Shelter from the Storm

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It was stormy as they walked to the shopping mall. The wind howled round the empty car park and litter danced maniacal steps on the wild gusts. They huddled together for company, their collars raised against the biting east wind.

She looked up at him with eyes that told him that she wanted comfort. He pulled her close, and felt that thrill the touch of her body always gave him. At that moment they passed an empty doorway and the icy wind seared into their flesh with thin fingers that tugged and tore at their coats. He dragged her into the doorway and span her round so that she was on the inside and he was sheltering her from the storm outside.

She loved feeling his big body close to hers and when he protected her! Mmm! She felt so horny! And so it was that when he turned his back to the elements and shielded her from the weather, she felt the warmth of his body not the searing touch of the iced, east wind. She felt herself melt into him so that the rough cloth of their coats disappeared, as if the glow that she felt inside was from his naked Van Escort skin not the love of her man.

He reached his arms around her and hugged her like a bear, and she disappeared in the warmth, lost in his arms, safe in his presence, protected from the outside, suddenly serene and peaceful while outside, the winds howled and raged. She hugged him back, only her arms didn’t quite reach around him, so she pressed herself tightly to him and felt his hard body next to hers.

For that moment time stood still, and she felt warmth not cold, heard his heart thumping not the wind howling, felt safe and secure, not threatened by the elements outside. She looked up at him.

He looked down at her. She looked so lost, so vulnerable, so small, that he just wanted to protect her forever. He reached his hand down and cupped her cheek gently. It was surprisingly warm. He slid his fingers from cheek to mouth, from mouth to lips and traced the line of her mouth. She parted her lips while looking him full in the eye. He felt a tingle inside him as he Van Escort Bayan penetrated her mouth with his finger, and she clamped her lips tightly on his finger, and sucked hard with her hot, wet mouth.

The tingling got stronger. She felt the stirring as their bodies fused in the doorway.

She took his finger out of her mouth and pursed her lips and looked at his mouth, tilting her head slightly. He leant down and she closed her eyes and felt this man’s lips gently brush against her cheek with a gossamer touch, before kissing her forehead, her cheek and finally, landing on her lips, planting the most delicate and sensitive kiss on her wet mouth.

She felt breathless with the moment, intoxicated with the sweet wine of the experience, and she pressed her lips against his and kissed him back, nibbling first on the lower lip, then the upper lip. He was becoming more excited, and she could sense his urgency increasing as he kissed her with more passion, and his breathing became heavier.

He grasped her even more tightly, and Escort Van as she adjusted her body position to ease the grip, she felt the stiffness in his groin press hard against her body. She almost had to break off her kiss to catch her breath as the marvelled in the effect of the kiss on both of them. She loved to feel his cock next to her, it made her so horny, like a woman. She rubbed her crutch next to his, to increase his sensation and surrender herself fully to him.

She felt his body tremble as the thrill of sexual energy coursed through him, and she sensed the animal passion in him grow as he pressed harder on her mouth, and his grip threatened to squeeze all her breath out of her. She finally broke her mouth free and she threw her head back, and let him kiss her neck, her ears, her cheek, until he was peppering her face with a multitude of tiny kisses, and she felt that sense of sweet surrender that she always felt when she wanted him inside her.

He was panting now, and she loved the control that allowed her to evoke such urges in this big man, who was now lusting after her, desiring her as she desired him. She milked his love, felt his desire, thrust her hips into his, gyrated slowly, and felt herself complete as a woman, loved, desirable, protected and whole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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