Short: The Lobby

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Your eyes drifted to me once more. You had made it through cocktail hour, and dinner, but now it was dessert, and I knew your patience was wearing thin. The speeches were starting soon, and once they did, we would be locked into our seats for the duration. I met your gaze, and opened my legs under the long table cloth. As per your request, I wasn’t wearing any panties and the slit for my dress was obscenely high. You didn’t any further invitation; your hand whispered over my thigh, gripping the inside of it in a claiming way. You dug yours nails in just slightly, just enough to cause a tingle of pain. My eyes slid closed briefly at the sensation. Your fingers danced up my thigh until they found my curls. Wet. A satisfied smile curved you lips. And then your hand was gone.

My eyes searched yours until they found the answer. You offered me your hand to help me up. As we made our way out of the room slowly so we didn’t draw attention to ourselves, you hand stayed on the small of my back. When we reached the hallway, though, you gripped the back of my neck, making sure I knew who I belonged to. You pulled me closer to your body, kissing the side of my head, your fingers massaging my neck. I knew we weren’t going to make back to our room.

You lead me over to a dark corner in the lobby and pushed me against the wall. It fikirtepe escort was late at night and so the lobby was empty save for the receptionist at the other end. But the lobby was big and had a water feature that echoed loudly. Glancing around briefly to make sure we were well hidden, you pulled my udders out of my low cut dress. I gasped, but your hand covered my mouth in anticipation of that. Your mouth latched on to one udder, sucking hard. My hands ran over the front of your suit pants, feeling your semi hard cock lengthen. I eased your zipper down until your cock sprang free.

You pulled away, and with a hand on top of my head, forced me to my knees. With the wall behind me, there was no where for me to go, so you slid your cock as deep as you wanted. I gagged at first because I was unprepared, but I got it under control quickly. You pushed your cock all the way into my mouth and throat, until your balls rested against my chin. You stroked my hair and smiled down at me as you watched me begin to struggle from lack of air. You kept your cock there a little longer until you knew I was really beginning to panic, and then you took mercy on me.

Your hands gripped my hair, pulling me against your stomach as you began to fuck my mouth. There was nothing I could do except take every deep hard thrust gebze escort of your cock that you gave me. Your balls slapped my chin over and over. Suddenly you pushed my head away and back against the wall. You gripped your balls and began to feed them into my mouth. You knew it was always a goal of mine to fit both of them in, so you tried to stretch my mouth around them both. My tongue licked them, while I gently sucked. Your spit covered cock bobbed against my face as I worshipped your big balls, pre cum beginning to drip from the tip.

When you had had enough, you helped me stand up. The high slit came in handy as it you flicked my dress out of the way. You undid your belt and let you pants fall around your ankles. Cupping the back of my thigh, you encouraged me to wrap my leg around you. Your cock fit snuggly against my cunt when I did. With some slight shifts, you were nestled deep inside my sopping wet pussy. I gasped, hiding my face in your neck to cover the sound. Your hand landed on my ass in a warning spank.

Your gripped my ass tightly, probably leaving finger marks as you started with long deep thrusts. My tight cunt clenches your cock like a fist, and you knew I was ready to go off. All it would take is you letting me.

You lasted longer than I expected with the slow controlled thrusts. içerenköy escort But soon passion took over and we were gripping each other tightly, holding on to the edge as you fucked my cunt deep and hard and fast. You moved my dress strap out of the way and your teeth sank into my collarbone. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips, which earned me another harder smack on my ass. You gripped my hair, pulling my head back, as your grip on my ass tightened, effectively holding me in place while you drove up into me.

My orgasm sat just out of my reach. You had told me earlier that I wasn’t allowed to cum without permission today, so I was fighting not to. My cunt fluttered around your cock, edging closer to my release.

“Please Sir. Please may I cum? Please fill me with your cum. Breed me, Sir, please. I need to be filled with your cum.” I panted in your ear. Your response was to grip me tighter and plow up into my eager cunt chasing your own orgasm.

With a final grunt, you slammed up into me right against my cervix opening and began to flood me. Your grip on my hair loosened and your hand fell to my shoulder, holding me down on your cock. You growled for me to cum, and instantly my body began to shake harder as my cunt clenches your cock, trying to milk more of your cum out of it and into my desperate cervix.

When you finished, you slid a plug you had stored in my purse into my cunt, damming it up and keeping your cum inside. I helped you straighten your suit and you helped me fixed my hair and we made our way back into the gala for the rest of the speeches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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