Shelter in Place

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Trigger Warning: Incest. All characters in this story are over 18-years-old.


The world felt like it was coming to an end as I watched the news for the fourth time that day. There were plenty of stories about the Coronavirus, Covid-19 and the death toll was growing by the day. We had been warned to stay inside and not to go out unless it was a necessity. I hadn’t been outside in almost two weeks, my parents opting to go out and get necessities like food, toilet paper, and water.

My dad had been laid off when the virus first hit, his boss saying that the company was going to dissolve in these conditions. I could tell me parents were worried but they weren’t talking to me about it. I could feel the fear and tension in the house as I tried my best to watch the tenth makeup tutorial in a row. I had always longed for time to do my makeup as many times as I wanted in a day, experimenting with new looks that I wasn’t sure would work in the real world, but somehow worked here in my room with the soft lighting from my old, trusty lamp.

Two weeks of sheltering in place had taken it’s toll on all of us. My father sat in a permanent lump on the couch and my mother cooked endlessly bland meals from scratch out of items that she had painstakingly stored for emergencies long ago. We had all the things we needed except maybe some human contact from the outside world, the ability to go for a brisk walk, and maybe salon visits. My roots were starting to show that my hair wasn’t exactly blonde, and my nails had grown out so much that my acrylic nails were starting to lift.

Still, my makeup was adorable. I had chosen a mint green palette to work with and with my blonde hair and fair skin I looked pretty darn cute. I decided to throw on a one-piece bathing suit. I could go in the backyard, or maybe on the balcony to get some fresh air.

“Cheyenne?” my mother called as I made my way through the kitchen, where she was placing some items in a bag.

“Hi Mom! What are you doing?” I asked, surveying the bags in front of her. She looked like she was going somewhere and if she was, I wanted in.

“I’m going to take these to Grandma. She’s living alone and she’s out of some things.

“She’s out of lube?” I picked up a bottle of lubricant from one of the bags and raised my eyebrow at her.

“Oh, that must have gotten in there by mistake!” she said quickly.

“Along with these condoms?” I said loudly, so my father could hear except all that came back from the living room was a series of snores. “Mom, what are you doing? Are you cheating on Dad right now? Come on! You could catch Covid-19 and infect us all.”

“I’m going to Grandmas. She requested these things.”

“You’re telling me my 75-year-old grandma requested lube and condoms?” I folded my arms and began to tap my foot impatiently. She must have thought I was the dumbest girl alive if she thought I would believe her bullshit story.

“Yes, but I’d prefer if you pretend like we never had this conversation. What Grandma does is her business. Understood?” my mother stared me down.

“Okay, Mom,” I said with a heavy sigh. I wasn’t buying her lies. I was shocked by her behavior. I watched her as she worked to get her bags together, a smile playing on her lips. She was going to get laid. I knew that look on her face well. I looked exactly the same when I knew I was going to see my boyfriend.

“Why are you wearing a bathing suit?” my mother stopped to ask me.

“Because I feel like it. Why are you going to a booty call in the middle of a health epidemic? You trying to get us all killed over some D?” I asked flippantly.

“Cheyenne!” My mother stared me down, her sea green eyes flashing with anger and annoyance. “Stop it.” Her glare turned my face into a pout.

“Fine but I know where you’re going and it isn’t Grandmas.”

“Do not go out of the house, and don’t you dare go swimming or to the beach, young lady.”

“Fine! You’re such a slut!” I screamed as she gathered her bags and headed to the garage. I heard the door open and her car start. I listened as she pulled out into the world, leaving me with my dad and brother. I sighed and picked up my cell to call my Grandma.

“Did you know my mom is coming to see you?” I asked her.

“She is?” my Grandma asked.

“Yeah, she’s bringing you some things. Isn’t that nice?”

“That’s wonderful!” my Grandma said with delight.

“Oh, I have to go now, Grandma. My dad just woke up.”

“Okay, I love you Cheyenne.”

“I love you Grandma!” I hung up just as my dad reached the kitchen, where I was leaning against the counter wearing nothing but my bathing suit, which was a one-piece but dangerously cut into a thong in the back. It barely covered my tits in the front and my ass was on full display in the back. My mint green makeup matched the trim of the suit and complimented the pink color of the rest of the suit.

“Cheyenne, where is your mother? Did I hear the garage?” my father asked as he rubbed sleep from his eyes.

