Shared Bed Ch. 04

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My mother wanted to watch a movie. I drove, my mother sat next to me and Sam sat at the back. The events of the morning had made Sam more bold than usual and he began flirting with Mom.

“Aunt Marlene, you sure look pretty,” he said.

“Why thank you Sam, no one has said that to me in quite a while,” she said, smiling.

“Yes, Mom” I said, “You look wonderful.” In her black skirt and thin T-shirt, she looked very sexy.

I began to get an erection as I thought of my mother stroking my cock the night before. Sam began to massage Mom’s shoulders from the back of the car “Mmmmm that feels nice,” she said and I noticed how she closed her eyes and leaned back, her legs parting just a bit. I stole a glance at her exposed thighs and began to feel even hornier.

We were a few minutes late for the movie but the theater was practically empty. The only other people in the theater were a couple a few rows ahead of us. Mom sat in-between Sam and I. After a few minutes she closed her eyes.

“I have a headache, I’m going to sleep for a while,” she said.

I looked over her at Sam and smiled. We waited for her to fall asleep, neither Sam or I really cared about the movie anymore. After a few minutes, she seemed asleep, so I gently began moving her skirt upwards so we could get a look at her pussy. She was wearing frilly white panties and in the dim light we could see the dampness of her panties. I moved her thighs apart as Sam took out his cock and began stroking it.

“Watch this,” I whispered and slowly pushed the panty aside exposing her moist cunt. I paused to make sure that she continued to sleep and then began stroking the lips of her cunt with my finger. She moaned softly and I pushed a finger into her cunt fucking her wet pussy slowly with my index finger. My mother moaned but continued to keep her eyes closed.

“Lift up her T- shirt, ” I whispered to Sam. He didn’t need much encouragement. She wasn’t wearing a bra and when he lifted her at shirt up we could see her big tits with her pink erect nipples. I knelt down in the narrow space in front of her and began licking at her exposed her cunt. The movie soundtrack was pretty loud at this point but I didn’t care even if she happened to wake up. I began lapping at her cunt in earnest while Sam tongued her nipples.

Mom miraculously slept through all this. All of a sudden I thought I saw her eyes flutter open for a second. This only reinforced my suspicions. Could she be faking the sleep? Could she be pretending so that she could get fucked by her son and not have to talk about it afterwards?

I didn’t care so long as she didn’t stop us I was determined to have my way with her. I took out my erect cock and crouched in a manner where I was able to rub the head of my cock along her wet slit.

Sam was busy sucking at her nipples, licking her tits while he jerked off. I was working up the courage to push my cock in to her wet cunt, when she began to groan and stir. Here, I lost my nerve and so I pushed Sam aside, hastily zipped up my pants and pulled down her T-shirt. She opened her eyes looking momentarily confused.

“I must have drifted off to sleep, my god, I have been drooling all over my T-shirt,” she said, looking down at the wet patch on her breast from Sam’s saliva.

She moved her legs uncomfortably and said, “I feel like I’m wet…”

“Wet where, Mom?” I asked innocently, but she didn’t answer.

On the way back home, Mom talked about what she was going to cook for dinner while Sam and I sat quietly, each no doubt thinking about fucking our mothers.

Back at home, Aunt Jeannie gaziantep kızıl escort bayan had changed into a comfortable shirt and cotton pants. The fabric clung to her body accentuating the heaviness of her hips and breasts and her nipples were visible through the thin fabric.

After dinner I stretched and yawned. I was feeling sleepy after the long day.

“I think I’ll go to bed, good night guys.” I went upstairs and lay down under the covers, in my t-shirt. I didn’t have anything on other than my T-shirt — by now I was fairly comfortable about sleeping nude next to my mother, Also, it excited me that when she came to sleep on the bed she would have to look at my erect cock when she pulled back the covers.

I drifted off to sleep but was awakened by whispers. I opened my eyes a fraction, so that it still appeared I was asleep. My aunt and mom were standing at the door looking at me. They were talking softly and I couldn’t tell what they were saying. My aunt then carefully pulled back the covers exposing my now erect cock.

“Look at his cock,” she said to my mother, who was wearing a negligee that barely covered her ass. Through the slits of my eyes I could see the puffy lips of her cunt. She was flushed and looked a little drunk as she licked her lips.

