She Wanted Me

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I never was a guy who had great luck with the ladies. I often would have to work my ass off to get a woman into bed with me. My sister made friends with a girl named Chloe. I had to admit she was quite the looker. Chloe was tall with long dark hair down to the middle of her back. Her tits seemed to be firm and best of all, she had these long legs. I could dream about having them wrapped around me.

I was twenty six at the time and my sister Patty was twenty four. I had my own apartment and Patty would stop by with her new friend. I didn’t know if my sister was trying to play matchmaker or not.

One time Patty said to me, ” You know Craig, Chloe is really into you.”

I didn’t know if she was BSing me or was telling me the truth. To be honest, I thought that Chloe was too high class for me. She was a hottie and I was just an average Joe in my mind. My sister was really pushing my buttons. She slid a piece of paper over to me. On it was Chloe’s name and phone number on it.

“Call her up Craig,” she told me. “You won’t regret it.”

I took the paper and slid it into my pants pocket. For a few days I would look at it. I felt like some sixteen year old guy asking a girl out for the first time. One evening I got up the courage and I rang Chloe up. She acted surprised.

“How did you get my phone number?” She asked me.

I said that my sister gave it to me. I hoped that was alright with her.

Chloe said, “I was hoping you might call me.”

That was good news to me. She didn’t blow me off over the phone. We talked a few minutes and then we made plans to go out for dinner. I got her address and we decided I would pick her up at 7:30 on Friday night. I was pleased with myself. That went smoothly. Friday night rolled around and I drove to Chloe’s place. When she opened the door Yalova Escort I got a bit of a shock.

Chloe was wearing this outfit that took my breath away. This dress was showing off lots of cleavage. The dress was also tight and short. I had no doubt that she would be getting the gaze of more than a few men. She gave me a brief kiss and we made our way to the restaurant. I chose a rather upscale place to eat. We got seated and I ordered some wine. I knew I needed to take the edge off for the night.

We ordered our food and had a few glasses of wine as we waited. Chloe told me a little about herself. After she graduated college she had gotten engaged. It hadn’t worked out. Chloe found out that her fiance was screwing some women on the side. She said that it put her off men for a long time. I then asked her why she decided to go out with me.

She said that my sister was always singing my praises. She also did say that she found me to be handsome. That was a first for me. I never thought that I was particularly handsome or a ladies man. That got me worked up a little bit. We had our meal and then headed back to Chloe’s place. I parked the car and was thinking I would get a good night kiss and then be on my way for the evening. It didn’t go like that.

“Would you like to come in for awhile?” She asked me.

I didn’t need to be asked twice. We walked to the front door and Chloe unlocked it. She flipped on some lights and then turned around and placed her arms around my neck.

“I really enjoyed myself tonight,” she told me.

Chloe planted a kiss on my lips. She then shocked me by her next statement.

“I don’t normally say this but would you stay the night with me?”

It definitely took me by surprise. I told her yes and she led me back to her bedroom. I stood and watched Yalova Escort Bayan as Chloe stripped out of her clothing. She had me unzip her dress. She removed that and then the rest of her clothes came off. When she removed her bra I focused on her tits. There was no sag in her ample breasts. When her panties came off I saw that Chloe was shaved bald down below. I quickly removed my clothes and we both got onto her bed.

I didn’t have to do a thing. Chloe was all over me in a moments time. Her nipples were pressing into my body. We kissed each other and then Chloe worked her way down my body. She kissed my nipples and then the rest of my chest. She got down to my pubic mound. Chloe took my cock in her one hand and then she inhaled me. Luckily I have a decent sized cock.

I am around eight inches in length and my dick is very thick. I think that this was getting Chloe aroused. She took me in her mouth. I felt her tongue sliding up and down on the underside of my prick. It didn’t take much to get me erect.

“I want to feel you Craig,” she told me.

Again, I didn’t do a thing. Chloe got on top of me. She rubbed those bald pussy lips across my shaft. She raised herself up and took hold of my cock. Chloe sunk down onto my fat prick. She let out a loud gasp as I filled her tunnel with my rod. We didn’t waste any time. My hands went to her hips and I forced her down onto my raging erection. I think we just went crazy. I gave her all the cock she could want.

Chloe was grinding down onto my dick.

“I dreamed about this Craig. Fuck me as hard as you can.” She cried out.

It turned me on to find out that Chloe had fantasized about sex with me. I raised my ass up and fed her with every inch I had. I moved my hands to her chest. I rubbed and pinched her nipples. Chloe loved Escort Yalova it when I played with her tits. We fucked for a long time it seemed to me. I could feel I was getting close. I didn’t ask if I should pull out or not. I let go and I filled Chloe’s pussy up with my sticky seed. Chloe threw her head back. Her body shook as she gripped my dick and squeezed out all my cum.

I shot wads of my cream into her greedy pussy. I could feel her muscles convulsing around me. This made me cum even more. I was finally empty when Chloe collapsed onto my chest. My dick slipped out of her pussy. Chloe got up and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and Chloe returned to the bedroom. She brought back some wetted clothes and she cleaned my dick up.

Chloe moved in tight against my body. She told me how she had fantasized about us possibly becoming lovers. She said she fingered herself some nights thinking about us making love together. I hadn’t realized how serious this was for her. I stayed the night and in the morning we had sex once more. We showered together and I took Chloe under the showerhead. I was behind Chloe as the water was hitting our bodies.

I rubbed my shaft up and down her ass crack. Chloe was moaning as the head of my cock found her opening. In one swift motion, I shoved my shaft deep into her passage. I fucked her like some madman. Chloe screamed to be taken by me. I wrapped an arm around her waist. I somehow had some cum left inside me. I blasted her pussy with some jets of my cream.

There was no doubt about it. Chloe was mine now. My sister was pleased when she found out that Chloe and I were seeing each other.

“I knew you both would make a good couple,” she said to me.

Chloe and I are spending a lot of time together. We are in bed three or four times a week. We have also discussed moving in together. I never thought that this would have happened. A woman wanted me and I barely had to do a thing to make her attracted to me. I am crossing my fingers that all goes well for us in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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