See Emily Play

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Author’s Note

A few words about this story: Firstly, it’s quite long – but it does have plenty of sex in it, so hopefully keeps up the pace. There’s anal action too, so if that offends you please move on.

Second, all characters are over the age of 18 and are entirely imaginary. If you think you know them, well….you don’t.

Third, I acknowledge the words of the song ‘See Emily Play’ by that classic rock band, Pink Floyd. May they forever live in the halls of music fame!

And finally, like every story on this site, it’s free reading. It’s written with as much skill and craftsmanship as I possess but hey, I’m not a professional. Enjoy it for what it is and, if you are inclined, please leave some feedback at the end.

Hot Sister, February 2014

See Emily Play

Peter James Symonds, known universally as PJ to his friends and family, watched intently as his kneeling girlfriend performed fellatio on his erect cock. She had an amazing technique he’d never experienced before which involved clamping her lips around his shaft just below the glans and then flicking her tongue back and forth over the sensitive tip until he was begging for release. Last night had been the first experience of her oral skills and he was looking forward to a second installment, and judging by her enthusiasm it promised to be every bit as good as the first.

His phone on the coffee table lit up but he ignored it. Suzy’s lips felt like a band around his shaft and her tongue lapped around him, soft one moment and rough the next. He saw two beads of juice appear at the corners of her mouth and he wondered idly if it was his fluid or hers.

She grasped his rod with one slender hand and disengaged her mouth. ‘Who is it?’

PJ glanced at the phone. ‘My sister.’

‘Then answer it.’ She opened her mouth and took him inside again.

He picked up the phone and accepted the call, watching as Suzy began to bob back and forth. This was a new variation: deeper strokes interspersed with bouts of frantic tongue activity and the occasional suck like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

‘Hi Em.’

‘Hey, PJ. Just calling to see how you are.’

‘Couldn’t be better,’ he said truthfully. His mother had asked the same question every day in the week since he’d moved out of home but never whilst he was getting head. Emily’s timing was exquisite.

‘So what are you doing?’ she asked.

‘Ah…uh – well, just – uh – chilling out…you know.’ Suzy was watching his face as he spoke, her eyes laughing and her mouth busy. She pulled his prick free of her lips with a plop and chuckled softly at his expression before bending her head to take him again. He saw that her bright lipstick had smeared on his shaft with a darker ring about two thirds down, like a tidemark to show how deep she had taken him.

‘That’s cool,’ Em persisted, ‘can I bring anything round?’

‘Uh, no…no. I don’t think so.’ His voice was a little breathless. Suzy was doing the tongue thing again and the little beads of juice escaping from her lips had turned into a sticky trickle. He could feel his cock jerking slightly as he unloaded small spurts of lubricant into her mouth.

‘Right. So you’re OK then?’

‘Uh…sure, Em. I’m – ah, ah…fine.’

‘Well that’s good.’ She paused for a moment, and despite the amazing feeling of Suzy’s mouth on his cock, PJ knew she was about to ask for something. ‘So don’t forget I’m coming to stay tomorrow,’ she said. ‘Could you pick me up?’

‘Yeah, sure.’ His voice sounded strained even to his ears, but it wasn’t surprising. Suzy’s fingers had burrowed under the elastic of his jocks and her finger was teasing his anus.

‘Well, that’s good then,’ his sister said. ‘Hey, why don’t you ring me when you’re a little less…distracted, and we’ll agree a time.’

PJ dropped the phone on the cushions beside him and concentrated on what Suzy was doing. She was using her tongue like a little dart, dabbing his imprisoned glans with a little flicking motion right on the sensitive part. The sensation was exquisite, and his shaft swelled a little more in response. He grasped her head lightly between his hands and began to jerk his hips slightly. ‘Fuck, Suzy,’ he whispered. ‘Ah, fuck…that’s good! Ah, yes…just there.’

Her eyes had been closed in concentration but she opened them and looked at him. He noticed her pupils were dilated, almost as if she was high, and the irises around them were chocolate brown threaded with strands of gold. Her lips were clamped hard around his shaft and he saw the tidemark had moved close to his balls. This was one talented girl.

‘I’m going to cum,’ he breathed. The spiral of pleasure was building in his brain like a bubble in the black depths of the ocean, expanding rapidly as it rose up towards the hard white light. ‘Ah, Christ! Here it comes baby!’ His sperm surged along the shaft towards her waiting mouth.

