Seizing the Moment

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The news of Ted Robertson’s auto accident, relayed to us just before we were closing up the gym for the night, was a crushing blow to Daren. I had been watching Daren work out alone for the past hour and had even spent more time than usual with him in my capacity of the trainer on duty, and I could tell that he was in a dither. Ted Robertson, a good twenty years older than Daren, had become Daren’s spotting partner at the gym in support of Daren’s post-high school bulking up program in preparation for taking up his football scholarship at a prestigious university. And Ted hadn’t shown up tonight.

To most Daren’s near-total collapse in response both to Ted’s absence when Daren expected to be working out with him and to the news that Ted had had an auto accident would seem an overreaction. Ted had not suffered life-threatening injuries and had been taken to the hospital in time to ensure a full recovery. But I knew what most didn’t and what Daren didn’t know I knew. I knew that Ted had finally convinced Daren to go home with him after the workout tonight and let Ted make love to him. Ted and I had both been cultivating the handsome young man for a couple of months, and Ted had not been able to resist gloating to me that he had won in the “deflower Daren” contest.

As the last of the clients were getting their gear together and preparing to leave the gym, I walked over to Daren, who was just sitting on a weight-lifting bench with a deer-in-the-headlights look of confusion and dismay about him.

“Daren, buddy. He’s going to be all right. The hospital said it will just take him some time to recover. Why don’t you hit the showers and then work out that tension for the shock in the hot tub?”

“But you’re closing,” Daren muttered. “I should go on home. Or I should go over to the hospital and check on him. Or . . . I just don’t know. It’s just such a shock.”

“I don’t have anywhere I need to be this evening, Daren,” I said in the best soothing voice I had. “No problem with staying open for you for a while. I don’t really think you should be driving home until the shock wears off anyway.”


“Tell you what. I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge here. I think a little bit of alcohol will help calm your nerves. And I’ll hit the hot tub too. We can talk it out. I feel you need to talk about it to get your bearings.”

“Well, OK,” Daren said, and he stood and shuffled almost zombie style toward the shower—or at least as zombie style as a hot young blond bulking up for a college football scholarship could look.

I hurried and opened the wine and got two glasses and stripped down and entered the hot tub before Daren had finished showering. He came out in a pretty skimpy Speedo that started my juices to boiling.

When Daren entered the water and sat down across from me in the tub, I poured him a glass of wine and then another while we luxuriated in the hot, swirling waters. When I Bycasino thought the moment was right, I opened up my campaign.

“You’re taking Ted’s accident a little hard,” I began. “Tell me what you’re feeling about that.”

“I don’t know. I don’t know why it’s hit me like this,” Daren was saying. And I heard the catch in his voice. He was on the edge of control. I poured him another glass—and not really to steady his nerves as I claimed to him but to bring him closer to that edge.

“Maybe it’s that immortality thing,” I suggested gently.

“That immortality thing?”

“Yes, guys your age are just coming out of the phase where they assume they are invulnerable. That they’ll live forever and never have to think about death. And then, wham, sometime a long about now, when you are approaching twenty and facing the world on your own, things start to happen to upset that apple cart. Ted could have died. One moment you expect him to be coming through the door and doing a gym routine with you and then the next moment, poof, he’s gone. Is that what has you so choked up over this?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Daren answered. “Well most of it . . . Maybe in part. It’s just that. . . .”

But he couldn’t go on. The wine was loosening him up, tearing down his defenses, and he hunched over in the hot tub, staring at the water, not at me. Unable to complete his thought . . . to tell me what was bothering him the most. Not knowing that I already knew. I seized the moment, and scooted around the seating platform rim of the tub and came in close beside him. I then put my arm around him and hugged him tight into my side.

“There, there,” I whispered. “It will be fine. I’ll take care of you.”

He looked up into my eyes, his face questioning, not having any idea what I meant. Seizing the moment again, I brought the hand of the arm I was using to hug him and put it on his cheek and turned his head to mine. I brushed my lips to his and felt him stiffen, but before he could recover from the shock of that, I pressed my lips to his more insistently. My other arm circled around his chest, and held him there, squirming against me, his eyes all bulgy and shocked, staring into mine.

He finally managed to pull away and sputter, “God, Lance, what . . .?”

He maybe was bulking up nicely, but I was way stronger than he was. I picked him up, the buoyancy of the water helping me, and moved him over to where he was sitting in my lap. I held him in a tight hug while he fought me, trying to escape my embracing, not managing to do so.

“Lance! Let me . . .”

“Shush, shush,” I was saying over his protests in my most soothing voice.

“Oh, God, Lance. You’re not wearing a suit. Your cock . . . it’s . . . it’s . . .”

And indeed my cock was engorging and was plastered to the small of his back, running up toward his shoulder blades.

“There, there. Don’t fight me. Just calm down. I know, Bycasino giriş I know, Daren.”

“You know what?” It was a panicked, plaintive question—thrown out while he was renewing his struggle to be free.

