Shailaja’s Story Ch. 01

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Beautiful Cock

All characters are over 18 years of age

This story uses hindi/urdu words.

Shailaja was a single mother, 40 years with a 19 year old daughter.

She was a senior manager in a bank and was designated as vice president.

She was very good at her job and generally happy with life.

The only thing missing in Shailajas life was a male companion.

As she slept she was dreaming “mujhe chodo, zor se chodo, mujhe nufta do, Srinu mujhe chodo, apna bacha do. Srinu chodho mujhe, chodo.”

Shailaja was fond of younger men and in her days had had affairs with several younger boys all around 20 to 25 years of age.

Shailaja was rubbing her chooth in her sleep and dreaming of her neighbour Sushma’s son.

Her dream continued “Srinu mujhe chodo, Shakuntala (maid) ko bhi chodo, hum dono ko chodo.”

The fucking continued.

Srinu was fucking in full force.

Now Srinu was banging Shakuntala.

Shakuntala was screaming “laurda do, zor se do, chodo, kya mota mast lund hai,memsaab ko jaise choda tha usse zor se mujhe chodo.”

Shakuntala continued “mujhe bacha do, zor se chodo,kya mota lund hai,zor se maro.”


Shailajas dream was over. She was awake now.

Shailaja was sitting with her neighbour Sushma who was 50 and whose son was Srinivas.

Srinivas was 29 years and had been the subject of her dreams.

Sushma and Shailaja were good friends and used to exchange notes on personal as well as other matters.

Shailaja told Sushma “I miss a man between my legs. How I wish I could have a cock. I want your son Srinu to fuck me.”

Shailaja continues “I want someone around 30 with a hard body and good physique. I find Srinu very handsome.” “Mujhe uska lund hona, I can look after Srinu lekin usko sara waqt mere pass hona chahiye. “I can look after all his financial and physical needs.”

“He should be father to my daughter Sreelekha.”

After a few days Shailaja again brought up the topic with Sushma.

“Yaar find me a man.If he is good I can marry him,else just have fun,apne bete Srinu ko mujhe chodhne ko kaho naa.”

Sushma to Sailaja “toh tum Srinivas se baat karo.Uska lund sakt hai aur woh chooth dhoondta rahta hai. Jab bhi woh aurat ko dekhta hai uska lund itna bada hota hai.”

Shailaja “toh phir use mujhe chodne ko kaho,woh hum dono ko ek saath bhi chodh sakta hai, kitna mazaa hoge apni maa aur mujhe ek saath chodega.”

The two friends discussed Srinivas.

Shailaja said “Can you help me get Srinivas to be my partner. I want him like a house husband who will look after my daughter Sreelekha also and give her company. Also his job is WFH so Sreelekha will not be alone and anime porno will have a father figure. Also when there is a office party I will be able to show him off as my house husband”

Sushma “theek hai main Srinivas se kehti hoon tumhare saath rishta banaye aur tum use kehna mujhe chodne ke liye.”

So the two friends Sushma and Shailaja arrived at an arrangement whereby Srinivas would become husband to Shailaja and also fuck partner to his mother Sushma.


Sushma to Srinivas “Srinu Shailaja wants you to help her in her house and give her company. She is a very nice lady and I think you should help her. Maybe you can stay with her for a few days even one month maybe.”

Srinu was very fond of his mother so agreed and went to Shailajas house.

He packed a suitcase for 15 days.

Shailaja was wearing a tank top and lehnga.

Her boobs were overflowing from the top and she was looking so sexy.

Srinu’s laurda became hard the moment he saw Shailaja.

Srinu looked at Shailaja and thought “O my God. She is so sexy.Her boobs are so full,isko chodne me kya mazaa aayega.”

Srinu kept looking at her.

Shaila (Shailaja) invited Srinu to join him and started chatting.

They chatted about movies, holidays and theatre.

They spoke of Shailas husband and her divorce.

Shaila told Srinivas she was fond of dancing.

Shaila spoke of her work and how she was so lonely.

Shailaja “I work from morning to late night.I come home tired. Sreelekha is alone. Can you give me company for a few days.Sreelekha (age 19) will also have a father and I wont be worried.Since you work from home your work can also go on and wont suffer.I earn much more than you and can look after your financial needs..You can also see that the maid Shakuntala does her work properly,”

Srinivas was listening and absorbing what Shaila was saying.Srinu ne socha “kya mazaa aayega,mein Shaila, Sreelekha aur Shakuntala teenon ki chudhai karoonga.”

Shailaja continued “I have only one condition.I dont want you exclusively. You can fuck anyone including your mom or the maid or any woman.Only my daughter is out of bounds till I say so.”

Srinu ne haan ki lekin maan he maan me socha “Sreelekha ko to zaroor chudhai karoonga.”

Srinu and Shalija discussed for some time and then it was agreed Srinu would shift into Shailajas house for a few days.

Shailaja would handle money and Srinu would handle the home.

He would be a house husband, home maker and a father to Sreelekha.

Srinu then brought up the subject of children and asked in hindi “agar tumko bacha ho gaya to kya karenge.”

Shaila “agar anne porno bacha hua toh mein usko rakhungi.Mujhe bache ache lagte hain.Tumhari marzi hai uski responsibility lene ki lekin ye tumhari apni marzi hogi.”

