Sex and a Single Girl Ch. 12

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Chapter 12: More secrets, and sex in a car!

Tom had hired a car and since the winding roads required maximum attention, I resisted the temptation to put my hand in his lap. In a little cliff-side café we enjoyed some mysterious curried dish with rice, I think it contained goat, a Caribbean speciality. Our tummies full, we ventured up into the densely forested mountains of northern St Vincent and experienced some of the heaviest rain showers imaginable. For one mad moment I wanted to get out of the car and dance naked in the rain. By the way I love sex in the rain, trouble is it’s always so cold in the UK. I suggested it to Tom, but there was nowhere we could do it, apart from the middle of the road. I wonder if anyone has ever been run over while having sex?

Sorry, digressing again!

After last night’s wonderful sex I felt we both needed to talk about the future and, as we descended down to the rugged east coast we spotted the ideal place, a little cove, and obviously used only by the locals. Several of them were frolicking unashamedly naked in the rough Atlantic waters. Idly I noticed that some of the male appendages were close to equalling that of my brother, and these were only kids! If this thing with Tom doesn’t work out I think I might consider emigrating!

During the car ride I had grown increasingly concerned that our relationship was gaining pace too quickly and, as we settled on a grassy patch away from the beach I knew it was time to share my deepest thoughts with him.

“Tom, I’m frightened.”

“Don’t worry Sue, the natives don’t bite here.” He gaze was intent upon the larger breasted female variety splashing water over her kids. I turned his chin toward me.

“I mean about us.”

He gave me a concerned look and took my hand.

“What about us?”

“Whenever I have had anything serious going for me, like you and me right now, the guy has walked out on me or, in the case of my husband, got killed.”

He kissed me softly on the nose.

“Sue, I have only just met you and I don’t plan on going anywhere, and certainly not to Afghanistan to get shot at!”

“Do you think I don’t know that Tom? I just feel that I am not ready to commit to a serious relationship just yet, I don’t think I could handle another disappointment.”

“Okay I understand where you’re coming from, but where does that leave us?”

“Can’t we just be best friends that have sex?”

He laughed, “I thought we already are? What’s really on your mind, Sue?”

I settled back in his comforting arms, feeling a bit of a fool, “Tom, when I was twenty-two I went from having lots of boyfriends, and loads of sex, to two years of living with one man and then two with no sex at all. This last week with you have opened my eyes to what I have been missing and I just want to have some fun. Who knows, maybe even with another girl, I know that will happen someday.”

I wasn’t to know at the time that it would happen within a matter of hours!

Tom looked a little saddened even though he was now aware that he was still free to play the field and yet have me in his bed anytime he wanted. His conscience replied for him.

“Don’t you believe in love at first sight Sue?”

I laughed, “I think it was fuck at first sight if I remember that hammock night! And yes I do believe in that, but in the past my sight doesn’t seem to coordinate with my common sense. That’s why I want time. Let’s have fun Tom and see how we feel as time goes along.”

He nodded, no doubt pondering the possibilities open to him, “Okay.”

“And talking of hammocks, do you think tonight we could…?”

He grinned, “I love your dirty mind.”

I kissed his cheek, allowing my lips to trail across to his mouth, “With what we have agreed, does that make us fuck-buddies then?”

“If that means two people not in a committed relationship who want to meet up for sex as often as they want, then I guess the answer is yes, and I am all for that.”

Relieved, I leaned forward and gave him a big hug.

“Then we are now officially fuck-buddies.”

“Good,” he grinned, sliding a hand up the leg of my shorts, feeling for the hem of my panties, “When shall we start?”

I pressed his hand against my pussy for a moment, then slowly pushed it away. Already his cock was hard in his pants. I wondered if that was with the thought of the sexual freedom we had just agreed upon, or he was simply ready for another fuck. I knew at that moment I was in love with both ideas!

“There is nothing more I would like right now than a shag right here Tom, but there are too many people around, and they are locals, they might take offence and report us. I don’t fancy a night in a women’s prison in this place! I love outdoor sex, but not here thank you.”

