Shade’s Destiny Ch. 08

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Kelly looked at me when I got to work and laughed. “You two didn’t have enough last night huh?” What could I do but smile. “Destiny, you were super hot last night.” She got this cute little gleam in her eyes. “My Kelly was absolutely a wild man last night. He couldn’t get enough of me.” She came around her desk and kissed me. “Thank you for one wonderful night with my husband.” I wanted to cry.

“Sweetie, I’m so happy for you. How can he not want you? I sure as hell do.” I kissed her and headed for my office.

I was sitting with a cup of coffee and Connie’s note when Stacy came waltzing in. She had the same look in her eyes that Kelly did. I smiled. “Hi lover. I see you had a fab night with Matt. I was so glad you were able to talk him into coming home. Is he staying long? Stacy’s chin trembled as the tears started. She looked down and shook her head. “What baby? Tell me … please.”

“He leaves Sunday night and that’s going to be it for a while. The bastards won’t let him come home.” I got up and walked to my friend. “I wish I hadn’t pushed him so hard to take this damn partnership.” I put my arms around her and held her as she cried. “I hate this – not being with him and knowing I’ll be leaving you soon.” I stiffened. Oh my god! “Yeah, there’s a contract on the house. We’re getting close to the asking price. We hope to hear before he leaves Sunday.” She pulled away and wiped her eyes. “I mean, we’re happy but I’m miserable Destiny. I’ll miss you.”

She was crestfallen. She’s my friend, she’s my lover, and she has a family. “Stacy this is nuts. I mean, you were like my first friend in Chicago. I’ve known you longer than anyone. But you have a family – a man who loves you and two great kids.” I lifted her chin and looked into her eyes. “I love you for feeling that way and you know I’ll miss you too, but please be happy. We’ll have time together before you go. And let’s not count those chickens kiddo.” I forced a smile. Shit. I could tell my words weren’t having much of an effect on her. I felt my nipples tighten as she looked at me.

“All night all I could think about was your scent on that g-string.” Dear god! “It was you and me in our bed Destiny. Matt was making love with me and I was making love with you!” She kissed me. She wasn’t kidding. The passion in that kiss spoke louder than any words possibly could. My phone rang. I answered it and got the shock of my life!

“Destiny, there’s a reservation in my name at a hotel near the office.” She told me the name. “Take Stacy and spend as much of the day and night with her as you can … and she can. I told the front desk I had two people meeting me so just go ahead and sign the receipt.” What on earth. “It’s my treat for both of you lover. Your friend is miserable and it breaks my heart.” I was crying. “So go love her. Tell her …” Shade paused for a moment. “Tell her this is my way of saying I’m sorry for what I did to her.” Still in tears, I had my arm around Stacy. I held the phone so she could listen too. “I love you and I’ll see you tonight. Bye sugar.”

Stacy looked at me, completely dumbfounded. “I can’t believe what I just heard Destiny. She wants you, her lover, to spend the day with me? Did she really mean what she said about being sorry?”

“Oh yeah, absolutely. I can’t tell you all of the details Stacy. But I’m not the only one who’s made big changes in my life.” She laughed at that one. “Go get your coat babe. Let’s get out of here. I’ll take care of …” I hadn’t noticed Stacy looking over my shoulder. I turned; Kelly stood in the doorway, her hand over her mouth. I looked at Stacy and walked to Kelly. “Come here a minute please.” She shook her head. She had tears in her eyes. Oh god!

“You two? Lovers? What the fuck is going on here?” The phone rang again.

“Hand the phone to Kelly, Destiny. Then the two of you go. I’ll talk to Kelly.” I did. I grabbed my coat and purse and waited till Stacy had hers. We put our coats on as we headed to the elevator. Parking would be a pain and a garage would be expensive so we walked. Yeah, that’s how close it was to the office. We talked as we walked. “Is Matt going to get the kids from school?”

“Yeah. I didn’t tell them Daddy was coming home yesterday. They were so surprised. Carolyn didn’t mind one bit. She loves the kids but knows they miss Matt. How in the hell am I going to explain this? I can’t stay out too late.”

“We’ll figure that out as we go.” I was thinking as we were walking. “Let me do the talking at the front desk. I think I have an idea how to handle this.” I held the door and we entered a beautiful lobby with white tile, fuchsia painted walls and a gorgeous dark wood and grey marble front desk. A lovely young woman asked if she could help us. “Yes, my name is Destiny Langan. Shade Nguyen has a reservation. She called; there’s an accident on the expressway and she’s delayed. She asked us to sign and get the keys for the room. I was told you already have the credit card number.

