She Makes Up for Lost Time

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Margaret sat quietly at the small computer desk in the corner of the spare bedroom. She stared at the screen of the laptop. At the same time, she listened intently to the sound of her husband’s breathing in the adjacent master bedroom. His slow, rhythmic pace signaled to her that he had finally fallen into a deep sleep.

The Internet browser was opened to a site displaying intricate sewing and knitting projects. A second web page, opened to Margaret’s secret email, was hidden from view, except for the small tab in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Margaret knew that if her husband Bill happened to awaken and approach the spare bedroom, she could quickly kill the tab and close her email before he had any chance to see it. Then, all that would remain on screen was a boring page of patterns and designs.

Bill had no idea that for the past three months, Margaret had been having furtive email exchanges with a mystery man from somewhere out there in the great, anonymous expanse of the Internet.

For more than forty years, Margaret had lived a life that was quite typical of women of her generation. She had been a stay-at-home mother who raised four children, kept the house clean and always made sure that a hot meal was ready to be put on the table as soon as her husband arrived home from his workday at the pulp and paper mill.

During the early years of their marriage, Margaret had been quite an active partner in their lovemaking and took great pleasure in the sex act. She was a child of the sexual revolution and was totally liberated and confident in her body and her own right to enjoy pleasure. In fact she often surprised Bill by coming up with suggestions for new positions to try, or new locations in which to get naked Büyükesat Escort and do the deed. She was particularly fond of having sex outdoors and in places where there was at least a slight chance of being caught. It gave her a heightened sense of excitement. As luck would have it they actually did get caught on one occasion, in the stairwell of a friend’s apartment building. They didn’t even notice that another couple had come down the upper flights of stairs and stopped dead in their tracks when they happened upon Bill and Margaret screwing madly, with Margaret bent over forward and grasping the railing, her skirt tossed up over her lower back, while Bill was standing behind her, driving himself into her. Fortunately, the other couple was also appreciative of sexual freedom and didn’t interfere or make a fuss. Instead, they quietly retreated back up the stairs and took another exit.

But now, for more years than Margaret wanted to acknowledge, their sex life had been all but non-existent. For some reason that he couldn’t seem to put into words, Bill had lost his sex drive. Or had he lost his interest in Margaret? To be fair, he was still a good provider and a doting grandfather to their three grandkids. But whenever Margaret raised the idea of an evening of lovemaking Bill always had an excuse to avoid it; he was too tired, not in the mood or, taking a page from the cliché usually applied to women…he had a headache.

Margaret finally took to remaining silent about her physical needs. She withdrew into herself and tried to accept the reality that her sex life was virtually over. Then, while surfing mindlessly around the Internet one day, she came across an article that talked Beşevler Escort about how an increasing number of husbands and wives were dealing with sexual frustration at home by linking up with others in the same boat via Internet chat rooms. She was particularly interested in the focus the article placed on seniors. While so much of the sex-related material on the world wide web was dedicated to young hard bodies with endless sexual endurance and activities, it was surprising and intriguing to read about seniors taking advantage of the Internet to keep their erotic selves alive. The article led to further online exploration and it quickly became clear to Margaret that there might be a way for her to continue to experience sexual pleasure without taking any of the risks that a real time affair would present. She registered at numerous chat rooms and began to gather tips from the experiences of others in her position. From the outset, she knew that she didn’t want to get involved in any video or picture sharing. Perhaps she would reconsider that sometime in the future but as a start she wanted to try something that would be totally low key and anonymous. She decided to try to link up with a male who would share erotic fantasies and stories with her via email.

As a newbie to the world of online sexting, it was a bumpy road for Margaret. It seemed that every male who contacted her through the various sites she was on started out by being exactly what she was looking for, just a lonely senior seeking to have some erotic exchanges, but in almost every case, these men soon began asking her to send them nude pics of herself or join them for video masturbation sessions. Margaret almost Cebeci Escort got to the point of abandoning her search as being futile. But then, she received a message from Joseph.

The communication with Joseph started slowly. Margaret had seen him on one of the chat boards in which he explained that he was seeking a lady with whom to exchange erotic stories or to collaborate in creating online fantasies. She read through his list of previous postings and he seemed to be fairly level headed in his communications with others in the forum. He didn’t come on gangbusters like so many of the men online who just wanted a quick reply to their requests for sex. There was something more mature…more seductive about the way Joseph explained himself. She was intrigued, but still hesitant. Finally she got up the nerve to send him a comment and inquire about what exactly he was looking for. She received a reply that was more charming than sexual and this led to several additional exchanges during which both talked about their interests. Margaret became more and more comfortable with the idea of pursuing some form of joint email exchanges and Joseph offered to get the ball rolling by drafting an opening to a story that he hoped she would like.

And so it came to this evening. Margaret had opened her private email and her heart fluttered with expectation when she saw in bold lettering that Joseph had submitted a further segment to their erotic story. She couldn’t wait to open the email and see how he had advanced their romantic adventure. She tilted her head toward the master bedroom and listened once again to confirm that her husband was into deep rem sleep. Satisfied that it was now safe to do so, she clicked on the tab at the top of the screen and then on the newly-highlighted email from Joseph.

As she began reading the latest episode, a smile spread across her face. She was quickly swept back into the story and could see that she had now been bound, spreadeagled to a huge bed. It wasn’t long before she felt a familiar tingle as her labia began to swell.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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