Seducing My Best Friend

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Bob and I were making slow love. He’s a wonderful lover, considerate gentle, well endowed, and my best friend’s husband. He was behind me his long thick cock buried deep inside me, his hands reaching around fondling my breasts, pulling on my erect nipples from time to time, the way I like it. He moved his hips upward, his cock pressing against my g-spot, making me gasp with pleasure. He moved a hand down to my pussy and began to stroke my hard, swollen clit.

That was all it took and I thrust my hips back against him. I screamed and climaxed, my pussy clinching around his cock. He moaned and his hips thrust hard against me, and I felt his hot sperm explode deep inside me. My orgasm seemed to go on and on, till finally I was spent. We fell on our side on the bed, his cock still buried inside me. He kissed the back of my neck, and stroked my breast softly.

“Pat, Darling, have you ever made love to a women?” He asked minutes later, his lips close to my ear.

“That’s a strange question considering the circumstances.” I said laughing.

“I was just wondering, I asked Jan if she had ever made it with another women, and she said she hadn’t, but had thought about it. I just wondered about you.”

“No, but if I were ever to try it with another woman, Jan would be my choice. I guess it would be like making love to yourself.” I said seriously. Jan and I have been taken for sisters since we first met. We work for the same corporation, in the same section. Each of us knows the other’s job so well we can converse knowingly about the other’s jobs when we are approached by someone thinking we are the other. We play along with the mistaken identity, answer the question, then call the other to laugh, and tell what we told the person we were talking to. Many never catch on to the mistaken identity.

Jan and I have similar taste in clothes, are of almost the same build, coloring, and have very close facial features. We wear our hair the same style, and swear that a policeman couldn’t tell our drivers license apart if we swapped them. We also have the same taste in men. We both like Bob. She doesn’t know that he and I have been having an affair.

“If you had the chance, would you make love to her?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I think you have something in mind, you devious bastard. You want to have a threesome with me and your wife, don’t you?” He laughed ,and whispered a ‘yes’ in my ear.

We let it drop for the time being. The seed was planted. I began to think about it. Working with Jan, I started looking at her in a different light. She is a lovely women, pert, with a luscious figure. I soon began looking at her as a sensual desirable women. I don’t think she caught onto my new perception of her. I tried to be casual, but when she bent over, I could see the slopes of her firm breasts, or watch her skirt tighten over her shapely ass, and smell her subtle perfume. It had it’s effect on me. I began to fantasize about her sexually.

One evening I had taken a shower and was standing nude, looking in the full length mirror. I wondered how much we looked like nude. Were her breasts rounded cones, like mine, were her nipples long and erect, her areolas small or large? I ran my hand down my softly rounded stomach to my pussy. Was her pussy hair brown, like mine, did she clip it short, did her inner pussy lips peek out a little like mine? I slid a finger down and inward to slip between the lips. They were wet. I ran my finger inward, then up inside my pussy.

I watched in the mirror. I imagined my finger slipping up into Jan’s pussy. I closed my eyes almost shut, making my vision blurred – Jan’s body looked back at me from the mirror. I raised one hand to my breast and squeezed it – Jan’s breast. My finger slid out, then upward to find Jan’s clit, swollen, and aching to be stroked. I spread my thighs a little, and hunched my hips forward, finger slipping around my clit in little circles. I squeezed my breast and my finger went faster and faster, over Jan’s clit. I cried out as I came, as Jan came, while I masturbated her. Weak kneed, I slumped onto the toilet seat, and gasped for breath. I put my wet finger into my mouth, and tasted my pussy juice. What would Jan’s pussy juice taste like? I would do it! I wanted to make love to my best friend.

I called Bob the next day and asked him to come over that evening. He is on-call for his company, and another worker covers if Jan calls the company, and wants to talk to him. She usually calls his cell phone though.

“I’ve thought about it!” I said as we sat talking and kissing. “Last night I brought myself off in the bathroom. I was nude, looking in the mirror, thinking about her. I fantasized about making love to her, and I came. You devious bastard, what did you have in mind?” Bob told me his plan, and I thought it had a good chance of working. We planned the seduction for Saturday evening. I could hardly wait. There was some preparation for me.

Saturday evening came, and I watched the clock like a hawk watching a chicken. At a quarter until eight I was şişli escort outside their house, sitting in the car. I have a key to their house and it wasn’t unusual for me to come over unannounced. As the minutes ticked upward till eight , my pussy got wetter and wetter. I resisted the temptation to slip my hands down under my panties. I got out of the car and went to the back door. Whenever friends came to their house, they used the back door, as it is directly off the carport.