“Yes escort mecidiyeköy Ms. Langan. Let me print it for you.” She handed me the paper and pen. I signed my name. “Here are the keys.”

“I’ll call and give her the room number.” I looked at the name tag. “Thank you Rosemary. You’ve been very helpful.” I turned and found the elevator.

Once inside Stacy started laughing. “That was brilliant Destiny. She may wonder when the imaginary Ms. Nguyen is going to show up. Hopefully they’ll be busy enough she’ll forget about it all.”

“Uh huh and when we leave, there will be someone else on the desk who won’t have a clue who we are.” We got off the elevator and looked at which direction the room was. I opened the door and in we went. “Ha! Look at this. A queen with a headboard that’s perfect for restraints.” Stacy looked at me with panic on her face. “Sweetheart, don’t you worry. You and Matt must not play around like that. After today that may change. Now enough talking; it’s time for loving.”

Stacy blushed. “Um, Matt and I made love this morning.” I giggled. Stacy was crimson. “I had no idea this was gonna happen. Can we take a bath please?”

“Absolutely, gorgeous … in fact, that’s a great idea.” I started unbuttoning her blouse. “A nice bubble bath, soapy hands and who knows what else.” She moaned as I ran my fingers over the blue silk bra. “I know what’s hidden here and I can’t wait to take these beauties in my mouth.” I slipped the straps from her shoulder, peeled the cup from her breast, bent and took the already firm nipple in my mouth. Stacy had her hands behind her back, undoing the clasp. When the bra fell to the ground I moved to the other breast.

“Oh my god you’re gonna make me cum you wicked bitch.” I looked up at her and winked. I unzipped her skirt, it fell, and I dipped my hand inside the panties and into her folds. Soaking wet already! Yum. “Oh god Destiny.” I guided her to the bed; she lay on her back while I toyed with her, teasing, loving, fondling my fabulous friend. I was so excited to be with her that I rushed to bring her to climax. “Oh my god, here it comes,” she screamed. She pushed against my hand and held my head to her as the orgasm took her. She screamed my name as she trembled, her knees high and wide. I went back and forth, left and right, as my fingers sawed and my thumb teased. She panted and mumbled incoherently. Her groan was what let me know it had fled. I kissed her breasts while I helped her come back.

I ran the bath water real hot for a reason. Stacy was still in an endorphin haze; I had her lay back against me in the tub. She was completely relaxed. Part of me wanted to hold her and never let her go, knowing this might be the last time we’d be together. Another part of me wanted to take her thoroughly, ravage her again and again so she’d never forget me. Yes, if there’s anyone shaking your head, I had guilt pangs about that last. I love Shade. I mean that! And I also have come to realize there’s a part of me that will probably always wonder ‘what if.’ Maybe you remember the conversation. ‘If I’d have come on to you, you probably would have slugged me.’ Probably. Funny thing is – I’ve always been the one on the receiving end of the seduction, never the taker, the initiator. So I don’t know what it’s like to try and be rebuffed. Or succeed! I’m writing this in the present but it’s a pretty accurate representation of what my thoughts were as we lay in the steamy heat of the bath tub. I guess I can say this now. I did love Stacy. Not like I do Shade. And, I’ll always wonder.

There came a point, between the hijinks and actual bathing, that Stacy did feel fresh. Um, if you’re a dude reading you probably wouldn’t get it. If you’re a woman … wink!

After all the giggling as we dried each other we lay, face to face, on the bed. I knew what was in my heart. I couldn’t bring myself to say the words out loud … but something told me Stacy not only knew – but felt exactly as I did. The sun had long since bid the day farewell when we spoke of what to do about Matt.

“Honey, hi. I’m with Destiny. I know I should have called sooner but the day got kinda crazy. Yes, baby, everything’s more than fine.” I kissed her. Her eyes brimmed. “I may be home late. She wants to take me clubbing … ya know, dancing … stuff. What? No babe, I promise I’ll be home in time for that.” She giggled. “Oh my god yes!! I’ve tingled all day after what you did to me last night!” I slid my fingers through the moisture of her pussy. She groaned. “What? Oh, nothing. I just had a moment thinking about you inside me last night Matty.” I bent and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She grabbed my hair and yanked me from her breast. “I love you too. Any word yet? Oh, okay. Kiss the kids for me … and be ready. I need you Matty. I love you!! See you soon sweetheart. Okay, bye.”