In an attempt to curb our passion we changed the subject and watched the sun sink slowly behind us in a blaze of red silky clouds. Arms around each other we shared yet more secrets about each other and I surprised him when I told him I used to masturbate with İstanbul Escort my best school friend Helen (even Rich doesn’t know about that!). Helen had been bisexual at a very early age, her very first lover had been another girl, but at that time I never had the courage to touch her other than kiss and hug. Today I wonder what would have happened if we had made love. We still remain best friends but for some strange reason have never slept together. I put that down to our friendship being beyond the sex thing. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own individual female lovers, and of course when we do meet up we share all the horny details!

“Did you ever do anything like that Tom?”

He shook his head, looking away.

I reached into his groin, “I think you did. Tell me.”

From his posture I sensed some embarrassment, “You don’t want to know.”

I squeezed his cock, hard. He was fully erect, there was a memory in there. “Yes I do, nothing you tell me will shock me, even if you fucked another guy.”

“Well, I didn’t go that far.”

“Aha, so there was something?”

“It’s very personal and very embarrassing Sue, something I left behind with my childhood.”

“Tom, the other day you said you would suck another man’s cock if I asked you to, there must still be some interest there?”

He still hesitated, refusing to meet my stare.

“Come on, fair’s fair, I told you all about me and my brother.” I turned his head to mine, “I like dirty stories, you might even turn me on, and you forget I have watched lots of porn, including guys sucking each other. That kind of turns me on, Tom.” I pleaded with my eyes.

He gave a deep sigh, but still refused to meet my eyes. “Okay then, but promise to stop me if you have had enough?”

“I promise.”

He sighed and leaned his head into my shoulder, clearly not wanting to meet my eyes with his own, “Okay, here goes then. This is strictly between you and me (and readers too methinks as I write this! But I have changed names). About the time I was in the fifth form at school, I can’t remember exactly when, me and my best mate Martin used to masturbate together, usually looking at dirty magazines. Just like you said you did with your friend Helen.”

He looked up at my face, searching for any indication of revulsion, “So do you think that’s dirty, Sue?”

“Not at all, I don’t see the difference. I think it’s cool. So was it with each other or for each other?”

“Oh no, I never touched him. Well, not at that stage, although there was one time think I wanted to, just out of curiosity, I was a bit drunk at the time. Is that weird, does that make me gay?”

“Of course not. We were all curious as kids exploring that wonderful thing called sexuality, I was intrigued with girls as well as boys. We girls often used to look at each other down there, how much hair we had, how our boobs were growing, that sort of thing. And we all admitted that we masturbated like hell!”

I paused wistfully, recalling my very first orgasm and being frightened and thrilled at the same time.

I squeezed his arm, “Just now you said ‘not at that stage,’ what did you mean?”

With more confidence he continued. “One day the girl from next door walked in and caught us both wanking.”

“So what? Big deal. I caught my brother at it several times, although he never knew! I thought it was so cool!”

“Yeah, but this wasn’t boy-girl stuff, this was two guys wanking, Sue.”

A couple of stark naked kids ran past and I temporarily removed my hand from his crotch, ” I don’t care about that. Go on. What did she do?”

“Becky, that’s the neighbour, put her hand to her mouth and ran back out the room.”

“How old was she?”

Tom laughed to himself, “All I will say is, young enough to know what it was about, and not old enough to do anything about it!”

“Shit! If that had been me I would have stayed, I love watching guys play with themselves, as you and my brother both know!” I had a sudden desire to suck Tom’s cock while he recalled his horny past, but we were too exposed. I consoled myself with stroking him through his shorts, the inevitable damp patch materialising.

“And the reverse is true for me I assure you, I adore watching a girl stroking her pussy.”

“Good. You see, you’re not gay at all!” I grinned, “And we’ll both do that later!” I adjusted my pants, I was getting wet again. “So what happened after that?”

“Apparently Becky was still a virgin, even though a few of her friends had lost their cherries! She had been in a convent school up until then and hadn’t really been exposed to boys. We also found out she had never masturbated.”

“God, by then I must have been on my millionth orgasm!”

H turned his face to mine and kissed him hard, forcing my tongue into his mouth. His cock twitched in reply under my grasp.

I breathed into his mouth. “Tom, I want to fuck.”

“So do I, but we already agreed we can’t here.”

“Then let’s go back to the hotel, Anadolu Yakası Escort tell me more while you drive, unless you can think of anywhere else we can do it?”

