Seducing Ben

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Petra’s finger’s strained in the darkness trying to locate the dusty old shoebox. Holding it in her hands, she walked into the kitchen. Opening the lid Petra ran her fingers over each image as she laid the contents out. The day had come to rid her life of haunting memories. It was time to cleanse her soul.

Heavy thuds filled the kitchen as blade met wood, dissecting its victims. First a head, then an arm, a tennis shoe, then a little girl’s flowered dress, one innocent brown eye, and tufts of golden hair slid from the cutting board meeting their final resting place on the smooth tile floor.

Lifting her pinky to her mouth, Petra sucked and tasted blood. The cleaver frozen in air tightly in her grasp, gleamed as if laughing. Withdrawing her finger from her lips, she noticed that her finger had stopped bleeding.

The clang of metal echoed inside the basin as Petra placed the blade in the sink. Leaving the kitchen, she grabbed the one picture, which had been spared from sacrifice. Running her fingers across the image printed on the paper, she knew she had found her tool.


“American History, Volume 8, Call Number AMH 921.2,” Ben read the words from the piece of paper in his hands.

Glancing at the library shelf before him, Ben began to peruse the books. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a woman had rounded the corner at the end of the aisle. She wore a white summer dress, dark sandals, and a band-aid wrapped around one of her pinky fingers. There was something familiar about this woman, but Ben could not remember where he had seen her before. Curiosity played upon his mind as he turned back towards the books.

“Excuse me, do you work here?”

Ben was lost in thought as he spotted the book he had been looking for.

“Excuse me,” she said clearing her throat while raising her hand in the air. “Do you work here young man?”

Turning towards the woman, Ben looked around. He realized they were the only two in the aisle.

“Were you speaking to me, ma’am?” he said pointing to himself.

“Ma’am, Do I really look that old?” she said tilting her head.

“No,” Ben smiled shyly.

As the woman approached Ben, she appeared to be a forty something version of Goldie Hawn or Darryl Hannah. She had a few freckles on her cheeks and soft blue eyes. A hint of gloss shone on her pink supple lips. “Not bad for an older woman,” he thought to himself.

“I was wondering if you could help me?” she said her blue eyes sparkling. “I can’t seem to find this book.” The woman sighed, touching his arm with soft fingertips.

“American History, Volume 8, Call Number AMH 921.2.” Ben read aloud. “Isn’t that a coincidence? I was actually looking for the same book myself. It is right there,” he said pointing to the bottom shelf.

The blond woman followed Ben’s pointing finger. Bending over at the waist, she placed her hands on her knees. Taking two steps sideways she stopped right in front of Ben’s pelvis. As Ben looked down he could see the crease of her firm round buttocks. Withdrawing the book from the shelf, the woman lifted and wiggled her hips rubbing his groin feeling his erection. As she turned around, Ben stood face to face with the stranger.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to bump you,” she said her breasts squished to his chest. Ben, aware of the tight strain in his crotch, did his best to hide his embarrassment as he quickly averted his eyes from her plunging cleavage. He couldn’t help feeling aroused. Taking a few steps back he replied, “Are you checking this book out?”

“I planned to,” she smiled as she purposely stared straight at Ben’s crotch. “And if you only knew what you will be checking out,” she thought to herself. “I have a report that I need to write for Mr. Merrick’s class. It is due this Monday and I have been so busy I forgot about it.”

“Mr. Merrick, I am taking his class as well,” Ben said.

“What is your name?” The woman asked knowing damn well what it was, as she looked straight into Ben’s eyes.

“Hi, I’m Ben,” he said extending his hand.

“Ben…that is a nice name, my name is Petra.”

As their hands parted Ben noticed the soft touch of her fingers as they slid across his palm sending waves of electricity throughout his body.

“You look familiar to me. Have we met before?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Petra smiled, the corners of her mouth curling slightly. “You shouldn’t lie, it isn’t nice,” she silently laughed at herself. She glanced at her watch and then looked back at Ben. “Ben, it was nice to meet you, but I have an errand that I must attend to. Thank you for your help, maybe I will see you around?”

“Sure Petra, maybe I will see you in class.”

As the woman turned, her hip brushed Ben. Ben watched her dress sway and her round buttocks swivel as Petra walked away. Dumbfounded, Ben stood with his mouth slightly open. There was something about the way she smelled, the way her aura reached out to him. She was familiar to him but he couldn’t quite remember. Ben Anadolu Yakası Escort needed relief from the ache in his loins as he turned back towards the shelf seeking a new library book.


