats nest around here during the summer. They’re long gone by this time of year.”

People laughed in relief or at other people trying to climb back to their feet.

“We’ll give them a minute,” Brendan said but Rachel and Keisha were lip-locked, again.

Shannon ran her hand to his crotch and gave his swollen penis a squeeze in the shadows. He leaned over to her ear. “Stop escort gaziantep it.”

“Oh, come on,” she whispered around a vulgar grin. “A girl can’t hold onto her brother for support?”

“We’re going to get caught,” he said, still leaning against her. Unable to restrain himself, Brendan licked her earlobe.

Shannon giggled on the verge of a squeal and pushed him away. “Fucker.”

Keisha and Rachel parted at the same time, both lusty eyed.

“We’re moving again,” Brendan said.

Two-hours later they exited a cab at a 24-hour Mexican restaurant. Even with six-or-seven dozen people in line, they were seated within an hour. The food sobered Rachel up some. Shannon talked easily with both women and made jokes at Brendan’s expense. But occasionally she reached under the table to squeeze his thigh and he was content to eat and mostly stay out of the conversation.

After dinner, they caught another cab. Brendan sat in the front seat next to the jovial driver who said she was a teacher but looked like a barfly. Kiesha sat between Rachel and Shannon as they continued to roast Brendan for his dour, over-professional disposition. At their hotel, Shannon gave both women a peck on the lips and Brendan’s heart skipped a beat. He covered his arousal by jumping out to get the car door.

Brendan bowed at the waist as each woman hugged him to be sure neither felt his swollen member. They waved before turning for the hotel lobby. Brendan jumped in the backseat with his sister. “We’re at the Hotel Contessa.”

Nodding, the woman put the car in gear and pulled out.

As soon as the cab was out of the glare of fluorescent lights Shannon jumped in his lap. She shucked on his bottom lip so hard Brendan thought it would split. Hands in his hair, she licked at his left ear and bit his neck.

“Take it easy,” Brendan whispered. “We’re almost there.”

“I’m ready now,” she whispered in reply.

Unable to restrain himself, Brendan returned her kiss, sucking her tongue and groping her heavenly tits. Shannon ground on his lap and the heat from denim on denim could’ve started a fire. She broke their embrace and he went for her neck.

Shannon’s laughter thrilled him to the core. His growing erection strained against his jeans and he ached to unbuckle.

Then the cab lurched to a halt. “This looks like as far as I can go, kids.”

Through the windshield Brendan could see dozens of cars backed up as well as police and fire trucks ahead. He pulled a loose bill from his pocket. “Thanks, anyway. Be safe.”

The driver took the money as they exited the cab. Shannon took his arm and they stepped off the curb. Brendan led them around the worst of the traffic and police activity. At one point, two blocks from the auto accident, they walked up on a group of people dancing in the street and around a tricked out sedan with a massive speaker stack in the trunk.

As the music intensified the dancing became more lurid. Ass-shaking became pelvis grinding. People on the sidewalk shifted from bouncing and bobbing to bumping and grinding as well.

Shannon pushed her ass against Brendan and his hands drifted around her slender waist. She began to sway to the music. He swayed with her as his hands explored her curves in the dark.

She looked back over her shoulder. “I have a surprise for you if you’re brave enough to pet the kitty.”

With electricity shooting through his nerves, he dipped his fingers into the waistband of her jeans.

Looking back over her shoulder, Shannon shot him a vulgar grin that drove Brendan wild. Emboldened, he pushed his hand into her excruciatingly tight pants and then into her damp panties. Instead of her full bush of curls, his fingertips landed on a neat, trimmed strip of pubic hair.

Shannon pulled on his shirt and he leaned in. “I’m so fucking wet right now, you could bend me over and screw me against the wall.”

Brendan’s fingers reached her sweet box and true to her word, Shannon was wet and juicy. Hand under her hockey Jersey, he squeezed her sweaty tits as he parted her pussy lips with his other hand. He managed a finger tip into her slit. “We got to go or we’re fucking in the street.”

“Fine by me, either way,” Shannon said, electricity in her voice.

With the same urgency, Brendan found them a path, through the people and cars, back to the hotel. Twice he stopped, groping on Shannon and sucking on her tongue and lips. Still, they managed to behave themselves under streetlights and in the hotel lobby, anywhere they might be seen or recognized.

As the elevator door closed, Brendan pounced, pushing Shannon against the wall and kissing her deeply. “I’m going to eat that little shaved pussy of yours.”

“I didn’t shave it completely. I wanted to be sure you could find your way,” she laughed, squeezing his hard cock through the denim of his jeans. “Are you going to eat my ass, too?”

“Oh, yes,” Brendan replied, releasing her breasts from the bra. “I’m going gaziantep bayan escortları to eat and tongue-fuck your ass.”