“You evil witch!! I love you; that was so evil. He could hear the desperation in my voice.” She kissed me. “I do escort bayan istanbul love him so Destiny.” Her eyes brimmed. I kissed her. “You remember that song from whenever ‘Torn Between Two Lovers?'” I kissed her and nodded. “How am I ever gonna forget you? We’re so good together … better than any woman I’ve been with.” She shook her head. Still damp brown hair threatened to cling to her face. “I’m still in shock about what Shade did and said.” I brushed away the few lingerers and kissed her. “Will you please show me what you meant about restraints?” I didn’t laugh at her then but I am as I write about it now! Suffice to say – she liked it!! A lot!

It was nearly nine when we decided she had to head home. We did a quick rinse in the shower, which, um, took a while and walked to the office so she could get her car. She wanted to drive me home – nuh uh! The kisses were desperately hot, every bit of what you would expect after what we’d shared. She had tears; me too. It remained unspoken that it might be our last. We whispered to each other the obvious – that, if it was, we would treasure it forever!

The cab ride didn’t take very long. I cried the whole way. Shade, who was sitting on the couch, took one look at me, hugged me, and walked me to our bed. She never said a word. She didn’t have to – the way she loved me … sigh.

In the morning, as we showered, Shade told me she’d texted Kelly and Stacy and had told them to be in her office at nine. I tried but she wouldn’t tell me why. Kim was already gone; we stopped, grabbed coffee and something to eat. Kelly glared. Shade, her voice calm but cold, told her to get Stacy and come to her office.

The night and morning being what they were I’d neglected this. So I’ll just write about it here.

“Stacy, Kelly, you deserve an explanation for yesterday. I’m not sure if you know – but I had security installed in the office that included voice and video. Both feed into … and I have voice available on my phone. That’s how I knew about what happened yesterday.” She looked at me with a glance. “The video will continue for the safety of my business. But the audio … has been discontinued. Permanently.” Stacy glanced at me. “Kelly, it had to be a confusing day for you. Thank you for your understanding.” A tight smile and, “Stacy, I hope you and Matt close on the sale. I’ll miss you so much.” She looked at me. “Destiny, I’d like you to stay for a moment. I have something I want to say to Stacy. Thank you Kelly, you may get back to your work.” Kelly gave me a cold stare as she left. Unbidden, I closed the door.

Shade shocked me by coming around from behind her desk and taking Stacy’s hands in hers. She smiled and said, “I will miss you. I wanted to make this face-to-face and I wanted my Destiny here with us, Stacy.” Huh? What? “I want … need to apologize for what I’ve done to you.” Stacy’s face registered her shock. “Destiny’s told me you and Matt are leaving and that I’m … well, not a small part of why.” I had tears. Shade hadn’t told me what this was about. “You’ve been with me a long time. It’s going to be nearly impossible to replace you.” Shade shook her head. “More than that, I feel like such a jerk for putting you through what I did as Destiny and I were finding our way as a couple.” Shade took a step forward and hugged Stacy – who didn’t respond immediately. “I don’t blame you. I’m not sure I wouldn’t react as you are. I just want you to know I’m very sorry for being such a jerk to you. I hope you and Matt enjoy your new life.”

Just like that it was over. To this day I can’t tell you who was more stunned – me or Stacy! And we’ve talked about it!

I hugged Stacy before she headed to her office – then closed the door behind her. I turned to face my lover. “Shade, I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am. You did right by both Stacy and Kelly. You validated them both, came clean about yesterday and, most importantly to me, gave Stacy some verbal love.” I took my honey in my arms and kissed her. “Do you have any idea how happy I am with all that you just did? More to the point – how proud I am of you!!” She blushed. “Whatever Kelly thinks … is whatever. We need to talk later. I know you have appointments. I love you lady!!” I took her sweet face in my hands. “And don’t you ever forget it!!” I kissed her nose and headed to my office.

Stacy was waiting in my office. “What was that about with the audio ending?”

“We had a little chat this morning. I insisted that she shut both down. She reminded me that the main reason for the video was security for the office. I agreed; she agreed to close down the audio except for her office and the entrance to the office – again for security reasons. I did think that made sense. How were things with you and Matt?”

“I told him.” She didn’t look at me when she said it.

“You what?” Yeah, I nearly screamed it. I was flabbergasted.

