She Begged Him

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“Joy to the world, all the boys and girls,” I hummed to myself as the strains of Three Dog Night played over my CD player. I was making dinner; cooking was always therapeutic after a long, hard day at work. As I scanned the recipe, still humming and thinking to myself where all the ingredients were, I could feel the tension drifting away. I was glad; work troubles belonged in the office, not in my own small apartment.

Once everything was cooking, I went into my living room and switched on the TV. I knew nothing would be on this time of day, but the more noise, the better to fill up the quiet space. As a consequence, I barely heard the knock on my door. When I opened it, I was shocked to see my young niece standing there. It was beginning to drizzle, and she stared at me miserably. “Hi, Uncle Rick.”

“Hi, Amy.” I stepped aside, and she walked in, setting her duffel bag on the coffee table. “What are you doing here?”

Her huge blue eyes were sad as she turned to face me. Her straight red hair, pulled back into childish pigtails, framed her pretty face as she spoke. “I had a fight with Mom and Dad. They said I’m eighteen, so I need to get a job or they’re kicking me out of the house. So I left.” Her mouth pulled into a frame as she said shakily, “I’ve looked for a job, Uncle Rick. I can’t do much, and it’s such a small town there’s nobody looking for somebody like me. What do they want me to do, be a prostitute or something?”

“Aww.” I felt a pang of pity for her. I knew how my sister and brother-in-law could be; they were controlling of her daughter as if she were still a little girl. She’d confided in me that they didn’t let her date, gave any friends she tried to have the third degree, and actually screened the movies they rented before they’d let her see them. It was no wonder her birthday parties were strictly family affairs, or that she was so quiet and reserved.

It was encouraging that her parents wanted her to get a job, but I knew their motives were less about their daughter’s independence than about their own greed. Another income would mean more money for them, and I doubted that Amy would ever get even half of her paycheck–not that it mattered, as she never went shopping without her mother. And there was the matter of that house in the ritzy part of town they were squirreling money away for… I was sure they had ulterior motives in their ultimatum towards their daughter.

She smiled now, though, humming along with “Let Me Serenade You.” “Your apartment is too loud,” she said quietly. “Don’t you want to just enjoy the music without the TV, too?”

“I like the background noise.” I studied her. “You can stay here for the night, but tomorrow, I’ll talk to your parents. I’m sure that if they had any idea what the job market is like here, they’ll be more lenient.”

Amy smiled in relief. “Thank you, Uncle Rick! I love you.” I was surprised as she moved closer to me for a hug.

“I love you too, kid.” Her small body clung tight to mine. “I was just making dinner for one, but I’ll put it in the fridge and we can order a pizza, okay?”

She nodded, and watched me head to the kitchen. I could hear rustling, and called for her to put her things in my room; I planned to sleep on the couch. I hoped to myself that my sister would be understanding for once in her life since she’d had Amy. I knew it was selfish, but I didn’t gaziantep manken escort bayan know how long my back could stand the sofa for six hours every night.

“I rented a movie to watch tonight,” I told her, naming the title. She looked confused.

“I never heard of it.”

“Really? It was everywhere a few months ago.” I pointed at the Blockbuster box so she could read the description. “It’s rated R, though. Do your parents still not let you see R-rated movies?”

“They barely acquiesced to PG-13 a few weeks ago.” Amy sighed. “I still haven’t seen a PG-13 movie, though. All they rent is G or PG anymore.”

“They really are prudes, aren’t they?” I didn’t feel bad criticizing Amy’s parents; I knew she felt the same way and appreciated that someone else could see her side. “Well, let’s watch that tonight. What toppings?” I asked, picking up the phone.

“Huh? Oh, the pizza. Umm… pepperoni, I guess.”

