Sex with Jennifer

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I had this friend, Jennifer. She used to call me “Dad”. I tended to look after her. She was very able at her work. We regularly had a drink together.

I was now alone. It seemed natural that we kept each other company.

Jennifer always seemed to hide her true self. She was tall and thin. Her body was always clad in sloppy clothes. She did not portray attractiveness, but there seemed to be hidden depths.

Jennifer had never been wined and dined. How could a twenty-two year old have been so neglected? I invited her to dine at a good restaurant. She delayed.

“I have nothing proper to wear,” she said.

“Was that an excuse? ” I asked.

“When I have the proper outfit I would be delighted to accompany you,” she responded.

Some weeks later she said she was ready. I would collect her at eight.

She walked out. I gasped. Jennifer was wearing a purple wrap-over dress.

It had just one button and a belt at the waist. She wore high heels and sheer tights.

She looked fabulous.

I opened the passenger door. She stepped in. Leaning low showing that her cleavage was outstanding. Her long leg followed.’ Legs right up to her waist’ would be the correct term. I felt a stirring in the groin.

Is this my good friend of old?

Throughout the meal I could not keep my eyes off her. She reveled in the attention. The spoilt part was the safety pin. This held the top of her dress together. It hindered the view of her breasts.

They looked interesting.

“It ruins it,” said I.

“What?” She responds.

“The safety pin that is holding your dress together.”

“You cannot have too much of a good thing,” she laughs. “Not all at once.”

There is a twinkle in her eyes.

The meal was excellent and the company exhilarating. We seemed to rise to a new plateau.

When we were returning home in the car she asked, “Would you like to come in for coffee?”

“Do you really want me to,” I replied.

“Yes, it is a lovely evening and I do not want it to end,” she sighed.

Jennifer brought in coffee. She sat on my knee. She put her arm around my neck.

The safety pin had gone. Her breasts are snugly cosseted in a plain white bra.

We sat there. Hands gentle stroking but both knew that nothing else was going to happen. We were relaxed as one. We sat and talked.

We watched the sun rise.

Was this contentment? Was this reality?

Two weeks later she said “I am going to cook you a meal so I will come to your place. It will be a real treat.”

She was her normal self. The meal smelt good.

“It will be a few minutes more,” she says, “I will change into something more comfortable.”

Jennifer appeared in the purple dress. We sat down.

A firm large breast topped by an erect nipple filled my view. There was no safety pin or bra. She watched my eyes.

“I told you it will be a real treat,” she says.

How can I respond?

I cannot remember what we ate. It was irrelevant.

We are sat on the sofa. We drank coffee whilst we smoked the ritual cigarette. Her legs were showing. She was wearing stockings. The bare flesh showed through her suspenders. Her white panties were tight into her sex. The firm breasts were free, except for the hanging cloth of her dress.

Jennifer kahramanmaraş escort bayan looked so content, and so erotic.

I was gently stroking her. My hands got bolder. The palms were roaming over her erect nipples. The feeling was electric.

She was comfortable.

My hand was stroking her legs. The smooth feel of the stocking. The warmth of the flesh.

“Can I ask you something?” She suddenly said.

“Of course,” I respond.

“Is it safe to suck a man’s cock?”

“Why?” I reply quite shocked.

“I always dream of doing so,” she responded.

“If you trust the man and know him there is nothing wrong with it. Most couples do it.”

“Did Pat do it to you?” She asked.

“Yes, she did.”

“Good! I would have loved to watch. ” Says Jennifer, whilst un-zipping my trousers.

Her hand pulls out my penis. It is erect. Her mouth folded around it. She sucked like an expert. Her tongue licked. It licked under my foreskin. My gland was vibrating. My body tensed. My breath was gasping.

“Please tell me when you are coming. I want to watch your sperm shoot out.”

My body quivers. My cock goes solid and my nerve ends loose control. I scream as my sperm shoots high.