Ben lay on his bed flipping through channels on the television he had brought from home. He stopped when he saw a group of people playing volleyball. One of the girls had long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. As he watched the girl spike the ball over the net, his eyes were riveted to her bouncing boobs. His thoughts turned to the woman he had met in the library earlier in the day. Aroused he thought of her scent and the raw sexuality, which seemed to ooze from every pore of her body. Removing his hard cock from his jeans, he stroked himself thinking of her. The sight of her naked butt through her dress, the feel of her soft round cheeks as they rubbed his aching bulge and the feel of her fleshy mounds as they pressed into his chest.

“2x + 4y= 20”

“X = 2, Y = 4,” Ben wrote as he completed his homework. Closing his Algebra book, he lifted his eyes to the clock radio, 4:30pm.

He stood and stretched his lanky frame. Time to go to the cafeteria and get some dinner he thought. As he closed the door to his room and walked down the hall, the memory of Petra pulled at him again. He smiled and thought how nice it would be to see her at dinner; he doubted however that she would be there.

Ben paid for his food and found a lounge filled with a few overstuffed couches and chairs. He sat and began to eat. Taking a bite of his hamburger, he chewed a couple of times and then placed it back on his plate. As he lifted his head Petra stood before him.

“Mind if I join you?” She smiled as she sat across from him. On a small table beside her chair she set a plate of fruit salad down.

“No not at all,” Ben blushed. “We met in the library earlier, Petra, right?”

“Yes, Ben, did you have a good afternoon?” she smiled seductively.

“Yes,” Ben stammered as he thought about the jerk off session she had played a part in earlier that day. By the look in her eyes, he felt guilty as if somehow she knew he had thought about her while masturbating. “Just get it out of your head,” he thought to himself, “she is your mother’s age.”

“So, Ben, is this your first year in college?” Petra asked with a soft look in her eyes already knowing the answer.

“Yes, I just graduated from high school in June. My mom wanted me to take a break after I graduated, maybe work a part time job. However she met a guy nine months ago and he moved in shortly after they met. He is a nice enough guy, but a bit egotistical. I decided it was time to leave the nest.”

“So, your mom is divorced?”

“No, actually my father died two years ago. My mother went through a phase of depression for a while and was afraid to date. She told me that she felt too old and she possibly couldn’t imagine anyone wanting a middle-aged woman. I was a bit shocked when she started dating again and her new boyfriend moved in. I never thought my mom would live with someone she wasn’t married to. I guess after a while she got lonely.

“Yes, I know how it is Ben; it is tough when you lose someone you love, and you do get lonely. I just turned forty-three and thought that I would be with the same man for the rest of my life. I think that sometimes it is harder for women to be without a mate. When we begin to grow old we get lonely but still have needs Petra said flashing Ben a smile.

“So, if you don’t mind telling me, may I ask what happened to your husband?”

“Oh, he is still around but he found someone new. I guess he wasn’t happy after twenty years of marriage. At first I was hurt then I grew angry. I discovered that he was cheating on me with an accountant who worked in his office. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to his office and saw his naked butt pumping wildly between a pair of spread legs suspended in the air. I am getting over it but it still hurts at times.

“That must have really hurt you when you caught your husband with another woman? It was tough for me losing my father too.”

Petra laughed to herself and thought, “Must have hurt when I caught my husband with another woman. Yes, she was another woman alright but she wasn’t just any woman, that fucking cunt.”

“Well, I guess I can look on the positive side of things, Ben. I received a nice settlement and the house. It has a pool and a Jacuzzi. My ex-husband is a stockbroker so we were able to live well. I really do not have to worry about money, but I hate sitting around. I thought I would take a few classes until I can figure out what to do with the rest of my life.”

Ben studied her face as she continued speaking.

“At least your mother found someone. Maybe I’ll get lucky and do the same,” she smiled as she brushed a sandal-less foot against the back of Ben’s calf.

Ben looked down at her foot.

“I’m sorry” Petra smiled. “I didn’t mean to kick you.”

“That’s alright; I Bostancı Escort didn’t realize that my foot was practically on top of yours.”

Petra smiled softly at him again thinking to herself. “We’ll soon see who ends up on top of whom.”