I nodded in appreciation and ordered two large pepperoni pizzas and some drinks. Since it would be about an hour before the pizza arrived, I told Amy to get comfortable and changed into my casual clothes, sweatpants and a t-shirt, before popping the movie in the DVD player. Amy disappeared into the bathroom a few seconds later, coming out dressed in pajama pants and a cute spaghetti-string top I couldn’t believe they let her wear, even for pajamas. It accentuated all her features, and she brightened up immediately once she was more comfortable, walking lightly over to the couch and curling up next to me.

The movie was long on dialogue and short on action, but Amy was entranced. The adult situations had her more engrossed than I’d ever seen her by one of the kid’s movies they watched over at her house. I could see exactly where one plot point was heading; the main character and a beautiful woman were inches away from each other, and soon they were passionately kissing and moving as one to the woman’s bedroom. I glanced over at Amy, who was staring at the screen. As the characters onscreen began to undress, she looked confused, then startled. “Wh… are they going to have sex?”

I smiled a little at her innocence. “It looks that way.”

“It’s new to me.” She smiled shyly, glancing at me. “I couldn’t figure out what they were doing at first.”

Had my sister and her husband never had “The Talk” with their eighteen-year-old daughter? I sighed, cursing them inwardly, and paused the movie. “You really had no idea?”

Amy shook her head and looked at the television, where the actors were locked in a frenzied embrace sans most of their clothes, just barely enough covering them to garner an R rating. “Well, they love each other,” I told her. “You heard them say that just beforehand. And now they’re going to consummate that love by having sex.”

“It looks like they’re making a mess of her bedroom.”

“Well, they’re excited, and they don’t care about that right now. He just wants to fuck her.”

“Uncle Rick!” Amy stared at me. “Mom kicked my boyfriend out of the house for saying that!”

I blinked, surprised. “You have a boyfriend?”

“Well, sort of. I don’t know if he’s going to be my boyfriend anymore after he got kicked out of my house. But, Mom was okay with him for some reason. He said he doesn’t have much time for girls, anyway. gaziantep masaj yapan escort bayan He’s a freshman in college, and he just stared a new job a few days ago. It’s okay. I don’t need boys.”

I nodded, trying to comprehend what twisted logic would mean that she could have a boyfriend, but no friends or other social life at all, and not even a driver’s license. Maybe they were getting more lenient. “Well, I’m sorry for saying ‘fuck.’ I was just using it as another word for sex.”

“All I know about sex is what they taught in senior Biology.” Amy bit her lip. “John, my boyfriend, tried to feel me up a few times but I never really liked it.”

By now I had the feeling that John was nothing better than scum, but nodded. “Well, if you don’t like it, you can tell him or another boy to stop. I don’t think John is the right guy for you, from what I’ve heard.”

“I know.” Before Amy could go on, the doorbell rang and I jumped up to grab the pizza. I came back, set it on the kitchen counter and let my niece get her food before me. We ate in silence, and Amy seemed to be pondering something. As the ending credits of the movie rolled, she turned to me and asked, “Is it supposed to feel good? Being felt up?”

“If the guy does it right, yeah,” I answered carefully.

“What’s the right way?”

“Uh… I…” I smiled nervously. “Well, hopefully you’ll find out with another guy, right?”

“I want to know now.” She laid on her back, her perky breasts filling out her tanktop. I shifted further away on the couch, trying not to stare at them as I shook my head.

“No, Amy. I’m your uncle. I’m not the right one to show you what feels good.”

Her eyes pleaded as she said, “Please, Uncle Rick? I don’t know how to do anything like this right. I want to learn from someone older than me, someone who’s not like John.”

My sister will kill me, I thought to myself, but how would she ever know? It had been a while since I’d dated, especially such a sweet-looking girl as my niece. She was looking at me expectantly, wanting this, and I couldn’t deny her. Slowly, I reached out, resting my hand on her tummy, warm beneath the tanktop and my hand. She closed her eyes, and my hand gently traveled up to her breast.

