Sera Ch. 34

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Big Boobs


Ashleigh still didn’t know what to think, standing there with her arms crossed, glaring while pride in me and offence at my gall fought for dominance of her attractive features.

She wore a short, black pinstriped business skirt that, along with her black pumps, accentuated very nicely her perfectly matured, round hips as she leaned against the open doorway of what used to be her den. Her weight was on one hip, arms crossed under breasts that were covered by a vest that matched her skirt and showed a lot of cleavage along with the top of her white bra. She looked as good as she always did, and I was as horny as usual.

“Anybody ever tell you that you got a lot of nerve?” she asked.

“Uhhh… Mum, Kitten, Sheila, my ex-girlfriend, most of my teachers back in high-“

“Shut up, sweetie pie, and wipe that little smirk off your face. I’m not happy about this, and you know it.”

“If that were really true,” I sighed, “You wouldn’t move for the guys with the TV.”

She looked around with a start, then actually moved as I chuckled under my breath. After the television cleared the doorway, she followed them in, still with that expression. She really did like me.

“You know the only reason you’re getting away with this is because you’re the business head in the family, right?”

“Yup,” I replied, smiling while I let my eyes have fun with her body. “And you’re gonna make a great secretary.”

“I am not your secretary!”

“Are you wearing panties?” I asked, half occupied with a box of paper files pertaining to family business while I stood behind the desk that used to be hers.

“Wh- What the hell kind of…? Yes, I’m wearing pa-“

“Let’s see ’em,” I told her.

“No!” she almost shouted.

I loved this and, though she wouldn’t admit it, so did she. Her blush and the smile she was fighting proved it. Yeah, she liked me and my attention, the thought that I’d still be interested in her even though I had Kitten. The truth was that, while Kitten was special in many ways, each woman in my family had her own particular, irresistible draw. Ashleigh’s was that of the authoritarian and, like my mother, there was something about that attitude in a woman that I loved to fuck with, to tease and sexually break down.

“I’m going to hang a nice portrait of you in here,” I casually mentioned, turning my attention to another box with a frown over how much old paper there was to be gone through and sorted.

” … A portrait? Of me? You are?” she asked with surprise and doubt.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, gesturing to the spot on the wall where I planned to hang one once it was finished.

” … Why?”

“Because you were nice enough to let me have you’re den, because you’re our matriarch and it’s proper, because you’re smokin’ hot and it would look great… and because I love you. Now, show me your fuckin’ panties.”

Her frown had slowly turned to a deeply complimented smile, and she softly replied while grabbing the hem of her skirt, “You little shit…”

She even spread her feet a little, holding it up and showing me her white bikini panties as the staff in my office slowed their activity to check her out as well.

“Your mother will be pissed off and jealous,” she warned.

This was true, but I replied, “She’ll get over it. Turn around and lemme see that beautiful ass.”

Still smiling, she rolled her eyes and did as I told her, hiking her skirt right to her waist so I could see the backs of her panties, a long white V that began at the bottom of her ass, spreading from between her cheeks to reach the tops of her hips.

She looked back over her shoulder, again parting her feet, arching her back and sticking her ass out a little and asked, “What about Kitten?”

“She’ll approve of it.”

“Have you two had any more bonding revelations?”

“No, not really. It’s mostly the same experience every time.”

“Mostly?” she asked, turning around again.

“Well, it’s a lot of information, and some of it is hard to grasp from a Human standpoint, but a little more of it becomes clearer every time we bond. Show me your tits now.”

She flushed again, compressing her lips in slight irritation over how I was ordering her like that, but still smiling a little just the same as she started to unbutton her vest, asking, “So what’s become clearer?”

“Shouldn’t we save this for a family meeting, or something?” I teased with a smirk.

“Don’t push it, Steven,” she replied, her vest falling open to allow her big, bra bound tits to thrust forward.

I chuckled again as my cock reached full size in my gray dress pants, and allowed, “It’s more the feel of Sera.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, digging first one sumptuous breast from its cup, then the other to let them hang out for my considerable viewing pleasure.

“I mean… her presence is… We’re starting to get a better feel for her, but that’s not all. She’s Kartal Escort stronger. She’s more… substantial, and it feels like Kitten and I have something to do with it, but I think more Kitten than me.”