“I told him Destiny.” She grinned as she said, “He was naked, I escort bayan şişli tied his hands and feet to a chair, then did a strip tease in front of him.” She laughed at me; my jaw hung and my eyes had to be as wide as they could be. “I did it all. I rubbed my breasts in his face, only let his tongue lick my nipples, gave him head for about ten seconds at a time, lay on the bed with my legs around him and fingered myself … he was a wild man.” By now I was laughing and smiling with her. Kelly must have heard us because she stood in the doorway. “Come here Kelly and listen to my night with Matt.” Her arms folded across her chest, she shook her head. I shrugged, Stacy nodded. “I rubbed my fingers under his nose and on his lips. He was pleading, begging me to fuck him.”

“You’re a little wild child. What about the kids”

“Oh the bedroom door was closed.” She laughed. “I finally sat on his lap and fucked myself on his cock. I held my breasts and licked my nipples. While I was riding him I told him I’d spent the day with you in a hotel. He didn’t believe me. He knew we’d been friends since you came to Chicago. I told him we’d been seeing each other now and then. I didn’t tell him about you spending the night here. I didn’t think that would have been smart.” Phew. I nodded in agreement. “But I told him about the bath, how we’d made love, how you used the thigh highs to …” She stopped and looked at Kelly, who was looking back and forth between the two of us in shock.

“Come in here and sit down Kelly,” I said. “We all need to talk. Please!” She came and sat on the edge of the desk. What a brat. “Go ahead Stacy; tell the rest of it.”

“I told him how you tied my hands with your thigh highs and how you had taken me that way. I kissed him and told him that’s where I got the idea.” I have to include this: she never blushed, never showed any sign of being embarrassed about what she was telling us. “He asked if I still loved him.” Kelly and I both laughed; Stacy just shrugged. “I reminded him that I was fucking him.” She smiled a wicked smile. “Do you remember what we did in the garage just before we left?”

Oh my god yes! “Um, yeah, you were in the car and I’d leaned in to kiss you one last time. You broke the kiss, lifted my skirt, pushed my panties aside and licked me.” Stacy was grinning and nodding; Kelly was in shock, her eyes going back and forth between the two of us. I looked at Kelly. “The bitch took my panties, sniffed them, and told me she wanted them to remember the day and night.” Stacy laughed lustily. Kelly was flushed with what was, clearly, excitement.

Stacy picked up the story from there. “Just for emphasis I climbed off of him and took him in my mouth. I finished him that way. But I wasn’t finished with him. I got your panties from my purse and sniffed them. I told him they were yours – that I’d taken them in the garage after I’d licked you. I goddamn well thought his eyes would bulge out of his head!” I was laughing like a mad woman. “I draped your panties over his head so he had to smell you while watching me. I got my vibe and got myself off.” She smirked and looked at both of us. “I lied and told him we’d used it to fuck each other.” More laughter. “I hooked my feet into his elbows so he got an up close and personal look at what I was doing. He was basically drooling by the time I had my cum! I made sure he was good and hard. I took the panties off his head, used them to jerk him off, then untied his feet, stuffed the panties in his mouth and told him to fuck me doggy style.”

I looked at Kelly and asked, “So how was your night?” That did the trick. We all laughed.

Kelly asked, “Is he okay with what you told him Stacy?”

“I think so. He knows we’ll be moving soon. I told him that I do enjoy women but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him with all my heart and don’t want to share a bed with him. I guess we’ll see but, if last night …” she smiled, “and this morning were any indication I’d say we’ll be just fine.”

“Stacy, you know how I feel.” I looked at Kelly and smiled. “And Kelly knows I have a crush on her.” Turning back to Stacy, “I guess I’m shocked, after what we’ve talked about, that you did tell him. I just hope it was the right thing to do.”

Kelly piped up with, “So who else around here do you have the hots for Destiny?” It was my turn to blush.

“I’ve always thought Christy is sexy as all get out; but she has her Brandi … and I’m pretty sure she and Meaghan had a thing goin’ on.” I saw Stacy’s head nodding vigorously. “And I really like Lindsay; she’s just so cute and always looks like a million bucks.” I smiled. “Then there’s this Asian chick …”

“And Shade knows about you and Stacy?”

“Kelly, it’s pretty obvious she does. Or it should be after yesterday. That night I stayed over at Stacy’s … I called Shade and told her I wanted to and why. Kim told me she cried all night but she let me.”

Stacy said, “You never told me about Shade crying, Destiny. I didn’t mean for it to cause her any pain.”

“Honey, it’s all good. I left early because I had to but also so I could spend time with Shade before work. And she, um, got her two pounds of flesh in return for her largesse.” Both of them laughed and laughed. “Kelly, are we all okay now?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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