I slid the key into the lock and opened the door quietly. I knew in the bedroom, Bob had Jan in bed making love to her. The hall is carpeted, and I walked down it almost silently, my soft-soled shoes leaving not a whisper. I heard Jan moan softly. The bedroom lights were on, but the hall was dark. I stopped just outside the door, hidden in the shadows.

I stifled a gasp. Jan lay on the bed on her back, legs spread. Her breasts were soft pools of flesh, her nipples jutting upward, hard and erect. Her areolas were long erotic rounded cones of brown flesh, that made my mouth water. They looked ready to suck and lick. I imagined them wet and slick from my kisses. Bob was between her white thighs, his mouth spread wide on her pussy, head moving slightly. I could hear little sucking noises as he ate her. I was struck by how much alike our bodies were. From this angle it looked like he could have been making love to me.

I slid my hand down, pulled my skirt up and slipped my bikini panties down revealing my pussy. I slid my hand to my crotch and slid a finger between the lips of my pussy. It was sopping wet. I slid a finger up into my core. I held back a moan.

On the bed, Bob sucked and licked Jan’s pussy, reaching up from time to time to fondle her breasts. My pussy dripped, thinking of all the times he had slipped his talented tongue into my pussy, and eaten me to multiple orgasms, before he mounted me, and drove his hard, fat cock into my body.

“Oh God, Honey, you’re killing me! Come up here and fuck the shit out of me. I want you inside me. Please!” Jan pleaded, her voice hoarse with passion. Bob stayed in place. He moved up a little, and as he did his head turned toward me. He could just see me. With the barest nod he motioned me into the room. We had set the scenario before, now we played it out. He concentrated on Jan’s clit, his tongue and lips sucking it, while his fingers thrust up into her core. I could hear his sucking noises. She began to moan and cry out as her orgasm neared. I rubbed my swollen clit a little faster. I wanted to be just on the edge of an orgasm.

Bob redoubled his efforts, his fingers pistoning up inside her, his lips sucking on her clit. How I wished I could see it from close range, see how hard it was, how firm it was. I wanted my lips where his were. I bit my lip to keep from climaxing. We were so close – if our plan was to work – could work. Jan’s quavering cries filled the room as she came. I bit my lip harder, and tasted blood. I was almost there. A minute more, wait, wait !

Jan fell back on the bed and gasped, catching her breath. Bob turned his head toward me and watched me fingering my pussy. I stood in the doorway, legs spread wide, skirt up around my waist, my panties down around my knees, hand at my crotch, a finger obviously making circles over my clit. I’m sure lust was mirrored on my face.

“I think we have company, Honey!” Bob said with a chuckle. Jan’s head turned slowly toward me. She was still recovering from her intense climax. That was my signal. My fingers flew over my pussy. I reached up and caught one bra-less breast and squeezed it hard. My gaze was on Jan’s spread pussy. It was gorgeous. Her pussy was deep red, the core gleaming with her juices and Bob’s saliva. Her pussy hair was trimmed close, and at the top she had it shaped in a small V shape. Her inner lips were small and trim. Almost exactly like mine.

I found myself salivating. Her eyes were locked onto my own pussy, seeing an almost exact duplicate of hers. Bob had trimmed my pussy hair to match hers. Her hand went to her own pussy, and her finger moved over her own clit. I don’t think she realized what she was doing. It was too much for me. I exploded, I moaned and cried out as I came. I had almost no control over my body. I fell back against the wall and my body shook with passion. I caught my nipple between my fingers and rolled it though the thin material of my dress. My finger became a blur as it moved over and over my bursting clit. I came so violently my knees buckled, and I slid down the wall, legs spread as wide. I heard my sheer panties rip, my thighs fell wide apart. My dress was around my waist.

Jan sat upright and looked at me. I gasped for air. When I could manage it, I stood, pulled my torn panties up as best I could, and sat on the side of the bed. Jan slid her legs together slowly, removing her hand almost guiltily from her pussy. She looked exotic, wanton, erotic, her short hair tousled, her breasts swollen with passion. Her pussy lips barely poked out, swollen, red, and gleaming escort şişli wet.