“Did you get that in the first bonding experience?” she asked, not giving me time to answer before she clarified her question with, “And when you say her presence is more substantial, do you just mean your perception, or interpretation of her, or the intensity of her presence?”

“It’s almost as though she’s become more of a-“

“Oh, what’s going on in here?”

It was Mum, followed by the other misery sister, then the honourary misery sister. The three of them stood in the doorway, Mum and Sheila with dirty leers for Ashleigh, Kitten with a big, horny smile for both her eldest aunt and I. As for Ashleigh, she showed irritation at our conversation being interrupted, especially by Mum.

While they’d been getting along a lot better lately, mostly due to Mum’s willingness to learn Sera’s tricks from Ashleigh and the time they were therefore forced to spend together on account of that, a little rivalry still remained between them. It was mostly friendly and there was no question of the respect they’d found for each other, but two Alpha females in one house will always be two Alpha females in one house.

“Hello, Kathleen,” Ashleigh sighed, turning to face her as the three other women of the family entered my office. “Your perverted son is taking over my den.”

“Well, he is going to be running our business,” Mum told her, looking her half naked older sister up and down. “Why do you have it all hanging out? Trying to convince him to let you be his secretary?”

” … No, Kathleen! He wanted to see my panties, so I… Shut up!”

“Let’s all show him our panties,” Sheila suggested with that wicked smile she was apparently famous for.

“Not yet,” Mum told her with a smirk as Kitten’s hands flew to the hem of her pink summer dress with a giggle. “Ash, we want to talk to you about something.”

“Will I want a drink for this?” Ashleigh asked as they all moved out of the way of a staff member, a box of our matriarch’s books bound for her new den in his arms.

Ignoring this, Mum proclaimed, “We’ve been talking, and we feel it’s unreasonable that you’re forbidding us to play outside the estate.”

“Oh, god,” Ashleigh droned, her hand moving to her forehead, “I should have known. Look, we’ve had this conversation, and I’ve explained-“

“We didn’t have any conversation,” Mum pointed out. “You just forbade it.”

“And I told you my reasons,” Ashleigh continued. “It’s too dangerous for Sera. One of the reasons I related the family history was to make clear the dangers if allowing Sera out into the public realm. Good god, just look at how many times the family has had to change its name and pull up roots because of public suspicions. Don’t think that people don’t get ideas in this enlightened age. In fact, with all the supernatural bullshit televised these days,” she almost spat as she gestured to the TV that was being situated, “People are not only capable of believing in the unlikely, but willing. They want to.”

“I’ve been nudging people since Steven and I first bonded,” Mum argued, “both in the public eye and out of it. So has Steven, Kitten and you, and nothing bad has happened because we all practice common sense. You’re trying to compare us to Dolanna and Rebecca, but none of us here are like that.”

“Oh, really?” Ashleigh challenged with a raised brow, weight back on one hip with her tits still hanging out. “That little scene with Kitten and Steven in that hotel bar could have turned into a fucking disaster; your son even knows it, has admitted it to me, and he knows stuff like that can’t be happening. Don’t you?”

She’d turned to me, forcing my attention from her ass to her face.

“Yeah,” I confirmed, “that was a situation that wasn’t handled very well, and there’ve been a few other times that Sera was used without much sense, not to mention how some certain people have been handled and then allowed to walk away knowing things that they really shouldn’t.”

Mum, Sheila and Kitten gave me almost identical expressions of disappointment and irritation while Ashleigh nodded her approval.

“But,” I amended with a sigh, “while the staff’s cooperation is a necessary pressure release for us, they’ll never take the place of unsuspecting people outside the estate and, while it’s also true that some situations weren’t handled very well, most others were. Mum’s right, none of us are exactly like Dolanna or Rebecca and I think that, other than a few slipups that can be reasonably put down to inexperience, we’ve handled ourselves really well.”

Ashleigh’s attitude had done a complete turnaround, as had those of the other three.

“I agree with Mum. I think we should be allowed to play in the public realm because it won’t be enough for Pendik Escort us to limit ourselves to the estate any more than it would be enough to limit ourselves to a monogamous relationship.”

