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This storiy starts at the start of summer vacation me and my family just moved and me and my sis had to stay in the same room because m bed didn’t come for the shpping place. our house has a pool and a hottube sis is about 5’5 and 100 lbs with a nice ferm ass and perfect boobs.

One day when i woke up i sow that my sis was still sleeping so i thought that i would bee nice and make her breakfast in bed so i made eggs bacon with some toast. and brought it to her. when i got up there she was just starting to wake up so i left it on the other side of the bed and went out for a swim. about 1 hour later she came out side in her white bikin and said John tank you some much for the breakfest it was the best. i smiled and said what r u doing. she said that she was coming out to tan for a little bit. so i said ok about 30 min later she said ok john you can go play on the other side of the pool i have to tan my ass. i smiled and said Ok and went and played basketball at the other end of the pool. so just like any other horny teen ever chance i got i would look at her ass and think about when i wasnt looking at it. well it was about 3 pm when i got out of the pool and went inside to have some lunch and my sis came in with my we sat down had some lunch then we watch a tv show and it was albout sex and he hole time i had a a hard on and idk if she sow it but she kept looking at me and so i just tryed and hind it. well we didn’t do much for the rest of the day played on the computer watched tv and swim. both of are parints came home and said that they where going out and wont be home till tommarow morining so they left at like 8 pm and arounf 9 pm me and my sis went into the hot tube. i was the first on in when She cam out a little after me we sat there and talked for a while then we got on a topic that was really weird. she asked me what do you think mom and dad are doing. so i said well probley at a bar with Sex hikayeleri there friends or at resterront. and she looked at me and said i think there are doing it and they she laughed. i said thats just plan weird ok. so she looked at me and said well have you have sex and i said im 16 yeah i have had sex. then i asked the same thing she siad well im 17 so yeah i have had sex. then we just sat there. about 10:00 pm she bot out when she got out she gave me the best view of her ass right then i got a bonner then she turrend around and said well i am going to bed i will see you when you get there night.
so i stayed in the hot tube for little bit just think of my sisters beautiful tight ass. so i got out went up strairs got chaged into my boxers and went to bed with my sis. about 3 am we heard mom and dad come drunk as fuck into the house and past out in there room my sis said you here them i said yeah there a fucking drunk as hell and then i said well guess i was right they where at a bar not have sex as i gave her a small push. she said well they might be haveing sex right know i said no way they could even find there room let alone find a pussy hole sh laughed and said yeah your probley right and so we went back to bed.
The next morning i herad mom and dad leave at 12 am for work and they work till 3 am. so i went down staries made Steph (sister) breakfast and went for a swim. she came out about a hour and 30 min later and she looked even hotter then the day befor so she tanned i played and then went in at about 4 pm i was makeing dinner when steph said lets have a movie night tonight, ok i said you go and pick out the moives and i will finnish cooking we ate dinner and stared watching a movie she picked out she said i was suppoes to be a scary. well about have way into the movie she laid down and put he feet right on my dick it made it jump right up. then she asked if i would lay Sikiş hikayeleri down with her so if she gets scared she can hind i did’t get it because all she had to do was put her head under the blaket. but i just did it anyways so i was laying on the back and she was infront of my with her ass almost touching my dick i was trying to move awa but i couldn’t go anywhere then a part that scared her reall bad came on and she jumped back intp my dick and i poked her right in the ass she said John (me) what is that. i said i dont know and i fixed my dick so it wouldnt poke her and said it was the romote. she smiled well throught the movie i was think about how i like dick slapped my sister and almost got cought. idk but i had a bonner the hole movie and at the last part of the movie she jumped back and m dick was know runing through her ass crack. i was in shock i had no where to go m dick was in my HOT sister ass crack. well she stayed like that for about 30 min then she said tht sh was going to put in a different movie. and i was thinking o shit a hole movie of this i will go crazy then she said well lets atch it in are room so if i fall asleep you wont wake me up if you move. i said yeah in about half a heart beat. so we wnet up staris and my hard on went away so i just put on boxers and got in bed she came in the room like 5 min later with some short shorts and she had on like lime grenn under wear showing. this made my dick harder then ever befor she put the movie in and got in bed. it was about half way throught when she rolled over so her ass was facing me and said john im really cold use your body to worm my up plz, so i tryed not to let my dick hit her but i was trying so hard that i pooped right through m dick hole in my boxers so just at the time she said get closer im frezzing and moved back into me, well my dick went right back between her ass and i know she felt it and she was shaking so Erotik hikaye she really waqs cold so i held her close after about a hour of that she went to sleep so i was still up agest her and fell asleep and around 1 am i woke up and she was grinding up agest my cock and she thought that i was still asleep so i put my hand on her hip then she stoped and didn’t move for the rest of the night.
the next day mom and dad had the late shift agan so i was going to try and fuck my sister. the day went by slow and when i was bed time i got in bed put my didck through the dick hole and layed down. she came in layed down and went to sleep shortly after i did to. arund 1 am agan i woke up to some moving and sow that my sister took off her short shts and thong andtoss them on the ground and then moved her ass into me i was hard in a flash and was running up her ass crark so i said OO STEPH that feels good and she said your up what are you doing u and i said i woke up when yu took your thong off she said in shock im im not doing any thing and so i sai realy as i grab her pussy and she looked at me and smiled and i said do you really want to do this see said yeah i need your bigg fat cock in me i have wanted it in me for sooo long sp i smiles andsaid move up so she moved up and i plased the head of my cock right at the enterice of er pussy hole i rubed it a little with my dick to teas her then push slowly in o she was wet tight and warm it slid in so nice nd perect at first i was slowly fucking her to let her get use to it the after about 5 min i was pounding her pussy she was cumming like ever 5 min and moaning really load for about 30 min i fucked her harded then i have ever fucked a girl befor and i started to feel my cumm comeing up and i said ooo STEPH YOU ARE GOING TO IT A LOT OF CUM IN YOU OOOOOOOHHH IM CUMMING is i blew 7 or 8 powerfull urts of cum in her then i colapesed next to her i lay there for abot 5 min befor pulling out of her and haveing my cumm flow out of her ass and on the bed. we fucked a good 4 times that day and we fucked like ever day at least 3 imes a day for the summer.

the end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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