Shower Time

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Big Tits

“Oh no.”

I run downstairs. I overslept, and need to hurry to make it to work on time. I burst into the bathroom only to hear my sister in the shower.


“What!?” My sister replies, startled.


“Sorry, I just got in. I thought you were gone.”

“No..Shit. I need a shower.”

“Sorry bro..”

I stand here thinking for a while, frustrated until an idea comes to me.

“Can I come in?”


“Well, I can’t be late..Sorry if these is weird to ask,” I say worried.

“Yeah I don’t want you to be late or anything.”

My sister Nicki and I had always been close, so I suppose it wasn’t that odd to ask.

“Thank you thank you thank you. I owe you little sis,” I say, stripping down quickly and jumping in with her.

Nicki was facing away from me, towards the shower. I was somewhat caught off guard, and with any pretty girl I see my eyes go straight to her ass. For some reason I notice how nice, round and firm it is. I instantly feel guilty and turn my back to her. I shower normally, but when I get to my cock I notice it’s hard. I give it a couple of squeezes, not thinking anything of it. “Bye sis, thanks again,” I say as I finish my shower and leave for work.

After work I come home and sit on the couch and begin to watch TV. I hear my sister come home and complain about how hot it is. Then she comes into the living room in nothing but a bra and a thong.

Surprised, I joke, “Jeez Nick just make yourself comfortable.”

“Oh shut up, you saw more this morning.”

I laugh, “Oh yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that. You know how one of us always uses up the hot water?”


“Well what if we just keep doing this? That way we’ll both have all the hot water we want.”

She thinks about it for a moment, then says, “Sure.”

The next morning I wake up first, and get in the shower before her. I hear her come into the bathroom. I wonder if she was serious last night, then she comes into the shower.

“Good morning,” I say, suddenly gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan very conscious of my morning wood and really hoping she wouldn’t notice. Or worse, think it was because of her nice breasts. I think I heard her say once they were 36C’s. I never noticed before but they’re really nice…Whoa, I can’t think things like that..

“Good morning big bro,” she says, and glances downward, “And good morning to you.” She giggles and looks back up at me. “Looks like we’re not the only ones up huh?” She says jokingly.

“Hey!” I say, embarassed and turn away.

“Oh relax Derek. It’s just me.”

Later that night instead of just getting down to her underwear Nicki stripped down completely, saying I’m gonna see it every morning anyway. I was really hoping she wouldn’t notice the tent in my pants. My thoughts of her had become worse.

“Sorry about the jokes this morning.. I hope you don’t think I was being mean.”

“No, it’s okay.”

“You know..You coulda finished..”


“Well..I thought you were..Y’know, jerking off.”

My face turns red, “Um..No..It was just uh, morning wood.”

“Oh,” she says, now blushing. “I just..Don’t wanna interrupt your normal shower procedure.”

“Oh. Well. Erm. Thanks. Same goes for you too.”

Things continued pretty normally for a while. On the days I didn’t have morning wood I’d get a hard-on off her sexy body. By now I didn’t try to stop the thoughts, just keep her from finding out.

Sometimes we would hug before one of us got out. I would savor the split second the full 6 1/2″ of my cock was pressed up against her stomach. A couple of times I think I heard her moan, but it may have been my imagination.

I wake up and go downstairs to shower. Nicki’s already in there, so I just go in and begin to shower normally. When I pick up the soap it slips out of my hand, so that she’s between me and it.

“Um, can you get that please?”

“Sure.” She says, gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan and bends over to get it. For a moment I’m lost, I can see all of her beautiful ass and part of her pussy. My cock rises and becomes fully hard. The soap must have slipped from the spot it was at because she backs up to reach it. When that happens I feel her ass cheeks then her asshole beneath the head of my dick. She bends over farther to reach to soap and pushes up on my dick and I bite my lip to not moan. She then gets up and hands me the soap. I wonder if she felt that, and just continue to shower. However this time when I reach my dick I get it nice and soapy and jerk off. The whole time my eyes are glued to her ass, and I see her start to turn so look away. Out of the corner of my eye I see her look down and my hand on my cock, stay there for a moment, then turn back around. Then I finish, blowing my load on the shower wall. Nervous, I just leave for work without saying bye.

I’m laying on the couch nude when I hear her get home, and as usual strip down. She edges around the doorway and whispers, “Big bro?..”

“Yeah sis?”

“Are you mad at me?..”

“No Nick..Why?”

“You didn’t say bye this morning..”

“S..Sorry..I was nervous because-“

“-Because you jerked off?”

I blush but my cock slowly gets hard at the memory.


“Derek..I said you could..” She says, and comes over on the couch and cuddles, facing me.

I hug her tight, hoping she doesn’t notice my hard-on against her stomach.

“I’m sorry sis.”

“It’s okay,” She says, and kisses me on the lips rather slowly.

We lay like that for a while until we fall asleep.

I wake up in the morning and feel my hard dick in between someone’s very nice ass. In my sleepy haze I reach up grab their boob. Then I rub my dick into them lightly and move up to kiss them, and see Nicki.

Shocked awake I jump back, and she wakes up.

Sleepily she rolls over and embraces oğuzeli escort bayan me, giving me a couple of slow kisses. “Good morning..”

“Good morning sis. Wanna go shower?”


We get up and go get in the shower. I might be imagining it but I think she keeps looking at my dick.

“Hey Derek, can you get my back?”

“Sure. Just hand me your washcloth.”

“I don’t use those..I think they feel weird..”

“O..Okay.” I say, and get some of her body wash on my hands.

At first I begin simply washing her back, but then I get lost in her beauty. I begin to slow down on her back, enjoying her body.

“Lower..” I hear. So I rub lower and lower, until I’m at her lower back. A couple of times I accidentally rub her ass, but I don’t hear her complain.

“Can you get a little lower big bro?..”

“Sure..Might as well while I’m there, right?”

I take one of her ass cheeks in each hand and clean them. Not sure of how far to go, I slowly work my thumbs toward her asshole. Eventually I feel it, and don’t hear her complain..Actually, I hear moaning.. Then I work the rest of my hand towards it and fully rub her asshole, and work to her pussy as she bends over.

I slide my hands up and around her sides and grab her boobs, and rub them. I play with them and pinch her nipples as I kiss her hard and deep. I grind my dick against her ass and keep going.

Then I feel her hand on my cock and moan as she strokes it. Then I turn her around, pick her up and turn the water off. While kissing her I take her out of the shower and lay her on a towel on the floor, and drape a large one over both of us.

“Oh..Derek..Fuck me..”

“Oh God Nicki…”

I thrust into her pussy and we both moan. I thrust my cock into her slowly, making sweet love to her. I fuck her like that for a while, both of us moaning and kissing each other all over.


“Oh..Derek..Who would have thought my brother’s dick would feel so good?..”

Hearing that dirty thing from her turned me on, and I knew I had to finish. I speed up, enjoying the feeling of our wet slippery bodies sliding together.

I give her quicker thrusts, both of us moaning.

“Oh God my sister’s pussy feels amazing..” I say.

That must have set her off because she screams my name in ecstasy. Hearing that makes me cum, deep inside her pussy.

I collapse against her and we kiss, then grin at each other at the dirty thing that happened.

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