“Well it’s enough for me,” Ashleigh argued.

“Than stay home,” I told her, “But I’d rather you went out with us. I share your worries over security where Sera is concerned, so it’s only sensible that there should be boundaries and rules to our public conduct, and not just for our safety, but for the good of the people we play with, too. I don’t think we have the right to ruin people’s lives just because we want to have fun with them and, since we do have the power to avoid that for them, I think we also have the responsibility to use it on their behalf.”

“Do you even hear yourself?” Ashleigh asked, coming around the desk to look at me as though I’d taken leave of my senses. “Using people is using people. Whether or not they remember a moment of it afterward isn’t the point and you know it.”

“You don’t give a rat’s ass about them, Ashleigh,” I told her as I rolled my eyes. “Don’t stand there pretending you do in order to get your way when we all know better. From here on, we’re going to allow ourselves to have fun outside the estate every so often. I’ll be responsible for the good of those we use and you’ll be responsible for the good of Sera.”

“Oh, is that so!?”

“Yes, that is so,” I confirmed, both of us looking the other in the eye, me knowing she wouldn’t dare take advantage with the others right there. “You’ll be there to do your part, and because it’ll be more fun with you there.”

“And where do you get off making that decision!?” she demanded, really put out now. “You may be taking over the business affairs of the family, but I’m still the head of the family! What I say goes where family policy is concerned, you… you… upstart! Who do you think you are to start telling us what policy is around here!?”

“I’m the man of the family,” I calmly, but firmly replied.

“Wh-!? The man of the family!? She almost screamed. “Man!? You’re eighteen years old, you little fuck! I’m the man of this family, and don’t you forget it! You think just ’cause you got a cock in your pants you caaaa-!”

That was enough of that. With a quick grab, I spun her around and threw her over my desk. Her surprise was so complete that I actually had time to get her panties, then my pants down while I held the side of her face to the desk with a hand at the back of her neck. By the time she started spitting curses and struggling, I had her arm twisted behind her, my cock nudging her anus.

“Nnnaahh! Ahhhh! Get off me, y-! Aiiieeee?!”

“Oh my fuuuck…” Sheila commented, looking on with a shocked grin as, beside her, Kitten’s face held the very same expression.

“Yeah, you show her son!” Mum encouraged, not surprisingly loving this.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! You little FUCKEEEERRRRR!!!”

I’d never fucked my Aunt Ashleigh up the ass before. I’d half threatened to once and, out of anger and frustration at her, had many times imagined myself doing it, but had never actually done it until then. Once I’d forced myself halfway, I felt her sphincter relaxing out of necessity and I quickly found myself bottomed out inside her, wondering how long it had been for Mistress Ashleigh’s ass, thinking probably her Biker Queen days.


Once I began pumping her, literally shoving the new reality of authority in the house right up her ass, all she could do was accept it, however unwilling. I knew that most of her resistance was due to the surprise and humiliation of me forcing myself on her in such a way, especially in front of the other women of the family. But, because of what she’d related of her Biker Queen days, I knew that, beyond family politics, a part of her actually loved it, even asked for it. Considering who and what she really was, I’d have been crazy to do it otherwise.

“OHHHH, GAAAWWWD!!! OHHHH, FUUUUUCK!!!” she howled as I drove her hips against the edge of the desk with each slamming thrust until we both came.

It was incredible, the feel of her ass around my cock, the way she hollered and tried to resist, the way her body became almost impossible to hold mostly still as her orgasm ripped through her. As for me, I thought I’d never stop pumping jizz up inside her anal tunnel. It was so good that I vowed to myself that I’d do her like that whenever she got a little too big for her britches.

When I pulled out and let go of her, she actually slid off the desk and to the floor with a rather ungraceful crash. Mum was laughing while Kitten and Sheila were completely mortified, looking at me like I was holding a gun to my own head. I was a little winded. Dropping into my (formerly Ashleigh’s) leather office chair, I looked down at her with a self-satisfied smile as she attempted to gather herself at my feet.