Shannon half-laughed, half-growled through her vulgar grin. “Come on then, little brother. Come eat your sister’s ass.”

They managed to hold it together for the long walk from the elevator to the room but just barely. Through the door, Brendan attacked Shannon, pulled off her jacket and then her jersey. She laughed at his shaking hands and wide eyes. “You really haven’t been fucking anyone else, have you?”

“You heard what they said, I just do work and school. Besides, who else compares to you?” Brendan said.

“That big-titty mixed bitch with the little-girl face?”

“We’re just friends and she’s not into dudes.”

“I saw how she looked at you,” Shannon said. “I bet she’s willing to learn.”

Brendan scoffed, taking hold of the waistband of her jeans.

“Wait, wait, you freak,” Shannon said, kissing him repeatedly on the lips and then his neck. “I’m funky and I need a bath.”

“I’ll eat your ass right now,” Brendan said.

“No you won’t, you thick-dick bastard,” Shannon said. “You’ll take a shower, while I take a bath. You’ll mix us a drink. And then you’ll eat my ass.”

“Fine, I have a surprise for you, too.”

After getting ice and canned drinks, Brendan stripped and scrubbed his body, scalp to soles. He wrapped himself in a robe and took a towel from the bathroom and retrieved the tub from travel bag.

In a military town, full of tourists, Brendan struck out at getting a suite based on wearing his uniform but the room he scored was spacious, with a king-sized bed and a couch. He dropped the towel and tub on the couch before turning to drinks.

Minutes later, Shannon walked out of the bathroom in a purple negligee. She took the cup he offered and sipped at the whiskey and cola. “That was interesting. Listening to them talk about my little brother like he’s an actual grownup, adult-like individual.”

“You’re only ten-months older than me,” Brendan said, draining his cup before taking hers for a fresh set up.

“Keisha and Rachel are both so nice,” Shannon continued. “They really like you.”

“They really liked you, too.” Brendan handed the fresh drink to his sister and sat on the couch. “You were a trooper with all that walking.”

“Yeah, my feet don’t think so,” Shannon said, turning to put her feet in his lap.

Brendan wiped her feet with a towel and then dipped his hands in the tub before warming the coconut oil with his hands.

“Oh, that smells nice,” Shannon said. “Is that the surprise?”

Brendan nodded as he took up her first foot. “This way I can rub you down and still kiss your skin.”

Brendan kissed her toes one by one as he worked the oil into her supple skin. Kissing his way back, he ran his tongue between her big toe and middle toe and then sucked each toe in turn. Shannon’s squeal of laughter rewarded him. “Well, oil or not, just don’t think you’re going to put that thick dick up my ass.”

“Never without your consent,” Brendan said. He took up her other foot and began to minister to it. “Never anything without your consent.”

“And if I never give my consent?” Shannon snaked her free foot into his robe and rubbed his stiffening cock.

Brendan extended his oiled hands up her calf. “Then I go no further.”

“What if it’s terrible? The sex, I mean.”

“It won’t be,” he replied.

“But what if it is?”

“It’s not the end of the world. All I’ve ever had before you was terrible sex.”

Laughing, Shannon jabbed his stomach with her foot. “I’m serious! There’s no going back if we do it.”

“No going back to what?” Brendan countered. “I told you in Naperville, you’ll always be my sister. I’ve loved you since the first day I opened my eyes and I’ll love you, sex or no sex, until the day I close my eyes.”

Shannon flashed a 1000-watt smile and leaned in for a sweet-whiskey kiss. “What if you want to get married?”

“I will never be married.”

“What if you decide you want children?”

Brendan sighed. “Do you want children?”

“No,” Shannon scoffed. “Hell, no.”


“Look at who raised us,” Shannon said. “Look at who our parenting example was. Besides, I want all of your attention.”

Face red, she dropped her gaze.

“That’s exactly how I feel,” Brendan said. “No kids, no marriage.”

“So, will you wear a condom?”

“I’ll wear a hazmat suit if it gets me inside that sweet pussy.”

Cackling with laughter, she shot a fist into his chest. “Nasty bastard!”

“Only for you, you street slut,” Brendan said. His cock throbbing with each stroke of her feet.

“Will you not wear a condom if I tell you?”

“I thought you just said—?”

“I like talking about it!” Shannon snapped before draining her cup. “I get off on the idea of you screwing your dirty seed into my womb. I’ve set my pussy on fire, rubbing off to the idea of your incest baby in my belly while you feed me your sperm.”

“Jesus Christ…”

“So will you do what I tell you to do?”

Brendan drained his own cup. “I always do, since childhood.”

“That’s right, you do,” Shannon said, handing him her empty cup. “And now you’re my cock slave.”

Brendan took her cup and untangled himself from her oiled legs and feet.

“Say it,” Shannon whispered when he tried for a kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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