“She said she went to Grandmas but I saw some gaziantep minyon escort bayan lube and condoms in her bag. I called Grandma and she had no clue Mom was going over there. I think she’s cheating on you.” I shrugged as if this was just another thing that was happening, like it wasn’t a big deal. My father stared at me blankly, trying to process my words. His face was covered in facial hair and he looked as unkempt as many of the homeless people that lived downtown tended to look.

“She did, did she?”

“Yeah. She had a bunch of stuff with her, like she was spending the night.”

“That’s strange. Let me give her a call.” I heard him walk down the hall to the sitting room and call her, but she didn’t pick up. He walked back to the kitchen and gave me a look I couldn’t quite read.

“It’s been two weeks we’ve been trapped in here,” he said.

“Yep. I’m going crazy.”

“Me too,” he admitted. “I can’t believe your mom just left like that.”

“I know. She’s such a slut.”

“Don’t say that about your mother,” he warned me.

“Yes, sir. But Dad, don’t you get mad at her for doing that to you?”

“She’s an adult and so am I. We will work it out, it’s none of your concern.”

“It is my concern if she’s cheating on you, Dad! I don’t want this family to fall apart!”

“It’s not going to fall apart, Cheyenne. Stop being so dramatic!”

“I can’t help it! People are dying and we can’t go outside! Now Mom is off doing whatever, probably catching the virus. What am I supposed to do?” I began to sob and so he closed the distance between us and folded me into his arms. I sunk into him, pressing my face into his broad chest.

“It’s okay, baby,” my father pulled me even closer, until his grip around me was too tight and I began to push away. I could feel something hard pressing against me and instinctively, I knew that it was his cock. My dad’s dick was hard from hugging me. I was so disgusted that I pushed away from him.

“Dad, stop!”

“Don’t run away from me, Cheyenne!”

“Dad! What are you doing?” His cock was getting harder as I fought against him, questioning him. How could he be doing this? I began to scream, hoping my brother would wake up. He had taken to sleeping most of the day, every day. I wasn’t sure if my screams would reach him but I screamed anyway.

“Trevor! Trevor! Please help me, Dad is trying to rape me!”

“I’m not trying to rape you, Cheyenne! Come on! I’m your father. I’m just a little touchy because I haven’t had sex in two weeks.”

“What about Mom?” I asked.

“She hasn’t had sex with me in almost a year.”

“Why not? I thought you guys were okay.”

“We’re okay, just not great. She’s been…well, things have been strained.”

“Oh,” I said, sadly, dropping my head.

“Why are you wearing a bathing suit?” he asked me.

“I was just bored.”

“It looks nice on you,” he stared at me, stopping at my tits and lingering there. I looked down to see that my nipples were perky and hard. I was horny too but I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t have sex with my own father, especially with him wearing that scruffy beard. It was all too much. The lock down had been intense and sheltering in place had left us both horny. I was still shocked when he pulled his sweatpants down and showed me that he wasn’t wearing any underwear and that his cock was hard.

I had never seen my father’s dick before. He had always kept it carefully hidden from me, out of my sight. Now, as he presented it to me, I was shocked at how big it was. I was shocked at how I was considering fucking it. I knew that it was wrong, but after two weeks of being locked down, my pussy was twitching with excitement as I weighed the possibility of giving in and taking my own dad’s cock in my holes.

“Daddy? What are you doing?” I asked him.

“I’m just so horny, sweetheart. I would love it if you would just touch me.” He grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. I flinched a bit but then I began to slowly move my hand. His dick was solid and I knew that there was no going back. I was sliding my hand up and down the shaft and I wasn’t feeling so weird anymore. I could feel the wetness in my bathing suit as his hand touched me there, sliding the piece of material to the side so he could touch my bare pussy.

“That feels good,” I encouraged him. I was shocked at the way he fingered me, until I came right there on his fingers. I screamed loudly, no longer thinking of my brother upstairs. My father dropped to his knees right there in the kitchen and his tongue found my clit. I let him work my pussy in ways I had never experienced and was shocked at how talented he was at eating my pussy. I climaxed on his tongue once, and then twice.

“Take the suit off,” he ordered me and I did as he asked. He led me to the living room and bent me over the couch. There were a few seconds where my ass was in the air and I could feel him admiring it. I was scared about fucking my own father but I didn’t have much time nizip escort bayan to worry before he slowly entered me. His cock was much thicker than the college boys I was used to fucking and he was much better at fucking than my current boyfriend, who I hadn’t thought of until it was too late. My dad’s bare dick was inside of me and it felt incredible.