They sat for a few more minutes eating their dinner. He was doing his best to wolf down a double cheeseburger and fries as fast as he could.

“Whoa there, Tiger,” Petra said doing her best to slow him down. “You are eating that cheeseburger like you are starving to death.”

Ben sat his burger down and looked at Petra with a dab of mayonnaise on his lip. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be such a pig. I forgot to eat lunch.”

“Ben, you have to eat, you must keep that long lanky frame of yours energized,” Petra said teasing him. “A growing young man like you can’t study on an empty stomach.” “And you will need a whole lot of energy when I am done with you,” she thought to herself.

Petra glanced at her fruit salad and fingered a red strawberry from the plate. Looking Ben in the eyes, she slid her tongue between her lips touching the end. Opening her mouth, her pearly whites bit down on the berry and a tiny teardrop of juice ran halfway down her chin.

“Oops, these are so juicy,” Petra, said in a husky voice as she raised a hand to her chin. “I guess the both of us are having trouble controlling our mouths today. As Petra sucked the rest of the strawberry into her mouth, Ben felt a familiar tingling in his groin.

“Ben, I haven’t been to school for quite a few years. Since it seems that we both have the same report to write, why don’t we work on it together?”

“Sure,” Ben shrugged. It would be nice to work on it with someone.”

“Listen, I need to run,” Petra said as she glanced at her watch. Do you have something to write with?”

As Ben pulled a pen from his shirt pocket, it flew out of his fingers landing on the floor in front of Petra. He got to his knees to retrieve the pen, he had a clear view between Petra’s tanned thighs; she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Standing to his feet, Ben felt his cheeks go flush.

“Are you ok, Ben? Your cheeks look a little red.”

“I’m fine,” Ben felt a small fire spread across his face as his cheeks burned red. “I think I stood up a little too quick.”

Petra found the piece of paper in her purse. She tore a corner off and wrote a series of numbers on it. Handing it to Ben she said, “Here is my phone number. Give me a call and let me know when we can get together and work on the report. If I’m not home, leave a message on my machine.”

“I’ll call you so we can arrange a time.” Ben smiled.

“Have a good evening,” Petra smiled as she stood. “I look forward to us working on the report together,” she winked.

As Petra walked away, Ben glanced at the piece of paper he smiled to himself. Her soft blond bush flashed in his mind.

It had been two days since Ben had met Petra. She was twice his age but he couldn’t get her out of his mind. Maybe it was her raw sensuality or maybe it was just her familiarity. “917-555-4373,” Ben tapped on the keypad of his cell phone. He could hear her phone ring on the other end.

“I’m not here right now; you know what to do at the sound of the beep. Jeff, if this is you, I put the rest of your clothes out in the garbage. Maybe you can send your new bitch over to retrieve them. Oh wait, the garbage man has come and gone” her voice said with a slight giggle. “I guess your little angel will have to buy you some new clothes.” Beeeep.

Ben moved his cell phone away from his ear a few inches. The message caught him off guard. He hadn’t seen a mean streak in Petra today when they met. Hesitating he wasn’t sure if he should leave a message. “Petra, Hi this is Ben. I am free all weekend. Whenever you want to work on the report is good for me.”

Ben closed his cell phone and heard a knock on the door. Two old friends were standing there with shit eating grins on their faces. After a quick slur of words, Ben decided to join them for a few more beers down at the campus pub.


The sun’s rays were bright as Ben woke the next morning. Squinting, he cursed himself for forgetting to close the blinds the night before when he got home from the pub. Closing his eyes he brought his hand to his mouth and yawned. As he stretched his naked body, his penis stood erect as a steal pole. Rolling out of bed, he slowly walked to the other side of his room. Standing in front of the toilet, Ben rubbed his eyes as the sound of his steaming piss echoed off of the bathroom walls. Ben took a shower, dressed, found his cell phone and called Petra.


“Hello Petra? This is Ben.”

“Oh, Hi Ben,” her voice grew soft. “Did you get the message I left last night?”

“Yes, sorry I was out drinking with some friends.”

“That sounds like fun, Ben. So, would you like to get together and start on the report?”

“Yes, I was hoping we could get together today.”

“I am free all day. What time Erenköy Escort is good for you,” Petra smiled.

Ben looked at the clock/radio on his desk. “How does 10:30 sound?”

“Great, I’ll see you at 10:30. Did you get my address from the message I left on your answering machine last night?”