“Oh, God, I’m sorry, Jan. I didn’t mean to barge in. I knocked before I came in (I hadn’t) and thought you might be back here watching TV. I never dreamed Bob was here. After I saw him making love to you, I don’t know what came over me. It was almost as if I were watching myself on the bed. Nude, you are so much like me. Even the way I have my pussy hair trimmed, looks like yours. It was as if I were watching myself being made love to by Bob. He was eating you, and you were so seductive looking. I just couldn’t help bringing myself off. Forgive me?” I asked leaning over and kissing her very so lightly on her soft lips. She didn’t pull back. The kiss lasted a long moment, then I pulled back. She hadn’t been repulsed by my kiss!

“Seeing you there was very erotic too. You looked just like me standing there, your fingers stroking your pussy. It was uncanny.” She said slowly, almost in a dazed condition. Bob had told me that she was always a little bewildered after an intense climax. We had counted on that. Her eyes went down to my thighs, spread apart, my torn almost transparent panties, barely concealing my pussy. The thin material was soaked with my juices.

Bob had sat up on the bed, his thick cock erect and pointing up. The head was wet with his precum. I wanted to slip my mouth over it. “Poor Bob, we both have had our climax and he is ready for some kind of action. I think you should help him along, don’t you?” She nodded. ” I hope you don’t mind if I watch.” She looked at me a moment then shook her head. She reached over, took his cock in her hand, and stroked it looking at me. She then turned her head and slid her mouth over the head. Bob groaned and looked over at me and winked. I watched as she slid her mouth down over his cock, down and down. I never was able to deep throat him as his cock is so long and thick, but I guess Jan had lots of practice. Slowly his cock disappeared, and I shook my head as I watched her lips move down almost to his balls. She moved her mouth up and down.

I slid my panties off and spread my thighs, and began to stroke my cunt again. I had moved where she would be able to see it as she moved up and down. I was a foot or so from her and I’m sure she could smell the odor of my excited pussy. I spread my pussy lips with one hand and stroked it with the other. She was fascinated by it. She pulled her head up and looked at me.

“Take your clothes off, I want to see you naked.” She said softly, looking into my eyes. Her voice was husky with passion. “You’re pussy is beautiful. I never knew that a woman’s pussy could be so lovely. Please?”

I needed no further invitation. This is what Bob and I had planned, and hoped for. The sight of my body, so very like her own, and her heightened sense of lust had led her to the point we had hoped would happen. She slowly stroked Bob’s cock as I stood and slipped out of my dress and kicked off my shoes. I stood beside the bed totally naked. Her eyes went up and down my body, looking for differences. There were few, very few. I sat back on the bed.

I took the next step, I reached over and kissed her lips. They were wet from her saliva and Bob’s pre-cum. She closed he eyes and kissed me back. I reached and cupped one hot firm breast and stroked it ever so softly. Her nipple was hard against my palm. I wanted to slip my tongue into her mouth, but I knew I had to go very slowly. I slid our slick, wet lips slowly from side to side against each other. It was such and erotic sensual feeling.

I sighed as her tongue slid out tentatively and delicately moved over my lips. I made myself not thrust my tongue into her mouth. I flicked my tongue over hers lightly, then let my mouth open to allow her tongue inside. I kissed her back softly, not letting my passions get the best of me. I put my hand on top of her hand, around Bob’s cock and pushed down a little, letting both of us slowly jerk him off. As we kissed our hands moved up and down his hard cock. I felt it throb under our hands.

I pulled back just a little, and Bob put an hand on each of our pussies and stroked our clits. I could feel his cock throb and swell as he fingered us both. We both looked down. I bent down and moved my mouth to one side of his cock and licked the swollen head. Jan looked down at me and moved to the other side and began to lick him too. We licked up and down his cock. Jan was the first to slide her lips over his purple head and slide downward. I licked her lips as they slid down. She moved up and down for a while then slid upward. I kissed her and slipped my tongue into her mouth. We kissed while Bob played with our pussies. Then a nod from her, and I licked Bob’s cockhead and let it slide into my mouth. I grinned as I did, for I was now sucking her husband’s thick cock with her watching. I swirled my tongue over the head and Bob moaned. I nipped him playfully with my teeth and he moaned louder. I reached down and stroked his balls as I sucked his cock.