He gripped me by the hips and pulled my pussy toward his cock as he thrust into me. He said nothing, working his dick in and out of me with a swift precision that left me screaming underneath him in convulsions as I came. I was enjoying the way he was pounding me, using me the way only an older man can use a younger woman. Yes, I was his daughter, but at that moment we were just two horny people who had lost our minds during quarantine.

“Take my cock, Cheyenne. You’re a good girl for daddy, aren’t you?” I paused to let the orgasm that came next destroy me from the inside out. I let out a series of shrill screams, hopefully indicating that I was a good girl for him. I never wanted him to stop fucking my pussy but after ten orgasms, he pulled his cock from my pussy and told me to wait where I was with my ass in the air. I did as he asked, thinking about what would happen if my mother found out. Guilt filled me as I realized what I was actually doing and the impact it could have on my whole family.

My father returned with his camera, snapping pictures of me with my holes on display for him. He also brought some lube with him and he covered his fingers in it before he began to play with my asshole. He leaned in to whisper in my ear, “You like this don’t you? You like anal.”

“I…I don’t know.” I had never done anal.

“Let’s find out. He climbed up on top of me and pressed the head of his dick into my ass until I felt it give way. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but he seemed to know what to do. I let him slowly work his big cock in and out of my ass, moaning with the pleasurable pain that engulfed my senses. He opened my ass up more with every thrust until he was so deep inside of me that I was worried he was going to permanently damage my tiny asshole. I started to say something when his hand wrapped around my face and clamped over my mouth. I couldn’t protest anymore as he slammed his cock harder and harder into my tightest hole. I was scared now, starting to fight back but he didn’t stop.

He used his strength to hold me in place so he could push his cock deeper and deeper inside of my tiny asshole. I was screaming into his hand, shocked that I was actually cumming without something in my pussy. I had never known that I could take anal like this or that it had the potential to make me cum. All I knew was that it was happening and that my father was using my asshole like it belonged to him.

“Your asshole feels so good, Cheyenne. This is what you’re good for. You don’t clean up after yourself. You’re not good in school, but your asshole feels amazing and now Daddy loves you more.”

“Daddy!” I screamed but his hand was still over my mouth and he couldn’t hear me clearly. He fucked my ass for so long that it was starting to ache. He added lube once in a while, keeping his hand over my mouth as he used my hole to get himself off.

“Stick your ass out more for me. I want all the way inside.” I had thought he was all the way inside of me but he pushed even deeper. Now, he was balls-deep in my asshole and I could feel the strain on my insides as he battered them thoroughly. I had never had sex this rough and my asshole was feeling sore and bruised. I wanted him to stop now but there was no way for me to tell him that I was done. I tried to move, but he only pounded me harder, pinning me to the couch.

“I hope you like the taste of cum, Cheyenne,” he hissed at me, finally pulling his cock from my ass. “Get on your knees. Right here.” He pointed to a spot and I quickly climbed off of the couch and took my spot in from of him. He wordlessly shoved his cock into my mouth and fucked my face, holding my head on either side as if I was nothing more than a sex doll. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth as I realized what was happening.

That taste in my mouth was disgusting and I knew what it was. I was tasting my own ass and eating it off of my dad’s cock. I felt so gross but I took it until he finally pulled his dick from my mouth and took aim at my face. No man had ever had the audacity to cum all over my face before, but this was my dad and I didn’t feel like I had a choice. He groaned loudly as he came, spurting gobs of semen all over my face. He came so much, coating every inches of my face with sticky ropes of his jizz.

I was in shock as I tried my best to see through the globs of goo that coated my eyes and stretched through my eyelashes. My father was breathing heavily, his cock still in his hand when he realized what he had just done.

“Oh my God! Cheyenne! What did I just do to you?” he cried. “I’m sorry! It’s this quarantine! Sheltering in place with no job and nothing to do really got to me. I feel horrible!”

“It’s nurdağı escort bayan okay, Dad,” I told him, trying to make him feel better but the truth was that I had no idea what to say or how this had happened. My asshole felt raw and achy.

“Let’s not tell anyone this happened, okay?” he begged me. “Especially your mom.”

“Okay, Dad. This will be our secret,” I assured him.