When Göztepe Escort she did get up, she staggered to the door, face flushed, looking pointedly at the floor with an unreadable expression and without a word for anyone. Her tits were still hanging out, skirt still hiked to her waist with her panties in a rolled tangle at the bottom of her ass. My seed was running down the insides of her thighs. Standing in the doorway, Mum still smiled wide with approval for my actions. She actually started clapping her hands and didn’t even get mad when Ashleigh shoved her out of the way with a growl, Kitten and Sheila wisely moving out of arm’s reach as she passed.



Wendy Newman sat straight backed, knees pressed properly together with her hands folded in her lap on the loveseat in the hotel room that Auntie Ashleigh had reserved for us. Actually, the penthouse suite in Calgary’s downtown core was more like a luxury apartment than a hotel room, the five of us with our own bedrooms, though we were only using two at a time.

Wendy fit what seemed to be our usual preference, being forty-six, just under six feet tall, well-endowed up top with curvy hips and an attractive face with bright blue eyes to go with her shoulder length blonde hair. Also typical of our choice was the fact that she was of the privileged set, those members of society that look like they belong in commercials advertising antibacterial spray, or the kind of detergent that would leave your glasses spotless beyond worry of one’s neighbours possibly having anything to whisper behind one’s back about. She wore a snug, off-white skirt that stopped just above her knees with a medium blue pullover, covered by a light tan sweater worn as a cape by being buttoned at the neck and without her arms inhabiting its sleeves.

Beside Wendy, her nineteen year old daughter, Brooke, also blonde and blue eyed, sat holding much the same pose. Her boobies were about a C-cup to her mother’s Ds, her hips slimmer, hair longer and held back in a clean ponytail. She wore a skirt that was only a little shorter than her mother’s and much looser. Its colour was of a darker blue than her mother’s pullover and went very well with her yellow polo shirt.

Across from them sat Daryl Newman, tall, athletic right about his wife’s same age with dark hair and classically handsome features. He wore a pair of white slacks with a short sleeve, maroon button up shirt. He also looked as though he ought to be in a commercial, the man who walks into the room with a carefree smile, an approving nod for his wife, who’d just finished antibacterializing their tidy and fortunate little lives while Brooke, arms outstretched, face upturned with eyes closed, happily inhaled their new, germ free air.

Wendy and Brooke both watched in awe while he and Mummy, kneeling on the couch beside him, made out with each other like the only oxygen in the room was in each other’s lungs, antibacterialized or not. Auntie Kathleen knelt on his other side, rubbing and squeezing Daryl’s huge erection through his pants with a leering grin.

Auntie Ashleigh watched from the other armchair wearing a knee length, red dress with short sleeves and a black belt. It wasn’t tight, but the belt allowed it to flow very well over her dangerous curves. Her black stockings and high heels added to her height, the invitingly deep cleavage that the bodice showed capturing filthy imaginations while her beautiful face challenged them. She was resigned to our demands now, enjoying herself, but also regulating and directing this show that she’d put together, ‘a little family trip’, as she’d called it. Meanwhile, six random men that she’d picked out from off the street stood by, patiently waiting for action that their influenced minds couldn’t anticipate.

Auntie Kathleen wore a really sexy, yet classy white dress that was somewhat tight, short, showed moderate cleavage and wrapped around her bum very nicely as she bent on her knees, undoing Daryl’s pants while licking her lips at his wife. Mummy had gotten rid of Auntie’s dark streaks and restyled her hair in a bit of an old fashioned, longer and more relaxed version of the Marilyn Monroe look that I used to favour. Even in that dress, it made her look more wholesome, more like somebody’s mummy, even with her hand going down the pants of another woman’s husband.

What my Mummy wore was more suitable for a nightclub, accentuating the sexy rather than the classy to the point of classless. It was the famous, ‘little black dress’, and made of shiny, PVC like material that stretched around her killer body, the ‘little’ part in no doubt with wide shoulder straps crisscrossing over her chest to tie behind her neck, leaving more cleavage to look at than Auntie Kathleen’s. It was short enough that her shapely bum pulled it up a little in back, irresistibly drawing the eye, tight enough to make it immediately obvious that she wore nothing underneath, as the outlines of any undergarments would have been plainly visible. That dress complimented her petit size extremely well and, with her hair and makeup done flawlessly, she presented quite a picture, and Daryl’s long stares at her in the lobby were what attracted our attention to the Newmans.

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