“Jan, lie back Honey. eskort şişli I’ve got to fuck you, or cum in your mouths, one or the other.” Bob moaned. Jan lay back and Bob slid between her thighs. I reached down and grasped his cock, and guided it to her spread core. I moved down to watch it slice into her wet pussy. The thick head pressed inward and her lovely pussy parted, then his glens slid into her. I moved up and began to kiss her breasts.

I had never kissed a woman’s breasts before, and it was such a wonderful experience. Her skin was soft, smooth and sweet smelling. I sucked and tongued one of those exotic looking areolas. It was velvet smooth. I pulled back a little to look at it, gleaming with my saliva – just as erotic looking as I imagined. Her nipple was erect and hard, and I sucked making it harder. Bob slowly pumped his cock in and out of her beautiful body. My pussy was hot and swollen. Then I felt a soft feminine hand on my thighs, that moved to my pussy and a finger carefully slid into me. My pussy spasmed delightfully around it. Jan looked over at me and I closed my eyes, and thrust my hips against her finger, burying it into my dripping pussy. She continued to finger fuck me while Bob slid into her. After a few minutes of slow fucking, he pulled out and positioned her on her hands and knees. We had agreed on this before.

Bob got behind Jan and slid back into her drenched pussy. I moved around and lay on my back, and wiggled a little to get my head under hers. We kissed as he fucked her. She reached with one hand and stroked my breast, I reciprocated by reaching under her and stroking and kneading both of hers. Our tongues fenced and probed. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I could actually feel my juices flow. I moved downward slowly till my mouth was under her breasts, and began to suck first one, then the other. She bent and sucked one of my breasts. I had never had a woman do that and it felt so wonderful. I thought about the adage that only a woman knows how to make love another women. She certainly knew how to lick and suck my breasts. We both moved from one breast to the other. I licked her velvet under breasts, where mine are very sensitive.

The final move was at hand. I kissed downward, over her heaving stomach to her pussy. I slid the final few inches down and there was her beautiful pussy, lips spread, Bob’s long cock gleaming with her juices, moving in and out. The heat of their bodies and the smell of her excited sex filled my nostrils. Her clit was just peeping out of it’s sheath, being moved back and forth by Bob’s cock as it slid in and out. I looked one last time, then raised my lips and placed them against her pussy. I slid my tongue out and ran it over her swollen clit. I heard her cry out.

I sucked the hard nub into my lips and alternated sucking hard and soft, the way I loved to have mine loved. I continued to suck her clit, waiting for what I hoped would happen. Then I gasped, her mouth came down on my pussy, her tongue slid between my lips and ran up and down my wet slit. We had done it! Jan was licking my pussy! I spread my thighs as wide as her arms would allow. She burrowed her face against my pussy and thrust her tongue into my core. I could feel her lips sucking the juices from within me.

It was such a different sensation from having a man suck my pussy. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it was that I knew it was a woman, or her face and lips were so soft and knowing. Her soft body was on top of mine, her hot skin touching mine. Her erect nipples pressed against my stomach. I redoubled my efforts on her clit and was rewarded by her cries of passion, muffled by my own flesh. Her head threshed against me, her face going from side to side as she climaxed. Bob’s thrusts came faster and harder as his beautiful wife came from his efforts and my lips on her clit. I watched from below as his scrotum drew tight, and shot his load of hot sperm inside her. I felt her body shudder and writhe against mine as she came. Juices flowed from her body around his pounding cock, his cum mixed with her juices, a mixture of passion.

Bob gave one last hard thrust. He held his hips hard against her for a long while, I licked her pussy lips avoiding her sensitive clit. Slowly Bob pulled his cock out of her. I hesitated a moment, then covered the slowly closing flesh of her red inflamed, wet vagina with my lips, and thrust my tongue into her sucking gently. I was rewarded by their combined juices, which I swallowed greedily. I had kissed my first woman’s pussy and tasted her juices. God, what a sensation.

She was not through though. She moved her arms, and spread my thighs wide. Her fingers moved to my pussy and I felt them gently pry my lips apart. Her mouth came down on my spread pussy, and her tongue slid as far as she could into my dripping core. I felt the suction of her mouth as she tried to drink my abundant pussy juices. A finger moved to my clit and began to circle it rapidly. With her mouth on my pussy, her finger on my clit, it took almost no time at all, till I was screaming my climax out. It was one of the most intense climaxes of my life. My lovely friend seemed to know almost instinctively just how to kiss, suck, and lick my pussy as she made love to me. I went from one peak to another till I was spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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