Suzy removed his cock at the last moment and held it at her face, her fingers slim and Maltepe Escort white against the darker hue of his flesh. She smiled at his distorted face as the first jet burst from the eye and splattered across her cheek, followed by others over her hair and eyes and nose. His seed was as thick as custard and startlingly white, and it flew like scattered pearls into the glossy mane of her hair and streaked in creamy lines across the satin skin of her face.

At last it was done. The last few dribbles oozed from the end of his cock and Suzy gently wiped them away with the ball of her thumb. She smiled up at him and PJ smiled back, his heart still racing from the pleasure of his orgasm. When he first met her he had thought how young and innocent she looked, with her sweet little face framed by a fringe of coal black hair that hung in soft waves either side of her cheeks, and her almond eyes and cupid-bow lips. She had proven to be a voracious lover though, and he realised that part of her attraction was the juxtaposition of virtuosity and sluttishness. She had the appearance of a novice Nun and the sexual appetite of a whore, and the seed that now painted her innocent little face and hung in glistening cords from her chin reinforced that contrast.

‘So what did your sister want?’ she asked as she wiped his cum from her eyes.

PJ sat back in the sofa, watching her. His cock was still erect, such was the force of her sexuality. ‘She just wanted to remind me she’s coming over to stay next week.’

‘Really? I hope she’s broad minded, then.’ Suzy obviously had no intention of stopping their antics around the little apartment.

PJ tried to picture Emily doing what Suzy had just done, but the concept defeated him. His sister was good looking but he had no notion of her sexual preferences: she just hadn’t ever talked about them. In fact, he couldn’t even remember her bringing boys home, so he imagined she was still a virgin and would either be offended by overt sexuality or embarrassed by it. Later he was to remember how wrong he had been.

‘She’s not like that,’ he said, but without conviction. ‘We’ll just have to confine ourselves to the bedroom.’

‘When’s she coming over?’ Suzy asked.

‘Tomorrow. For a few days.’

‘Then lets make the most of today.’ She rose smoothly to her feet and deftly unclasped the fasteners to her little dress. It fell in a puddle of black cotton at her feet and PJ saw that she was naked beneath it, her body slim and white. She scrambled onto the sofa and straddled him, her round breasts pressed against his shirt and her mouth close to his. He could feel her thick nipples touching his chest and the fine hairs of her cunt brushing his erect cock as soft and light as feather down, and then her mouth was on his.

And as his cock slid into her wet little snatch, all thoughts of his sister were forgotten.


Emily Jane Symonds was the second of three children born into the family. PJ was older by just one year, and Rachel, the youngest, had followed a year later.

Em, as she was universally called, was a quiet girl who was blessed with good looks but inherent shyness. People often thought her arrogant because she tended to avoid them, but in truth she was a kind girl who just preferred to keep to herself. She had been good at school and was performing well at university too, but her mother worried about how quiet she was and used every opportunity to get her to meet people.

Her sexual experience was as slender as her confidence. Her virginity had lasted until the high school Prom which was much later than most of her peers; she finally surrendered it in the front bench seat of an old Ford with the cracked red leather rubbing against her bare buttocks and her left knee jammed under the steering wheel. Perhaps her reluctance to explore further was because it was such an unfulfilling experience: the penis concerned had been of very modest size, and although it was sufficient to rupture her hymen its owner was quite unable to bring any degree of satisfaction during the short and sad event. The guy involved said he’d put on a condom but it was too dark to see and she was too inexperienced to know the difference. She missed her next period and the pregnancy test showed positive, and for two months she hid her secret, wondering how she would ever be able to tell her parents, until a spontaneous miscarriage released her from that burden. She had vowed never to engage in casual sex ever again, and had kept her promise.

That was not to say that Em was not curious about the sexual act, nor frigid. She discovered porn early and enjoyed watching it, and was well versed in who did what to whom. During her long sessions she invariably brought herself to several satisfying orgasms with her fingers and other devices, which was sufficient to satisfy her urges. And so her sex life, whilst active, was almost completely solo and to her mind that was just fine.

Em lay on her bed and thought about İstanbul Escort the phone call she had just made. PJ was normally chatty but today it was obvious he didn’t want to talk; she had heard his breathlessness and she thought there was another person there, betrayed by a soft chuckle and the occasional sound of wet slurping. Her imagination quickly filled in the dots: PJ was being serviced during her call and since his mouth had been at the phone it was probably someone else’s doing all the work on him.