After they had settled down Srinu said

” Shaila should we go to a pub and dance.”

Shaila “Yes Srinu. It will be fun.”

Shaila then went to change. She wore a pink blouse and grey short skirt. Her makeup was light. In her eyes she used kaajal and eyeliner. She wore hanging earrings and a choker around her neck.

Shaila and Srinu went to the Blue Danube pub. They took a corner table where they had complete privacy. They held each others hands and chatted like the love birds they were.

Shaila came close to Srinu and he gave her a deep kiss.

Srinu put his hand under Shailas skirt and started playing with her twat. Shaila could take it no longer and said “Srinu. OOH AAH OOH OOH. YOUR HANDS ARE SO GOOD. LICK ME LICK ME,”

Srinu then picked her up and took her to the dance floor.

The disco lights on the couple made Shaila so beautiful and everyone was admiring the couple in love. They danced away till 3 in the morning.

At 4 they left the pub and went to Shailas house. Sreelekha opened the door and was surprised to see Srinu with Shaila.

Sreelekha ne kaha “Amma aur Srinu kya mast lag rahe ho. Lagta hai jaise abhi chudhai karne wale ho.”

Anyways they ignored Sreelekha and the loving couple just went straight to Shailas room after Shaila saying

“Sree hum chudhai karen ya kuch bhi tumhe kya, aadmi aurat chudai ke liye hi to paida hote hain.”

Shailaja undressed Srinivas and he undid her skirt and blouse. Soon the two of them were on the bed and in heat.

Srinu took his cock and without further ado was in Shailas choot.

Shaila was screaming “Srinu Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, chodo mujhe, zor se, Harder, Harder.”

Srinu was piercing Shailas chooth and his speed was increasing. Her chooth was so hairy that it gave Srinu a turn on.Srinu loved hairy chooths.He was like a piston in heat.

Srinu was fucking Shaila and saying “Shailaja I love you. I love you. I love your chooth hair. OOOH OOOH AAAH AAAH… OOOH OOOH AH AH.”

Shaila was saying “Srinu I am your wife.FUCK ME.FUCK ME. HARDER.FUCK ME.”

Sreelekha was in her room and could hear the action.

Sreelekha soch rahi thi “mujhe to Srinu se apni chudai karani he,Srinu zor se mujhe chodo,mujhe bachi do, mujhe maa banao.”

Sreelekha had seen Srinu and wanted him for herself. He was so handsome, tall and debonair. Hearing him with her mom Shaila was crazy.

Sreelekha was thinking “If amma marries arap porno him then I can also fuck Srinu, waise bhi main to apni chudai karaoongi.”

Sreelekha was thinking “I can also get fucked. Srinu fuck me fuck fuck OOOH OOOH. Give me you cum OOOH OOOH AAAH HARDER HARDER, Srinu mujhe maa banao.”


It became morning, Shaila dressed for office in a saree. Her navel could be seen and the saree was so low. Her long hair made her look gorgeous. Her big boobs and her smile were so sexy.

Sreelekha came out of her room wearing a short red nighty. Her legs were so smooth and she looked so sexy.

Srinu thought “O my God. Such pretty women in the family. I wish I could fuck both mother and daughter together.”

Shailaja told Srinu about the maid and her duties. Srinu agreed to look after Sreelekha and the maid also.

Shailaja left for work.

Shakuntala the maid came after some time. She was wearing a salwar kameez.

Her boobs were so big.It looked like all the women in the family had big boobs and Srinu loved big boobs.Shakuntala was 35 years and so sexy.

Sreelekha told the maid that “Meet my father. He is now going to live with us aur meri chudai bhi karenge.”

Shakuntala saw Srinu and immediately started thinking of how to bed him.

Sreelekha goes to college

After some time Sree (Sreelekha) went to college.

Sreelekha was so excited and happy.

Her friend Rekha said “Sree what happened.You are so happy.”

Sree “My mom has a live in boyfriend. He is so handsome and debonair and only 30. I am going to fuck him. I can already feel him between my legs,mujhe apni chudai karani hai.”

Rekha her friend said “Wiil you share him with me also?”

And so the friends chatted

Meanwhile at home

Srinu was tired after the night fucking. He went to his bedroom and took a nap.

It was like this that Shakuntala found him lying down, sleeping with his lungi up and his hard tool showing.

Shakuntala immediately wanted that cock. She took off her clothes and lay down next to Srinu.

Srinu could feel her boobs. His lund touched her hairy chooth and came to attention.

Srinu said “Shaku tumhe chodna hai.”

Meanwhile Shakuntala had put her boob into his mouth and said “chooso isko,”

Immediately Srinu was in action sucking her boob and his lund was in her chooth.

Shaku (Shakuntala) was screaming “Mujhe chodo.Zor se chodo.Mujhe gila karo.”

This was all the encouragement Srinu needed. He became like a piston ramming Shakuntala and said “Mast chooth. Kya chooth hai. OOH OOH AAH AAH. Mera laura lo. Tumhari behen hai to use bhi chodunga. OOOH AAAH OOOH AAH, mera bacha peda karo, mujhe beti hona.”

Aise woh Shaku ko chodta raha. Phir kuch der ke baad jab dono thak gaye Shaku took him to the washroom, made him lye down and put her piss on his mouth which he happily drank.

At this time in walked Shailaja


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