I played with one of her breasts gently, rolling her nipple under my fingers through the fabric, and she moaned softly. Growing more bold, my other hand traveled up, until I was kneading both her young, firm breasts in my hands. It felt so good to have a young body beneath me, an eager and willing girl to touch. She was moaning and gasping softly, as new feelings were washing over her; I was quickly forgetting she was related to me. “Mm, it feels so much better than before,” she said quietly.

“I’m glad.” I could feel my cock beginning to grow in my sweatpants, and knew I was going to need relief soon, whether or not my hormones urged me to take this all the way.

As it turned out, it wasn’t my hormones that did the urging. Beneath me, Amy was squirming, her hips actually bucking as I enticed more pleasure from her buds. She opened her eyes, looking at me and letting out soft little grunts. Suddenly, before I could comprehend what was happening, my niece had her lips locked to mine. It was an embrace more passionate than the movie we’d just gaziantep masöz escort bayan watched, one full of lust. I was shocked; I’d been expecting to have to coax Amy into anything more than the light petting we’d been participating in, but here she was forcing her body down on mine, her hand already sliding under my tight t-shirt to feel my chest and tweak my own nipples, eliciting a gasp from me.

She giggled, and I stared at her, unsure of what had just happened. “Amy? That was very bold.”

“I liked what you were doing, but I wanted more,” she answered, straddling me. “I want to do what the people in the movie did; I want it all.”

“You’ll get it all,” I told her, my voice full of lust and wanting. I groped her breasts again, then dared to slide a hand over the skin of her tummy and up to touch her nipples without the fabric in the way. This only increased her moans. My young niece, I suddenly realized, was straddling me, grinding her hips onto my crotch. Her panties were probably soaked with desire already, just from my petting. She was certainly acting like a little animal, clawing at my shirt and finally sliding it over my head when I gave her the chance.

I moaned as she dipped her head down to suck on one of my nipples, and took the opportunity to pull her tanktop over her head, admiring her thin body and taut breasts. I’d never realized just how hot my niece was; with the sheltered demeanor urged by her parents gone, she was an incredibly sexy young woman.

She glanced down to my crotch, running a hand down to my beltline and then to the bulge my aching cock was creating in the sweatpants. “Is this an erection?” she asked, running a finger over my penis through the fabric.

I nodded, moaning softly, and she slowly slid my pants down. Her eyes widened as she saw my thick eight-inch member, and she wrapped her hand around it slowly. I urged her on with my moans, and soon she had me close to coming with her hands. In one smooth motion I pushed her onto her back, and she gasped at the sudden change in position. My hands traveled down her body, and I couldn’t keep going slowly any longer. I tugged her pajama pants down, revealing plain white panties that were nonetheless incredibly arousing.

A finger traced over her pussy told me I had been right; she was soaked, her pussy juices running. She bucked at me as I slipped her panties down, revealing a bare mound. “You shave?” I asked, my finger exploring her folds.

Amy moaned and nodded. “It feels better clean like that.”

I smiled. “It will make this feel better, too.” When she opened her eyes, she saw that my member was positioned just in front of her hole. “But it will still hurt.”

My niece nodded, wrapping her arms around me as I slowly forced my way into her tight hole. She was biting her lip in pain, but I continued, knowing that was the only way to make it feel better. Finally, my cock was buried all the way inside her slick, tight cunt, and I began to thrust into this girl hard and fast. She moaned loudly, her hips meeting mine hard with every thrust into her pussy. Our sounds were escalating in volume, and I suddenly felt her shudder beneath me, felt her cunt twitch around my cock as her eyes closed and she gasped sharply. Smiling to myself as she collapsed weakly on the sofa, I pounded into her harder than before until I felt the inevitable feelings and released my seed into my niece.

I kissed her, once, more gently than I had yet, and held her tightly. She looked at me with dazed eyes. “That was great, Uncle Rick.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Let’s get cleaned up,” I said, sliding out of her and slipping on my clothes as she did the same. We flipped on the television and watched another movie, just as before, but I knew nothing else would ever be the same between us.

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