So PJ was fucking! In her mind she imagined what that might look like – his toned body naked and his cock thick and hard. She had seen it once as he emerged from the shower and had been impressed, even by porn movie standards. She’d liked the look of his body too – not an ounce of fat and the trace of a six-pack. He’d seen her looking and smiled at her as he shut the door, so he wasn’t too bashful either. All in all Em considered her brother pretty hot, so it wasn’t difficult to lie with her fingers in her pussy and imagine him being serviced by the unknown woman.

The thought of her brother being sucked off made her horny and she quickly undid the buckle of her belt and pulled down her cut off shorts. The front patch of her dark red gee string was already discoloured by her pussy juice: a dark patch about the size of a dollar coin, and when she pushed her fingers under the material she could feel her vulva was slick and wet. Her fingers slid easily over the warm greasy flesh with small sucking noises, and the level of her pleasure spiraled upwards quickly, fuelled by the image of her brother’s face as he reached up towards his climax. She wondered if he had spurted into her mouth or whether his sperm had splashed over her body, and she imagined watching as it jerked and sprayed. The thought brought her quickly to a climax and the muscles in her legs and back tightened so that she was arched like a bow as she came. A thin squeal broke through her lips and a gush of moisture bloomed under her fingers.

And afterwards she lay on her bed and wondered what it would be like to spend the next few days under the same roof as him, and whether the mystery woman would be around to spoil their time together. And, in a deep corner of her mind, she wondered what he would be like in bed.


‘So when did you say your sister is coming to stay?’ Suzy asked.

‘Sunday. The oldies are going away and they didn’t want Em or Rachel in the house.’ He chuckled. ‘I can’t say I blame them –if they stayed there wouldn’t be a brick standing by the time they came back.’

‘So Em’s trouble, then?’

‘Oh no.’ PJ got on very well with his sister and he understood her better than his parents did. ‘It’s Rachel who’s the trouble maker – Em is as good as gold.’

‘So how come you got lumbered with her, PJ? It’s not like there’s a lot of room in this place. Where are you going to put her?’

‘Mum asked if she could stay here and I agreed,’ PJ said simply. ‘She’ll be fine, honest Suz. She can sleep on a mattress on the study – easy peasey. She’s that short I could put her in a wardrobe and she’d fit.’ He regarded the naked girl next to him. ‘You’ll like her. She’s got an irrepressible spirit and a good sense of humour, and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She also relaxes a bit when she’s with me, which is good for her confidence.’

Suzy considered the odd notion that you could get on with your siblings. She had two sisters and two brothers, three of whom she would not have pissed on if they were on fire; but she was prepared to accept Em would be different. Her main concern was how it would affect her in the next few days – she liked PJ and liked the freedom of being able to do what they wanted in his little flat. Having his sister around was likely to cramp her style. ‘So what about me?’ she asked.

‘You?’ PJ looked at her in surprise. ‘What about you?’

‘Will you still want me around here? The flat is so small…I imagine you don’t want your sister listening -‘

‘I don’t care about that,’ PJ said emphatically. ‘This is my house and Em’s got to put up with it. If she doesn’t like it she can leave.’ He considered the girl next to him. ‘Aside from that, she might learn a little.’

Suzy laughed. She knew she didn’t hold back when she was cumming, and she didn’t care much. She was pleased by the thought that the next few days weren’t going to change anything…so they’d have to use the bedroom all the time but that was OK, and it would give some welcome variety when his sister left and they could use the rest of the flat to fuck around in. Suzy had some interesting ideas for the bathroom and the laundry, but she was happy to wait.

‘So when are you picking her up?’ she asked.

‘Lunchtime. I’ll drop her off here and then I’ve got swimming training at the aquatic centre. I should be home about five if you want to come around then.’

No, Suzy thought. I’ll come around a bit earlier and see what your Anadolu Yakası Escort little sister is all about.


Em was waiting on the steps to the house when PJ pulled up in his car. The sun was out and the sky was blue and it was warm, and she wore a simple dress of buttercup yellow that barely covered her butt. Her heart gave a little twist at seeing him again and she threw her arms around his neck.

‘Hey, PJ!’ she was smiling up at his face and he saw the sparkle of sunlight in her clear blue eyes and his belly did a little flip. He and Em had always been close and he had missed her cheerful little face.

‘Hey, Em! Is Mum at home?’