He shook his head. “I don’t think the Caribbean is that liberated, just yet. Although I did see a couple at it on a beach in Greece once, and no-one turned a hair!”

At that moment, a heavy shower made up our minds and we headed back down the bumpy track.

“Carry on with your story then.” He had to ask me to remind him where he had got to.

“The girl ran out of the room?”

“Oh yes, Becky. Martin panicked and ran after her, he was afraid she would go straight to her Dad and tell tales. Being a bible puncher he believed that sex was only for the procreation of offspring, and definitely not before marriage.”

“Must be rough then if you never get married!” I looked at him very seriously, and then burst into laughter, then tapped his arm, “Sorry, carry on.”

“We learned later that he once caught her masturbating, beat her up and told her that was evil.”

“God what a jerk, I would have said fuck you and left home.”

“She did later. Her mother was the opposite though, she was like a mum to me, very sexy and very broad-minded. I remember how she used to stare quite obviously at my shorts when I used their pool. Once there were several girls splashing around in skimpy bikinis and I came out of the water with a huge hard-on not knowing she was there, and she actually patted my bulge and remarked that would keep some young lady happy in the future. I think she would have been up for a little fun herself if I had responded in kind, it was unlikely she was getting any from her husband! But she was a little too old for me and I did have a girl friend at the time. Little did she know that lump she touched would keep her own daughter very happy on many an occasion!”

As he drove, Tom’s erection stood proud in his pants and, as both his hands were occupied navigating the endless mountain bends, I slowly unzipped him releasing his lovely pink cock into the fresh air. He looked down briefly as my hand encircled it, and then out each window either side.

“Sue, I don’t think…”

“It’s okay, the cills are high, no-one can see.” In fact in this remote area there was no-one to see.

“So you had sex with Becky then? She must have changed quickly.”

“Yes, but only after her parents split up about a year later, her dad had proved himself a total hypocrite by screwing one of his female employees. Becky let her hair down after she lost her cherry, I remember being very disappointed at the time that it hadn’t been with me. We had always been best friends and met up in the holidays and had originally agreed that when the time came I would be her first lover. But we did it lots of times, she had a lot of catching up to do!”

One hand between my own legs, I held on to his prick as he negotiated a hair pin bend.

“I take it you weren’t a virgin too?”

“No way, I lost mine well before then, but Carol was a little older.

“Carol? Was it her first time too?”

“No, she came into my tent by mistake when camping. We screwed the whole weekend. She taught me a lot that girl.”

“Tell me.”

“Well, it all seems so normal now I think about it, but she did introduce me to doggy sex.”

“Mmm, I love that, hard and deep.”

“We did that in the woods, up against a tree, nearly got caught.”

His cock was leaking with the memory, I smoothed the sleek liquid over the head.

“So this Carol, have you seen her again?”

“Strange that you should ask, yes. It was while I was with Lisa the stewardess, she was away on long haul at the time. We met by accident in a client’s house and had sex in a back room.”

“Was she married?”

“Of course! The best ones are always married!”

I punched his arm, “Bastard! So how old were you when you first went with her?”

“Sixteen, I was scared for weeks after that I had knocked her up, but it was a false alarm. She soon got on the pill and for a while we were inseparable, day and night. We did it wherever and whenever we could.”

“It’s lovely starting out exploring sex, my first time was a bit of a disaster though, but then I was younger than you. Would it surprise you to know that I’m still a sort of virgin?”

“What? You mean with other girls?”

“Yes. I want to change that pretty soon.”

He glanced at me briefly, “I might be able to help there, I think Lisa’s sister Karen might be bi, I could introduce you.”

That event did actually happen as you will see late in my story, but Karen was not destined to be the first, little did I know that was waiting for me on the beach just a few miles away.

We stopped when confronted by a herd of goats blocking the road, and I covered his cock just in case they were being herded. But they weren’t moving, so nor were we.

“Will you please get on with your story? I am sure there is more.” One eye on the livestock, I resumed stroking him Kartal Escort inside his flies.

“Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes. Martin tackled Becky later, and when she had calmed down and stopped accusing him of being a filthy queer she then totally surprised him by suggesting she wouldn’t tell her Dad if she could watch us both again.”