“Go on, Sis, suck his cock for me, he is so horny from sleeping next to me, he could use the relief.” I continued my pretense as Aunt Jeannie leaned across and began licking my glans.

She caressed my balls with her soft hands and leaned forward so her breasts brushed against my cock. I moaned softly but kept my eyes closed as she took my cock into her wet warm mouth. My mother sat down at the edge of the bed and splayed her legs open. She began fucking herself with her fingers as she watched her sister suck my cock. Aunt Jeannie sucked my cock as I thrust upwards into her mouth.

It felt incredible and I loved the way this was obviously turning my mother on, as she sat and put one then three fingers into her cunt.

“Yeah suck him, make him come,” she said as she played with her tits.

Aunt Jeannie slipped out of her shirt and was now naked as she continued to suck me. I watched with amazement as my mother got behind her and began kissing and the licking Aunt Jeannie’s cunt, as she sucked my cock. I heard lapping sounds, slurping sounds as my mother fucked Aunt’s cunt with her tongue. I continued to pretend to sleep although the pretense was becoming harder as Aunt went at my cock with a passion.

“Aaaah,’ she moaned as she thrust her cunt in my mother’s face. After a few minutes of this, with aunt Jeannie’s saliva and my precum dribbling all over, aunt stopped.

“Why don’t you suck his cock now, Marlene?” she asked.

My mother shook her head.

“No, he’s my son, it’s OK for you to do it but it would be wrong for me… But I do want is so much.”

My heart skipped a beat as I heard my mother confess her horniness for my cock.

“I think of my son fucking me all the time, Jeannie, I want him to fuck my mouth just as he was fucking yours, I want him to fuck my cunt, my ass. I want him to treat me like the slutty bitch I have become.”

“If it’s OK for you to lick your sister’s cunt, why is it not fine for you to suck your son’s cock? Aunt asked.

By now my cock was growing soft and I was frustrated. I wanted to come badly, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Before I could do anything, my aunt and my mother put the covers back on me and left the room, still talking about the rights and wrongs about incest. gaziantep köle escort bayan

After a few minutes I hear d my mother come back in alone. She had pulled the robe across her but I could still see the swell of her breasts and her cunt lips. I opened my eyes feigning drowsiness.

“Oh, Hi, mom, I was having the most wonderful dream, what time is it?”

“It’s late, son, go back to sleep,” she said, and then she took of her robe and stood naked before me.

“I think I may have dreamt of you, ” I said with a smile.

“What did you dream of, son?” she asked in a husky voice and began playing with her nipples coaxing them into hardness, her other hand straying down to her pussy.

“I dreamt of you sucking another man’s cock while I watched”

“Was my pussy wet, like it is now? ” she asked and touched her cunt and showed me the glistening juices of her pussy.

“Yes, mom.”

“I want to see your cock, son” she said and pulled off the covers. She took a look at my erect penis and licked her lips.

“My, I believe it grows bigger every day. Can I touch it, son?

” Please…” I pleaded.

She touched it once lightly and then she lay down in bed beside me.

“When you were small, son, you suckled at my breasts.”

She played with her breasts and then licking her fingers she began massaging her big nipples. I watched her play with her big tits and wanted so much to suck them, but wasn’t sure how to ask her.

As if reading my mind, she said, “There’s no reason for you not to suckle now, do you feel like you want to suck my nipples, Danny?”

“Yes, Mother.”

“Come here then and suck my nipples, this is not about sex, remember, that would be wrong, but if my son just wants some comfort by sucking at his mother’s nipples, that’s quite alright.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying; I looked at her lying down, her legs splayed, her puffy cunt lips on display. He big breasts and her erect nipples, wet with her saliva, and she was telling me it was OK for me to suck on her nipples!

I licked one nipple tentatively and then took it into my mouth, She leaned back and I began sucking her nipple in earnest, as I massaged her other tit. My erect cock rubbed against her smooth thigh and I began rubbing it as I sucked on the other nipple.

“That feels good, Danny, does that make you feel better?”

“Yes, Mother.”

She didn’t protest as I began rubbing my cock against her thigh. I was too afraid to thrust my cock into her cunt, but I was very aware of the warmth of her pussy as she rubbed her wet cunt against my legs. I sucked and bit lightly on her big nipples and was about to come, when she suddenly stopped me.