“I might tell.” Trevor’s voice came from the hallway and hung in the living room like the Coronavirus. We were both afraid of him and his words.

“Please don’t tell Mom, Trevor. You don’t know what she’s doing right now!” I cried.

“There’s nothing to tell,” my dad chimed in, hoping Trevor hadn’t seen everything. My face was still coated in cum as Trevor smiled wickedly.

“I want a go, Cheyenne and then I won’t tell.”

“Eww! No!” I cried.

“Do you want me to tell Mom you fucked Dad or not?”

“I don’t!”

“Cheyenne,” my dad looked at me with pity. “Can you please blow your brother so he keeps this a secret?”

“No, not just a blowjob. I want all her holes, like you got.” Trevor knew he had control of the situation. I didn’t say anything at all as Trevor pulled his cock from his pants. Like father, like son. His cock was almost an exact match to my dad’s dick. Sucking my brother’s cock was a lot grosser than sucking my dad’s and Trevor was a lot rougher on me than my dad was. He gripped my blonde hair in both of his hands and used my face, pulling my hair as if they were fuck handles. He choked me again and again with his big dick until he was so achingly hard that he simply had to fuck me.

My father had been watching up to this point, but as soon as my brother led me to the couch and parted my legs, my dad was right there with his dick, forcing it into my mouth. Trevor’s cock entered me and hit a spot that was different than anyone had ever reached. I let out a growl, which prompted him to fuck me even harder. I was being spit roasted by my father and brother and while I should have been repulsed I realized that I wasn’t. I felt like such a slut and for some reason, it only made me cum harder.

I let my family use me, allowing my dad and brother to both try to push their cocks into my ass at the same time. They tried several times, then realized that I was probably too tight for that before giving up. Trevor had me pinned down on the couch and his cock was sawing in and out of my asshole until he had penetrated me to my core. He was so deep in my asshole that I wasn’t sure I would ever be the same again. I probably wouldn’t shit right for months after this.

“Damn, your ass is tight,” Trevor laughed.

“All her holes are,” my dad was down my throat again and I could taste that now familiar taste of my own asshole.

The day wore on and my Dad and brother continued to take turns using my body. Sometimes they worked together, sometimes they worked separately but I could tell that my holes couldn’t take much more and I needed them to stop.

“I can’t take anymore, guys. I’m sore,” I told them.

“Rest up, then,” my dad said. “We’ll let you be.

“Thanks, Dad,” I said and I grabbed my bathing suit from the kitchen floor and made my way to my room.

I woke up a few hours later to my dad’s tongue on my clit. He licked me until I opened my legs all the way for him, giving him full access to my cunt. He was on top of me this time, fucking me softly, moving more slowly and carefully. This also felt good and I let it happen, cumming hard on his dick several times before he flipped me over and used my asshole the same way. He buried his load in my butt that time and thanked me as he left, kissing the top of my head as if I was still his little girl.

My brother came in shortly after that and fucked my ass only, slowly at first and then harder until he was absolutely pounding me and I was screaming in pain, begging him to stop. He pulled my hair roughly as he used me.

“You’re the best fuck, sis. I love your tight ass. I’m going to cum in it.” He came hard, moaning as he dumped his load in me. I fell asleep, tired from the day’s events.

In the morning, I went to the garage to check for my mom’s car. It was still gone. I called my grandma to see how she was doing.

“Did my mother ever come over there?” I asked her.

“No, and she didn’t call either.”

“That’s odd,” I said, knowing full well that my mother had gone out to cheat on my dad. I was angry with her for leaving because now I had to deal with my dad and brother constantly trying to fuck me. When I had hung up with my grandma I made my way to the living room. My dad was watching TV and when he saw me he turned the TV set off and smiled evilly at me.

“Good morning, Cheyenne. Come over here and sit on Daddy’s lap.”

“Okay, Dad.” I sat on his lap, still in my nightgown. He lifted the nightgown up and pulled down my panties.

“Look at this pussy. Come sit on my face?” He laid back and I climbed up onto his face and let him eat my pussy until I came.

By the time his cock was buried in my pussy I realized how sore I was from the day before. He fucked me roughly for a bit and I came a few times on his dick, but the orgasms were different. They were mixed with pleasure as well as pain. By the time he had me bent over the couch and his cock deep in my asshole, I was starting to cry from the pain. My asshole was sore from all the fucking yesterday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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