My breathing subsides.

“You did that like an expert?” I asked.

“I have never touched a penis before, but I have dreamed about it. I have always decided what to do when I found someone I trusted to do it with. I have always fantasized at doing it to you.”

We are relaxed. We are still sitting on the sofa. We are both now naked. Our hands are roaming each other. There are no barriers. My fingers are stroking her vaginal lips. She is moaning. Her breath is coming in quick gasps.

My cock is hard. She is climbing over me. My cock is up her. Jennifer is increasing the movement. She is crying. I tell her beware. I am coming within her. She does not stop. Her climax is breath taking. She screams. She pounds down upon my cock. I am coming.

I throw her off.

My sperm shoots over her lovely breasts. The white liquid globules seep down her body.

She is beautiful. She is wanton. She was; she is a virgin.

We had taken no precautions. She claims she never rode my cock. She was senseless. She enjoyed it. She fainted on me.

Jennifer moved in. She went on the pill.

She used me as her teacher. She experimented. Nothing was beyond her.

Jennifer bought the Karma Sutra. We tried most positions.

She loved me licking her, whilst my clenched fist was thrusting in and out of her vagina.

The sloppy dressed woman had disappeared. She now wore clothes with elegance. They moved with her body. She became a sexual animal.

Jennifer had a friend named Sue. They knew each other from College.

Every month, Jennifer went to stay with Sue.

We were going away on holiday. I had to pick her up from Sue’s.

On the Monday morning I arrived at the house. Jennifer opened the door. She was alone. The others were at work. She was wearing ball-doll nighttime. She was amorous. Exceptionally so!

We had sex on the kitchen floor.

I had to force her to dress and pack. We still shagged twice.

We were on the road.

“I have something kapalı gaziantep escort bayan to tell you,” She says. “But, I do not know how you will take it.”

“You are pregnant,” I ask.

“No! Of course not! It is nothing really serious, but you may not like it.”

I was getting worried. Was this the end of us? After such a welcome? I was bemused.

“I have a confession to make. I am having an affair.”

“Who?” I asked.

“It is Sue. It started in College.”

“Oh!” What else could I say?

The story is told.

“It was a hot summers’ evening. Sue and I were at a party. We stayed the night. We shared the sofa. Both of us were only wearing panties. We could not sleep. I was very conscious of Sue’s breasts against mine. They seemed to move. Our nipples seemed to rub. They were erect. It was exciting. I was getting very wet between my thighs. I was hoping Sue did not notice”.

“I can imagine you,” I interjected “You must have been really wet?”

“I was! Then Sue started stroking my breasts. I could not stop her. I was nearly climaxing at this point.

Her hand crept down my body. I held my breath. The hand slipped inside my panties. As soon as she touched me. I climaxed. I was frightened the noise would wake the house”.

“I can imagine you! I have a hard on!” I cried.

“You don’t mind?” She asks.

“No! It is no threat to me. You are honest. It was before me. Does it affect us?”

“No!” She replies, “Let me carry on telling you.”

“I then felt I should return the compliment. Actually I really wanted to.

I started stroking her. I was fondling her vagina. She soon climaxed. We talked about it. Sue said she had wanted to for a long time. I just enjoyed it.

We spent the whole night experimenting. We sucked each other’s breasts. We licked each other’s vagina and clitoris. We experimented on positions that rubbed our clitorises together to a mutual climax.

From then on I have shared Sue’s bed every time I visit her.

Oh! I do feel totally horny; I want you!” She concluded.

Jennifer was taking out my cock. Her mouth went down on me. I had to stop the car. I pulled into a gateway.

We were out of the car. Her skirt was around her waist. Her panties were down around her ankles.

She lay over the bonnet of the car. My cock was hard. Three thrusts and we both came in mutual climax.

A car sounded its horn whilst passing.

It was a good holiday. I told her about my time with Pat. She found the thought of Pat very sexy.