“876 Woodland Drive,” Ben replied hoping he had written her address down correctly.

“That’s it.”

“Ok, Petra. I am going to run and get some breakfast first.”

“Better eat your Wheaties Ben. You never know when you might need some extra strength.” Petra laughed.

Ben smiled into the phone. “I’ll see you at 10:30.”

Closing his phone, Ben rubbed the back of his neck. There was something in Petra’s voice that caught him off guard. She sounded different, softer.

“876 Woodland Drive,” Ben read as he glanced at the note in his lap. He found Petra’s street and turned into the lane. Spotting the numbers on her mailbox, he pulled into the driveway.

As he surveyed her two-story house, he thought to himself, “She wasn’t lying, it is nice.” The yard shone bright green and was framed in front by hedges. A variety of flowers bloomed in a freshly dug bed beside the steps leading to the front door. Stepping upon the mat, which read, “Welcome Home,” he rang the bell. Ben stood for a few minutes, no answer. He wondered if she had forgotten their meeting.

“I just called her an hour ago,” he thought to himself. She must be busy and forgot about the time. He rang the bell again and waited.

As he stood at the door, Ben saw a brown wooden fence along the side of the house. The fence appeared to be about four feet high. In the middle of the fence he saw two black hinges and a gate. He didn’t want to intrude, but she was expecting him. He figured that she would not be too shocked if she found him in her backyard. Walking down the stairs, he stopped when he heard a splash of water. Looking up he saw Petra standing on the cement surrounding the pool. She was nude, her wet blond hair hanging limply down her back.

Ben ducked out of site, afraid that he had intruded on a private moment. Petra bent down to pick up a towel from the lounge chair beside the pool. As she began to dry her feet and calves, Ben could not take his eyes off of her. Her body was tan; round hips framed her heart shaped buttocks. Ben began to feel a warm tingle in his belly. Petra stood and finished drying herself.

Lying back in the chair, she grasped a tube of lip-gloss from the table and removed the wand. Slowly she applied it to her pouting lips. Placing the tube back on the table, she reached out to grab a bottle of lotion. The lotion fell and rolled underneath the table. Standing up from her chair, she got down on all fours with her back towards Ben. Between her round cheeks he could see the outline of her labia.

Petra clutched the bottle in her hand and sat down on the lounge chair. She opened the pink top of the bottle and squirted the oily liquid into one of her palms. Petra slowly, began to rub the oil under her chin, down her neck and over her voluptuous breasts. She stretched and pulled her ankles up close to her bottom, spreading her legs. She grasped the bottle again and squeezed some of the liquid directly onto her sternum just below her breasts. She rubbed the rest of the oil on her arms, across her belly, and over her thighs. Looking herself over, she was satisfied.

Retrieving a pair of dark sunglasses from the small table, she put them on. Lying back on the chair, she placed her hand between her thighs. Slowly she began to stroke her golden bush. As her rhythm increased, she bucked her hips from the chair. She rubbed her clit, and then inserted a finger into her murky slit. The movement of her hips increased in tempo as she brought herself to orgasm. Slowly sliding her fingers from between her tanned thighs, she brought them to her lips and tasted herself. With a satisfied sigh, she dropped her hands over the armrests of the chair. As the sun kissed her face and sunlight glimmered on her sunglasses, Ben felt wetness spring forth from the head of his penis. Looking down to his groin, he could see a visible bulge in his jeans. With his right hand, he did his best to hide his erection.

Ben leaned on the driver’s side of his car He thought to himself, “Should I call her?” He wanted to get the report done, but he did not want to interrupt her. Maybe she had changed her mind and had called and left a message on his machine after he left his dorm. He hadn’t thought to give her his cell phone number. “Well all she can do is tell me she is busy,” he thought to himself.” Ben dialed her number and heard a phone ring in the distance.


“Hi Petra, it’s me, Ben.”

“Oh hi Ben,” she was smiling on the other end.

“Are we still on for the report?”

“Yes, what time is it?”


“I’m sorry, Ben, I wanted to take a quick swim and I forgot about the time. Where are you calling me from?”

“On my cell phone, I’m parked outside of your house.”

“Ok, I’ll be right with you. Meet me at the front door.” Petra smiled to herself as she hung up the phone. She knew damn well he was in front of her house. She had caught him right before he ducked down behind her fence when she had stepped from the pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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