‘Yep. In the kitchen.’ She hooked her arm through his and they walked into the house together. ‘She’s hoping you’ll stay for lunch.’

‘I can’t,’ he said. ‘I’m doing training at two and I have to make sure the pool is set up right. Are you OK to leave in about ten?’

‘Sure. I don’t have much to take.’ She looked up at his face and laughed again at the thought that he was going to be around for the next five days.

PJ kissed his mother on the cheek and sat at the kitchen table for a slice of her walnut cake. She fussed around him, telling him all the things that mothers do when their children are going to be left alone, including all the dire warnings.

‘Remember that Emily can’t hold her alcohol,’ she said. ‘Don’t let her drink too much.’

PJ glanced at his sister with a twinkle in his eye. He knew that Em didn’t drink much anyway. ‘So how much is too much, Mum?’

‘Enough to be silly, so that’s one drink.’

‘Right. No booze. And what about boyfriends?’ he asked. ‘Is she allowed to see any?’

‘Not after ten.’

‘OK. Curfew at ten.’ He ticked off an imaginary list on his fingers. ‘And what about -‘

Em coughed loudly. ‘Hello! Does anyone know I’m listening to this? I’m over eighteen now…I can legally drink, drive, vote, have sex and go to prison, and nothing you two can do can change that.’

‘None of which are good for you, girl,’ her mother said. She turned to PJ. ‘And don’t let her drive your car…she’s put mine in the repair shop for a month.’

‘Not my fault,’ Em said. ‘Dad moved the gatepost and I didn’t see it.’

Janice Symonds shook her head. ‘That gatepost has been there for the last hundred years, Emily. It was your bad driving that did it.’

Em decided to keep quiet. She’d been texting at the time of the accident but she didn’t feel it would be useful to explain that…besides, she knew where her mother hid the keys. She could always borrow it if she needed wheels.

PJ ate the last morsel of cake and brushed the crumbs off his shirt. ‘Well, we’d better be off, Em.’ He turned to his mother. ‘And you have a wonderful holiday, y’hear? And don’t worry!’

‘As if,’ his mother said as they embraced. ‘I know that she’ll get up to something, so all I ask is that you minimise the damage.’

They set off back to PJ’s flat. Em was in the front passenger seat with her feet on the dashboard and he was having difficulty keeping his eyes on the road. He’d tried not to think of his sister that way, but it was difficult not to.

‘So what’s this new girl like?’ she asked.

‘How do you know I’ve got a new girl?’

‘Ah, well, I thought I heard someone on the phone yesterday.’ She smiled at him, her teeth very white. ‘I’m right, aren’t I? You’ve found someone special?’

PJ shook his head. ‘I don’t know if I’d call her special. It’s a bit early to say.’

‘But you’re getting heaps from her.’ A statement rather than a question.

‘That’s none of your business, Miss Perv.’

Em laughed. ‘It sounded like it on the phone yesterday. You were grunting and she was slurping. Besides, if I’m in the room next door I need to know whether to bring ear plugs or not.’ She contemplated the road for a few moments. ‘Is she coming around while I’m there?’ she asked. ‘I want to meet her.’

‘Sure. You’ll get to see her tonight…Suzy. Her name is Suzy.’

‘That’s a hooker’s name,’ Em said. ‘She’s a hooker, isn’t she, which explains how you found her so quickly. How can you afford a hooker?’

‘She’s not a hooker. …she works in the local Real Estate Agent. I met her when I was applying for a loan.’ His eyes roamed over his sister’s legs again, lingering over their shape and texture. The hem of her little yellow dress was rucked around her lap and he fancied he could see her little white panties peeping out. Not for the first time he realised that his sister was an extremely sexy girl.

‘Well, there you go then,’ Em said triumphantly. ‘She’s from LJ Hooker! She is a hooker then.’

PJ laughed. ‘Well, I guess you’re right. You can tell her that when you meet. Suzy gives as good as she gets, though, so if you tell her she’s a call girl you can stand by for a mouthful.’ He pulled up outside the house. ‘I’m going to head off right now, so let yourself in. You’re sleeping on the floor in the study.’ He handed her a set of keys. ‘I’ll be back around five and we’ll have take-away tonight, my shout. After today we take turns cooking…I can’t afford to eat out every night.’

‘Thanks, Bro.’ She unclipped her seat belt and leaned over, her lips soft on his cheek. ‘We’ll have fun, eh?’

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