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We really needed a couple of days alone with all the holidays, busy work and some sickness. We decided to travel close since we are tired…lol. We arrived at the hotel about 4pm turned on the fireplace, laid down on the bed where we could cuddle close….and fell asleep for at least an hour and half. When we woke we couldn’t believe how tired we were. We went out for some dinner and to visit a local adult store ‘Sexy Stuff”. We got there and they were closed for new years eve. So far SexCation is starting out a bit slow.

We returned to the hotel room and ran the Jacuzzi tube full for a hot bath. While bathing we watched a video I picked up for us “The Art of Oral”. this helped to put us both in a good mind set. My wife is mid forties but everyone says 35 at oldest, including me. She is a very beautiful 5’2″ 125lbs, very curvy with a 34C chest, the best is her long naturally curly hair. I love how it lays down her back when I come from behind…anyway. we just touched and caressed while watching the video. After it was over we washed each other. I love kneeling over the edge and being washed, i love the feel of her nails as they touch my very sensitive anus and then slides under to hold my balls and cock in her hand AWESOME!

After some nice washing we returned to the bed, this time not for sleep. I spread Ordu Escort a towel out on the nightstand to arrange some of our toys and things. She first started by putting my soft cock in her wet hot mouth, I love this beyond words. it is such a nice feeling to swell while in her mouth. after some really nice sucking. I took my turn touching her. She waxed clean…… not one hair left. This is one of the best things we have done. The first time it was painful but she liked it so much she has never stopped. Now each time she gets waxed it gets easier. She says she will never go back to hair. After a few minutes I kneel above her as she lays flat on the bed. In this position she can do amazing things with her mouth on my cock. The added bonus is she puts both her hands on my cheeks and touches the fingertips in the middle where I am most sensitive. She pulls me apart which feels great as her nails touch me. That alone is enough to send me over the edge, but then she starts moving her head from side to side on my cock. This is more than I can stand and I explode a huge amount. WOW. I love Sex with my wife. She is the only person I have been with in 22 years and it would not be possible for anyone else to make it feel like she does.

This is a switch because I usually enjoy pleasing her first so now Ordu Escort Bayan it is her turn…..I like to use this lube called “velvet”, it is in a black bottle, a bit expensive but you will not regret the cost, there is nothing better. It rubs on nice and slick and stays that way. It feels so nice to rub her inner thighs, mound and then the swollen clit. I like little circles to begin with, she likes those too. It does not take long before she is about to Orgasm. As she starts to tighten up her muscles and wiggle just a bit I know she is about to enjoy a great pleasure. When she starts I keep going rubbing with just a bit more intensity and then……….in waves one after the other, several Orgasms strung together into one BIG one she cums for me. I love to see and feel her as she enjoys this greatest of pleasures. Sometimes I wish I could know what that feels like. I explode all at once and in about 6 pumps I am through but she can keep going over and over. Must be awesome!

We have not yet even used anything on the table. So surely we cannot be through. I ask her to turn over as I rub her nice cheeks. I love her cheeks. I like it when we are in a hot tub and she is on her stomach floating and just her bottom sticks out. The curves are just great. And the curly hair down her back…that Escort Ordu gets me every time. Then I get a vibrating anal plug. It is about 4″ long and tapered with a round thin flange (tell I am a man) to keep it outside but not get in the way. I use plenty of lube and turn on the vibrator. She says it feels very nice. I tease her bottom for a bit then slide it in. She is now on her knees as I slide my cock in…

WOW I cannot take this very long. the vibrating is just awesome for me. I slide in slow and move for just a bit when she starts to wiggle I then pull her to me and press in as hard as I can, Here they come again..I love it when she tells me how good it feels (My jeans just got very tight) She enjoys another orgasm. At this point I have to stop the vibration or I will deprive her of more joy to cum. I begin thrusting again and she cums again and again. We stop for a bit and when I start up again and she cums again. At this point I cannot take it anymore and turn on the vibration and start to thrust harder and deeper it feels amazing with the vibrator going. Then it is my turn WOW. Even though I just came it feels like I am able to unload every drop I have in my wife.

Every marriage cannot be this good or all the divorce lawyers would be out of jobs. We did not always communicate as we do now and our marriage and sex life suffered from it. We found that being honest with each other about our desires and fantasies has opened up for us Orgasm after Orgasm….lol, as well as, an intimacy that we did not know. I don’t know how else to put it. My wife is AWESOME!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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