“I wish I had been there with Pat. The thought makes me feel randy,” says Jennifer.

We fantasies about that.

Jennifer tells me her own fantasies.

She saw her brother’s erect cock when she was younger. She masturbates over the vision of it. She says she wants it. She wants to feel it inside her.

One day we are on a beach. A crowded beach. Jennifer is wearing a small green bikini. She wants to make love.

“I feel randy,” she says, “There are the sand dunes behind. Let us go there for I want your cock.”

We are in the sand dunes. I have her breasts out. I am sucking on them. She loves this.

“Oh! Lick my cunt!” She exclaims.

I oblige.

We kaliteli gaziantep escort bayan hear people talking. They are walking near by.

“Oh! Are they watching?” Asks she. Her body trembles. Her breath comes fast. Her thighs are bucking. She screams in climax.

We will be arrested.

No one noticed.

I have been away on business.

“Welcome back! Darling.” I am greeted with. “Whilst you were away my brother visited.”

I knew by her face.

“It happened?” I asked.

“Don’t be mad,” she pouted. “Come to bed and let me tell you.”

“So! What happened when he stayed?” I asked yet again.

“He stayed in the spare room. I had the urge all night to just slip in bed with him. I masturbated twice. I felt a total whore.

In the morning I took him a cup of tea in bed.”

My penis was hard in anticipation.

“He lay there asleep and the bedclothes were on the floor. He was naked. He must have been dreaming for his penis was hard.

I could not resist.”

“I place my hand around his shaft. My mouth opened. My lips ran over his tip. His cock filled my mouth. I wanted to eat it and I wanted to suck his sperm out. I went at it possessed.

He awoke and held my head. I could not stop. I did not want to stop. The times I had dreamed of doing this. He came and I swallowed it all.”

“Christ! You are making me feel so randy! ” I exclaimed.

She mounts me. She is groaning. She is soaking wet and I can hardly feel her. She feels so slippery, so warm, so intense a feeling. How can I describe it?

She continued with her tale.

“He then ripped open my dressing gown. Pinned me to the bed and thrust his erect cock straight into me. He violently fucked me. I came. I could not stop myself.

We spent the morning in bed. I let him do everything to me.”

Suddenly she screams.

“Oh! I am coming! It was gorgeous! I can still feel his cock. Oh! Thrust deep inside me. Deeper! Deeper! Don’t stop! OOhhh! OOOOooohhhhhh! OOOOOHHHHH!”

My sperm shoots high within her. Her climax keeps coming.

Can I ever keep this woman?

It was two years since the day we started.

“I am leaving you,” she says.

“Why! What have I done?”

“Nothing,” she replies, “I wish to experience more of life. I wish to seek pastures new”.

I meet Jennifer. We have a drink.

“How is your love life?” I enquire.

” I have Sue and my brother. They keep me satisfied.” She responds.

“Are you still shagging with your brother?” I ask.

“Yes! I find it quite raunchy. When I go home and he is there. I always take his breakfast into him in bed. He likes tea and blowjob. So do I!”

“Last time we were alone in the house. I was washing up and he came up behind me. His cock was out and he pushed up my panties. There he was shafting me firmly and I could not resist.

My parents were returning. He would not stop. We climaxed together as my mother opened the door. He was out and away. My legs could not stand. My breath was still gasping. What could I do?”

She was visibly excited. We went to her flat.

We are on the floor. Just inside the door. She rides me as a devil possessed. I have never seen her before with the intensity of climax she had then.

I leave her place. I go to meet Monique.

“I am cold. Join me in bed.” She says.

I do. Her hand is on my cock. She makes me hard. She is over me, riding.

“You have staying power tonight. I am enjoying this, so keep going.”

I keep the hard up.

She moans in a climax and still keeps on going. My hard is still there. The pleasure increases. I shoot with dryness. For once she gives me pleasure.

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