“Sensible girl! So did she?” He gasped as I bet down and briefly kissed the wet head of his lovely stiff cock. My own fingers were busy inside a very sticky pussy. “Carry on Tom, I am getting fucking horny here.”

He grinned, “Good, I like turning you on.”

I scooped a little pre-cum off him and presented to my mouth, “You realise if we get trapped here we will have to fuck, don’t you? I don’t think I will be able to last out until the hotel Tom.”

I looked all around, there were no creatures with less than four legs in sight. “Keep watch.” His eyes widened as I lowered my mouth over the thick pink head.

For a moment Tom was speechless until I stopped sucking, “Carry on then.” He quickly got the message. He talks, I suck.

“Where was I? Oh yes, Becky wanted to watch me and Martin masturbate.”

He gasped as I took more of him into my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s’ nice.”

“Carry on then, or I shall stop.”

He continued, “Who were we to refuse a request like that? I think in a way she wanted us both there to chaperone each other. It probably never crossed her mind that we both might try it on with her. We had hinted enough times, virgins being such a rare prize where we lived.”

“And did you come on to her?” It’s quite difficult to talk with a mouthful of hard cock, especially Tom’s fat thing, but somehow I managed in between sucks.

“No, not really, we were too afraid of her dad. All I asked her to do was remove her pants while she watched us, but even that she refused.”

“And so a decent girl should!”

“Anyway we did jack off in front of her.”

“Lovely. Weren’t either of you shy?’

“Not really, because I had a very sexy girl watching me, and Martin and I had done it together before anyway.”

“What was she doing?” I had reverted to licking instead of sucking, I was too intrigued.

“We both hoped she was horny enough to play with herself but she just sat there in a daze, watching us. Before the previous day I don’t think she had ever seen a cock before, let alone two stiff ones!”

“Did you both cum for her?”

I think Tom almost blushed as he recalled that moment. He hesitated, clearly enjoying the ministrations of my tongue. My fingers weren’t all that idle either.

“Go on, don’t keep me in suspense, what did you do? Did you cum or not? Please tell me.”

“Well, just as I was about to cum, Becky suddenly stood up moved a little closer to us to get a better view, I wasn’t sure what stage Martin was at, but I knew from experience he was close.”

“Nice. I would have offered you both a hand, or even a mouth!”

“Well, that didn’t happen, not until a couple of years later, and then she sucked me off like a pro.”

I groaned impatiently, “Tom, will you keep to the story? What happened when she stood up?”

“Martin completely lost it and came all over her blouse.”

“Messy boy!”

“Yes, it was quite funny, because Becky stood there for a moment completely mesmerised, then looked down at her wet front, went ‘ugh’ and ran from the room. I remember wondering if she went off to play with herself, and then Martin watched me climax into a tissue.”

“That’s so cool. Did you ever do it with her again?”

“Just the once, at our request this time, we were both so turned on knowing she was enjoying our little game. We dared her to let us cum on her tits.”

“That’s nice, I like that.”

“She surprised us both and dared back saying she would agree if Martin and me stroked each other. Apparently she had seen a picture of that somewhere and fancied seeing it for real.”

Tom lifted my head away from his cock and asked if I was okay with this. I grinned back, my lips moist with his juices, and kissed him, letting him taste his excitement. The goats still hadn’t budged, even though Tom had tried to nudge them gently with the car.

“Of course I am Tom, this is more like it! So did you?”

He was mesmerised, I knew I would have to slow down, I wasn’t ready for him to cum, even though my own fingers were driving me to distraction embedded deep in my pussy.

“Did I what?” he replied innocently.

“Did you stroke each other’s cock?”

Slowly he nodded.

“So you wanked each other? That’s so fucking cool Tom. How did you feel doing that?”

I was now trembling, trying to hold off my own orgasm, but reluctant to stop playing. Tom finally tipped the scales. “Sit on me Sue, I want to fuck your horny cunt, right now. There’s no-one around.”

With those dirty words I needed no persuasion, and within seconds I was sat facing him on his lap, knickers aside, his fact cock fully embedded deep inside me. He kept watch as I started to slither up and down on his juicy pole, observed only by a herd of disinterested goats. They prefer doggy sex I thought to myself!

“Keep talking Tom, while I fuck you. Tell me how you felt having another cock in your hand, this so excites me, I wish I had seen that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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