“I know what you’re not telling me about why Ted’s failure to show up tonight was such a shock to you.”

“You know? What could you know?” Daren fairly screeched out in frustration.

“I know this was the night that Ted was going to make love to you. I know that you’d agreed to let Ted fuck you.”

“Oh, God,” Daren cried out with a sob. And it was just as if he were a balloon that had been popped. He just collapsed, spent, against me, held firmly in my lap. I took advantage of his collapse to move a hand down to cup his basket. I had my chin on his shoulder and was making soothing clucking sounds in his ear. He was like a thoroughbred race horse I was working to break, all atremble and ready to break away from me at a moment’s notice, but calming, losing his will to fight me.

“Oh, God, oh, God,” he was sobbing.

“I know how hard this decision was in coming, Daren,” I whispered. “I know how keyed up you were this evening in anticipation of something you’ve thought about long and hard. Ted’s not able to be here, though. And he won’t be here for several months to come. It will be months before he can come to you. Don’t lose the moment. I can be your Ted. Let me be your Ted.”

“Oh, God, oh, God,” was all Daren could say. But his whimpering changed to strangled moaning as I traced the growing thickness of his young cock through the material of the Speedo. And he lifted his hips for me when I pulled his suit off of him and down his legs.

I settled him back into my lap, having pushed my cock down to where it ran under him and served as a platform for the underside of his own cock when he had settled in my lap. I wrapped a hand around both of the cocks and squeezed and pulled at them. His moaning and sighing increased in response. My other hand was exploring all of the creases and curves of his torso. I spent a long time preparing him and arousing him, and his trembling slowly decreased. When I felt his hand on top of mine as it was wrapped around our cocks, I turned my face to his, and this time his lips met mine half way and opened to my deep, exploring kiss.

At length, I stood up in the tub, bringing him with me and turned him on his back on the tiles outside the tub. I lowered my mouth to his engorged cock and sucked him off. He came quickly, excited at the strangeness of the male blow job, although I could tell in his responses that he’d probably been sucked off by a girlfriend or two before.

I spread his legs and went for his sweet, puckered hole with my tongue then. He was emitting little yip, yip sounds and groaning heavily. I was reasonably sure no girlfriend had done this for him before. While I was gently but fully eating out his tender and luscious Bycasino deneme bonusu ass, I was opening a small bag that had been lying beside the wine bottle and took out a small bottle of KY and a condom packet. I managed to get the bottle open and the condom rolled onto my cock without losing purchase on his hole with my tongue. And then he rolled his nicely rounded butt cheeks around the rim of the hot tub and arched his back and gave appreciative little gruntings while I fingered KY into him, widened his hole with my searching fingers, and lathered up my sheathed tool.

I turned him on his belly and spread his legs. My sheathed cock went to his asshole, and I held his hips firmly in place with my hands while I slowly worked my way into his tight hole.

“Ahhhhh! Oh, God, oh God. It hurts so bad!” he was screaming. He was fighting my grip in his hips, arching his back up and trying to writhe his ass away from my assault.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked. “You know Ted is longer and thicker than I am. If you wait for him, it’s going to hurt more. If you manage the initial pain with me, you’ll be ready for Ted when he’s ready. So, do you want me to stop?”

Silence for a few seconds, as I held myself there, my cock just an inch inside him, waiting for him to make up his mind, willing him to let me continue.

“Oh shit,” he whimpered. “No, don’t stop. But go slow. p-l-e-a-s-e! You promise it will stop hurting?”

“Yes, just moments from now you’ll be in heaven. And then when Ted’s well, you’ll be able to take him with only pleasure.”

Daren whimpered and sobbed then while I slowly plowed to the hilt and held there, waiting for him to accommodate me. He had grabbed at the legs of a nearby wrought-iron table and was hanging on for dear life with white-knuckled fists. He also was all tensed up and hadn’t taken a breath for I don’t know how long.

“Relax, Daren,” said in my soothing voice. I’m all in now, it’s all pleasure from now—but only if you relax and let the tension out. And breath. Breath normally. I let loose of his hips and started rubbing his back, helping him to relax, which, at length he did. then I started to slowly pump him, and he did, indeed, start moaning and sighing like I was taking him to heaven. And shortly before I came deep inside him, he was meeting my thrusts with thrusts of his own.

When I had shot off, I collapsed onto his back and gathered body to me in a close embrace.

“So, how was that for your first time?” I whispered in his ear.

“Oh, God, oh God,” he was whimpering again, but this time his voice had an entirely different, satisfied and lust-laced tone to it.

When we had rested, I changed to a fresh condom and we sank back into the hot tub, he again in my lap, but facing me this time, and we kissed deeply as he slowly pumped his ass up and down on my cock.

All during this second fuck I was trying to hold my triumphant thoughts in check. The first thing tomorrow I’d be at the hospital, with flowers and candy for Ted—and with a gloating description of how I had seized the opportunity to take advantage of his months of cultivation of Daren to sweep in and usurp his deflowering campaign.

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