“Do you hear that? Ssshhhhh.”

This was extremely frustrating but I stopped and listened. We paused and in the silence we could hear the soft sounds of moaning coming from the other room.

“Come on let’s take a look, I wonder what’s going on,” she said.

We went to the other room, which was now occupied, by Sam and Aunt Jeannie. The door was locked but she bent down and looked through the keyhole. With her in this position, her ass towards me, I could see her cunt lips and the rosebud of her asshole. I caressed her ass, and pretending to move her out of the way, I rubbed my cock against the crack of her ass.

I even managed to touch the outer cunt lips with my cock and I had a brief moment when I felt like I might plunge it into the warm depths of her cunt, but she moved away ad whispered, “Take a look.”

I looked gaziantep kumral escort bayan through the keyhole and I was shocked by what I saw. Aunt Jeannie was on her hand and knees and Sam was fucking her from the back, slapping her ass as he did so.

“You like your son’s cock in your cunt, bitch?” he said and thrust into her.

“Yes, fuck me, son, fuck me,” she moaned.

My mother’s hands came up from behind me and she began caressing my erect cock, her hand touching my cock and then lightly touching my asshole and balls, as she expertly began jerking me off.

“Tell me what you see, son,” she said.” Do you see a mother getting fucked by her own son?”

“Yes, mother,” I moaned as she continued jerking my cock.

“Now they have stopped fucking and aunt is sucking Sam’s cock, his cock is wet with her pussy juice and she is getting fucked in the mouth by his cock.”

“You know it’s wrong for a mother to do that, don’t you, Danny?” she asked, but continued to massage my cock.

“Yes, mother,” I said, and was about to come in her hands, but then she took her hand away and took my place at the door. Once again she bent down to look at the scene through the keyhole. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Mom, can I lick your cunt, please?”

“You may,” she said and continued to look through the keyhole as I began licking her cunt.

For the first time we’d acknowledged that I could suck her cunt, for the first time there was no pretense of sleep involved. I licked her cunt sucking on her clit and plunging my tongue into her warm wet pussy. She began to describe what was happening inside.

“Aunt Jeannie is lying down and I can see her wet cunt. Sam is astride her face and he is fucking her mouth now, his cock’s going in and out of her mouth…Yes Danny, lick my cunt, son. Do you like my cunt? I wish you could fuck me like Sam is fucking his mother, but that would be wrong. Lick me, son, lick me.”

I licked her cunt and also began fucking her with my fingers as she ground her ass against my face keeping her eyes on the keyhole.

“Aunt Jeannie is now riding Sam’s cock, she is facing us and I can see his cock going in and out of her, She is playing with her tits and her clit. I wish I could lick her cunt while Sam fucks her, but that would be wrong too”

“Uh, yes, Mom,” I said, not wanting to let on that I had already seen her licking her sister’s cunt.

She turned around and got on her knees.

“I want to taste your cock, Danny, just this once, it wouldn’t be wrong as long as we don’t do what they are doing.”

And with that she began sucking my cock, it felt wonderful after so long, after thinking about this and dreaming about this, my mother’s mouth on my cock! It felt incredible, as she massaged my cock into the warm softness of her mouth, her tongue licking and massaging my cock as she took in the length of my big cock.

I thrust into her mouth and although we were silent as I fucked her mouth, the only sound from us the slurping as my mother sucked in as much cock as she could, we were accompanied by the moans of Sam fucking his mother from inside. I fucked my mother’s mouth as Sam fucked his mother in the next room. Suddenly I could take it no more.

“Cum in mouth, son, I want you to cum in my mouth,” my mother said.

I thrust a few times more into her mouth holding her head, almost gagging her with the brute force of my thrustings and then I came in big copious jets of thick cum.

Mother didn’t stop sucking and sucked and swallowed as much of the cum she could, some of it dribbling out onto her tits.

Just then a loud moan from inside signified that Aunt Jeannie had reached orgasm as well. I looked down at my mother cleaning the remaining semen from my cock, licking and sucking, her tits bouncing and her face flushed, one hand still playing with her cunt, and I thought of the days ahead…

To be continued…

Please write and tell me what you think of the story so far…

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